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Chad Johnson ARRESTED For Domestic Violence Against New Wife Evelyn, Still In Lock Up [MUGSHOT INCLUDED]

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Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada got into a fight with each other Saturday night at their home in Davie, FL.   It ended with NFLer Chad being arrested and reality star Evelyn in the hospital.


Deets inside...

MAJOR trouble in paradise!  Reports state that the newest Miami Dolphin, Chad Johnson, was arrested for headbutting his wife, Evelyn Lozada, during an argument, leaving lacerations on her face.

His mugshot is below:

The SunSentinel reports the details on what set the argument off--and, according to Davie Police Department Capt. Dale Engle, it involves Ev finding a receipt for condoms in Chad's car:

Johnson and his wife went to a restaurant for dinner. They returned home and she found a receipt for a box of condoms, Engle said.

An argument ensued, Engle said.

"It gets pretty heated," Engle said. "By the time they get home here in Davie it's pretty heated. She alleges he leaned over and head butted her. He says she leaned towards him and that they butted heads. Needless to say she has a good laceration on her forehead."

When cops came on the scene Lozada, a star in VH1's Basketball Wives reality series, had lacerations on her forehead, and Johnson was arrested.


Johnson remained in jail as of late Saturday night, and was likely to be transferred to Broward County Sheriff before midnight. The spokesman said Johnson would not be released until he appears in front of a judge, which could be as late as Monday morning.

By the way, this is not Chad's first run in on the domestic side. He was arrested for a domestic dispute back during his college days, according to the SunSentinel.  He and Evelyn have only been married a month.  No word on if any of this was captured by their VH1 "Ev & Ocho" reality show cameras.

Evelyn brought her daughter, Shaniece, and new stepdaughters to Chad's pre-season game Thursday night against Tampa Bay.  She tweeted the above pic saying:

Arriving at the game with the fam @shanieceh @princess_mia_217 and @jicyraa_carter (she took pic) hehe

The Dolphins organization said they are "aware" of the situation.

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What I always find disturging

What I always find disturging is how selectively WE are about what wrong or right. While I absolutely agree that Chad should be disciplined for his behavior because it is wrong to put your hands not just on a woman but on any adult, I also know that this is exactly the same thing that Eve and her assistant did to Jennifer. Yet, many of US persecuted Jennifer for going to the authorities. WE have truly become twisted and immoral in many ways... I don't care for Eve. However, I do not agree with domestic violence of any kind. Keep your hands to yourself. It is NOT okay to haul off and slap the piss out of your man and then call the cops when he slaps you back! You may not believe or receive this but we ALL are going to give account of the things we do; good or bad.
VIRTUOUS1's picture

I can't believe that this is

I can't believe that this is the same Evelyn who was all about being "street", co-signing with Tami's drunken ratchet self about Jen's police report/lawsuit against her (Evelyn's) assistant Nia was ridiculous. Whatever happened to keepin' it hood, Ev? You ran and hid and waited until your neighbors were home, then had them call the cops on Chad? I thought you were soooooooooo 'New York' gangsta , Honey Boo Boo! That man is gonna buy all the condoms the condom factory can make and sleep with all the women he wants, and what the hell can you say about it? NOT A DAMN THING because you already knew what time it was before you walked down that aisle. Open marriage my a-double-s!
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theblueprint's picture

The pic on the front b4 we

The pic on the front b4 we get to this page, Evelyn favors R&B singer Faith Evans.
I_love_laughing's picture

I usually feel bad and don’t

I usually feel bad and don’t condone violence against women but I DONT feel bad for her AT ALL! She STAY putting her hands on people and thinking she’s BAD! She threw a bottle at the head of someone that could have caused major damage to everyone around, she jumped on a table to attack jennifer, and was always the first one to get up and attack Royce. She also has one of the most vile mouths I’ve ever seen on a “woman” she’s disgusting. I feel bad for her daughter. Hopefully her daughter don’t turn out like her. Why didnt she stand up and fight Chad like the “G” that she is? I hope that laceration on her head is permanent so she can look at herself in the mirror and it be a everyday reminder of what VIOLENCE does. What goes around comes around BITCH!
Sunshine's picture


Exactly...YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW...EVEN SHE ISN'T ABOVE THAT!!! She has hit , threatened, thrown wine bottles at people!!! It's time the b!tch met her match!!!

