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VIDEO: Beyonce Talks To Anderson Cooper About World Humanitarian Day

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Last Friday, before she took the stage to record her World Humanitarian Day version of her "I Am Here," Beyonce Knowles did an interview with Anderson Cooper about her plans.  Check out their talk, which just aired in full tonight, inside...

On CNN's "Anderson 360" tonight, Beyonce and Anderson's interview was all about Bey promoting positivity in honor of World Humanitarian Day.  About how her Diane Warren-penned song "I Am Here" fits with the theme, she said:

“It says, ‘I want to leave my footprints in the sands of time’ and it basically is all of our dreams, I think. And that’s leaving our mark on the world. I feel like we all want to know that our life meant something."

And about why she's working with the United Nations:

“We all have our purpose, and we all have our strengths...it feels so wonderful to do something for someone else. And I think for the U.N. to want to include the whole world was something important, and I feel like that’s what I represent."

Check out a clip of their chit chat above.  We'll update with the full interview as soon as it's released.

Now updated with full video. Beyonce's "I Am Here" video will be released August 19th, World Humanitarian Day.

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Negative nay-sayers who DO

Negative nay-sayers who DO NOTHING will always have a problem when someone else is DOING SOMETHING.
Anonymous10's picture

im proud of her...at least

im proud of her...at least she's thinking about others, she's a busy woman she could be doing so much more with her time, but instead she's taking time out to try and make a difference for ppl, i tell you everybody wants to point out the NEGATIVE instead of seeing positive, but at the end of the day ppl can say what they want about her, she still getting a check, if your tired of her, put your Ray-bans on and stop tunning in, its as simple as that, if i strongly disliked someone and thought they where an "attention whore" i wouldn't waste my time commenting on them whether its good or bad
_speak's picture

If she wants people to

If she wants people to believe her, she should've promoted this message every chance she got, including at her concerts where she has the biggest platform ever, not just out of the blue on one day. I bet you after that one day, you'll never hear a peep about it again, unless the media ask her about it. Can you imagine someone asking for help, and then the person says " NAW BOO BOO, YOU GOTTA WAIT TIL AUGUST 19TH".
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

"And I think for the U.N. to

"And I think for the U.N. to want to INCLUDE THE WHOLE WORLD was something important" - Umm yeah, that's what the UN is...UNITED NATIONS?!! Love ya Bey but please stop doing interviews. *sigh*
PacificGirl's picture

This woman though she's not

This woman though she's not the best@interviews, has consistently stayed on top of the charts since the 90's when she first came out. She's never been involved in any drug related scandal and keeps coming out on top in all her endeavours. Congrats on this Humanitarian move Mrs Carter.
Realist's picture

Chile, Please! I'm SO SICK

Chile, Please! I'm SO SICK of this Attention Whore! It's mighty funny that she didn't want to step up like this until Mr. Harry Belafonte called her and her husband out on it. It's all good and fine that she wants to step up and do more than just shake and grind her ass for cash for the "humanitarian cause", but it's an insult to all humanity for her to just do it for show one time just because she was called out on it, only to go back to business as ususal. Not only that, but it's a direct insult and slap in the face to the meager, minimum wage, silly folk who are supporting her for her and her husband to NOT give back. It's an insult to humanity for her husband to brag and boast about the riches and lap of luxury of his current status when, truth be told, he attained those things off the backs of the everyday common folk who are struggling to even buy his shit. It's an insult to humanity to support her stuff as music when all that her act boils down to is soft porn that's been artfully concealed behind that little forced innocence that I simply loathe. *rolling my eyes and sucking the space between my teeth* Keep calling 'em out, Mr. Harry Belafonte, keep calling their tails OUT!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Why do you all hate this girl

Why do you all hate this girl so much? Who cares if her innocence is forced what would you rather she do? If people can't afford to support them they shouldn't, plain and simple. It's an insult to humanity if WE ALL do not give back. Not just the rich and famous yes even the meager, minimum wage silly folk. The rich and famous work hard to get where they are just like we do so why should the rich have to work hard and give back if we don't have to? Who cares why she stepped up all that matters is that she did and in doing so will make a difference. Yea that's right Mr. Harry Belafonta, keep calling their tails OUT so more of them might step up and make a difference!!!
qtpa2t's picture

thanks for telling these

thanks for telling these little girls (who sniff Bey's Crotch from the Front Row) the real truth..................,,,
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I see nothing wrong with Bey

I see nothing wrong with Bey attempting to bring attention to the humanitarian emergencies occurring everyday in a number of countries. But I do think she should make sure the message that she is trying to convey is understood by those she may be trying to encourage to get involved. Perhaps she is inspired by our First Lady to get involved, but whatever the reason, it's still I portant to study before you speak publicly on international affairs. This is if you want the message to heard and most importantly, understood. But I give her credit for trying, and that's more than a lot of entertainers are doing!
Lila's picture

