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"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Star Joseline Talks "Steebie J", Her Stripper Past & Helping WOMEN Get An Ass Like Hers

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We could go on for days and days and likely weeks about everything that is WRONG with "Love & Hip Hop Atanta."  But that would be pointless as we would be preaching to the choir.  What we do find interesting is what Puerto Rican co-star Joseline Hernandez thinks of herself--in her own words.


Check out her latest interview about those naked pics, her troubled past, "Steebie," and how she can prove her ass is real inside...

We find ourselves feeling more sorry for Joseline than we do judgment towards her.  When you know better, you do better.  So is the former stripper with apparently little to no self esteem making any progress after this "Love & Hip Hop" stint?  We're not sure.  But here's a few excerpts from her interview with Global Grind--including why she still loves her some Stevie J. (or as she calls him even in her tweets now, Steebie):

How did you link up with Stevie J?

I met Stevie J at the strip club when I used to dance. And I also knew that I wanted to do music, that I wanted to be a rapper. I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to be an actress. I also knew that and I met him through a friend of his and mine. We spoke. Then a couple of days after, I met him again at the studio, through another friend of mine that was trying to get in the business, and he said, ‘well, I think you should get in the business.’ I was like: ‘I always wanted to get into the business and sing and dance and do everything like this, but I always got fast money in the strip club,’ so I wasn’t really taking my career like I am now. Ever since then, we started working together, and here we are now.

What’s the most surprising thing about Stevie J that Love & Hip-Hop doesn’t show?

Stevie is a ladies’ man. What’s wrong with that? As bad as they talk about him, and he’s this and he’s that, every woman will let Stevie J play them, too. To me it’s a joke. Stevie, he loves all women. He loves women! There’s nothing wrong with that. If I was a man, I would love them too. Believe me. I’m not a man, and I love them, so I can just imagine if I was. He just loves women. But, Stevie’s a good person. To me, he’s a sweetheart. He doesn’t show me anything but being a gentleman. He can be an ass, but that’s everyone. He’s a sweetheart. A lot of people don’t know that about him. Oh, and another thing, he knows how to cook really, really, really good.

What’s your favorite dish that he cooks?

He makes some salmon with peppers and onions and — ohh! — it’s so good!

Most strippers are usually pushed to stripping because of their hard home lives or they're out on their own. What was your story and what made you start stripping?

I have five brothers and sisters, and I make the sixth person, and it was my mom and my stepdad, and we left Puerto Rico, came here, when I was around 10-years-old. We really didn’t have any money. I’m talking about one pair of shoes for the whole school year. We were really struggling. So I’ve always seen my parents struggling. And my youngest brother, he has autism, so he doesn’t talk. He’s 14. So they always needed extra money for him. It was always problems, the six of us. My mom didn’t speak any English. She still doesn’t speak any English. She could never find a job, so my dad would just struggle, struggle. I just was like: ‘I have to do something.’ Ever since I was 15, 16, I’ve been taking care of my brothers, my sisters, my nieces and nephews, my mom and dad — ever since I was 16 I’ve been giving my mom money. I’m talking about $600 a month, a thousand dollars a month; if you need food, if you need to pay for the mortgage.

I bought cars for them. I’ve done a lot. I didn’t turn to the streets because I wanted to. I've always been a giving person, and I always felt bad for my family, and I feel like I have to help. My real dad, he died of an overdose, so I never really had a real father. I come from a family that’s done a lot of drugs and just did a lot of things. I came out rough in Puerto Rico, in the projects. I just had a real rough life. I really didn’t know what I was doing because I was so young, and I just felt like I needed to help them and myself. I got a brother, he has autism. He can’t even get no medicine. Who’s going to get the money? I have to do that. So that’s what really turned me into dancing. I knew that I didn’t want to do that. I want to be an artist. I want to be a singer. I want to be a rapper. I want to be a model. I want to be on TV, but, at that time, my family was struggling and I had to help.

