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Reality Stars Erica Dixon & K. Michelle HIT The Salon For MAKEOVERS + Willow Smith DISHES On The "Tongue Ring" Controversy And Her Musical Sound

Erica Dixon and K. Michelle helped provide makeovers to ten young ladies in Atlanta yesterday.  See their pics inside and find out how Willow Smith gets inspired.


K. Michelle & Erica Dixon of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" teamed up with Saving Our Daughters Corporation to honor 10 young women by providing complete makeovers.  The event was held at GlamBar Salon which is owned by Sabrina Peterson. 

The ladies got gifts from  folks like Stiletto Addictions, Love U Apparel, S. A. Boutique, Writer/Author, Jamie Jones, Dance 411 Studios and The Cupcake Genie.

K. Michelle said, "The event itself is a beginning for Atlanta to see how important it is to support one another, especially women of all ages and ethnicity. I am honored to be apart of the cause, and event with Glambar Salon and the Saving Our Daughters Organization. Every one at one point in our lives need support and just that extra action that expresses how much an individuals matters today and tomorrow."


In other news,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,





 Willow Smith talked to Michael Yo on "The Yo Show" represented where they dished on musical sound, her famed family, and why folks got so upset about her tongue ring.  She also talks about how she gets inspired to write lyrics and music.   



Jada recently filmed an anti-human trafficking film and now she's speaking about the cause before congress. She posted to FACEBOOK,

Jada said,

"I want to thank my survivor soldiers, JAMM, Monica, and Minh who went with me yesterday to testify to congress about human trafficking. Thank you for sitting with congressmen, congresswomen and White House representatives and staff to share your stories and expertise. The three of your were the most powerful aspect of the day. I am honored and grateful."


Photos via Hot Spot Photography




Erica Dixon looks sexy.. if

Erica Dixon looks sexy.. if your reading this hit me up on Facebook and lets get married.

Both Erica and K. Michelle

Both Erica and K. Michelle have gorgeous skin!!
blynne23's picture

Yall cant tell me k michelle

Yall cant tell me k michelle ass is natural
lolo's picture

Erica is stunning! I can't

Erica is stunning! I can't believe that Scrappy wants to leave her for that Buckey - ewww. From what I can see, Buckey can't BEGIN to compare to Erica.
Happy Lady's picture

I don’t see any problem with

I don’t see any problem with the ladies doing a community event. The show is basically scripted, so there for they are acting to provide an income. Some folks are so dumb and stupid. Saying that they provide a negative image on the show clearly tells me that you follow the show, so what does that make you? I guarantee most adults have had some type of argument/ confrontation or even a fight before. But saying that they can’t serve their community is so silly. Rappers all the time have charities, yet they rap about a host of different topics, unprotected sex, drugs, drinking and driving. Yet nothing is said. Their image is supposed to be “their reality”. If a stripper works during the week and on the weekend, volunteers at a nursing home every weekend, I guess that’s a problem too. If you think they provide a negative image, clearly change the channel. As far a people saying “it teaches our young girls…” “Kids watch the show..”. Etc. It’s up to the parent to be a parent. If you don’t monitor your child’s viewing habits, than who will? People stop being lazy and raise your own kids and stop depending on everyone else to do it for you.
landieluv's picture

Erica is beautiful! Scrappy

Erica is beautiful! Scrappy is dumb as hell for leaving her for Scrappy. And she seems like a good woman. K. Michelle is Keyshia Cole's long lost sister! They need to do some DNA tests forreal.
Jernero94's picture

Erica is gorgeous hands down.

Erica is gorgeous hands down. Imma need her to REAL model asap! KMichelle need to make Frankie ( K Coles Mama)do a DNA test because I spy that she might be one of her kids. She is a browner version of Keyshia hands down! I don't know about her butt and all that tomfoolery but I do know she is hilarious as hell on that show.
Keys's picture

I love WILLOW even more!!!!

I love WILLOW even more!!!! What ya'll have to realize is that you can sit yo fat asses on blogs all day and write negative comments, but these celebs are LIVING with or without you!!!! She's so right about people passing judgement on her parent's parenting skills... While she's living her dreams, your daughters are out there sneaking around getting fucked behind the gym, poping up pregnant and asking around for abortion money!

I love the organization and

I love the organization and what it stands for "Saving Our Daughters Corporation"... However, these chicks.. I'm not impressed with... This is just good publicity for that BOOTLEG show.. b/c we are all up in arms about the image these women are portraying... now they want to do some good in the community.. Well.. I'm not impressed... Why... b/c these same chicks will then turn around and fight, bicker and act a damn fool for the cameras just to make a buck.. what message does that send? if you want good pub for the show.. CANCEL IT
Janelle McIver's picture

Erica looks and sounds like

Erica looks and sounds like Taj from SWV...circa 1993
Honey BOOM's picture

She reminds me of Taj too.

