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Stevie J & Joseline PARTY In ATL, FIGHT On "L&HHATL" + K. Michelle & Rasheeda BEEFING On Twitter

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Fresh off their fight at therapy, Stevie J and Joseline were spotted partying in Atlanta last night.   See their party pics and fight clip inside and get the deets on Rasheeda and K. Michelle beefing on Twitter.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were spotted getting cozy at Mansion Elan in Atlanta recently.


And the pair seemed very comfortable being affectionate in public.  These FACES Stevie J makes....


Oh Joseline.....these stockings and stripper wedges!  And things just got...more interesting:

FOlks still think she looks like a man?

The couple may be all smiles now, but last night Joseline took a few swings at Stevie J during a therapy session with Mimi.  Joseline got a little upset when she found out Stevie was still living with Mimi and all hell broke loose.

Watch the therapy session here:

The level of dysfunction is totally unreal.

Also in "L&HHATL" news............................

Though they seemed to be cool on the show, the friendship between K. Michelle and Rasheeda has soured. The two ladies were seen going at each other on Twitter last night when K. Michelle said Rasheeda wasn't a BOSS because she had no backbone.


Rasheeda responded by insulting K. Michelle and her unladylike ways for "hooking" up with a friend's man on camera.


She added that no one ever has anything nice to say about K.  Well damn.


Photos via Prince Williams/ATL Pics.net

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Why is he attracted to

Why is he attracted to THAT....ugh it makes me sad to see pics of a big butt black female shaking it every time at a club...that's not the ONLY way to dance, but some how that's are "signature" dance
WTF's picture

Joselyn Honey you have some

Joselyn Honey you have some kinda fame now darling please dress accordingly....you say you don't wanna go back to the strip club, but with an outfit like that well.....
Tash's picture

Joseline does a superb job of

Joseline does a superb job of highlighting how Latina women really are.........loose and no morals......
Kai's picture

The previews to next weeks

The previews to next weeks episode pissed me off. How can Rasheeda throw another woman under the bus over a woman beater? If K.Michelle is lying, why hasn't Memphiz sued her for slander, because she's making a serious allegation? I think it happened, and SHAME on Rasheeda for taking his woman beating side and acting like K.Michelle is crazy. I also believe this is the reason why K.Michelle is having a hard time in the industry because Memphiz has been trying to destroy her career. Since Rasheeda doesn't want to take sides, then once again, she should have stayed out of it period. Karma is a motha.
MsKizzy's picture

Why did Stebbie let her come

Why did Stebbie let her come out the house looking like that? He said he wants to see her in "high end fashion" but those shoes with them nylons are screaming "low budget trick".
DreadfulBeauty's picture


NONE OF THEM COULD CONTROL JOSELINE!!!!! That thang is might-TEE strong.
Classic87's picture

Joseline Hernadez, Lala

Joseline Hernadez, Lala Vasquez and Evelyn Lozado are some ugly ass masculine Puertos.

Lmaooo At Heman Joseline

Lmaooo At Heman Joseline Hitting Steebie J Like The Man She It. It Took 90 Swat Men To Pull Jose Off Steebie. Whew Laawd. K Messy Aka K. Michelle Gon Put Paws On Rasheeda.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Wishing these NOTlantians

Wishing these NOTlantians would poof and disappear ~ Dustbunnies!, dUstbunnies, duStbunnies!!
GetUrLife's picture

LMAO, 90% of people in

LMAO, 90% of people in Atlanta are NOT from Atlanta!
tori's picture

Errr...I'm from GA born and

Errr...I'm from GA born and raised, currently living in Atlanta. I think we know that already. Girl you just have to comment to everyone and get smart with them don't you. You must work security or customer service to have all this free time to be on here.
JJFad's picture

Exactly they are even from

Exactly they are even from Atlanta to start. Smdh.
JJFad's picture

Stevie J is just not

Stevie J is just not appealing. I guess hot beats are an aphrodesiac? Or he just knows how to manipulate pretty girls with low self esteem. SMH.
Me Talk Pretty's picture

I think its the latter part

I think its the latter part of your comment, because he hasn't made a hit record since working with Diddy back in '05. I'm more confused how he gets chicks when he has NO LICENSE. He stay riding shot gun. As I watched him walking down the road after getting his a$$ beat in therapy last night, all I could think was, I hope Benzino is nearby because it's too hot/dangerous to be walking along side the highway.
tori's picture

LOL good observation....

