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Rapper Juvenile ARRESTED...Again

Rapper Juvenile was arrested once again last night in Miami.  The mugshot and deets on the foolery inside...

After performing with former Hot Boys member Lil Wayne at LIV nightclub last night, Juve was arrested around 7am this morning at the Fontainebleau Hotel (home to LIV) where a "disturbance" was taking place.  The 37-year-old was booked for disorderly conduct after reportedly, he was involved in a brawl with approximately 100 people that started inside the club and then spilled over outside.

He is being held on a $500 bond.

This makes Juvenile's, government name Terius Gray, fifth arrest in the last 11 years.  One of those arrests was a 2001 incident where he cracked a champagne bottle over someone's head....in Miami.

By the way, there was a warrant out for his arrest in New Orleans this past February for failure to pay child support for his 13-year-old son.  Reportedly, he hasn't paid in five years.  The judge ruled that if he paid $50,000 (of the $160,000 owed) immediately, he could avoid jail time.  No word on if that happened or not.

Dude is too damn old to be fighting at the club...

Pic via SPLASH




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tom008's picture

Juvenile looks rough, between

Juvenile looks rough, between the peasy hair and black lips, he looks like he hasn't bathed in weeks. I bet he live in his car. I hope Baby ane Slim don't do Drake like they did Juvenile...hell Juvenile was the "Drake" of the Hot Boyz...scary! Look at him now, can't even afford the fake bling behind the counter at the beauty supply store.
tori's picture

A stupid rapper doing what

A stupid rapper doing what they do best so it's not a shock anymore.
DominicanQueen's picture

this really saddens me. He is

this really saddens me. He is just so talented. Please pray for this brother.
mzbrownlady's picture

I feel bad for him. His

I feel bad for him. His little girl & her mother got murdered last year in Atlanta. He must be going thru it.
shuga's picture

Oh and I forgot to mention

Oh and I forgot to mention that he did a show the same day as the funeral! Don't waste your sorrow on this deadbeat POS!
laydeegirl's picture

Don't feel bad! He didn't

Don't feel bad! He didn't even bother to show up to his daughters funeral!
laydeegirl's picture

An other ghetto nigga bite

An other ghetto nigga bite the dust!!! What a waste of life.....
Let's get it poppin's picture

Back that Ass-Up <----- in

Back that Ass-Up <----- in jail fool.....he can only afford one Bling (earring) these days....i can't wait till they do "MTV's Homeless Cribs" <---- who has the best CardBoard Box ????????????
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

OK "homeless cribs best

OK "homeless cribs best cardbox" was hella funny!! DWL!!! :-)
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