She reminds me of Taj too. It’s the bone structure. But she’s a cuter version.
PacificGirl's picture

Sorry @Honey Boom at first I

Sorry @Honey Boom at first I said the same thing that Erica looks like Taj from SWV but after my sister pulled of pic's of Taj she proved to me that Erica is a much much prettier version of Taj. Taj wished she looked as good as Erica does. I'm sure a cheating husband can bring even most stress to an already aging face.
Shay's picture

K Michelles ass is that

K Michelles ass is that silicone or fat?..if its silicone I feel sorry for her.
honey boo boo's picture

Don't know if it's silicone

Don't know if it's silicone or fat but I do know that God didn't give it to her. Memphitz did..........LoL
DCchica's picture

Willow is just a Child Calm

Willow is just a Child Calm Down and let her be. K.michelle still got some soul searching to do. Erica Dixon is Beautiful "Scrappy" will regret his decision to Choose a (Flavor Of love Rat) over her .....
REd™'s picture

I'm sorry but Ms. Willow is

I'm sorry but Ms. Willow is too damn grown and odd for me! I was with the whole whip my hair campaign and even when she changed up her style and started wearing tacky clothes, but I just can't cosign this mess any further. No matter how they try to slice it this little girl needs more guidance. I'm all with your child being free and expressing themselves, but WITH GUIDANCE! She clearly has none and thinks she's a 20 something year old woman. She is too mature for her age. Closing my eyes I would swear she was an older woman. It's just not cute! I pray that this girl doesn't go off the rails by the time she's 16 because right now her future doesn't look promising.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Erica looks like the older

Erica looks like the older sister to Keke Palmer, and the younger niece of Angela Bassette, she's pretty and doesn't go overboard with all the bright color hair weaves and horrible make up most girls in ATL go for. I'm glad K. Michelle arms don't look so short, because on the show she looks like she has alligator arms, that Cee-Lo syndrome. And, did Erica not tell Scrappy they were doing make overs, because he sure nuff could have passed the message along to Buckey, cause that awful dusty synthetic wig she been rockin is what most likely caused his asthma attack.
tori's picture

Wow! Erica and K are both

Wow! Erica and K are both real natural beauties... Scrappy is gonna wake up to Shay with her wig and make-up and realize he f**ked up.....
Peace Silas's picture

I agree that Erica is

I agree that Erica is gorgeous with a killer body.
Denise2007's picture

K. Michelle wanna keep

K. Michelle wanna keep clowning Karlie on the show about her "deflated ass cheek", but K. Michelle needs to shut her fuccin horse mouth up cuz she has FAKE ASS too!!!!! She's such a hypocrite. The women with beautiful faces on that show are Rasheeda, Ariane, Erica and Mimi. The other other broads are slut monkeys with silicone stuffed asses.
sianna1's picture

K Michelle looks like Keyshia

K Michelle looks like Keyshia Cole to me in these pics! Go to missnyt.com for celebrity news
MissNYT's picture

Erica is what we call Down

Erica is what we call Down south Fine! Face and body!!!!!!!!!!!Extremely pretty girl who seems out of place on Love and Hip Hop!

What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is why Tamar B w/ all Vince money and all. Why does her hair/wigs/weave always look so horrible compared to women like the chicks on Love & Hip Hop ATL and The Real House Wives of Atl and most of these chicks don't even have the money she does. Chicks like: Erica, MiMi. K Michelle,Marlo, Sheree, and other's. I am convinced that girl is completely bald headed! Erica is an attractive girl though hope she does well for herself and her child.
Shay's picture

Erica could be anybody's

Erica could be anybody's model!! If she wants it, I hope the show takes her in that direction!
Mama Mia's picture

Erica is pretty she is just a

Erica is pretty she is just a hoodrat at heart, some common sense and education and that girl could be going places. #true
SkeeWee's picture

Willow Smith <---- I've never

Willow Smith <---- I've never seen a 12yr old smell herself so much (smh)
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Erica is effortlessly

Erica is effortlessly GORGEOUS (key word being effortlessly).... And she works and takes care of her daughter which is commendable.... but Scrappy would rather chase after Buckey who CLEARLY looks like a muppet whose teeth are tryna escape her mouth?!? *sigh I'm soooo confused.... Oh well so be it.... I definitely hope she finds happiness though....
SouthernBelle's picture

She's very pretty(Erica).

She's very pretty(Erica). But, I wouldn't go that far and say she's the most intelligent one on the show. Once she opens her mouth that logic goes right out the window. She's way to mature for lil' scrappy i'd say that.

Erica is stunning. She should

Erica is stunning. She should know better than to try and work it out with "Scrap". She needs a damn MAN! She is the most intelligent one on the show until it comes to Scrappy and his damn mental institute fugitive Momma!
Yas's picture

wow erica is extremely

wow erica is extremely pretty....tha fuck wrong wit scrappy ya feeels me??? k michelle looks just like keisha cole but her ass looks extremely fake!
Anonymoustoo's picture

OMG... Everything you just

OMG... Everything you just typed I said , lol.... Erica really is pretty & k. Michelle look like Keisha cole especially when she had that ugly red weave .
OhPlease's picture

Erica is GORGEOUS! Scrappy is

Erica is GORGEOUS! Scrappy is a loser to pass her up for Buckey. Yuck!
Elle's picture

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