How sad. LOL i'm not too

How sad. LOL i'm not too sure what really happened, but would I be wrong for saying that I saw this coming a LONG time ago!?
Beautyfulones's picture

Girll, Even Stevie Wonder

Girll, Even Stevie Wonder could have seen/saw this coming!!!!!!! This marriage was a DISASTER just waiting to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

I bet Royce having a field

I bet Royce having a field day with this one! All that whit she was doing and causing on all the seasons of bbw is now coming back she ain't bout that head butting life ha ha ha ha
psimmons28's picture

I was thinking Jen was

I was thinking Jen was sitting back LOLing and saying "I told you so." That's what Evelyn gets for picking a Mista over her Sista.
MsKizzy's picture

1 mth & 7 days? Though I see

1 mth & 7 days? Though I see these 2 as a match made in heaven (both attention starved) still didnt expect it this quickly. Sad sad situation for him, as his already failing football career doesnt need this shot in the leg.
Realist's picture

Helloooo????? They met on

Helloooo????? They met on twitter!!!!!!!
allnatural's picture

Both are getting what they

Both are getting what they deserve with this fake marriage for TV. God will not be mocked.
MsKizzy's picture

@MzKizzy So why is he

@MzKizzy So why is he allowing Kim K to win..........
Kai's picture

I guess it depends on how you

I guess it depends on how you define "winning", but I don't see Kim K winning at all. She might have a boatload of money, but I also see a lot of misery written all over her.
MsKizzy's picture


REAL TALK's picture

Was this another case of I

Was this another case of I can hit you, but you can't hit me back(in my Shenaynay voice) cause i'm a LAAAAADY? (In my Martin voice) Somebody done told you WROOONG. I usually don't condone men hitting women, so excuse for enjoying this moment. Is this the same hoodrat that wanted to play bad running across a table, throwing bottles, smacking people with purses, and going on foul mouth tirades? Where the hell are all those kung foo panda skills now. Girl have a seat and put on 2 seatbelts, cause you gets no pity here with your confused ass (his cheating bothers me it bothers me not, it bothers me, it bothers me not) SMH. They deserve each other.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Wow that's really upsetting

Wow that's really upsetting they JUST GOT MARRIED!!! This altercation should have occurred before their nuptials then maybe they would have reconsidered marriage, but then again this probably wasn't the first time. I always thought their relationship was weird because Evelyn is a bully and Chad is too feminine, but I never would have guessed their relationship got violent. It's also messed up she left her friendship of over 10 years with Jennifer for Chad who she's known for less than 2 years. Why do women do that? Your friend was there before that man was and probably still will be after he leaves SMH.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Karma ~ can't go around

Karma ~ can't go around throwing bottles and threatening people for no valid reason and not expect it to come back to you. I hope this is a wakeup call that when you lie down with dogs ~ you wakeup with fleas. NOcho told her know what time it was from the jump. You gone learn. Wherever he is ~ I suggest EVil RUNS in the opposite direction. Head butting ?¿ Really ?¿
GetUrLife's picture

I think it gets a so what.

I think it gets a so what. Little kids and twitter don't mix...adults can barely handle it...
Chica-Chica's picture

I dont feel sorry for her,

I dont feel sorry for her, shes a horrible person, u were right afterall Jen
lolo's picture

lol.... Evelyn deserves to be

lol.... Evelyn deserves to be beat in her head. she's a mean girl
Nflgirl's picture


goeze's picture

Don't feel one ounce of

Don't feel one ounce of sympathy for Evelyn evil ass, she needed that headbutt to remind her that she gave him permission to sleep around. Hell she told me n the whole damn world .


IAMVANICA's picture

Where was her assistant who

Where was her assistant who likes to fight for her and pop off at the mouth? I knew their was something not quite right about Chad's worm looking azz....
Naomi's picture

Oh wait a minute, what was it

Oh wait a minute, what was it that Shaunie and Evelyn were trying to tell Jen? Would she (Eve) ruin Chad's career behind one "mistake"? He should have slapped the shit outta this bitch a long time ago and I was so sad when he went through with the marriage, but this is really sad that regardless what happened during the arguement, he is in jail, cant bail out, and has neem embarrassed. If this happened with anyone else, I would reserve judgment to state anything, but since it happened with his so-called wife, I KNOW that the truth has not surfaced and that she probably had it coming. Who in the hell would watch their show? GARBAGE