No earrings, and she still

No earrings, and she still manages to be the best looking woman. No wonder so much hate is thruster her way. It must be hard to accept the fact that she's BEAUTIFUL! TALENTED, HUMBLE and SUCCESSFUL!!! All of the same qualities I have in my own life which is why I can appreciate someone like Beyonce!
Elle's picture

Beauty doesn't equal wearing

Beauty doesn't equal wearing earrings or not. Either you're beautiful or you're not. That's as simple as that!
Let's get it poppin's picture

I really don't have any issue

I really don't have any issue with Beyonce. I'm not into her music but every generation has their "Diana Ross" or "Madonna" so she is such. Anyway, with that said I would like to see her tighten up her public speaking abilities and diction a little more. I'm a southern girl too, so I appreciate a sweet country girl accents because it's who we are and we have no reason for shame. But limited vocabulary and clarity in speaking are entirely different things. I'm sure over time she will improve ...hopefully she will.
knm931's picture

I'm so with you, but I feel

I'm so with you, but I feel the time to improve should have happened already.. She's been in the business long enough to have broadened her vocabulary and gotten better at speaking...I guess her PR team just collect a check and don't really advise her on what to say, do mock interviews etc. There have been a ton of celebrities that did not speak well i.e., Mary J Blige, but you see their growth. I have yet to see Bey's and it's annoying especially since Jay is so well versed.
PacificGirl's picture

That is exactly what I have

That is exactly what I have been saying. Limited vocabulary, poor diction, she sounds and writes like a 4th grader. People are so blinded by her using sex to sell music they don't want some wiht education. Damn atleast High School
lola69's picture

No one is perfect, she's not

No one is perfect, she's not saying she is or bloating about being perfect, you guys assume that she is, and when you assume, its because you truly think she is indeed perfect, but we know your not, clearly because you misspelled WIHT...its with!! i understand typo's but if your going to call somebody out about being uneducated...make sure your spelling and wording is on point...lets not be THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK.
_speak's picture

We as a people only back BS

We as a people only back BS and Foolery this women has never been in any scandals....works hard for hers married with a BOSS husband and a beautiful child she had in wedlock......Oh that's right we still have the slave mentality.....Sad
not having it's picture

Beyonce baby...the UN

Beyonce baby...the UN includes the countries that are a part of the United Nations.....it does not include the entire world........Poor Bey.... She is trying though but academia clearly ain't ur thing just keeping the hits coming and shake ur ass and we will all be happy
Kai's picture

What the hell is she saying?

What the hell is she saying? Her volcabulary is very limited and she keeps repeating herself. Go to school you crazy in love idiot.
lola69's picture

if in this stage in her

if in this stage in her career B wasnt doing this people would be pointing a finger and calling her selfish..so since she is she is selfish and wants attention? i dont even know why i read the comments..yall are so jealous and ridiculous i just cant..GO BEY!!
jasmine's picture

you need to get an education

you need to get an education like she does
lola69's picture

i need education bc im not

i need education bc im not taking writing comments on a BLOG seriously. i type fast misspell things all the time bc u idiots arent worth the effort..like i said GO BEY!!! and if u think ur better than her bc she doesnt have a degree ur and idiot. a degree is somehting u get to learn ur craft. BEYONCE IS THE BEST AT HER CRAFT. so u take ur little piece of paper i hope it keeps u warm at night while she sits pretty on millions...u people calling her dumb yet she can direct her own videos tour dvds and now a movie lmaoooooooooo u want so bad for her to be dumb yet she knows how to do more things that u will NEVER be able to do...so take your little teachers salary on somewhere boo boo. im a fashion designer one day youll b wishing u can afford my clothes...lmaooooooooooooooooo
jasmine's picture

Ghetto Trash, Educated women

Ghetto Trash, Educated women don't go around using the word Boo like it is a noun or verb. Expand your mind. Colored Girl
lola69's picture

I think she was joking about

I think she was joking about your education because of your grammar and punctuation. It's great that you want to be a fashion designer though...
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture


RO's picture

I don't understand the shade

I don't understand the shade some are throwing at Bey... I don't know what she's really like but for all these years.. the image she shows us has always been of grace and class... even in her youth.. she's fun.. friendly..and completely talented... now I'm sure she's got skeletons and whatevers but she's intelligent enough to know that it's none of your business.. and I respect that... instead of doing reality shows... taking pics with blunts in her hand.. and acting like a straight DONKEY.. she's using her celebrity to build awareness... support her community and communities that we've NEVER even heard of.. so why hate on this woman.. but love on crap like Love and Hip Hop and Ev and Ocho crap.. Man.. you people scare me
Janelle McIver's picture

