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Rasheeda GOES OFF On K. Michelle About Her Domestic Violence Hypocrisy, K. Michelle Responds Calling Her A "Grandmother"

While you were minding your own business last night, ish got real with the "Love & Hip Hop ATL" cast on Twitter.  Rasheeda has a few choice words for co-star K. Michelle calling her out about her domestic abuse hypocrisy.  And K's response was....interesting.....

K. Michelle has taken up the platform of domestic abuse after putting out there that ex-boss & ex-boyfriend Memphitz allegedly beat her and stole from her.

But co-star Rasheeda is calling foul on all that, since K. has been very vocal about "beating up hoes" and "jumping gates" herself on the show.  So she believes K is a hypocrite as she has been known to threaten violence against women herself. Here's Rasheeda's full long statement to K:

Here is my reply! I find it real sad how this desperate rat Fake.Michelle can’t keep my name out her mouth. It’s sad how a person wants sympathy but every word & gesture out of her mouth is slapping a bitch and whooping a bitch ass. First, when you see Toya you gone slap her on site (YEAH RIGHT), then you threaten to whoop Kandi ass but when you seen her at the hair salon you was quiet as a mouse. Now, today u have another interview out claiming your only regret was you wish you would of slapped the shit outta me & hit me with a 1/2 punch. That alone should make people question your character. All of our careers Me, Kandi & Toya we have been nothing but positive women to the public. Everything you say is violent. You keep preaching about being abused but threatening to abuse others. You hit Karlie in the head with some silverware, she should of pressed charges against your ass. But my point here is, we are witnessing you physically & verbally abusing several women via interviews, blogs & twitter bullying and it’s a sad ass shame for someone who is claiming to be a victim. You’re playing the public trying to make them think you were abused but we know that story has a lot of holes in it. So, the police came to the hotel and seen you beat & abused like you telling the world and didn't lock up a black man in Memphis, TN???? Bitch please, where they do that at! You claiming you didn't want to press no charges, but they would of took that into there own hands by law. Its a shame you trying to sell this old ass story but keep threatening to hurt others in the process. The sad part is the media & the fans have to wait and continue to watch you self-destruct while everybody else already know the truth about you. Sorry ya'll! As far as any woman who has been a victim of domestic violence my heart goes out to you all and I wish you nothing but the best but this chick right here is a FUCKING FRAUD!!

K's response:

It would b fun2offer Georgia Prune a verbal lashing,but truth is she needs 2fight with me 2even come back next season.So Ill pass

15minutes the whole season and all of them put us 2sleep. Ur hottest scenes were becuz I was in them.

That grandmother is mad chile.

Toya, Memphitz's wife got in on the mix tweeting Rasheeda:

@RASHEEDA i think its time to drop this audio on that Azz. what u think???enough is enough> (Rasheeda's response) Yes! Let's shut dis hoe down!

Audio?  Toya erased THAT tweet (like she usually does when she realizes something was childish) but added a tweet saying, "And not no damn rap."

So is there audio that proves K. Michelle is lying?  What's really going on here?  Sigh.


It was all good several weeks ago.


The Randomness:

1.  Nicki Minaj has canceled concert dates due to bruised vocal chords.

2.  Kris Humphries' parents are getting a divorce too.  STORY

Pics: VH1/ATLNightspots.com




So my question is, how can

So my question is, how can you call her a liar when you were never there? There may be room for doubt, but you can't call her a liar. What the hell, that's a slap in a face when someone tells you that something you experienced didn't happen to you. That's probably why a lot of women don't tell in the first place; certain people are quick to not believe them.

All I know is, while Rasheeda

All I know is, while Rasheeda is pointing the finger at K calling her a liar, 3 fingers are pointing back at her. I went to high school with this girl. I graduated in 1995. She graduated in 1994. She saying she was born in 1982......WRONG she was born 1976!!!! She really needs to sit down some where. I really dont care for her music. She has a little boy, and for the life in me, I don't understand why she is betraying herself the way she is>
samstopher's picture

Can LHHATL go ahead and just

Can LHHATL go ahead and just cut Rasheeda from the cast already? Rasheeda is boring if she is not talking about K. Michelle, so this tweeting crap will be going on for another year. If the show moves forward with Diamond and Soulja Boy interacting with Scrappy, Momma Dee and Erica, it will continue to entertain. Rasheeda is boring and I really don't care about her imaginery rap career. Rasheeda's inability to write rap lyrics show in how she wrote this letter.