Do you feel like strippers get a bad rap?

Yeah. A lot of people look at strippers like we are the worst. No, no, no. I’ve danced with a lot of girls that their parents have AIDS or their children have cancer. They’re trying to pay to go to college to make a better life for their family and their kids. I’ve danced with some girls that their parents put out at 16 because their parents were on drugs. What are you going to do when you’re that age? What else can you do? I’ve never met a bad stripper in my life. I always meet young girls that are trying to do something with their life. I can say this for a fact: Strippers are not what people make it seem like it is, because we just want to make it like everybody else.

We also wanted to ask you about the naked picture on Twitter thing: would you take that back if you could?

Everything I do I take responsibility for fully. When they were saying ‘is she a women, or is she a man?’ I never in my life heard anything like that. It frustrated me. It depressed me. It drove me crazy to the point that I did that — send a picture of myself, humiliating myself even more, because I allowed people to get up under my skin. These people are the bullies. Twitpic a picture of myself — who does that, just to prove to you that I’m not what I know I’m not?

I will never let anybody take me out of character, where I have to Twitpic myself because somebody said I look like this or I look like that.

I would never be able to make everybody happy. How about I make myself happy? And that’s what I’m on right now.

How frustrating was it to hear that people thought you were a man?

It was so frustrating to me because, I promise to God, I’ve never heard that. I’m like ‘Me?’ Me? My perfect face, my perfect body?’ Yes, I got my boobs done, and I said that on TV, and I’ll say it again: I work out so much that my chest was flat. If any woman that wants to be a woman loves their body and how they look, they would have did it. I’m not the first one that got my boobs done. I love makeup. I’ve tweeted plenty of pictures of me without makeup because the television puts a lot of makeup on you, makes you hairier.

I Tweeted plenty pictures of me without makeup. I’m a 100 percent woman. My name is Joseline Hernandez, I was born in Puerto Rico. My birthday is 11/03/1986. I’m not going to give ya’ll my social, but I know what I am. MsJoseline.com is here. My new single, “Bailar,” is here. I’ll be putting some more new songs in there as we speak. I’m working on my workout DVD. I love my body, I love to train. I have my own clothing line coming because I used to own a boutique stand in Dallas. I’m just doing it all. I’m going to have my own Spanish TV show. I’m going to do everything that people say I can’t do. And not because of them, because of me, because I know that is what I was born to do.

And I just want to tell the ladies: stop hating. Let’s get together and make money. Let’s all be sexy.

Is your butt real?

Yes, my butt is real. I work out a lot. I’m always doing lunges. You’ll see it, because I know you’re going to go to MsJoseline.com and get this DVD.

So, a workout DVD on the way, her reggaeton career she's still chasing & excusing Stevie J.'s disgusting pimp-attempts on women who clearly can't see him for what he really is and his disrespectful treatment and saying he's simply "a ladies' man."  You win some, you lose some.

Check out the full interview over at Global Grind.

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I have never in my life seen

I have never in my life seen such ugly,hateful remarks.....jealousy I suppose...though,no excuse...get a life!

you can watch whats love and

you can watch whats love and hip hop at http://woofey.com/Love-amp-Hip-Hop-Atlanta-Episode-5-_v1342
happyxx32's picture

She kind of looks like Prince

She kind of looks like Prince with a hint of Rihanna
WTF's picture

Its Funny As Hell if you read

Its Funny As Hell if you read this Article in her voice LMAO, JoselMan is a JOKE!!
REd™'s picture

Loiza, Puerto Rico is full of

Loiza, Puerto Rico is full of ugly sewer rats like her she is definitely Boricuas and I know many like her who don't speak Spanish. Thank goodness she's not Dominican!
DominicanQueen's picture

She is a regular hoodrat

She is a regular hoodrat Puerto Rican girl just like Evelyn and they are a dime a dozen. There is nothing special about this Puerto Rican but she is one whether you like it or not.
Zanya's picture

February 4, 2003, Joseline

February 4, 2003, Joseline Hernandez aka Shenellica Bettencourt was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior, commonly known as prostitution. She is from South Florida and she is Puerto Rican they have many Puerto Ricans living here.
Martine's picture

She is not Puerto Rican.

