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WINNERS' CIRCLE: Team USA Track Relays & Wrestler Jordan Burroughs Cop Medals & Shatter Records!

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More medals for Team USA's YBF Olympians!  Check out the ladies and gents who joined the winners' circle on Day 14 in London....

Not only did the USA ladies of the 4x100 track relays win Gold today, they broke the Olympic record!  They broke a long standing World Record held by Germany, finishing the race in an amazing 40.82 seconds.  (L-r top pic) Allyson Felix, Carmelita Jeter, Bianca Knight and Tianna Madison-also won the first Women's 4x100 medal for USA in 27 years. 

Allyson Felix, who has already won an individual Gold this Olympics, said after the race:

“It was an absolutely unbelievable feeling. For so long . . . the records have been so out of reach. To look up and see we had a world record, it was just crazy.”

Congrats to the track stars!

The guys held it down too by winning the Silver today in the 4x400 race.  The 4x100 Men's USA team qualified for tomorrow's final as well.  A little inspiration: Bryshon Nellum, second from left, was chosen to be the flag bearer for the USA delegation at Sunday's closing ceremonies after being voted to do so by the TEAM USA athletes.  He was shot in BOTH legs just 4 years ago, and is back competing at the top of the game. 

"I'm humbled by this incredible privilege," Nellum said in a statement. "Four years ago, I wasn't sure I would ever run again, and now I'm leading Team USA into the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games.


He's got America's only Gold medal in wrestling, and his body is pretty ridic too.  24-year-old Jordan Burroughs from Camden, NJ promised his Twitter followers he would be Tweeting a pic of his Gold medal before the final match even happened.  And he did.  And seeing that his Twitter handle is @AllISeeIsGold, he def has a lil confidence.

"Not a lot of people knew who I was coming into the Games, but hopefully that will change after this," he said. "I want to be among the athletes that I've read about and followed on Twitter, who had no idea who I was. Now maybe they'll see me."

By the way, he only started wrestling his senior year of high school and had one of the worst records on his college team at Nebraska.  After deciding he wanted to be more than just "another guy on the team," he worked his ass off the next 5 years....till winning his Gold medal today in the Freestyle. Congrats!



Dream Team baller Chris Paul Instagramed pics of his dinner with Ludacris and his girlfriend Eudoxie.  Luda is in London shooting Fast & The Furious 6.

And the fellas snapped a pic in the locker room today after beating Argentina for a place in tomorrow night's Gold Medal game against Spain.


Pics: AP/Instagram

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Not sure of your source but

Not sure of your source but Jordan Burroughs has been wrestling since he was a kid... maybe 6 or 7 years old. He wrestled all through high school winning three district championships, two regional championships, and one state championship. He was highly decorated in college also. He posted a winning record his freshman year then followed that up for the next three years winning three Big 12 Conference Championships and two National Championships, his senior season being the season he went undefeated and won the Hodge Trophy (college wrestling's Heisman Trophy). He has been undefeated since 2009 and is America's first black Olympic wrestler to win gold in 20 years since Kevin Jackson. Jackson won gold in 1992 and is the head coach of the wrestling program at Iowa State University. Just thought you should have accurate information if you're going to post something.
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I am really proud of

I am really proud of everybody! But why the hell is there gonna be a Fast and the Furious 6?? -_-
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That was was hands down the

That was was hands down the best race ever ! So very very proud of these women ! I had to run it back twice just to see it again! Side note:The young man Anthony(don't know his last name) from NCAA Champs Kentucky is having a fab year, from winning the College Championship, to being drafted in the NBA to playing in the Olympics this summer. What a whirlwind of blessings he's receiving.
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Congrats to all the olympians

Congrats to all the olympians who participated in the Games this year. Team USA is killing it, but what else is new. Luda looks high as a kite in that pic with Eudoxie and Chris Paul. Perhaps one too many rounds of that Conjure. I never realized how tall Anthony Davis was and how wide his shoulders were. His head looks too small for his body. Must be nice to play for Team USA in the Olympics before your first NBA game. Good luck to our basketball players in tomorrow's match against the Gasol's, I mean Spain..I'm sure they won't need it though!!
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Tianna Madison is my girl

Tianna Madison is my girl (and extremely smart...with a genius I.Q.)....Anyhoo......Jordan Burroughs beat the living Sh*t out of that guy from IRAN <---- Hahahaha...........
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