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BET Orders New Comedy Pilot STARRING Kelly Rowland! + Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin & Robin Thicke Are The New "House Husbands"

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Kelly Roland, Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin and JB Smoove are among the talent heading to BET this fall in their own shows.  Get deets inside.....


Singer Kelly Rowland has landed a leading role on BET's upcoming sitcom,  "What Would Dylan Do?"  Kelly will play Dylan, a struggling L.A.-based relationship blogger who lives with her best friend Cherise (Gabrielle Dennis of "The Game") and wealthy and divorced roommate Brooke (Melanie Liburd of "Strike Back").

Will You be watching? 



BET has also announced new additions to its upcoming show "The Real Husbands of Hollywood" (previously known as "House Husbands)".

The scripted comedy series, based on a 2011 BET Awards skit, previously announced Kevin Hart, Nelly, Bobby Brown (pre-rehab), and Nick Cannon as the stars....and now there are more.

Robin Thicke, J.B. Smoove, Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin and Faizon Love have all joined the show which will reportedly include both scripted and improvised dialogue.

Stan Lathan will direct the 10 episodes on order.



Speaking of BET shows, comedian Tony Rock has joined the cast of "Reed Between The Lines."   Tony will play Julius Darren, Malcolm Jamal Warner's oldest friend, who comes to offer him support. "Night Court‘s" Charlie Robinson and Michole White (Living Single) have also joined the series as regulars.

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BET and these dumb ass

BET and these dumb ass sitcoms.....
Jernero94's picture

I sure hope BET pays them

I sure hope BET pays them enough to stick around for more than one season.
Denise2007's picture

Glad they are making new

Glad they are making new content but they should scrap "Reed btw the Lines" all together. Kelly Rowland is boring so the writing better be good. House Husbands was funny so that show may actually be worth watching
Kara's picture

J b smoove??? I can't even

J b smoove??? I can't even take that show serious!
Tiff's picture

Am I the only one concerned

Am I the only one concerned about how light and bright Kelly Rowland is looking?!!!! So I see she got rid of all her self imposed "hangups" one by one. From her Bugs Bunny teeth (braces), to her small boobs (implants) to her darker skin (skin bleaching). I cant even get further into reading this post because all I see is her unnaturally light looking skin tone. Ok Kells. Now you can really fit in and look like your "sisters" Beyonce and Solange. No more ugly duckling for you. Kelly will always be an insecure awkward girl.
Mrs. A's picture

Yes, you are the only one. I

Yes, you are the only one. I am not sure why everyone is always harping that someone is bleaching. It's annoying and ignorant. One, people's skin color change depending the season. I am light as hell in the winter, but get very dark in the summer as I tan easily. Two, some of you are ignorant to the fact that these celebrities are on a red carpet with bright camera flashes flying off. Coupled with concealer and/or foundation that reflects this light back, it can wash out the skin easily.
imjussaying's picture

SMDH! Why BET is going under.

SMDH! Why BET is going under.
BBCAT's picture

House Husbands was the

House Husbands was the original name and it was a SKIT! (and funny as hell) I don't know about the Real Husbands of Hollywood....JB Smoov? Ugh
Chica-Chica's picture

I can tell that that's going

I can tell that that's going to be another BORING show. They need ALL NEW writers, talented writers, for every network.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Would say congrats to Kelly

Would say congrats to Kelly but a show on BET is just confirmation of your life on the D-list......so I guess its my condolences.
Kai's picture

lol damn

lol damn
KeepITsimpleSTOOPID's picture

"Reed Between the Lines" is

"Reed Between the Lines" is garbage, it doesn't matter who joins the cast, the show stills suck. Kelly Rowland is a horrible actress and she is boring so I'm sure her show will get cancelled after one season. I do look forward to "Real Husbands of Hollywood" because Kevin Hart is a fool and I love me some Robin Thicke. I just hope Kevin and Nick don't allow those sh*tty a$$ writers that work on The Game to have anything to do with the project!! On a positive note, B.E.T. are keeping a lot of black actors from being "out-of-work actors", can't be mad at that!!
tori's picture

W.E.T. <----- White

W.E.T. <----- White Entertainment Television
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


Carmen CaBoom's picture

lol BET i mean i don't know

lol BET i mean i don't know too many people that still watch that shit why is it still up and running??? I know more people that watch TvOne and vh1 and all that other bs. But i must say Viacom is a cash cow when it comes to making niggas look like clown ass negros, but that's the history of this country , everybody want to see black people act a damn buffoon and do some entertaining while the economy is falling, they did that shit with the black face minstrel shows back in the 20's during the great depression. It made white ppl feel better because they get to think hey " i might be doing bad but atleast i aint doing as bad as these negros". And it's the sameway here in 2012 with all these damn foolish ass shows.
LetsGetIt's picture

shit i could kiss you for

shit i could kiss you for saying something intelligent and true for once!......o snap did I just say that i could kiss you.....my bad its Friday and the Sangria is free..... U know I dont mean dat shit rite ....lol
Kai's picture

hahaha, u know u love u some

hahaha, u know u love u some letsgetit stop frontin :) lol
LetsGetIt's picture

Sometimes!!! lol

Sometimes!!! lol
Kai's picture

See now u opening up lol!!I

See now u opening up lol!!I know black women love them a brotha they can do some arguing with , yall aint foolin me.
LetsGetIt's picture

Well dayum...this is the

Well dayum...this is the second time this year I agree with you.
inmyskin318's picture

lol yall always agree with

lol yall always agree with me, yall just get mad because it's about black women.
LetsGetIt's picture

LOL true

LOL true
IAMVANICA's picture

Luv Kelly's style always, But

Luv Kelly's style always, But she is looking kinda bleached here or maybe it's the wrong ahde of foundation..ummm
star's picture

Interesting cast, but it

Interesting cast, but it means nothing if they don't have the correct writers. BET needs to stop adding shows, and nurse the ones they already have back to health, because those muthaf--k-s are on life support. If you're looking to go down hill, then Bet is the place to be, or with diddy.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

are u serious? house

are u serious? house husbands? what man would be proud of that?

i like seeing black folk on

i like seeing black folk on tv, so yeah i will give their shows a try and if they are good i will continue to watch and support.
sunra's picture

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