She is not Puerto Rican. She's just a regular black girl faking to be hispanic. When I see her speak full Spanish and take a trip to the island of Boriquen for a family reunion I will be convinced. Also, I would like a government issued naturalization paper shown. Until then, she's a fake, Georgia hoodrat with a false spanish accent.
Dreamy_Dominicana's picture

I am from South Florida and

I am from South Florida and her real name is Shenellica Bettencourt. She is a Haitian who grew up in Miami in an area called Lil Haiti. Just look up her real name and see her mugshots.
jknowsthetruth's picture

Her arrest records shows her

Her arrest records shows her real name is Joseline Hernandez she used the name Shenellica Bettencourt as a stage name and when she was a hooker. Look it up it's all over the internet.
Zanya's picture

Now who in the hell would go

Now who in the hell would go by Shenellica? Now, it makes more sense that if your Haitian a** mama named you Shenellica, you would FAKE and try to be a hispanic girl named Joseline lol.
Dreamy_Dominicana's picture

She's ignorant and ghetto

She's ignorant and ghetto that's why she chose that name but she is still a Puerto Rican.
Zanya's picture

I have NO issue with women

I have NO issue with women getting work done to their body. Y.O.L.O BUUUUT---she had ass injections, come on now! AND ITS COOL!
BooLuv's picture

NOT!!! Her Body is ONLY hers

NOT!!! Her Body is ONLY hers because she Bought & paid for it!!!! Why do women go get work done to their body & then claim that that it's all theirs naturally??? STOP IT!!!!! Here's a hint....If it doesn't shake or bounce when you move...Then they are NOT NATURAL!!!!!! STOP THE MADDNESS!!!!

Hernandez looks PuertoRican

Hernandez looks PuertoRican to me even more so than Lala Vasquez does. So if she spoke like a valley girl would that make her less Puerto Rican? No.

I agree 100% with the rest of

I agree 100% with the rest of the commenters. This woman is fake. She is NOT HISPANIC. I am Dominican (around Joseline's complexion), and I am also from the South (Florida) and none of us speak that way. I was born in Dominica and live in a Dominican household. OMG no one speaks like this. Not even my husband's family, who is Puerto Rican (blacks and mixed Puertos) speak this way! Joseline needs to stop faking and stop trying to be Hispanic because it's embarrassing her and is offensive to us real Afro Hispanics. This girl is retarded. Fake name, fake genitals, fake "glands" and fake butt. Oh, and fake HAIR. Lol.
Dreamy_Dominicana's picture

Please stop posting pictures

Please stop posting pictures of Jose she is not YBF she is Puerto Rican. It's not our fault that like Lala and Evelyn she turned her back on her own Puerto Rican community to run after ours. She shouldn't be here she is a bigger mess than Evelyn.
Zanya's picture

Black hispanics may be of

Black hispanics may be of Spanish heritage, but racially, all the women you mentioned are BLACK. Look at them. Is Rihanna YBF even though she has Guyanese and Barbadian roots? Of course she is! Just like Lala and Evelyn. Also, Joseline is not Afro Latina, she is faking. Her accent is horrible and fake. Joseline Hernandez of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is not Puerto Rican. She is a Black, American hoodrat stripper chick who wants to appeal more exotic. Shame.
Dreamy_Dominicana's picture

Sorry that you refuse to

Sorry that you refuse to claim her and I don't blame you but Joseline Hernandez is 100% puerto Rican there is nothing African American about her. She is a hoodrat then so is Evelyn and the only thing exotic about her type is that she looks more manly than female.
Rigina's picture

