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VIDEOS: Elle Varner Rocks Highline Ballroom & Covers Brandy + Wiz Khalifa Hits "Chelsea Lately"

Elle Varner celebrated her Tuesday release of her debut album Perfectly Imperfect last night.  And she took over the stage at Manhattan’s Highline Ballroom.  Check out the newbie we're loving cover Brandy's "I Wanna Be Down," plus Wiz Khalifa stopping by "Chelsea Lately."

R&B singer Elle snapped a pic with her fans who were lined up outside of Highline Ballroom to catch her performance.  And the YBF chick didn't disappoint.

The L.A. gal performed her singles "Only Wanna Give It To You", "Refill" and "I Don't Care".   And she took it back to the 90's by performing Brandy's "I Wanna Be Down".  With her own twist.  Check out a few vids below:

Her album is currently # 1 on iTunes.

Meanwhile, over in L.A., rapper Wiz Khalifa chatted up Chelsea Handler for her E! late night talk show:


Wiz had the girls screaming on Chelsea's show.  He explained Wiz is just a nickname and his real name is Cameron.  He named his new album ONIFC because, as he says, "he's always the only n*gga in first class." 

He also gushed about his dad who he's really close too, even though his parents have been split since he was younger.  And Wiz credits his dad with introducing him to a studio and getting serious about his music.  Sweet!



Elle Varner is relevant

Elle Varner is relevant because she's relatable, talented and beautiful. Saw her in DC and she's definitely got a voice for live performance.
LisaNiños's picture

Elle gots that sexy

Elle gots that sexy thickness. I hate her refill song & they play it too much. The other songs are great but the sound on the video was poor quality. The music was louder than her singing. Wiz haz a sexy voice and laugh but his bony body is a turn off. How do you handle, hold, caress, and lay up on a bony man like that? I don't get it.
I_love_laughing's picture

lol there's something about

lol there's something about Wiz... but it sure ain't that bony body. After I read your comment, I just kept staring at his bony knees... cracking up!
LisaNiños's picture

more like ignant nigga.

more like ignant nigga.
sunra's picture

Was curious as to why she's

Was curious as to why she's relevant so I watched the 2 clips and I'm still confused.
Anonymous10's picture

Shoty rocks!!! coped 2 joints

Shoty rocks!!! coped 2 joints off the album 3 days ago. "Oh What A Night" (Shit Knock!!!) & "Refill". -- Don't know who do'n her A&R but those are the best joints on the album.
RO's picture

you have to LOL @ppl and

you have to LOL @ppl and there choice of words, but on a positive note, im glad that wiz dad was and still is apart of his life, unlike some celeb dad, who choose to come around when their child is grown and they see $$pay checks in their near future, and i adore Elle she is so pretty and she stays true to herself, CONGRATS!!
_speak's picture

Elle Varner is talented and

Elle Varner is talented and beautiful. Her album is amazing and I can't wait to see her tonight at Howard Theater.
Taj's picture

I see Elle Varner dropping

I see Elle Varner dropping 20lbs, straightening her hair, losing the specs and sexing up her style before the release of her sophmore album. Her lyrics will become more racy/raunchy and she will accredit her new look and sound to "becoming more mature and growing as a person." NEXT! I like Wiz and love that he has a great relationship with his dad, thats very rare in the world of hip hop.
tori's picture

Wiz is a cool cat. i like his

Wiz is a cool cat. i like his character.
sexybrownpyt's picture

I don't want to hear anything

I don't want to hear anything from "papa wiza". He raised a ghetto nigga. He must be full of niggotry himself!!!
Let's get it poppin's picture

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