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Common Is Facing FORECLOSURE?! + Keenan Ivory Wayans' Ex Readying for New Season Of "Hollywood Exes"

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Common may have some money problems on his hands.  Word has it his Chi-town apartment is facing foreclosure.  Deets inside, plus the who the newest "Hollywood Ex" cast member will be on season 2...

Rapper Common is having some mortgage issues back home in Chicago.  According to legal docs, back in 2008, Mr. Lonnie Lynn and his manager secured a mortgage through Bank of America.  But starting March 2012, the two stopped making the $2285/month payments.

BOA has filed for foreclosure as they want to take back the apartment and sell it to recoup their cash.  Looks like these upcoming concert dates Common has will be coming in handy....


In other news, if VH1's "Hollywood Exes" gets renewed, they've already got a new cast member on deck.  Daphne Wayans , ex-wife of veteran actor/director Keenan Ivory Wayans, is reportedly ready to join the cast and tell her story.  She's pictured above, pregnant with one of their 5 kids, at the Nutty Professor II premiere back in 2000.

The two were married for 4 years (until their divorce in 2004).  So we're sure she has some tales to tell.  Daphne has already been pictured out and about with the current cast of Nicole Murphy, Andrea Kelly and the exes of Prince & Jose Conseco.  And reportedly, she's just waiting on the network to greenlight season 2. 

Keenan dated blondie Brittany Daniel (Kelly Pitts on "The Game") for years, but was rumored to have broken it off this past year.  So this ought to be interesting.... 

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It's actuall Shawn that is on

It's actuall Shawn that is on the "downlow" not Marlon!!

I saw Kenan over the weekend.

I saw Kenan over the weekend. Given that pic posted was taken 12 years ago, he hasn't aged a bit.
Disturbed's picture


HE LEFT HER FOR THAT FLAT FACE WHITE BITCH? WOW.... EVERY SINCE I FOUND OUT HE DATED THAT WHITE CHICK I STOPPED SUPPORTING HIM. WHAT A DAMNS SHAME. P.S. I like R. Kelly ex wife she is a little loud but she seems like a positive person and yes, i hate the term BOO BOO. ewww.
Nflgirl's picture

Hollywood Exes woud be a

Hollywood Exes woud be a better show if they got rid of that loud, ghetto chick married to R. Kelly. She need to be on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. A grown woman saying Boo Boo. Plus these ho's ain't been with these women in decades in some cases. They still cashing in on their ex-husbands in pathetic
lola69's picture

Its sloppy work by the

Its sloppy work by the accountant.
Str8nochaser's picture


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Smh @ adding her to the

Smh @ adding her to the cast...all these women do is sit and brag about how fabulous their lives were with all the perks etc...... like it was the end of the world to have them taken away,oh PLEASE ladies you still have good lives, there is so much more worst things that could of happened, compared to others you all have no need to complain.....

If you watched the show the

If you watched the show the women hardly talk about their exes. They merely bring them up since thats the basis for the show. They talk about their lives after their marriages. Its funny how this show is called "the exes" when all of them were married, but then you have "basketball wives" and only couple of them have been actual WIVES, they are the real EXES. People petition shows left and right, but when there is a show that cast successful, respectful women who act like ladies, people hate hella hard smh.
tori's picture

Stupessss who the hell is

Stupessss who the hell is hating?!?! you maybe but certainly not me....... i simply stated what i've noticed on the show ..... get off your high horse hun it ain't that serious....... NEXT!!!!

they seem childish and living

they seem childish and living in the past. they been divorced longer than ever married.
lola69's picture

Too many dumbasses on here.

Too many dumbasses on here. Common is worth 35 million dollars from his music and acting. Sounds like one of his accountants are not doing their jobs correctly.
MadStyle's picture

Hollywood Exes is a really

Hollywood Exes is a really nice show. Sistahs supporting sistah's. Loving it!What a concept....
JewelryLover's picture

nothing nice about living in

nothing nice about living in the past and not letting go. No one cares about these shallow women. they trying to be relevant. they should have spent this energy on the marriage
lola69's picture

Yeah, I actually like

Yeah, I actually like Hollywood Exes. The only one who's strange is Jose Canseco's ex. Nicole, Sheree, Andrea and Mayte seem cool.
Tagirl27's picture

Lonnie!Lonnie!Lonnie say it

Lonnie!Lonnie!Lonnie say it ain't so, boo!
Marek's Wifey's picture

Seems to me that he "stopped"

Seems to me that he "stopped" making the payments. I can't imagine him not being able to afford the mortgage. Nor does the article say that.
srenitamoore's picture

Common is a Dumb HillBilly

Common is a Dumb HillBilly <------ Should've NEVER dumped Serena Williams who is worth $200 Million (Free & Clear...After Taxes). No one is buying your music dude
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I find it hard to believe

I find it hard to believe that Common is having money problems or money problems so bad he can't afford a 2 grand a month mortgage payment. Thats pretty cheap, especially in Chicago. He seems really smart and responsible so I doubt he would blow through all his money, especially since he has been in the game for so long and has been in a number of movies, he has that long money. He probably got the apartment put in his name for someone else, like a homie or jumpoff, and they have stopped making payments on it. I hope the IRS aren't after him. Regardless, Common my door is always open lol. Omg, Keenan ex wife on ""Hollywood Exes???" Lord, the stories she could tell about that entire family, like if a certain Waynes is in the closet (Marlon), it would be interesting but its not that type of show so I doubt we would get any juicy stories.
tori's picture

Really Common? $2285? The

Really Common? $2285? The mortgage on my condo in Fort Greene, Brooklyn in $3450/mo and I don't have the kind of paper Common does. If I can make my payments I'm trying to figure out why he can't make his. Folks needs to stop trying to live that life and handle their business. Better hit your girl Serena up for a loan before she cases that Wimbledon check!
DesignDiva's picture

I'm still wondering why

I'm still wondering why Hollywood Exes is a show? I tried to watch. So not interesting to me. I guess it's not interesting to me because I just don't care. I mean, you're the ex. So why are you relevant? Just my thoughts.

messy. Common--2285 a month?

messy. Common--2285 a month? I think he just doesnt want it anymore. even my regular ass can afford that mortgage. def. more to the story than just a simple inability to pay. Keenan--5 kids but only married 4 years?? yeah, that will def. break up a marriage. good lawd!
shuga's picture

Keenan is NOT with Brittany

Keenan is NOT with Brittany anymore, they've been broken up for awhile now.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Besides the name of the show

Besides the name of the show Hollywood Ex's, You apparently didn't read the story. It says that they have been divorced since 2004. Soooooo your not telling anyone something new.
Milly's picture

Well Milly, apparently you're

Well Milly, apparently you're not reading carefully yourself because who Mrs_b_35 was referring to was the g/f he was with AFTER he split with the wife. We're gonna need u to keep up.......ESPECIALLY when you're trynna blast sum one for the same.
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