Ms. Hernandez is probably

Ms. Hernandez is probably transgendered.
Twila's picture

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Blackwhitemeet.℃'ó'ϻ that's all serious dating. Millions of members with good economic condition and high quality. Someone suitable is here waiting for u. with other single black, white girls and men in your city.. It is my favorite club for mixed love..
blackwhitemeet______________________________________________'s picture

Get Your Life!! Joseline,

Get Your Life!! Joseline, Jose or whatever the hell you are ~ a f**ked past is no excuse for continuing to live a f**ked up future. Do better b*tch ~ next year noone will care who the hell you are~ stupido!
GetUrLife's picture

This fucking she-male needs

This fucking she-male needs to stop insulting the publics intelligence with that BLATANT LIE that her ass is real. That shit doesn't move. It looks unnatural because IT IS. Get the fuck on with that bullshit.
sianna1's picture

I never post negative

I never post negative comments on any of these blogs because I know these ppl on TV are humans just like us so, I don't spew hate like most other comments do however, I don't care for Stevie J or this woman Joseline. I can't condone fuckery. sorry!
ntaylor1030@gmail.com's picture


Yas's picture


Mamacita99's picture

I don't know where to begin

I don't know where to begin with RihannaMan. The fact that she considers Stevie J. as a "lady's man" instead of a deadbeat pimp or that she thinks she can dance and sing, or that she wants us to believe that she was pregnant and a woman. This man couldn't look like a woman on a good day but "she" is funny as hell and I love trying to understand her broken english. #iaintmadatcha
tori's picture

Strangely this interview did

Strangely this interview did shed a new light on her. I mean I don’t really watch the show like but if it’s on and a repeat is showing and there is nothing else on TV I will watch it. From what I am seeing she is a woman who never had a love a father or real man in her life. Which she just confirmed. I feel bad for her because she is mistaking pimping for love. Steebie is using her with the dreams and success he is promising her and as naive as she is. She is eating it or in her case I should say sucking it all up. Regarding her Tweet pic I think like she said it was bad judgment call because of all the names she's been called since the show started. But we don't know how personally she was hurt by all the names and comments that been made to her and about her. Playing devils advocate a little, I don’t think she realizes the real reason people hate her is because of her unprofessional relationship with Steebie who has a woman and child at home. Although She’s single and steebie is the one in the relationship.
kimaras31's picture

Okay. Here goes...Why is it

Okay. Here goes...Why is it that her mama has lived in this country for several years now and she still doesn't speak English? Her mama doesn't speak English well enough to find/keep a job, but she speaks it well enough to buy drugs? Hmmm. And what was her step daddy doing that prevented him from providing for his family? Joseline's butt IS fake yaw'll. Certain exercises such as lunges will help shape your behind and make it more firm and round even after you've gotten butt shots. She is a liar. Lord no!!! NOT A CLOTHING LINE! I don't know ANYBODY that would pay to dress like Joseline Him...Hernandez. Everytime I see her I just bust out laughing. Straight up circus clown! Please spare us. (Those red shoes in the photo above are hideous by the way.) Something about this chic just says FRAUD to me. It seems as though she's trying to save face by coming with this sad sob story about her upbringing after having made a complete fool of herself. This sounds familiar. Didn't Evelyn Ho...Lozada do the same thing? And is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the spanish women we're seeing on these reality shows are usually hoes or have strong "hoe like" tendencies? (Evelyn Lozada, Joseline Him...Hernandez...). Just an observation.
CoCo's picture

i cant help but read this

i cant help but read this interview sounding like joseline in my head

I read it the EXACT same

I read it the EXACT same way!! Lol, Hilarious.
mamamc's picture

I think that ugly short wig

I think that ugly short wig and her strong facial features offset a lot of folks. She looks wayyyyyy better with hair.
GrownAzzChica's picture