Rasheeda, Toya and Tamar are

Rasheeda, Toya and Tamar are the bullies in this senerio. They are all trying to gang up on K. Michelle. They are mad because the majority of the public have been siding with K. Michelle. If K. Michelle was lying then why hasn't Memphitz took her to court to sue? Rasheeda shows more love and support for Toya's husband and doesn't even stand up for her own husband on national television. Rasheeda, your rap career is in the toilet, time for something new. Toya, has nerve..she writes a book about positivity and is the poster child for negativity. Tamar, want to be ghetto, but can only be a h*e type, does look like a muppet need to focus on trying to maintain some type of fan base to watch her tired show spinoff, by shutting the hel* up. Truth is they are mad that K. Michelle fires back hard and they are embarrassed.



Man Rasheeda hit the nail on

Man Rasheeda hit the nail on the head with this one....I normally never question a woman claiming DV but something just seem well to off with K. Michelle. My question is this, why now? Why wait til you get some air time to start blasting him. I truly think this her way of staying relevant on the show. You never pressed charges, you never spoke until now...sounds like you cashing in on the situation, which is foul in itself. Sorry But I 100% agree with Rasheeda...she was dead ass on because K. Michelle ol 15 y/o sounding ass always talking bout throwing hands, yet have yet to see her do so. And she always calling somebody old...But wants to play victim. Word of advice: Stick to singing because shockingly you actually CAN sing, but thats where it ends. If you serious about your career stop picking fights for ppl who already made the way in the game (regardless to how they done it) I never even heard of you until the show. Get humble and some humility, shut and sing!
Anonymously Speaking's picture

K never mentioned who it was.

K never mentioned who it was. Toya and Rasheeda were the ones that made it be known who it was!!
samstopher's picture

K. Michelle needs to sit down

K. Michelle needs to sit down somewhere and raise her child. Better yet, get so damn help! If that man did abuse her, there should be some type of documentation such as a police report. I agree with Rasheeda, sounds like she it the abuser if your ask me.

This is so stupid Rasheeda is

This is so stupid Rasheeda is fake af and really ion care how long ago the situation was that happened with k. michelle its still relevant because nothing has been done about it and I for one believe her story Memphiz looks like he would do some like that and the only reason why he probably not beating Toya dumbass is because she got all dem damn brothers a pussy will hit a woman but not a man keep that in mind n for everyone against k.michelle yo ass would b the same way if all these dumb ass wanna b relevant people where jumping on ur back after u been abused by a man. I for one have experienced that and it does make u crazy men are stronger then women and once a man hits a women it does something to her mentally and changes her way of thinking when it comes to men some people jus heal faster than others and k.michelle is trying to heal but dumb bitches like Toya and Rasheeda keep fuckin with her and fuck a threat is jus words muthafuckas actin like the girl shot them wit a ak like wtf these so called women are petty af this shit is so childish n pathetic like they are parents i feel sorry for their kids
Sexiiredbonekay90's picture

I'm team K. Michelle all the

I'm team K. Michelle all the way cuz Toya is irrelevant and should have just stfu because no one knew who K was talking about until Toya stupid ass tweeted bullshit and Rasheeda thats just a joke all together it's time for her to retire her time has passed it's 2012 and she still independent and has not even had a 106&park appearance since she became independent so yeaaa like boo bye time up K.michelle's music goes in like that girl has skills i blast her music in mi car #kissmyass and #shutup them songs go in hat off to her
Sexiiredbonekay90's picture

K. Michelle needs to shut her

K. Michelle needs to shut her horse teeth lookin azz up.. she keep callin people old, but does this bitch seem to think she isn't going to age or something? Just shows her maturity level. I don't feel sorry for that ugly bitch at all. Bitch who cares if you're from Memphis.. shit go fucken back and stay there! I'm a victim of domestic violence and that bitch is a complete hypocrite, one minute she boo-hoo'in about someone putting hands on her then the next minute she ready to knock a bitch out and throwin shit??? Bitch get the fuck outta here with that shit.. Every week she just proves herself to be the basic azz, ghetto azz, ugly, bitter azz black bitch that she truly is. Go Rasheeda!


