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Blackground Records CONFIRMS New Aaliyah Album, Timbaland & Missy WILL PARTICIPATE But Aaliyah's FAMILY Won't!

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Blackground Records has confirmed that there will indeed by a new Aaliyah album coming and Missy Elliott and Timbaland will be involved. Get the deets inside and find out what Aaliyah's brother has to say about the new project................


Now that the Aaliyah's "Enough Said" featuring Drake has racked up tons of listens online, Blackground Records confirmed to Billboard.biz that there will be a forthcoming Aaliyah album, but Drake won't be executive producing the entire project.  The label confirmed that Drake and hotshot producer Noah '40' Shebib will have a hand in several tracks but there will also be participation from Timbaland and Missy Elliott.  

But when it comes to Aaliyah's family....the situation gets a little murky.  Aaliyah's brother Rashad Haughton, announced on Aaliyah's Facebook page that his family isn’t in support of the project. He said,“there is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family.”

But this also depends on how you define "family" since Blackground Records is run by Aaliyah's uncle, Barry Hankerson, and her cousin Jomo.  And they are clearly in support of the project.  We guess Aaliyah's "immediate" family isn't invovled. 

The label also reported that they are using 16 unreleased songs and "fragments" from Aaliyah's archive to produce an LP by year's end. Jomo said,

"We really felt like it was time. There's a real new generation that doesn't know her necessarily, and we wanted to continue her musical legacy with this new generation.  That's one of the reasons why we wanted to do very contemporary music. We didn't want to make it a nostalgic project; we already did that with the 'I Care 4 U' album. The idea was to release new music for her diehard fans, and also reintroduce her music to a new generation that doesn't really understand how much influence she has in the music that they're listening to today."


Based on the new Drake song, will you support the project? 

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I dont support this

I dont support this project..LEAVE AALIYAH ALONE!!! I dont care if the new generation dont know much about her..Go back and do your homework..I cant believe Barry and Jomo would support this..Im a HUGE aaliyah stan I have been since 1994..If here Parents dont support it It shouldnt happen..I wont be buying or listening.

now that right there was an

now that right there was an extremely pretty woman...miss her
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I agree 100%. She was

I agree 100%. She was extremely sexy too.
I_love_laughing's picture

Wooooooow. Can't she just

Wooooooow. Can't she just rest in peace. People are always out to make a profit. It's been over 10 years. It would have made sense if it was the 10 year anniversary of her death, and they did something non-profit.
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I didn't like the new Drake

I didn't like the new Drake song... but I would hope to want to support the album... I'm not going to buy it just b/c it's Aaliyah's music... I want a good, quality record... so as long as they don't half ass it... I'll purchase it
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I hate when people attach

I hate when people attach themselves to a person's image pimping it to make themselves seem more authentic or down. That is what I get from Drake. I wish he would just mention her in his tired raps but leave her music alone!! It's some things you should not touch. Let Missy & Tim ONLY develop something related to her because she was like family to them FOR REAL. Drake is such an opportunist much like his boss, Lil Wayne. They will hype or attach themselves to anyone hot to be more relevant. If Babygirl's family is not happy with the project then that says it all.
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Aaliyah we love you, we miss

Aaliyah we love you, we miss you and we will support you in your absence<3 1Love

I loved Aaliyah...still

I loved Aaliyah...still remember the day she died, we were all headed all out to party...no just let her rest in PEACE!!! She wouldn't want all this drama....
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@Kat who cares... Drake ain't

@Kat who cares... Drake ain't it!!! You need more people hun!!
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Thats Aaliyah's family that

Thats Aaliyah's family that approved of the album, in March there was no final word of an aaliyah album but it was rumored. Now aaliyah's family are in support of her project. THEYBF is just late just like everybody else. Check the website link below

This project is similar to

This project is similar to the saying "too many chefs in one kitchen." Timberland and 40 will most likely disagree on most of the production, Missy is going to censor Drake's lyrics and Baby will most likely have conflict with Blackground over the masters and copyright issues. I always felt Rashad was a master spilnter so of course he is not going to support this project. I say Drake 86 the project out of love and respect for this Aaliyah. I'm not opposed to Drake turning this into a mixtape though lol.
tori's picture

