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FRESH PREVIEW: Oprah Chats Up Gabby Douglas In Iowa

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Oprah jetted to Iowa this weekend to tape an episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter" with Olympian Gabby Douglas, Gabby's first interview at the home she's spent her last two years.


Check out the preview inside...

Oprah tweeted the above cute pic today saying:

Gabs and me in her Iowa backyard. #NextChapter next week!

She's interviewing the YBF Chick about her medals, how much her life has changed, and more.  Gabby even showed O a few skills on the balance beam during their interview:

According to the OWN website:

Olympic gymnast Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas won gold and the hearts of millions. Now, Oprah travels to West Des Moines, Iowa, to sit down with this 16-year-old gold medalist. Plus, Oprah meets Gabby's mother, Natalie; her three siblings; her coach, Liang Chow; and visits with her host family.

And a quick video preview below:



Tune in Sunday, August 26, at 8:30/7:30c.

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Ooh i love that shirt Gabby,

Ooh i love that shirt Gabby, i cant wait to tune in and see this beautiful young woman talk about all her accomplishments and more #teamGabby!!
_speak's picture

Gabby looks flawless in these

Gabby looks flawless in these pictures!! I love her makeup and she looks fresh faced. Thank you Natasha for giving Gabby her shine. I'm loving all the Gabby posts!
CLS1986's picture

I can't wait for this

I can't wait for this interview! Go Gabby = )!! The difference between Gabby and those self centered, shallow, and pathetic bitches on twitter is that Gabby can hire a stylist and go to the hair salon if she wanted (not saying that there's anything wrong with her style or hair now) but these BUM BITCHES on twitter can't just go to the olympics and win a gold medal or be the first african american gymnast female to win the women's all around. People these days especially these trifling chicks are focused on the wrong things in life. Gabby Douglas has a promising future ahead of her and has already accomplished so much at the young age of 16 but what have they or will they accomplish? This little girl is about to become a multimillionaire. JEALOUSLY IS A BITCH!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture


Ms Nay's picture

well...i give Orca credit for

well...i give Orca credit for hiring an entire staff of Crane Operators to hoist her fat ass on the balance beam..................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

WHAT THE F----------K?

WHAT THE F----------K? LMAO....... You are so stuuuupid!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

#1 Loving Gabby's shirt and

#1 Loving Gabby's shirt and the subliminal message to all the haters. Gabs in no punk! LOVE IT... #2 - why do I see Gabby on the big screen in the future, playing Oprah's daughter perhaps? The resemblance is crazy. Ha!
PacificGirl's picture

Of course, Oprah's going to

Of course, Oprah's going to have her on her Next Chapter, goes without saying. I look forward to hearing her exceptional story. Great job, Gabby!
Reign's picture

Gabby looks great. I'm SO

Gabby looks great. I'm SO glad they decided to style her in more age-appropriate clothes. I cringed at the David Letterman interview when she was the tiniest one up there and showing the most skin.
Anonymous10's picture

Gabby is very electrifying to

Gabby is very electrifying to see in action, and I wish her all the Best! … Oprah is another beautiful person, and a great philanthropic. This Goodhearted Person continues to impress, and lift us up with her Wisdom. It’s no wonder why God has placed Oprah on top, and not at the Bottom. God bless you!
rebellious soul's picture

This is wonderful and I will

This is wonderful and I will definitely tune in for any interview with the talented and beautiful Gabby Douglas.
Taj's picture

I think Oprah was shook after

I think Oprah was shook after visiting RiRitard in Barbados and said f*ck Virginia Beach, tell Gabby's people to meet me in Iowa!!
tori's picture

She went to Iowa because that

She went to Iowa because that was where gabby trained. duh
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

Nooo, she went to Iowa

Nooo, she went to Iowa because it's a hell of a lot SAFER than Virginia Beach!!!
tori's picture


star's picture

Maybe I'm reading too much

Maybe I'm reading too much into it but I think Miss Gabby wore that shirt on purpose. Love it!
WaterBaby's picture

No ma'am. You're right on

No ma'am. You're right on point. Gabby may be a history making Olympian but she is not immune to the hurtful, insensitive, and just plain ridiculous comments that claimed just as much air time as her Olympic feat. With three little words she can send a powerful message. Hopefully, folks will get it and Get Over the superficial. So proud of her. Smart girl :):):):)
Mocha1's picture

I agree --- it was a classy

I agree --- it was a classy message sent to the women who maligned her on Twitter. I have no words for those people, and while she graces the stage of Letterman (with FLOUS, Mrs. Obama, no less) and chats it up with Ms. O., they are stuck in their miserable, humdrum lives.
PR22's picture

Damn they kinda lookalike.

