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Wiz Khalifa Says Amber Rose WILL Have His Baby.....Just NOT NOW!

Wiz Khalifa has revealed that he definitely wants kids.  And despite rumors that his fiancee Amber Rose has been sporting a baby bump lately, he denies she's carrying any Baby Wizes.  For now.  Deets inside.....



During an interview on the Q Deezy Show on Philly's 107.9, Wiz Khalifa discussed his boo Amber Rose and said he wants her to be the mother of his kids.  But even though she's been looking suspiciously with child lately with a rounder bod and no more dyed hair, he says she's not pregnant...yet.  The "Work Hard Play Hard" rapper told Q Deezy:

"I want babies. I definitely want to have kids for sure. Oh, you all think Amber's pregnant? Cause I've been asked that. I'm saying here that is not what people think it is. But, she will have my baby in life, and you guys will know when she's pregnant. But it's not the time now for people to start going crazy."

The leader of the Taylor Gang added that he's loving the (almost) married life and even researches it.

"It's going awesome, man. The married life, I feel like I'm already married." "I read books and s--- like that. Like there's this book called 'Things I Wish I'd Known Before [We] Got Married.' That's a good book 'cause it just tells you a lot about being selfless and really, really communicating. And know when you get upset, just talking about it and letting them know why you're upset."


So no baby yet.  Amber's just in love and letting go--a bit--of that bold video vixen look.  She's on the wifey tip now.  And seems like Wiz really has his head on straight when it comes to his relationship.  We're sold on it.  We know we know...sue us.

Here's the full interview below:



I'm happy for them. They make

I'm happy for them. They make a cute couple and I wish them luck.
slc's picture

say what u want bout amber

say what u want bout amber rose, but she keeps this nigga currnet & this bitch knows how to WORK!!! Learn it!
RO's picture

Amber has roped in her man

Amber has roped in her man now she is letting herself go.

Ok, so here we go. Not an

Ok, so here we go. Not an outright denial, just "it's not what people think it is." Translation....it's my business and not yours. Can't be mad at that.
MrsCPA's picture

I'd love to see a Lil'

I'd love to see a Lil' Interracial Wizzer crawling around the house with a spliff in one hand & a tit in his mouth...................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Child, you need to find the

Child, you need to find the nearest church this Sunday and throw yourself on the altar. The things that come out of your keyboard, I swear!
MrsCPA's picture

Unless Amber is preparing for

Unless Amber is preparing for a movie role which requires her to put on weight and not die her hair, I think she's prego. Celebrities hide this information for a number of reasons and I think bottom line, he's being protective of her health and the child - can't be mad at that if it is the case. At first I was like whatever with their relationship, but I can honestly say I see them as being genuinely in love. I think Amber got what she needed out of her Kanye relationship, the fame. But with Wiz, she's getting the genuine love and respect she wanted.
Get Like Me's picture

Amber and Wiz are going to be

Amber and Wiz are going to be on the next episode of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" the "I thought I was, but wasn't sure" edition lol.
tori's picture

LMAO, oh so Amber is just

LMAO, oh so Amber is just getting fat!! When they do have a child I think the baby will come out covered in tats, a blonde streak in their hair and smelling like the finest bottle of cognac and the loudest grade of kush.
tori's picture

Happy for them!

Happy for them!
toomuch's picture

Yeah right....she's pregnant.

Yeah right....she's pregnant.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

I think people cared about

I think people cared about their relationship for like 10 minutes when they first got together, then another 5 minutes when they got engaged, now it's like whatever
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

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