I_love_laughing's picture

I'm getting real sick and

I'm getting real sick and tired of these rowdy, thug ass females jumping bad and rah-rah with everyone, but when a dude clocks on them, they want to claim their victims of domestic violence. There's a big difference between 2 immature, ignorant ass people fighting and being abused just for the hell of it. Evelyn, and K.Michelle are not victims of domestic violence. They just lost in a fight. And black media need not follow in the footsteps of the mainstream media demonizing black men every chance they get.
MsKizzy's picture

Couldn't have said it better

Couldn't have said it better myself!!! A women wants to be the first to throw hands but when she get the short end of the stick, now it abuse! Have a_/ ! You just lost a fight you started!
Anonymously Speaking's picture


shuga's picture


I_love_laughing's picture

Thank You, MsKizzy!

Thank You, MsKizzy! Exactly...They just lost in a fight, big difference between that and domestic violence! I'm so glad that you can tell the difference in that, I applaud your intelligence!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

very true..

very true..

You better preach! Totally

You better preach! Totally Agree!
Didshesaythat's picture

K Michelle is this You

K Michelle is this You posting all this BS!! If so YOU are one CRAZY a$$ chick!! I mean seriously!!! How can Rasheeda mind her business when K michelle put her in her business HEll she put the WHOLE DAMN WORLD in her business she put her mess on TV!!! so to say anyone needs to mind their business is just plain STUPID!!!I'm sorry i'm not buying it! I don't believe her!! its all too damn convenient....and I still don't get why she is so violent but then say she was abused!! her and Evelyn need to sit they asses down!!!! Can dish it out but can't take it!! give me a Freaking Break!!!..Oh and Natasha can you bring back the old Site!! I hate this logging in mess!!!
Didshesaythat's picture

I agree with Rasheeda and I'm

I agree with Rasheeda and I'm sick of K Michelle's non-talented ass. I just shudder each time I hear her scream that, "I'm from Memphis!", b.s. - as if that means she's a big, bad mf?! Chile, Boo! She sounds and looks so childish, her songs are wack, and she's a complete contradiction to being the poster child for domestic violence when she's always promoting violence against women herself when she sees other women as a threat to her position. I have a problem with these gutter females who holla
Carmen CaBoom's picture


Didshesaythat's picture

I couldn't care less about

I couldn't care less about what audio those Atlanta birds have. Audio can be recorded by anyone! Who knows if it's even really K. Michelle on there saying anything? Audio proves NOTHING you moron (aka Toya). The fact of the matter is that the majority of the viewers believe K. Michelle. I for one don't believe that K is crazy at all. Men call women who speak out against their wrong doing crazy all the time to raise doubt in whatever it is that she is saying. And the music industry circle in Atlanta consists of people that VERY childish, prone to cliques, and known to spread gossip about everyone within that circle. Since the majority of them are wannabes, they happily oblige in order to be a part of the in crowd. So it does not surprise me that those country ass people down there are saying that K is crazy. But they're also saying that Rasheeda is crazy for still trying to rap, and that Toya is illiterate and can barely put a sentence together without sounding like a runaway slave, and that Kandi is a "Sugar Mama" that has supported many men financially because her finances are attractive whereas her face is not. And let's not get started on the things they say about Tiny. K. Michlle will have a hit record and a hot album on a major label well before Rasheeda's old washed up ass! Her talent and hustle speak for themselves. This beef between her and Rasheeda was bound to happen. Mona Scott knew exactly what she was doing by casting these ladies who's common bond is Memphitz.
CoCo's picture