Damn they kinda lookalike. Shout out to the REAL BLACK WOMEN!!!The small percentage of yall thats left. I love my sistas Oprah and Gabrielle douglas YALL MAKE YOUR BROTHA LETSGETIT PROUD
LetsGetIt's picture

cool will be watching! Gabby

cool will be watching! Gabby and Oprah almost look alike.
IslandGyal's picture

Hell yeah Oprah is thirsty.

Hell yeah Oprah is thirsty. She probably greeted her ass at the airport with a limo and a hot cheese pizza, just like on Home Alone 2. Let the girl take a shower first GEEEESH.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LMAO!!! I am slapping the arm

LMAO!!! I am slapping the arm of my couch i laughter. I Love Home Alone 2! I totally got the mental image. Ya'll leave Oprah alone!
LisaNiños's picture

I FRIGGIN' KNEW Oprah would

I FRIGGIN' KNEW Oprah would manage to get her grubby, thirsty hands on Gullible Gabby & The Golds.....but all she needed was an old oak tree & some sugary home-brewed Iced Tea (smh)........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I can't wait to see this

I can't wait to see this episode with Gabby. I'm so glad Oprah is giving her some exposure and it should give the ratings a boost too. win-win
Denise2007's picture

Funny how Oprah can go from

Funny how Oprah can go from filming with a sinner (Rihanna) one week to a saint (Gabby) the next!! Oprah looks like she could be Gabby's auntie...hmm!!!
tori's picture

Your jealousy and contempt

Your jealousy and contempt for Rih is so transparent. From what I see of that pic of yours she is way prettier than you are and her sort of big nose don't take away from her beauty like your nose does. What I have noticed from my early years of being raised in Fla and being around a lot of hispanics. The one's that look black are always the one who have a problem w/ themselves. Whether it's the cuban mixed w/ puerto ricans or dominican/cuban the ones that look black are always soo pathetic. You may not be African American hell you me even be an illegal alien my point is you are on the darker tip and look more african american then me who's an African American Black,Iris and native american which still comes out black. You look more african american than my friend who's black/german but still is african american. The point is somewhere in your dominican and cuban background some african is in there. Perhaps instead of staying on ybf all day and night you need to read and learn about the history that cuba and the dominican republic has w/ slavery and how african went also sent to the islands and south america. You have some African in there some where. We all know the white hispanics don't really acknowledge the darker ones and the fact you know so much about african american people clearly shows how much of an outsider you are in the hispanic community. This is why you have thrust yourself into our culture because the whiter hispanics always leaves your kind out. You are on ybf so much because even if you don't admit it you identify w/ our culture more than the hispanic culture. People who have lives don't spend 24/7 on ybf. Get your life girl and stop being in denial about your Afro part in your cuban/dominican background! *On another note people stop putting your pic's on because some of you I can't tell If you are young or old. The small pic spot does not do most of you any justice and I am sure most of you look better in person.
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I'm NOT jealous of anyONE

I'm NOT jealous of anyONE walking this earth lets make that VERY clear. I think Rihanna is a talentless, disgusting, and vile individual and she is a loose h*e and doesn't deserve to get paid for classless behavior (which is why NIVEA dropped her ass). Your dumbass must have missed my comment when I said that I'm very aware of my AFRICAN roots because I am half Dominican and half Cuban. I was born here you basic bitch so no, I'm NOT illegal, nor is anyone in my family. I don't understand why black females on this site think that "white" latinos and brown latinos don't get along or coexist smh. Your community is the EPITOME of being divided based on your skin complexion and so many of YOU still have a complex about it lol. This site is NOT the only site I make comments on dumbass so what are you talking about? Please, do me a favor and know what you're talking about before commenting about me..and unlike you and the ignorant people like you who are afraid to go in the sun, I am NOT so of course I would be tanner in the summer lol...please expand your horizons and take the bus outside of your ghetto, every once in a while boo! Oh, and you (or anyone else) CANNOT comment on how I look, when YOUR avatar is a f*ckin phantom!!
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@Tor, Deeboo STFU , u cross

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