I don't have a problem with

I don't have a problem with strippers, but I just don't like the industry, like some men who are not single come in there without their mates knowing, I just don't think its right. That's what I don't like
WTF's picture

WTF it makes no sense he is

WTF it makes no sense he is not a ladies man, I would respect this him/her (Jose) if it did not come in between Mimi relationship with Stevie, like even when she knew they was going and stuff it still strip with Stevie, that's why lots of people are against IT not because it's a man but just fake, nasty, and just a hot mess...and no one cares if the boobs are fake but admit if your butt is, its obvious, I don't know why celebs don't like to admit it when its so obvious...liiiike WTF?!?
WTF's picture

I see some people are easily

I see some people are easily fooled. That is not a woman. Period. Josh told Erica to suck his dick! As a woman, I'm not about to tell some chick to suck my dick...cause I don't have one. I might say eat a dick, or choke on one, but never suck mine. He also let something else slip in one of his interviews that he's a man. That fake pregnancy/abortion story line was written into the show because everyone knows Josh wasn't born a woman.
Mrs_B_35's picture

This man.....what can he

This man.....what can he teach us about helping a woman get anything.
Gia Lo's picture

Joseline does have a tight

Joseline does have a tight body and must work out a lot. Who cares what is fake; she looks great! It seems like everyone on that show has a round booty; fake or not - who cares.
Happy Lady's picture

When I squint my eyes and

When I squint my eyes and glance at her, she kinda looks like Rihanna.
Ayanna's picture

She didn't have to Tweet a

She didn't have to Tweet a naked pic & post a sexually explicit video. All she had to do to put all the questions about her gender to rest was post an AUTHENTIC copy of her BIRTH CERTIFICATE..............BOOOOOOM!
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Ok...can Steebie add a few

Ok...can Steebie add a few more duckies to this chick's wardrobe fund? This is like the 5th picture I've seen of her in those same shoes!
MrsCPA's picture

I know when Whoppi Goldberg

I know when Whoppi Goldberg see's Stevie J ass she wants to kill him all over again...He use to date and was engaged to her daughter.....I don't watch the show after the first one.....Way to staged! Shameful
not having it's picture

Its definitely where you are

Its definitely where you are going, she provided for her family~she is strong~Im 21 and have similar life situations to her but never been strong enough to provide the way I want to. Hope her music works for her seriously. I will not denounce her. Bless her:)

Does the "J' stand for "joke"

Does the "J' stand for "joke" because that's what Steebie is running around with this H.AM. And those shoes are hideous.
Peace Silas's picture

I feel sad for her... she's

I feel sad for her... she's really lost... all for the love of fame and money.. dang
Janelle McIver's picture

Mr. Hernandez almost had me

Mr. Hernandez almost had me fooled. That guy is almost as pretty as Alex Rodriguez "A-Rod"............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

oh she's a scorpio. that

oh she's a scorpio. that explains a lot. Scorpios are some horny, fiesty ass people. from the interview sounds like its from a woman but she still looks like Vera de Milo.
shuga's picture

You are correct Scorpios are

You are correct Scorpios are horny/freaky. I'm a Gemini and a guy I dated was a Scorpio, BEST sex I ever had, BEST!!!!! We met back in 2004, still hookup from time to time.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

i 2nd that! im an aquarius

i 2nd that! im an aquarius but being with a scorpio was everything!
clairhuxtable88's picture

While I've never seen an

While I've never seen an episode of the show I have seen enough clips on YBF; as well as memes on Facebook. Her grasp on the English language is terrifying. Who speaks like this??? And 1986. Really? Really??? You are going to throw that kind of shade at us like we are all that stupid??? No, sir!
VagabondSpirit's picture

ms. hernandez is the star of

ms. hernandez is the star of this show let's not get it twisted. As many issues as she has... she is entertaining to watch. I feel sorry for her unbringing but it's not where your from it's where your going... I really hope she makes it in the latin american industry this way she can get far away from stevie punk j...
JBlue's picture

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