I agree with you coco

I agree with you coco
Sexiiredbonekay90's picture

I want to know what the

I want to know what the 'audio' is. As much as K Michelle runs her damn mouth I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't incriminate her damn self for being a liar and a FRAUD. Again, this heffa reads CRAZY.
PacificGirl's picture

Both sides need to either put

Both sides need to either put up or shut up and just show their "proof" so we can determine who's lying since they want to play it out in public because all this back and forth is dumb. Rasheeda needs to have a seat and mind her own business because frankly this doesn't have anything to do with you so fall back and mind your OWN husband. I do think something popped off bwtween K.Michelle and Mem...but the extent of it only they know
binks's picture

Just like Rasheeda's music I

Just like Rasheeda's music I don't pay her any attention! Even with the success of the show it still hasn't done anything for your career. If K. Michelle is lying then God will handle her so its no need for Rasheed and Toya to throw insults her way because at the end of the day they look like BIRDS!!!!
MissNYT's picture

Photo #1 <--- you KNOW those

Photo #1 <--- you KNOW those "ladies" have straws just to stir-up the vodka
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is how was Rasheeda sympathetic to K Michelle on the first episode of LHHA when K told her about the domestic violence situation she was in while being signed to a label, but now questions her story because she found out it was about her friend's husband? That sounds shady to me.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture


hallrachell's picture


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ratcheeda!! She may lie about only being 30, but other than that she keeps it REAL (that sh*t is a delicacy nowadays)!! She basically said what most of us have been saying for months, K-Mart can't cry about being "abused" one minute, then the next minute say she ready to beat a b*tch a$$ and that "she from Memphis", I still don't know what that means. It's pretty ironic that she said Ratcheeda was boring, when in actuality, she is the MOST mentally stable person on the show!! I guess a woman with a husband, child and career is boring!??! I would take "boring" over bat-out-of-hell, banshee, bucktooth crazy anyday. K-Mart better be careful before MempIMIGHTHITZWOMEN have the repo man repossess her a$$, teeth and box of weaves and wigs hidden underneath her bathroom sink he paid for..I'm sure unlike Karlie, he got the "receipts!!!"
tori's picture

We alllll know Rasheeda ain't

We alllll know Rasheeda ain't no dag gone thirty years old but she looks good..... K Michelle ...I don't understand why she is just now coming out hollering about what she went through with Memphitz...why not shout it out when it first happened or when he was on BET or my during the time right after she finally left his azzz.
CameThruJust2ReadComments's picture

I have NO clue why K Mart do

I have NO clue why K Mart do the things she does, but I'm guessing she wanted to save "what happened to her", until it was convenient for her and she could CAPITALIZE off of it. Had she said something while Memphis and Toya were on BET, he would have dismissed the accusations saying she was scorned, bitter, and jealous and K Mart wouldn't have an outlet (besides social media aka twitter) to tell her side of the story. But now that K Mart has been given the platform to talk about "what happened", she has the upperhand because she is on a hit show every week and Memphis and Toya have to sit at home and try to dismiss her claims via twitter!! It's a hell of a marketing scheme, but to be honest if she didn't talk about being "abused" on L&HHATL, no one would give 2 sh*ts about her loud, ghetto a$$, so she has no room to call anyone boring, cause she is, as she would say, MESSY!! Everyone knows the REAL stars of the show are Rodger The Rabbit, Chi Chi Rodriguez, and Misguided MiMi!!
tori's picture