Lol.. that's sum funny

Lol.. that's sum funny shit!!!
RO's picture

I was cool with your comment

I was cool with your comment until that last part: "...you people scare me." 1st of all-'you people' is an almost-always offensive choice of words in any context, meaning that you are putting negative vibes out there while trying to discourage others from doing the same thing. 2nd of all-please note that we are ALL entitled to our opinions. That's what blogs are for!!! As I said, I do agree with most of what you said: about Bey trying to present a nice, ladylike, positive vibe to the public and not acting a hot-ghetto-mess like the women on reality TV. But--different strokes for different folks. Not everyone is a fan of hers and that's okay too.

The use of 'you people' was

The use of 'you people' was not used negatively. Some people just tend to slam on the brakes and screech to a halt when they hear those words, not even caring how they're being used. It's not like it was some vague generalization, she clearly pointed out who she was referring to...'you people', who embrace ignorance and coonery but belittle and try to destroy the positive, 'scare me.' Is that how you react when someone calls you a you a bitch or a nigga...just asking. She's telling the truth it's not even about different strokes for different folks it's called ignorance. It's not about who likes Bey but I'm not so ignorant that I don't know what she does is admirable. Even if she has an ulterior motive she's making a difference and doing something which is more than the average person who does nothing.
qtpa2t's picture

Clearly you missed the point

Clearly you missed the point of my post, yet you chose to respond to it. The use of 'you people' was not used in a negative sense--to YOU. In MY opinion, it was--and it always is. In addition to my own real-life experiences, I have double-majored in English and Communications in college. In other words, its not just my opinion that 'you people' has a negative connotation to it. If it doesn't bother you then good for YOU. And in response to your question, no-one has ever (directly) referred to me as a bitch or a nigga: if they have I haven't/didn't hear it because they'd get their asses handed to them quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry as my Grandma used to say. Just so you know. Since you're 'just asking' I'm just telling you. Lastly, the previous poster is not 'telling the truth'; she is expressing her OPINION in the same way that you are, the same way that I am. You are not 'right' and I am not 'wrong': hence the term o-p-i-n-i-o-n.

No I didn't miss your point

No I didn't miss your point at all. You feel the words 'you people' was meant negatively. Because you took it negatively doesn't mean that is how it was meant to be. But then again I'm not the author of the post so I can't truly say how she meant it. I just thought it was obvious I was voicing 'my opinion' since I'm not the person who wrote the comment. Of course I know many people believe 'you people' has a negative connotation to it but that doesn't make true that it is always used negatively. The previous poster is speaking the truth. Not everything in her post was her opinion. A lot of people throw shade on the positive and embrace the negative...truth. Bey is using her celebrity status to raise awareness...truth. You don't see her doing obnoxious reality shows, taking pics with blunts in her hand or acting like a straight donkey...truth.
qtpa2t's picture

Godiva-Diva, in my opinion,

Godiva-Diva, in my opinion, you're one of the most intelligent speaking commenters that comment on various posts on this blog. No insult or offense to anyone else, just saying, and commending you on your open mind and points of view that are laced with wisdom and common sense.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

TY for saying that. I can be

TY for saying that. I can be funny/silly/smart/street-wise in any situation, but in my heart-of-hearts I'm a well-spoken nerd. But I try to always keep things honest and positive regarding MY ppl. Cyber-hugs to you (and I'm changing my pic to a shoe so if it pops up, its still me :-).

Lol!!! Trust -N- Believe

Lol!!! Trust -N- Believe absolutely NO ONE from Love & (or N what ever da fuk) hip hop is going to be invited to the UN... EVER. NEVER.
RO's picture

Agreed: but that doesn't have

Agreed: but that doesn't have ANYTHING to do with *my* comment.

I'm not buying it. I call

I'm not buying it. I call bullshit on Bey (she's sneaky, shady & money hungry)......and i want to see a DNA test on the Surrogate Baby (she did NOT carry that baby = sneaky & shady) smh.......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Why do you or anyone else

Why do you or anyone else give a rats ass if that is biologically her baby? She's her mother whether it came out her cooch or not. I'm sure you don't tell all your business so why expect Bey to. And who isn't money hungry these days I know I am but it don't mean I'll do any and every thing to have money. It means I'm smart enough to know what it takes to keep the lifestyle I'm accustom to. I work hard so my kids and my grand kids kids will have something. If working hard and keeping secrets makes Bey sneaky and shady hell I guess I am too.
qtpa2t's picture

