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NEW LOOKS: Shaunie O'Neal ROCKS Box Braids + Christina Milian & Violet BRAIDED UP In Jamaica

Following in the footsteps of Beyonce and Solange, Shaunie O'Neal has also added box braids to her repertorie of hairdos.  See pics inside and Christina Milian and Violet rocking their braids.

"BBW" star Shaunie O'Neal (shown at the top with her stylist Ashley and his twin) debuted her new box braids hairdo while partying it up recently.

The hair style is makign a comeback amongst the YBF chicks.  Do we like it on Shaunie?


She tweeted the photo above saying, Me & the ladies at Toxic @corijs @keymotay @jazzakai @aliciamalone71


In other hair news.........

We told you earlier about Christina Milian's jaunt to Jamaica for her swimwear line photoshoot, and now we have adorable pics of her and baby Violet on the island. 

She and Violet are both rocking braids and they look adorable.




Speaking of reality shows & Shaunie O'Neal, funnywoman Bresha Webb and Tatyana Ali teamed up to shoot a reality show spoof where Tatyana plays a reality show producer. She completely nails the character and leaves little to the imagination about the "inspiration" behind the role.


Photos via BCK/Shaunie's Twitter




She a golddigga but her baby

She a golddigga but her baby is cute
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Mi Mi's picture

My Morehouse brothers and

My Morehouse brothers and BBW...2 of my favorite things!!!! I check this site religously and almost hit the floor when I saw ya'll pic up here. Ainsley and Ashley you guys look great. Glad to see LA is treating you both well. Love you guys!!!
aishahill81's picture

Braids make all of us look

Braids make all of us look youthful, I love my braids and never understood why they so called went out of style...I guess cause you couldn't lie and say they were your own hair...like musty ass tracks...lol anyway I'm just throwing shade cause people act like any style closely relatable to Africa is not hot and the truth is our style is timeless, braids will never go out of style

Tatyana nailed Shaunie O'Neil

Tatyana nailed Shaunie O'Neil in that video! I laughed so hard I cried. "I bought them from a girl who was selling them from her car in front of her crack house,"...priceless!
DesignDiva's picture

the braids are cute but those

the braids are cute but those twins are even cuter. how YOU doin??
shuga's picture

I think Shaunie's braids are

I think Shaunie's braids are cute. Still don't care for her ratchetness, but she looks cute. C-Milli and Violet are absolutely adorable. I didn't realize Christina's natural hair was that short. I am so proud of Tatyana's hustle. This was too funny!
MrsCPA's picture

Loving Shaunie's braids!

Loving Shaunie's braids! Christina & Violet looks cute too!
goeze's picture

That T.A show was funny as

That T.A show was funny as hell, wish there was more. Is it me or does the braids take at least 10 years off Shaunie. I love that look on her.
kimaras31's picture

Shaunie, the braids look

Shaunie, the braids look great. They give you a very fresh look. It's summertime, the living is easy. Keep doing you. With Ashley and Ainsley by your side all is well. (:) RMTeeee

Shaunie, good choice, braids

Shaunie, good choice, braids for now something else next time.. It

Shaunie looks gorgeous in

Shaunie looks gorgeous in those braids, they really bring out her natural beauty, she should keep this look, it takes about 10 years off, love it!

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Christina and Violet look

Christina and Violet look adorable.
Taj's picture

Girl bye!! Take that out of

Girl bye!! Take that out of your head please!! And firer your stylist.
stepup2's picture

Christina and her little girl

Christina and her little girl are both too cute with those braids!! Shaunie's old butt need to sit down with those braids suitable for a younger woman. She is straight copying Solange and Beyonce at that . Wack!
JJFad's picture

Christina's head is Too big

Christina's head is Too big and Shaunie has Too much visible scalp...Solange come get these swaggerjackers..LOL
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I rather see black women

I rather see black women WEARING BRAIDS, then to see them wearing those BLONDE WEAVES or THE NICKI MANAJ Hairdo with the blue front and contacts.
LetsGetIt's picture

You've finally said something

You've finally said something I can agree with 100%. lol
lj's picture

You always agree!!!lol You

You always agree!!!lol You just don't like the way i be styling on you black women. I mean cause it's like this black women don't like to be criticized, they hate when you tell the truth about the shit they do, they cant take it ESPECIALLY IF IT'S COMING FROM A BLACK MAN
LetsGetIt's picture

I personally have never

I personally have never agreed or even commented on anything you have ever posted. it's rare that I comment or reply to anyone's post because I am not one to take these comments personally because this is not my life. I just enjoy coming on the site, looking at the pics and reading what people have to say because everyone is entitled to have an opinion but I don't get caught up in the hoopla. i am a happily married black woman with a good husband and that black man's opnion is the only one that matters to me. lol I don't know you so your comments certainly could never matter to me but I did agree with that one :-)
lj's picture

I agree. Black women can be

I agree. Black women can be so hypocritical when it comes to their look! I also agree with the fact that you're telling the truth most of the time. But you need to stop being so virulent.
Let's get it poppin's picture

oh and christina and her

oh and christina and her daughter look so adorable!!
litebrite's picture

i love box braids...i feel

i love box braids...i feel solange really owned it but it looks great on shaunie as well...she looks a lot younger and softer
litebrite's picture

The braids actually look cute

The braids actually look cute on Shaunie. They somehow soften her face.
Anonymous10's picture

I like the fact that box

I like the fact that box braids are making a comeback. The colorful, over-the-top, down to your back, virgin remy hair weave trend is becoming a bit much and overrated. Fellas are already criticising the throwback look, like them 1980's high-top fades are cute.
tori's picture

its too hot for braids

its too hot for braids

Shaunie trying to act like a

Shaunie trying to act like a teenage girl when her Puss looks like an open Man-Hole-Cover (smh)............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Braids is NOT for everybody.

Braids is NOT for everybody. Shaunie looks basic.
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