You said a lot, but I'm only

You said a lot, but I'm only going to comment on one thing you said. You and the person above you said that K.Michelle just waited to tell the world when she got on T.V. But it has been a proven fact that she has been telling this whole story for years within the industry ever since this happened. She has heavy cosigns from people within the industry. It just so happens now the rest of the world is hearing her story because she has a platform to be heard. So, this is nothing new. She has been saying the same thing for years. I do agree that this twitter back and forth is childish on all accounts from all parties involved. I personally don't know why Rasheeda is even running her mouth because this has nothing to do with the root of the problem. I believe K. I do however think some of the things she says in response to people who have something negative to say is doing the most, but at the end of the day, I believe she is just being defensive. I don't believe it's just to come up off of Memphitz because really doe, who is he? What is he doing for real? I mean, K has more talent than Memphitz & Toya combined sooo, she doesn't need any of them. She is simply telling her story, and for people to say she should get over it and stop talking about it. Who are you to tell someone that had something traumatizing to happen to them to get over it. I believe there is a better way to handle it, but it didn't happen to me. I could never imagine how I would handle that situation because it didn't happen to me. I just hope she can heal and in her own time and way, she can learn to forgive and move forward. I can imagine that it's hard for her to let it go, because he hasn't apologized for something that had a major impact on herself. I doubt he ever will, in his mind he could very well feel like he did nothing wrong. In her mind he did. I just hope one day she finds peace.

Bruised vocal chords Nicki?

Bruised vocal chords Nicki? Just stop all together. Thanks, The WORLD...
Chica-Chica's picture


tori's picture

Im from Memphis , and i can

Im from Memphis , and i can say that K Michelle is the typical MEMPHIS black female!!! Just disagreeable to get along with
LetsGetIt's picture

I agree. I live here in

I agree. I live here in Memphis too, this big raggedy town that she's happy to brag about always. I've been here since 2000 (too long) and most folk I talk to can recognize I'm not from here. These females are STRANGE in Memphis, the guys too.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Thank you sista!!!!! These

Thank you sista!!!!! These other black women, act as if they don't see this shit. BUT WHAT MADE YOU COME TO MEMPHIS SISTA??LOL. I got an excuse i was born here, but what made u move to memphis!!!And what do you mean by strange.
LetsGetIt's picture

I'm from Memphis too, still

I'm from Memphis too, still live here, and there are plenty of females from here, myself included, that are not "disagreeable" like you stated. Perhaps you are just associating with the wrong females.
kelis's picture

Im just being real sista!!

Im just being real sista!! Here in Memphis the black females are just HORRIBLE!!!Shit the college educated black women ARE EVEN WORSE!!!Any where east memphis, whitehaven now known as blackhaven with the clown ass negros and gutta mouth females that are now there. I mean whitehaven is an example of a middle to upperclass black neighborhood THAT HAS WENT TO SHIT because of these single black women and their offspring !!!Now sista you being from Memphis and if you say YOU DON'T SEE THE SAMETHINGS THAT YOUR BROTHA LETSGETIT talks about THEN YOU IN DENIAL. Shit i moved out to CORDOVAAAA and these negrossssss and black females are starting to come out HERE AND FUCK IT UPPPPPPPP!!! It's a damn shameee, it's like u can't escape this shit
LetsGetIt's picture

Wow... I'm not denying that

Wow... I'm not denying that there is an abundance of trifling people (not just females) here. I was just saying you shouldn't generalize like that because there are plenty of respectable, classy women here as well. And actually, it's funny (sad) because myself, my sister, and most of our friends are all attractive, educated, good women, and we are all SINGLE. Yet, the most ratchet females out here always have someone. So maybe you don't like it, but obviously these men out here love it.
kelis's picture

Be real sista, you and your

Be real sista, you and your sistas are single, because lets just be honest here educated black women like thugs, but they want a thug that has some type of money and aint too damn ignorant . Black women want a man that can be intelligent but thuggish at the sametime lol. That just from my observations here in Memphis sista!!! I mean black women don't want a James Evan type of educaated brotha, too strong. They don't want a regular educated family first type brotha, too lame to them. They don't want a working class brotha, he don't havee enouugh money so they say... But that thuggggg come along they love that nigga to death money or not. I've seen this shitttttttt with EDUCATED BLACK WOMEN!!! They run away from a brotha that got his shit together, or they'll try to use his ass. The men love it cause the FEMALES LOVE IT, and they were raised by females who didn't really give a damn if the man was fit enough to have children with.
LetsGetIt's picture