LOL good observation....
Tash's picture

First of all, K. Michelle is

First of all, K. Michelle is the realest chic on the show next to Erica. Rasheeda claims she doesn't want to tell Erica that Scrappy is seeing Shay, bc she doesn't like to be in folks business, bring the drama, etc. BUT, she has the audacity to tell everyone else sitting at that table Erica's damn business... so her whole argument is ridiculous. Really what she should've done was keep her mouth closed to all parties if she didn't want to get involved. So now that Rasheeda has spilled the business to everyone (including K. Michelle), how is K. Michelle wrong for actually being a friend and letting Erica know?? Second, i think its jacked that whether the show is scripted or not, that people on here would expect K Michelle to just "get over" being abused. If its a lie than that's some shit she gotta workout with her maker, but under the notion that it is true, how can we judge that? People expect "stars" to be invisible...she can heal the way she sees fit for however long it takes... this is part of her story, just like MJ being abused as a kid is part of his. Lastly, how crazy is she really? She went off on Jive bc they didn't hold up their bargain, and she didn't get paid... If you went to work on pay day Friday, and your direct deposit didn't hit, you'd be ready to go the hell off, make threats, etc. Give her a break.
Lindsay's picture

If you went to work on pay

If you went to work on pay day Friday, and your direct deposit didn't hit, you'd be ready to go the hell off, make threats, etc. Give her a break. This mentality is the very reason why white America doesn't want to give blacks jobs. Professional people don't walk into their establishment that is keeping food on the table and a roof over their head and act a damn fool. That is GHETTO and not how you handle business. In the end there was too much too lose, K Michelle lost it and will probably never get it back. Now was it really worth it? I bet if you asked her she would say no. Hollering and shouting out I'm from Memphis ain't getting the bills paid!
PacificGirl's picture

Ratcheeda wasn't telling

Ratcheeda wasn't telling Erica's business. Erica and Scrappuh are broken up so she was teliing everybody at the table Scrappuh business. Had she seen Erica in the studio all hugged up with another guy and said something, that would be telling ERICA's business. What (allegedly) happened to K. Mart is unfortunate and should not be swept under the rug but her delivery and timing of "exposing" everything that happened with MempIHITZWOMEN and Jive is suspect. She is a loose cannon and a violent and immature person herself, which is why folks have a hard time feeling sorry for her.
tori's picture

Last night confirmed my

Last night confirmed my opinion that Jose-lynn aka RihannaMan was born a MAN! I don't know any FEMALE that can shove past all of that security. He probably was a quarterback in high school. I was on twitter last night and caught the twitter beef between K. Mart & Ratcheeda. All Ratcheeda is doing is being a good friend to Toya. K. Mart on the other hand is reverting back to doing what she does best, which is acting CHILDISH. She really needs to grow up and stop with the infant like behavior because her career will only spand to being on L&HHATL if she doesn't. Her bafoonery makes for good television, but not so much in a business environment.
tori's picture

Stevie J is the Antichrist.

Stevie J is the Antichrist. The world as we know it is over.
Yas's picture

You are judging Stevie J but

You are judging Stevie J but have an avatar of CB the best known woman beater after Ike Turner as what u look up to.......yeah you make a whole lot of sense???.......If I were u I would not judge others...... U look like a damn fool.
Kai's picture

Rasheeda has been pretty

Rasheeda has been pretty since 90 so if she was going to sell to men based on that then she would already be a platinum artist. She's 39 yrs old, a step-grandmother who need to give up this career and being caught up in hood girl drama. K Michelle is talented but her problem is she so takes too much pride in being known for popping off on industry folks. Who does she think wants to really work with her and she might flip on you if she doesn't get her way?? In that world it can get you blacklisted and it looks like she is headed in that direction. She is immature and takes too much pride in all this hood banter for her to be an educated woman that was once a university queen. Still Rasheeda is out of line to get in her face about a situation that possibly happened to her. I would just have my opinion and keep it to myself. Also KMichelle should stop dragging this story around . Tell it to women dealing with domestic violence at a shelter to help them get out or something. You cannot build a reason for your crazy & immature behavior by going on and on about abuse. Get therapy, forgive him to forgive yourself and move on.
JJFad's picture

lol.....so does Sleazy J ever

lol.....so does Sleazy J ever take mimi out the house? ever??
shuga's picture

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liuxiang's picture

Ok, question. Am I the only

Ok, question. Am I the only one who noticed the butt pads evidence? I mean, K. Michelle obviously gave hers the night off and Joseline's was doing the 'lop' after that fight with Stevie. Pure fakery....and hilarious!
MrsCPA's picture