A mess. They should have

A mess. They should have never gotten married. Evelyn was just trying to prove a point doing what everybody told her not to do. I hope she is okay but I do feel like chad told her he was still gonna sleep around when they are married in one of the basketball wives episodes so what was the argument about? Chad seems like a good dude. He knew he wasn't the type to get married though. I'd like to really see this case in court and how it plays out. Sad for both parties.
booked's picture

so true!!

so true!!
MarshayH's picture

SAD! Evelyn is a hoodrat and

SAD! Evelyn is a hoodrat and lack class. Chad has emotional issues that is why he has no restriction with other women. The two together is this drama: jail time and hospital visit. Money doesn't pay nobleness, class and true love.
Lifeatbest's picture

I'm sorry BUT this is the

I'm sorry BUT this is the same psycho violent woman we've all witnessed put her hands of soooo many people, and we're somehow supposed to believe she didn't try issh? Woman please. I refuse to feel anything but satisfaction from this. YOU GET BACK WHAT YOU THROW OUT IN TO THE UNIVERSE. Evil woman.
Yas's picture

i hope she gets better & i

i hope she gets better & i hope they both can heal, i wish them luck

How about we show Evelyn

How about we show Evelyn Lozada the same amount of sympathy that she showed Jenn after she got hit! They talked slick about Jen pressing charges and now here Ev is calling the cops? BITCH WE'RE STILL NOT WATCHING YOUR SHOW! Putting hands on people is wrong either way no matter who's doing the punching.
CoCo's picture

This Latina heifer probably

This Latina heifer probably doing what they do best........Lie! She is such a they are such attention whores I am sue this is just a PR stunt to generate interst in her dumb show.......I always thought that their marriage was a fake, we have all been Kardashinized by this Puerto Rican Puta. Just Tragic.....
Kai's picture

OMG.....i thought you were

OMG.....i thought you were talking about Cray Bey Knowles (she's a Mexican though...51%)...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMAO......ur crazy as hell

LMAO......ur crazy as hell but funny.....
Kai's picture

Well at least he didn't throw

Well at least he didn't throw a bottle of champagne at her head. (sarcasm) Chad should keep in mind that Puerto Ricans think they are better than African Americans. At the end of the day, Chad is still just a nigga and some money to her. He needs to just end the marriage, move on with his life and marry when HE knows that he is ready and not because some 40 year old, washed up groupie feels that it's time or because there's a possibility that some quick money can be made. Marriage is sacred yaw'll. And when you do not marry with the right intentions or the right mindset (which neither one of them had), you should expect a negative outcome. Cut your losses and move on brother.
CoCo's picture

Not sure wat to think of this

Not sure wat to think of this wit their show coming so soon, would they really taint their "story book romance" appearance for ratings. Would that even work considering the severity of domestic violence & sensitivity abt cheating. Much as I think Eve is a loser chic,no one deserves to be in an abusive relationship. But we all know how she likes to turn up so it could've been that both escalated the issue to turn physical. It can happen jus that quickly. Now the cheating, Eve can't be shocked there, that was the case all along. You dated a cheater, got engaged to a cheater so you had to know u were marrying a cheater. I'm sure the burn & sting of it came as a blow still bc to see it up in ur face like that, that's tough. But he's not as dumb as I thought, he had sense enuf to use condoms. It doesn't get better from here & nothing positive can come from this, he is what he is and the cheating situation won't change, so she has to either grin & bear or walk away. I don't see her walking away giving everyone the I told you so they been waiting on. She's gona stick around ride it out and suffer silently jus to redeem herself in the public eye and make it look good. That's going to destroy her emotionally & she is already a scarred woman. If she were smart she'd cut losses disappear & address those issues that made her so weak she wud settle for this relationship in the first place. Meanwhile, Jen (who I saw last Friday wit buddy Al Reynolds at Studio Museum event in Harlem & she looked STUNNING) is sitting back having last laugh. But Jen is a class act, she tried to warn Eve, & Eve turned her back & betrayed Jen, still I don't imagine she would gloat...A fine mess
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

