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VIDEO: Nicki Minaj Brings Out Foxy Brown At FREE CONCERT In NYC, Says "No Other Female Rapper Opened More Doors"

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Nicki Minaj kept her promise and gave her fans a big 2 hour FREE concert in NYC Tuesday night...after all that hoopla at Summer Jam went down causing her to not perform there.


Nicki surprised the crowd with a few of her celebrity friends, including Foxy Brown.  Check out how they shared the stage and how Nicki praised her inside...

Onika brought her fellow New York rapstress on stage Tuesday night to help put on for the Pepsi/Fuse free live streamed concert at Roseland Ballroom.

Foxy Boogie came out to support, since she was also set to perform as Nicki's guest at Summer Jam.  The two performed for the crowd.  And Nicki told Foxy there was no other female rapper who opened more doors for her...than Fox Boogie herself.  She also said many female rappers don't support others like they should.  We all know who THAT was geared too...

Check out a snippet of video of Foxy & Nicki on stage.


And Nicki gearing up for "Starships."   Her other guests for the night?  Cam'Ron, Drake, Lil Wayne & Mack Maine.  Check out some of those pics:


The show was live streamed on Pepsi.com, as well as in Times Square.



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I don't understand why

I don't understand why comment on Nicki blog posts if you don't like her or think she is a clown, like i dont get it.
Mzlelo's picture

i'm surprised cuz Onika acts

i'm surprised cuz Onika acts like she's the 1st & only to ever do it..... CHECK OUT MY BLOG ---------> http://givingherhers.blogspot.com/
NeimanJMarcus's picture

That's love...

That's love...
RO's picture

Nicki Minaj may have said too

Nicki Minaj may have said too much by saying "No other female rapper opened more doors". Foxy Brown along with others, have paved the way for her and future female rappers. We all rapped, sang, danced, bopped our head to a nice Foxy joint......keep it real. Was she the first to do it? No; Is she the best? No; but she does get a little credit.
Kris's picture

OMG Nicki can say what she

OMG Nicki can say what she want to say and she didn't mean to say it to throw shade she said it because its true. Lil kim is not the only female rapper back than nor was she the only one that talked sexual. Foxy has been supporting Nicki before Nicki was signed, when she was a mixtape artist. So i'm pretty sure she said that basically saying if foxy wasn't so supportive back than an helped her a held her down she most likely wouldnt even be n the game.. Thats all
Mzlelo's picture

thank you!!!

thank you!!!
_speak's picture


Mi Mi's picture

Thank youuuuuu .. people act

Thank youuuuuu .. people act like kim was the only thing popping an the only female out. Nicki said what she said because it was true, Foxy has always supported nicki even when nicki was just a mixtape artist. She has always held nicki down, so yeah thats why nicki feel that way. People need to stop thinking everything this girl say is a diss to kim cuz its not. Yes kim was a sexual rapper but she was not the only one foxy was too,shawnna was, Remy was and a bunch more.
Mzlelo's picture

i just had to comment,

i just had to comment, although u make some excellent points, KIM is the 1 who nikki copies...........check the videos and posters.............(she'll always b number 2) now that's some real talk!!! imo ;)

Nicki the Clown!!!

Nicki the Clown!!!
Happy Lady's picture

I always knew this trick was

I always knew this trick was stupid. The only door Foxy opened was the one to the jail cell she ended up in bcz of her tom foolery. I know Latifah, Lyte, Brat, Missy & Digga gotta be shaking their heads@this fool right now.
Realist's picture

and kim opened up that same

and kim opened up that same door, now thats where credit is due!!...if a famous female rapper can go to jail, guess what ppl, we all can!! s/o too kim and fox holding down that jail cell (in my sarcastic tone)
_speak's picture

