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Ne-Yo Makes $5K RAIN DOWN On Drake's Stripper Ex Maliah Michel!


R&B crooner Ne-Yo was spotted making it rain at a strip club in the ATL recently, and Drake's ex boo Maliah Michel was the object of his attention.  See the pics inside and found out how much he tipped her........

As he puts the finishing touches on his R.E.D. (Realizing Every Dream) album--whose release he just postponed--Ne-Yo was spotted taking in the sights at Atlanta's Diamond strip club.  One chick who was obviously on his radar was Maliah Michel, the former boo of rapper Drake.  Maliah, a native of Houston, has also been linked to Sean Kingston in the past. 

And before she took off all her clothes, she partied around the club in a black & silver fitted dress (by Atlanta designer Chiquita Martin).

So with pink heels in the air and Ne-Yo's singles raining down on her lady parts, I'm sure everybody's mama was proud.

Ne-Yo looked, but didn't touch as he's engaged to Monyetta...and Maliah said she's celibate............

Sources say Ms. Maliah, who's starring in the Memphitz-produced reality show "Mistresses of Atlanta"  made $5K from Ne-Yo last night.  And with that body, she works hard for the money.


Photos via Prince Williams/ATL Pics





agree with the posts here -

agree with the posts here - glorifying strippers seem to be a sad trend - hopefully this too shall pass...soon.
ceecee12's picture

...This makes me so proud of

...This makes me so proud of my race right now...yeah right
WTF's picture

I'm not one to make people

I'm not one to make people feel bad bout what they do for a living but, folks just dont have no shame! I hope she is saving or investing that money cuz them boobies n that arse aint gon be like that forever.
mel_joye's picture

I thought most strippers are

I thought most strippers are in great shape( banging Bodies) Malliah is so not in shape. she looks like she has put on 50lbs or more. she needs to sit her skank azz down somewhere or retire. Disgusting!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Um that is 5k a day/night not

Um that is 5k a day/night not 5k a month. IJS

I guess Maliah is STILL

I guess Maliah is STILL looking for a sponser to retire her out the strip club, and hang her g-string and hooker heels up for good. She is getting a bit too old to be dropping ALL of that. LMAO, she's "celibate" alright..sell-a-bit here, and sell-a-bit there lol. Ne-Yo needs to stop with all these strip club appearences, boo we still think you fruitier than a pack of now & laters. Side note: $5k doesn't really seem like much to a baller but I guess unmarried rappers, with only baby mamas are more generous with their funds.
tori's picture

Ne-Yo is doing everything in

Ne-Yo is doing everything in his power to get rid of the gay rumors. He doesn't even look interested......
Jernero94's picture

I hope my fellow ybf's don't

I hope my fellow ybf's don't think these "hoetastic adventures" are okay! I know it's not often said, but if you get your education (a good masters degree especially), you can make $5k + per month consistently! You get to use your brain, you don't have to lie on your back, and you don't have to hike up your skirt (unless you want to:).
BlueCali's picture

IN A middle of recession

IN A middle of recession clown throwing money away on stinky punani. I hope IRS come knockin' one of these days.

Yeah these celebs are making

Yeah these celebs are making paid appearances. The pics all the same. They probably not even spending their money. They spending the club money. This is just advertisement trying to get other suckers to come in and lose their money.
The ZuluKing's picture

:/.......... strippers gotta

:/.......... strippers gotta eat too....hold up, mistresses of atl is still coming out!??! i don't think we are ready for all of that
litebrite's picture

If I was Monyetta he would be

If I was Monyetta he would be out of the house. I would feel desrepected if that was my man gawking over some stripper and throwing our bill, food, similac, diaper, and my mani/pedi/hair/clothes shopping money away on half naked stripper booty. It would be over and he could be with the stripper. What happened with her and Drake? What happened with her and Sean Kingston?
I_love_laughing's picture

monyetta frequents the clubs

monyetta frequents the clubs with him she sees nothing wrong with this......she's a dumb broad lolol
litebrite's picture

Ne-Yo.......Girl! Stop wit

Ne-Yo.......Girl! Stop wit the 'stache baby. It '12. Come on OUT!
SkeeWee's picture

You dated Drake and now

You dated Drake and now you're back to stripping. *sigh*
PacificGirl's picture

if that Clown Shoe ever has

if that Clown Shoe ever has Money, IRS or Child Support issues, i'm gonna LMAO <---------------
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

And people will actually

And people will actually endorse the dirty mess right here but had nerve to be criticizing another celeb for spending her money on a lavish vacation.......The hypocrisy is overwhelming.
Kai's picture

Natasha, seriously? I mean,

Natasha, seriously? I mean, this is as non-fabulous as you can get. I wish I could rewind to 7 years ago when you started this site and it was tasteful. The doggone near X-rated ads have gotten ridiculous and more frequent, the grammatical errors are off the charts, and many of your posts are questionable. Is this what semi-fame and notoriety begets? I'm a long-time follower of yours, but I must say, it's getting more difficult to do so.
MrsCPA's picture

*Cosign* I need to go ahead

*Cosign* I need to go ahead and find something more productive to do on my work breaks.. First Bossip and now YBF smh. Is there any site with all the cute celeb outfits, shoes, & kids minus the smut, trash and Rated R material?
ZingaG's picture

ommggg but NOTHING is worse

ommggg but NOTHING is worse than bossip..the editors/writers are a bunch of coons
litebrite's picture

She sure is trying to find

She sure is trying to find her next baller... She got that smelly sweaty cooch aimed right at him lmao... But why is this news???.... Somebody please tell me why smh...
california♥love's picture

that reality show, Mistresses

that reality show, Mistresses of atl isnt coming out & isnt irrelevant. they been trying to get it off the ground since last year. it isnt coming out anymore. How is it being a hoe if your just dancing. I dont get it 0_o. if you dont approve of striping then fine, dont go. simple but Nicky-you act as if strippers are not people like you. they can see it as a job then home home like the rest of us. the only way the industry of exotic dancing even persist is because people pay to see it. so if you wanna get mad at anybody, get mad at the johns that pay to see it.

Bahawaa like really

Bahawaa like really really...Are u looking at the same pics everybody else see?...okay this is very HO*ish behavior...most call it like they see it...no respect for oneself is kinda sad!!! Good luck with ur career though!! Bawahaaa
Like Really's picture

Why is this posted on this

Why is this posted on this site?
kn.rn's picture

Exactly, this is suppose to

Exactly, this is suppose to be Young. Black & Fabulous. I dont know what is going on but it seems like THEYBF is resorting to mediatakeout antics to get viewers & posting things that are irrelevant. Personally, i stopped going to bossip & mediatakeout because they post things to try to create scandal & get people bashing. now i know that will happen here too. TheYBF PLEASE GO BACK TO FABULOUS

I agree. What the hell does

I agree. What the hell does this have to do with being YBF?! And these photos are waaaay too graphic for a website frequented by kids. At least put post a warning. Smh
LisaNiños's picture

I so so so AGREE!... The site

I so so so AGREE!... The site is called The Young, Black & Fabulous and this post is just so not in that criteria at all... They glorify strippers so much these days and it's just ridiculous...
california♥love's picture

Honestly... When did it

Honestly... When did it become cool and ok to glorify celebrity strip club antics and the hoetastic adventures of these broads? I really don't get it. I mean i'm down for visiting one now and then and i'm not knocking anyone's hustle but it just seem like they are being put on a pedestal nowadays. Is this chick really Young Black and Fabulous??? idk... Just my morning vent
nicky's picture

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