O boy..... I wanna talk shit

O boy..... I wanna talk shit but......aside from all the Hollywood tv shows and publicity and celebrity.....I feel for Evelyn. I used to be with a man who used to hit me, and it's a miserable existence. I don't know the details but regardless....a man should never, ever, ever put his hands on a woman.
sianna1's picture

lol, you black women are

lol, you black women are funny, WHY WERE YOU WITH A MAN THAT PUTS HIS HANDS ON YOU IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE. But one thing i find interesting is that the relationships i see with black women that last the longest are abusive and dysfunctional relationships. Shit i think black women like getting they asses whooped by these thugs, i had a black woman tell me if a man doesn't put his hands on a woman is she does something to him then he a bitch. loll!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Ur comments always crack me

Ur comments always crack me up cuz u go in and go hard!!! As much as u keep me pleasantly entertained, I realize its like watching a train wreck... That made me sad for u.... All these things u say u dont mean, u jus say wat u think will hurt the ppl who hurt u, black women... So who was it mommy, grandma, a lover? I thought ur tirades were for humor esp since u hop from post to post contradicting ursrlf. In one rant black women are superior queens & goddesses & in the next they are scavenger scum of the earth.. No one can have such polarized opinions unless they are bi polar. So I jus figure u purposely go against the pop opinion and against the grain jus to ruffled feathers.... But its more than that. U must be unattractive wit a very small penis & if that's true then I'm goin to venture to say ur broke too bc being the gold digging women that we are according to u, we will put up wit ur flaws for the right price.... Ur pain & bitterness is real & I feel badly bc I shouldn't have been laughing along wit ur rants all this time like it was a sketching comedy when ur out there somewhere unravelling writhing in the pain of being useless unwanted & rejected... No one is affected by ur words but if it helps u, ladies let's all pretend to giv a phuck!!!
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

Lmao! You hit the nail on

Lmao! You hit the nail on the head about this joker. This dude & that lisaraye character are pathetic. You can't help but to feel sorry for them.
lj's picture

This is the thing, i see

This is the thing, i see black women as queens and goddesses. But the black woman is the source OF WHY THE BLACK COMMUNITY FUCKED UP. Black women keep that vicious cycle going in the community, you say these negros going to jail, 9 times out of 10 he was raised by a single momma who just slept ANY OLD SILLY ASS NEGRO. But sista , MOST BLACK WOMEN have hurt your brotha letsgetit, because they refuse to say that they are apart of the problem. A BLACK WOMAN CAN SLEEP AND HAVE 20 KIDS, AND SOMEHOW THE SHE'LL NEVER GET THE BLAME, THE BLAME IS GOING TO GO TOWARDS SOME THUG ASS NIGGAS SHE CHOOSE TO SLEEP WITH. I never contradict myself , i always say the black woman has the potential of being a Queen and a Goddess !!!!!!But you black women would rather be a "BOSS BITCH" OR "BARBIE".....Letsgetit im out!!!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Both the Black Man and Black

Both the Black Man and Black Woman minds must be renewed. Unfortunately, we glorify wrong and demean what's right.
sgrho74's picture

Wow, that was really quick! I

Wow, that was really quick! I don’t condone any violence especially domestic violence. Honestly! What did she expect when she said it was okay for him to cheat on BW as long as he uses a condom…He was only doing what Evelyn told him to do!
Anonymous85's picture

I stopped using the N-word

I stopped using the N-word many years ago BUT i'm grinding my teeth trying not to use it with THIS CLOWN!!!!!!!! Mark my Words........Tonight, is the beginning of his DOWNWARD SPIRAL.....The Dolphins will CUT HIS ASS. He played HORRIBLY against the Buccaneers on Friday Night anyway'(dropping easy passes). YOU ARE DONE....SON <----------------------
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Jennifer is somewhere

Jennifer is somewhere smirking thinking..."I told you so"

Cue the typical gold-digging,

Cue the typical gold-digging, what did she expect, this is for publicity comments in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
LQJ's picture

I don't feel sorry for a gold

I don't feel sorry for a gold digger being beaten by a douche bag..... marriage made in heaven...When u are a woman and can tell than a man is with u for fun or to show off, u can't be surprised when he cheats...so for her to prove herself that she wants better, she will have to leave, which she won't bcuz....she is a gold nigger!!!
naira's picture

Wow, but if she's a gold

Wow, but if she's a gold digger, why did she help her EX HUSBAND who was in financial trouble???? A gold digger wouldn't give a damn about her ex husband being broke, all a gold digger care is the money. But tell me sista , why you think she's a gold digger???
LetsGetIt's picture

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