It's really hard to believe

It's really hard to believe that this will turn out to be a good project worth listening to. We shall see. I love Aaliyah, but folks can never let the deceased rest. They gotta make that money any way they can. Aaliyah's music hasn't been THAT much of an influence. Let's not fabricate things...
blynne23's picture

All people think about is

All people think about is money. Her immediate family should be in control of her estate (including the releases of music, being the circumstance). To me it would be more organic if this was a project of ONLY Missy and Tim, but it's not. I heard Drake's verse on the first leaked Aaliyah track and it was horrible. She never sang or talked about the things Drake rap's about. It doesn't even fit. Hoes, money, cars, YOLO, Toronto, calling chicks out.. none of that fits with what Aaliyah did artistically, which is why her fans aren't reacting in favor of this. I feel like its a slap in the face, for Aaliyah, who thought logistically and really worked to give fans something creative and DIFFERENT musically every release. Just let her RIP.. and if her IMMEDIATE family and MISSY and TIM want to do something fine.. but this Drake mess doesn't feel right. I won't be supporting Drake from this moment on.. he's a prick.
palmer6's picture

Tim & Missy should do the

Tim & Missy should do the bulk of the producing. I will be listening and just hope it's quality as all of her projects were. Jomo is right about introducing the new generation to Aaliyah's sound. But a lot of today's kids know about her. I had a 6th grade class, a few years ago, with students who loved her.
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Anything for a paycheck

Anything for a paycheck right? Aaliyah was such an amazing talent. If her immediate family isn't supporting the project then that tells me all I need to know. It's beyond disrespectful to do this without her family's support and I'm sure Aaliyah would not appreciate that. Anything they release will be scraps that didn't make the album just like any other late artist (i.e. Michael, Whitney, Amy Winehouse, etc).
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Sorry, that is the link to

Sorry, that is the link to the updated info. The family is on board, Rashad (aaliyah brothers) tweets are from March of this year, not recent, now rashad's twitter is on private status last time I checked but aaliyah's own mother is in support now. the paragraph I posted is the updated info:)

The music world has been

The music world has been buzzing about the arrival of new music from late singing legend Aaliyah. Her biggest fan, Drake, recently revealed a new single with her, called “Enough Said,” amid reports that he will executive produce her upcoming posthumous album. And while fans and stars alike are weighing in on the new album, Aaliyah’s family has now broken their silence to share their view on the album. Originally, it seemed like Aaliyah’s family disapproved of the album when her brother, Rashad Haughton,allegedly went on her official Facebook page to voice their lack of support. “There is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family.” -Rashad Haughton (regarding upcoming album release rumors) “Do you want an AALIYAH album? If so, Who should executive produce it or be featured on it? The Haughton Family would love to hear what her FANS have to say?” he then asked. However, Miss Info later reported that the messages were copied and pasted tweets from Haughton’s Twitter account that he posted back in March. Haughton recently locked his page, but one of the last things he tweeted was on Aug 1, when he wrote, “Will be back on twitter soon with exciting update when well. Thanks for support.” And, yesterday, an insider from Blackground Records, which is run by Aaliyah’s uncle, Barry Hankerson, confirmed that the label released “Enough Said” and that Aaliyah’s mother is in support of the new project. “Let them know that it’s family stuff that we’re working thru now but Aaliyah’s mother wanted us to do this!” read the statement.


http://rollingout.com/music/aaliyahs-family-reacts-to-posthumous-album-d... Go HERE TO GET THE REAL INFO BECAUSE THEYBF IS SLACKIN'. Aaliyah's brother tweets are from March of this year, they are not recent tweets like many people think. Aaliyah family is on board now & support the album

it's all about $$$ (i hope

it's all about $$$ (i hope everyone at Blackground Records gets Cancer....and dies a slow, painful death.....or catches on FIRE and burns to DEATH...just like Aaliyah did) smh..............
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