Nicki sounds like the stupid

Nicki sounds like the stupid hoe that she is. When ppl were saying she's wack i defended this trick. Good thing i found out on my own how foolish she is. what doors did Foxy open. first she adored Lil Kim, stole her look and now claiming that foxy is her biggest influence. What a an idiot. Nicki is totally lame.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

hell its true!! females don't

hell its true!! females don't support one another and they put on cat fights for these nothing ass men, and as women we wonder why men disrespect us, bcuz its easy for us to disrespect each other, shit is childish and I for one want to see this little immature fued DIE, i respect both kim and Nik, but just bcuz someone doesnt rap like you, doesn't mean she less talented then you...i respect nik bcuz she stays true to her, she's silly so she reflects that in her music, and she can be hood at the same time, just like Kim stays true to her hood tantics...i mean kim ur suppose to be one of the God mothers of hip hop, you rappers when your starting off you give out all these "Miss Congeniality" speeches "Oh i want to pave the way for young girls, have them grow up like me, and be successful like me" but then when they do, it's a problem...im sorry hypocrite maybe?!? you see madonna and lady gaga, there are no problems madonna isn't calling lady gaga a "copycat" or saying "she needs to give me repect" why? bcuz madonna already knows the impact that she made for women trying to get where she has already been, so there is no need to remind ppl of that...and thats the thing with lil' kim, maybe she is lacking the confidence or she's the type of chick that HAS to have a shoutout or needs somone to pat her on the back "way to go champ"..wtf your grown thats what you do to children who placed 5th place in a race during recess time, i dont get it, why cant BLACK women support BLack women, you guys make these stereotypes a proven FACT, from the fans to the artist, its a crying shame, white ppl are going to forever and black men are going to forever dog us, bcuz we make it easy to dog our selves!!
_speak's picture

What doors did Foxy open?

What doors did Foxy open? Does she even have a house door? Foxy and Kim are has-beens, and Nicki should've just never been. All of them should have a seat.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Yall need to stop with this

Yall need to stop with this Lil Kim nonsense. You don't see Gaga praising Madonna every show she does, even though Gaga STOLE EVERYTHING SHE IS from Madonna. It's Nicki's time to shine! Kim need to get out the surgery room and get back to the streets!
BEEMA's picture

She must REALLY be trying to

She must REALLY be trying to get under Kim skin with this stunt. If I was Kim I wouldn’t even dignify this foolery with a response “No Other Female Rapper Opened More Doors” LOL yeah right 1 song from Kim will murk Foxy and Nikki ENTIRE catalog, Kim may not be hitting on crap now but you deny what she ALREADY has done. These girls are funny
Jusathought's picture

Hunny Nicki Minaj's life DOES

Hunny Nicki Minaj's life DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND KIMBERLY JONES! Nicki is not thinking about Kim. When Nicki was in Atlanta she brought a lot of ATL rappers on stage. She did the same thing here in NYC. She can share her stage with whomever she wants.
BEEMA's picture

totally agree!!

totally agree!!
_speak's picture


REAL TALK's picture

nothing about nikki is real &

nothing about nikki is real & she is not to be taken seriously. fukkin clown.
shuga's picture

Foxy spit those marble out of

Foxy spit those marble out of your mouth and check your mind. This chick clearly dissed Fox on the stage by setting her up for failure. Everyone in New York knows Fox had the success of Remy Ma with her albums...Double bricks for that last album...We didn't even download her mixtape.
marylou's picture

Ummm ~ I'm from New York ~

Ummm ~ I'm from New York ~ Brooklyn All Day ~ Every Day ~ and I can't recall double bricks. Foxy's 1st album was on Billboard's top 10 and sold over 105,000 copies in the first week. Back then that was a lot. And, was still higher on the Billboard top 200 than Lil Kim's. The albums that followed may have been bricks ~ but Foxy can and still holds her own.
GetUrLife's picture

I'm from Brooklyn-Jefferson

I'm from Brooklyn-Jefferson Ave-Marcy! But, 105,000 back in the 90's early 2000s was not enough. Every other artist was going gold back then. Foxy sells bricks; it is what it is!
marylou's picture