I'mma generalize cause,

I'mma generalize cause, generally, this is the majority of what I've seen since I've been in this town. Broth a, EVERYTHING you've said is ON POINT! I came here seeking better work and to be with a guy I was involved with at the time. What I mean by STRANGE is that they act like savages...no heart, no soul, no morals, no love...a wild look in their eyes and just crazy as hell...unrelatable on a common sense plane...just STRANGE.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

lmao!!!!I can agree with you,

lmao!!!!I can agree with you, THESE NEGROS ACT LIKE A BUNCH OF SAVAGES. The level of niggerdom is at a all time high here in Memphis. This shit is similar to the walking dead, im surrounded by a bunch of ignorant ass zombies , only thing is they aint trying eat my brains, but if you not careful YOU WILL TURN INTO ONE OF THESE WILD ASS NEGROS/ZOMBIES. Alot of black women get mad because of the thing that i say on here BUT IM JUST TALKING ABOUT THE THINGS THAT I'VE SEENNNNNNNN!!
LetsGetIt's picture

NO NO NO NO!!!! I am single

NO NO NO NO!!!! I am single because every man I meet is uneligible, ie. a bunch of kids, no job, married, a thug, etc. Just like you feel that there are no women to choose from, I KNOW that there are no men to choose from, and it's not because I like thugs. Thuggish men do not attract me, thanks. Actually, I do want a regular, educated, family-first type man like you said. STOP GENERALIZING!!!!
kelis's picture

lol, hey here's the thing.. i

lol, hey here's the thing.. i know it's good black women out there, things is they either married or with the white man Or too scared to give a brotha A CHANCE. And you tell me to stop generalizing , when you stated that YOU KNOW there are no men to choose from, we either got a "bunch of kids, no job, a thug etc". Shit your brotha letsgetit CAN'T HELP BUT GENERALIZE WHEN IT'S THE MAJORITY my memphis sista!!!!But black women like you are the type that feel when a good brotha come along in your mind you think "he's sneaky, and trying to deceive ya' but when a dude THAT OBVIOUSLY deceiving and a damn playa come along YOU GIVE HIM A CHANCE. But kelis , i tell ya what LETSGETIT hopes you find a GOOD BLACK MAN. DON'T THINK ABOUT THE WHITE MAN, it hurts my heart to see you fine sistas with a THE ULTIMATE DECEIVER.
LetsGetIt's picture

A lot of Black men have the

A lot of Black men have the nerve to get offended a Black woman being with a White man, but I'm at the point whereas I'd be down with the swirl if a non-Black man came along and could add value to my life. What is a good Black woman to do? I'm SICK of being patient with the trifling Black man! He LOVES the average brainless whore...and/or another man these days. He'll look over a decent, wholesome good, Black woman for that RATCHET, Section 8, gutter whore. But it's only when she's screwed all his friends, cousins, caused him to lose damn near everything (including his life and kids) that he gets tired of her and wants a change...when he'd broken and all spent and has very little left to give a good woman. He doesn't care if she can't cook, clean, bathe, articulate, work
Carmen CaBoom's picture

lol im just joking about the

lol im just joking about the white man, black women can be with anybody they want. I have no problems with it at all. My only problem is that alot of black women get some act right in them when they with that white man, they know not to give him no lip or neck rolling!!!But shit looking at how these negros are and seeing how these boys turn out in these single black women homes. It's sad to say that if i had a daughter i'd rather her date a white dude, than to see her date some of these SILLY ASSS NEGROS that i see out here today!!! Niggas 25+ with they pants off their ass, fighting in the club , it's like a vicious cycle. I mean if i had a daughter and she have a nigga out in the car honking a damn horn for her to come out and not knock on the door like a real man , i'd prolly try to kill that fool.
LetsGetIt's picture

Ooh...don't say nothing about

Ooh...don't say nothing about those nasty, disgusting looking saggy, dirty diaper pants on the ground. That absolutely disgusts me...uggghhh! I saw a guy the other day, crossing the street with some silly tail girl, who had his pants hanging OFF of his butt! My God! Why even put pants on if they're going to wear their dirty looking draws ON their dumb asses and their pants OFF their asses?! And how can any female, with any good sense in her head, be okay with walking around in public with a guy who carries himself like that...lay down with him...and have babies with him?
Carmen CaBoom's picture

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