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SNEAK PEEK: The Stars Of "R&B Divas" DISH On Upcoming Debut In New PROMO

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The stars of TV One's "R&B Divas," Monifah Carter, Nicci Gilbert, Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson & Keke Wyatt are featured in a sneak peek video about their upcoming show.  Plus, we've got their new prom pics.  Check it inside.....

We told you earlier about five fab ladies of R&B music offering fans a peek into their hectic lives. And now the stars of TV ONE's "R&B Divas" have released a promo that reveals what the show is about. The key theme for the show will be "resolution" with the ladies helping each other work through conflicts.

Co-executive producer Nicci Gilbert said, 

"The beautiful thing about this cast is that everyone is so vocal and you’re gonna see honesty, you’re gonna see truth , you’re gonna see adversity, you’re gonna see triumph, you’re gonna see sisterhood, and you’re gonna see love. You won’t see a drink flying across the table, but you might see Keke cuss her husband out (laughs). There are definitely times when we have to check each other. You will definitely get those moments but every single one of those moments is protected by love. It’s a lot of excitement, not a snooze fest."


Check out their new promo pics:

Check out the premiere on August 20th on TV One.


Watch the promo here:



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I think I'll give the show a

I think I'll give the show a chance, it would be interesting to see how it all plays out for them and I do wish them well in their careers. As far as the comments stating that they are has beens. Well we can say that for alot of R&B artists from the early 2000s and earlier. Let's be honest here, how many R&B albums do you see on the charts today? Today the charts are loaded w/ "rap" (I put this word in quotes purposely b/c that crap on the radio is not rap). Syleena Johnson never really got the attention that she deserved, neither has Keke. Again I hope that this show goes well and that their goals are met. JS http://jrstamusicreflection.blogspot.com/ Tweet me @pandorafan32587

To be honest besides Faith

To be honest besides Faith Evans and Keke Wyatt I've never heard of any of them so I'll watch the show to see the two I like...

I will be watching....love

I will be watching....love these ladies!
CincinnatiYBF45214's picture

I think you mean the Done

I think you mean the Done Heifers of R&B. This is a sizzling mess and really besides Faith Evans ....maybe..... who cares about these has beens.
Kai's picture

Well say hello to your new

Well say hello to your new basketball wives/ love & hiphop chicks DirectTv customers lmao.
tori's picture

this could easily pass as the

this could easily pass as the "before" pictures for the Biggest Loser. they should all do like Jennifer Hudson, get a weight watchers endorsement and call it a day. anything other than that seems like a waste of time.
shuga's picture

Over "reality" tv. With the

Over "reality" tv. With the exception of the Braxtons ~ I don't give a rat's a$$ about a t.v. show featuring ladies who were in their prime during the '90's. These beautiful songbirds can do better.
GetUrLife's picture

I'm confused, first you said

I'm confused, first you said you didn't five a rats ass about singers in their prime during the 90s, but then you say that they are beautiful songbirds? Would it have been better if the show were centered around them just performing at local clubs? B/c I would actually like to see that. I will be giving this show a chance, but I would have liked to have seen other singers such as Tamia, Blu Cantrell, Tracie Spencer or Teedra Moses in the show. JS http://jrstamusicreflection.blogspot.com/ Tweet me @pandorafan32587

I'm definitely giving the

I'm definitely giving the show a chance. I'd rather see a show featuring women who have talent striving to get their careers on track while raising families then to see Evil-lyn leaping on tables while Tam-hulk throws hands at people as Shaunie yells "No Ev", "Tammi stop".
MelyB's picture

ITA w/you. At least these

ITA w/you. At least these women have some sort of talent and had/have a career.
MzTee's picture

I think I'll watch to see if

I think I'll watch to see if its any good.
monique's picture

You've GOT to be kidding me,

You've GOT to be kidding me, Divas??? HOW?? WHY?? IN WHAT WORLD?? Okay I can say Faith by a slim margin bcz of the Biggie factor, but the word Diva is thrown around way too easily IMO. This will not even go the entire season before its cancelled. Another massive waste of human resources.
Realist's picture

I'll pass

I'll pass
Janelle McIver's picture

I'm going to give this show a

I'm going to give this show a chance.
Ethel Loves Cornbread's picture

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