Foxy's first and second

Foxy's first and second albums went Platinum. Her collaberative efforts i.e. The Firm went Gold. Check your facts boo boo.
GetUrLife's picture

Honey, Inga grew up around

Honey, Inga grew up around the block. You really think I am checking facts on her or any other person out there. You're right, I'm wrong...Yeah of course...Fox is so successful...LOL
marylou's picture

105,000 copies IN THE FIRST

105,000 copies IN THE FIRST WEEK....was indeed a lot back then.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

That really is not a lot for

That really is not a lot for the time era when we only relied on physical selling and purchasing of CD's. Now for today in the era of itunes, free downloads, and such..yeah that number is enough to go number one. But not for foxy's era.. an era when people were going gold in their first to second week.
NoBooBoo's picture

Even if Nicki wanted to diss

Even if Nicki wanted to diss Lil Kim, she shouldn't disrespect those who paved the way for Foxy i.e. MC Lyte, Salt N'Pepper, Lil Kim(who was out long before Fox), Da Brat, Left Eye, etc. Let us not forget the most successful female rapper is Missy Elliot. These chicks start to battle one another and forget the relevance. Nicki, why don't you diss Azealia Banks. I am sure Azealia will eat her alive lyrically!
marylou's picture

Nikki is clueless.....Salt N'

Nikki is clueless.....Salt N' Pepa, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, M.C. Lyte, Eve, Gangsta Boo, Da Brat, Rah Digga ALL opened MORE DOORS......GTFOH!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

"Foxy Brown opened more doors

"Foxy Brown opened more doors for other female rappers"?! Really??? Girl have yourself a whole \___/ <----Bench seat! The fact that you still taking shots at Kim and that damn near your whole last album was dedicated to Kim speak volumes. Clearly, Lil Kim has opened the door the for you! I don't see you walking round intentionally idolizing Foxy Brown, you came out as a Lil Kim clone. You already down 5 minutes you only have 10 left enjoy while it last. "Foxy Brown opened more doors to other for other female rappers", I just cant with these new generation rap chicks...hell she ain't even new generation...chick is about to be 30 this year.
Anonymously Speaking's picture

Well said. Every time I look

Well said. Every time I look up, she's making a comment about how irrelevant Kim is yet every other song is about her. What part of the game is that? Your persona is not your own Nikki. I 'm so tired of this fraud.
KENNEDY78's picture

Kim who?¿ ~ Does she even

Kim who?¿ ~ Does she even know who the f*ck she is anymore. Look at that when plastic surgery goes wrong face. For the record Nicki/Onika/Roman or whatever the hell she is calling herself today Has acknowledged the female rappers past and present. Anyone watch the 2012 BET awards?¿ ~ Find the clip. Kim is one of The greatest female rappers, but can Nicki/Onika/Roman live ~ DAMN!!. You had your time. No one's kissing your a$$ ~ so move on ~ concentrate on getting your paper. I don't see Queen Latifah, Lady of Rage, Rah Digga, The Real Roxanne, Roxanne Chanté, Eve, Foxy or any other old school female rappers crying about not being acknowledged. Don't start none ~ won't be none. If you're Not on Billboards top 10 ~ have Several seats.
GetUrLife's picture

I 100 percent agree with you

I 100 percent agree with you Tori... I wish Onika/Nicki/Roman/Martha/Teresa...Gretchen, Kelly, Bill or whoever the hell she is this week would sit her corny a@@ down somewhere!!!! Not to mention she don't even believe what she is saying, she only said it to get under Kim's skin....
kbswife's picture

Those trini girls doing there

Those trini girls doing there thing!! Lil Kim is a flop :)
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

I love Nicki and I'm glad she

I love Nicki and I'm glad she did this for her fans Ladies check out www.KarensClosetNY.com for fierce blazers, hot tops, leggings, shoes, jewelry, plus sizes and of course DRESSES!
Kcny's picture

You'll NEVER SEE Crayonce'

You'll NEVER SEE Crayonce' Knowles do a Free Concert (smh). She charges those 16 year olds in the FRONT ROW Big Bucks to stare at her CROTCH within smelling distance (smh).................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