She wants to see a test

She wants to see a test because she has NO LIFE. While Bey is making money this chickenhead is on here complaining everyday. BAWK BAWK CHICKEN!
BEEMA's picture

She's NOT a MOTHER if she

She's NOT a MOTHER if she didn't CRAP-IT-OUT.....she's a BabySitter or CareGiver at best!!!!!!!!!! And prior to meeting Jay Camel, Bey said her GOAL in LIFE was to be a BILLIONAIRE <------ she need's Jay's money to accomplish that goal. No way she's physically attracted to a Camel............She worships $$$$$$$$$$$ and is sneaky about EVERYTHING.......smh.............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Now you're insulting every

Now you're insulting every woman who can't physically give birth to a child. Whether you like it or not and no matter who or how the child was conceived Bey is Blue Ivy's mom. And I wanna be a billionaire too...so fucking what. Who are you to know what she's attracted to...I'm sure not everyone agrees with your species of choice either. I'll never understand why other peoples aspirations in life make people like you shit. Don't be mad at Bey because she wants more out of life and is doing something to make it happen. I don't care what her intentions are she's doing a lot more than the average person and that counts. Your aspirations should be more than trying to be the most annoying bitch on theybf.com. Even for you that's aiming too low.
qtpa2t's picture

you need to go kill

you need to go kill yourself... ur so disgusting
jasmine's picture

you're a sick person for

you're a sick person for saying that. very sad (and with 6 Nannies + Tina + Solange taking care of it......Cray Bey isn't really even a BabySitter or CareGiver EITHER) smh.................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

im sick but ur the one that

im sick but ur the one that imagines bey has sick nannies. u basically act like u live with her and know everything going on in her life..but im sick....girl u really have issues..so yes KILL YOURSELF!!!! please
jasmine's picture

She is VERY mentally

She is VERY mentally disturbed.
BEEMA's picture

@Marylou....Girrrrl u cant

@Marylou....Girrrrl u cant bully people into liking Beyonce.....I see you on here hating on other celebs so just stop the stan-ning right now.......Just like you have your favs other people do to.....I like both Beyonce and Rihanna and most females on here hate both of them and feel the need to either put them down every chance they get or pit them against each other......That attitude says more about that person than either Rihanna or Bey.
Kai's picture

Yep! Cray Bey wants the Nobel

Yep! Cray Bey wants the Nobel Peace Prize (she likes collecting shiny trophies...then trying to make them into Big Shiny Earrings) smh lol......this is 100% a SELFISH "For personal gain" ACT <----------------------
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Love me some Beyonce!

Love me some Beyonce!
iamheatherj's picture

Beyoncé is my girl and one of

Beyoncé is my girl and one of my all time favorite entertainers, but I always get a bit nervous when she does interviews and discuss intelligent topics because...well that isn't her fortè. However she gave a great interview and looked absolutely breath taking.
tori's picture

Despite how big Beyonce has

Despite how big Beyonce has become, she has always had that simple, southern girl-next door quality. It shows in how she speaks. She may not have went to an ivy-league school, but I believe she is a smart girl.....LOOK AT WHERE SHE IS NOW. I really believe she wants to be a GREAT. There is nothing wrong with that. Everybody has dreams of being someone important. SHe may be coming off as corny, but that may be her personality.....SO WHAT!
Classic87's picture

She wants that nobel peace

She wants that nobel peace prize, she ain't fooling nobody. If she wants a pat on the back that bad, all she has to do is choke on something, i'm sure somebody will come and wack the shit out of her back. Everybody needs to be validated, but she takes it a little to far with the award searching. I can picture her as a little girl (about 6 or 7 yrs old) walking into her classroom 1 hour early everyday (lunch bag in tow and a masterplan) with a fresh red apple for the teacher and helping the teacher erase the chalkboards and straighten up before the rest of the students come in. Then I can picture bey saying "Ms. SoandSo, can I get the student of the month award now". Then I can picture the teacher saying, " I'm sorry baby, we no longer give out awards. Then I can picture bey yelling (with her hair in 2 big puffy ponytails, a plaid skirt, a red cardigan, white tights and some ballerina flats on) "you mean I did all of this shit for nothing?" Then storms out and go cry in the bathroom stall. SMH
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Your post reeks of an

Your post reeks of an insecure, jealous, little girl who is used to losing. You see the person taking an extra strive in the classroom and you pick on that kid, when you had every opportunity to do the same. An award is meant for validation that you've done your job perfectly. Too bad you see it as an insecure gesture. You need serious mental evaluation if the only way you can decipher someone's success is by means of luck. Some people work hard and are genuine in their efforts. The way you dissect another person's deeds is in light of your character....That's grown woman talk!
marylou's picture

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