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UPDATE: Dez Bryant's "Domestic Dispute" Was Altercation With Half-Brother & MOTHER, Turns Himself In

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So about that domestic dispute that led to NFL star Dez Bryant's arrest yesterday...we now know it involved an altercation between him and both his mother & half-brother.


Deets inside...

After reports hit the net last night that Dez Bryant was arrested after a domestic dispute this weekend, new reports today are giving the details. It didn't involve a girlfriend or baby mama, but instead, Dez's own mother!

ESPN Dallas confirmed today that Dez "turned himself in" for his arrest on Monday, as they confirmed with the Desoto Police Department.  The same police department confirmed he was actually arrested on Saturday when the actual assault occurred, so no word on if there were two different arrests.

As for what went down, the site reports:

A source said late Monday night that Bryant, in an argument with his half brother, wound up pushing his mother, Angela. According to the source, police responded to a call on Saturday night, but no arrests were made at that point. Further examination of the reports resulted in Monday's arrest, the source said.

Bryant was charged with a Class A misdemeanor for assaulting a female family member, police told KDFW-TV in Dallas. The woman did not need to be taken to the hospital for her injuries, the report said.

TMZ gives more details claiming Dez allegedly threw his baseball cap in his mother's face during an argument, and grabbed her by her shirt so hard that it ripped.

Dez's mother allegedly ordered Dez to leave when the argument started, and this led to the altercation.  Police also confirmed to the gossip site that they saw bruises on her upper arm.  Dez's mother claimed she also had painful bruises on her wrists, chest & hands.

Check out the 9-1-1 call HERE.  This is just foolish.

Check out Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discussing whether Dez is worth the trouble.

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I don't care what his

I don't care what his mother's background is or if she was a good or bad parent...one can never justify being disrespectful and physically abusing your own mother. IT'S DISGUSTING AND SHAMEFUL! If he is single ladies beware......if he will put his hands on his own mother then he will definately knock the hell out of u.....SMH #honorthymother

Damn, I see why Tracy Morgan

Damn, I see why Tracy Morgan didn't help his mom out when she was about to lose her home, there is always something deeper thats going on. Dez needs to separate himself from his family, because they could be his downfall.
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I knew his mother had to be

I knew his mother had to be using that isht when I read he yanked her up...drugs and stupid mooching men will always be the reason why a son harasses his mom...I pray they make it through this

Here is a little background

Here is a little background on his mother: Angela Bryant, 37, has a criminal record that includes multiple convictions on drug charges. She served 18 months in prison after being convicted for selling crack cocaine in 1997. She was also sentenced to 10 years' probation due to an April 2009 arrest for selling crack cocaine to police informants in Lufkin, Texas, and being found guilty of two felony counts for possession of a controlled substance and the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance. Not saying that it is right but he probably has no respect for his mother and if she's 37 she obviously had him at a young age. Just a sad situation.
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hitting your mom in the face

hitting your mom in the face and yanking on her hair.........Dez's Lawyer will call it "tough love"
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

TMZ does tend to exaggerate a

TMZ does tend to exaggerate a bit, but I missed the part about him pulling her hair.
Random41711's picture

Sunds like Dez's mom is a

Sunds like Dez's mom is a handful when you hear about her background.. Stephen... crack changes ppl and family status doesn't mean crap when that's in playl... and futhermore Stephen... if you are ok with rapist (Rothlesburger), murders (what's that dude from the Ravens), real ABUSERS that BEAT THE CRAP OUT of wives, girlfriends etc.. then why condemn him when we don't know the entire story
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