Onika/Nicki/Roman/Martha/Teresa...Gretchen, Kelly, Bill, Charles and whoever else lives in that mushy little head of Nicki's is so full of it, it's not even funny. She can't even acknowledge Kim, who is the REAL chick who paved the road for her to be in the position that she's in right now, so she brings out the angry deaf chick that is liable to f*ck you up if you break one of her acrylic nails. Nicki, you and your crew (all those folks in your head) need to have a seat, and don't bust a cheek!!
tori's picture

im confused...why does she

im confused...why does she have to acknowledge her?? everybody wants credit, but you werent the first chick to do what you do and you wont be the last, so why give credit to someone who dislikes you...and she has stated before that she respects kim, but kim doesn't want to acknowledge that, sometimes i dont blame nik its only so much reaching out and apologizing someone's going to do before they say "fuck it"
_speak's picture

Nicki doesn't have to

Nicki doesn't have to acknowledge Kim because she is grown, but Nicki has to acknowledge the fact that if it wasn't for Kim she would still be in the projects rapping in stairwells, with stacks of barrowed money in fake Louie bags. She could at least acknowledge that!
tori's picture

LOl wait what!?! So your

LOl wait what!?! So your saying that Nik has a successful career bcuz of kim...this is where i beg to differ...im sorry if it wasn't for God she wouldn't be where she is today, ppl always want to give credit to ppl who had very little help in getting us where we are, somebody was put in Kim life so she can be successful and the same for Nik, if we want to give credit where credit is due...how about to the very FIRST remale rapper, and that's LADY B, if it was for her lil'kim ass would be right with Nik rapping in stairwells, with stacks of barrowed money in fake LOUIS bags...they both could acknowledge that!! but everyone fails to, so why are we getting on Nik for just looking up to someone who she once admired, but instead of mentoring her and taking her up under her wings she took the angry black bitter women route and started hating on her, so she STOPED admiring...i mean its not like Nik needed mentoring from Kim, cuz her career is going a whole lot better than kim could ever imagine her's going.
_speak's picture

Nicki has had success because

Nicki has had success because people (NOT me) find her talented, entertaining and sexy. I think Kim was the first pioneering female MC to bring sex appeal to the hip hop game. She was't walking around in tracks suits and baggy jeans trying to spit like a dude, she wore furs and bikinis and also sported high fashion sh*t (even though she kind of trash-ified it) but she really created a market where female MC's didn't have to be one of the boys to get recognized and that is why Nicki should at the very least, pay Kim some respect because she was the FIRST SUCCESSFUL female hip hop artist to do so. And sure Nicki has built off of what Kim has done by commercializing herself and becoming more media friendly so major companies want her to endorse their products, so she is doing her thing but Kim made it easier for her to do so. That's like Obama not acknowledging the work that MLK and Malcolm X did so that he could become the first BLACK President, they didn't have to "take him under their wing and mentor" him for him to reap the benefits of their work.
tori's picture

but that's what im saying,

but that's what im saying, Nik once did everything you guys are saying she doesn't do, she's reached out to her told her how she appreciated her, but Kim being the sore loser she is stuck her nose up at Nik, and started dissing her, so from that point, what is she to do, keep kissing someone's ass?? and One...Nik and especially Lil' kim are no where being close to being on Barak and Mlk's level, so you cant compare the two, but 2..i seriously doubt if Mlk and X was still alive and Barak reached out to them, and thanked them for all they did, and asked for a little guidance i doubt they would turn their backs on him and began to down talk him...so that's what i mean by you cant compare to the two, and of course they cant take him under their wings...they aren't here to do so, so again you CANNOt compare ppl who made a change in the world and the president to 2 female MC's...so since Nik has already reached out to Kim and ACKNOWLEDGED her, but kim decided to be bitter and diss her in return...what is she to do???
_speak's picture

I agree with your comment

I agree with your comment 100% You said what I was thinking.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

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