K Michele may have the most

K Michele may have the most natural vocal ability out of these 3 women but as long as men continue to find Rasheeda (Gorgeous btw) and Joseline attractive and sexy, they will go further. I didn't make the rules, it is what it is. K Michele is just too immature and messy. In the music industry, men always try to get with the artists, she is not the only chick with a story or an incident. She talks too damn much, tells all her business and everyone elses for that matter. No record exec is gonna phuck with her.
PacificGirl's picture

Right. And on last night's

Right. And on last night's episode...are you really that great of a friend to Erica that you felt you had to step up for her? I thinks not. Just messy.
MrsCPA's picture

Because K. Michelle is so

Because K. Michelle is so hung up on telling this STORY, she will continue to hurt her career. And if you think she went into a record label and went BALLISTIC and they didnt email/fax/text everyone in the industry to say "THIS BITCH HAS PROBLEMS" she will nvr have success in the music industry. She sealed her own fate #thatsall
SkeeWee's picture

Wendy Williams has a twin

Wendy Williams has a twin brother, whew' that's cool. But please stop it with them ugly ass shoes.
stepup2's picture

They fight on camera but are

They fight on camera but are partying in the clubs all hugged up bc the show is fake. It's scripted and drama gets high ratings. But in real life, we don't know what the hell is really going on. That show is as fake as all the chics running around ATL with fake asses.
sianna1's picture

How bout they filmed it at

How bout they filmed it at least 6 months ago?
Sincerely WF's picture

LMBO @ --->I heard men/women

LMBO @ --->I heard men/women with strong jaws can do thing us regular chicks cant do...lol....like suck a watermelon thru a straw....... Hilarious..it's obvious that he has a type. Joseline, Eve and Mimi all have some strong jaws...
Lish5's picture

Yes Jose was born a man.

Yes Jose was born a man. There is NO doubt about it. He constantly dresses like a cheap hooker, which is what he is pretty much.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Rasheeda you are a nobody!

Rasheeda you are a nobody! Who in the industry do you know. Shit you need to be asking them on advice about your career instead of worrying about K. Michelle
MissNYT's picture

When that 'elle Varner' came

When that 'elle Varner' came on and kept singing she needed a Refill, Refill, Refill Refill, I swear to God I thought it was a Burger King or McDonalds commercial or somethin.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

With Joseline It Is What It

With Joseline It Is What It Is. You Can Take It Or Leave It. My Disgust Is With Mimi. What Woman In Her Right Mine Would Agree To Go Into Counseling With Her Mans Heaux? Mini Get A Grip Chile. You Are Truly The Epitome Of Glutton For Punishment. You Need Some Deep Therapy Ma. Please seek Help.
Keyths'Girl's picture

self destruction....ya headed

self destruction....ya headed for self destruction....yeah k. michelle might actually be WORSE than Olivia. she needs to get focused and soon! something is very wrong with me, stevie is starting to look good to me and Big Joe is starting to look female. :'(
shuga's picture

Like many, I didn't know who

Like many, I didn't know who K Michelle was before this show, but if nothing else, she can SING, unlike many others. If she had good management and if they were smart she would be promoting a single and or a CD right now while the show is on air. All those so call rappers and singers on the show and nobody's promoting ANYTHING. I know Rasheeda had a video that premiered a few weeks ago, but now you hear NOTHING. Piss Poor Management on ALL FRONTS.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

What man would seriously find

What man would seriously find Joseline attractive? I'm not sure she's a man but her jaw line is really strong like one. Along with her broad shoulders and masculine muscles. She is literally shaped like a dude with boobs and a big butt. I think the Rasheeda and K Michelle beef is unnecessary. K told Rasheeda on the first episode what happened with Memphitz unless that was actually later and they just put that episode first.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Eve and Mimi have strong jaws

Eve and Mimi have strong jaws too. Im guessing Stevie likes the head game. I heard men/women with strong jaws can do thing us regular chicks cant do...lol....like suck a watermelon thru a straw.
shuga's picture

LOL! Oh fa real? I didn't

LOL! Oh fa real? I didn't know that.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

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