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Trey Songz's Celebrates Chapter 5 Album Release With His Mom, Fabolous & Emily B., Irv Gotti & Plenty More

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It was a fun time last night at Bagatelle Restaurant in New York City.  Trey Songz hosted an intimate dinner for all his celebrity friends to help him celebrate his Chapter 5 album release.


We've got the pics inside of rapper Fabolous and his girl Emily B., Adrienne Bailon, Irv Gotti, Kevin Liles and more...

The vodka was flowing as celebs noshed on a yummy prefix menu at the GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir-hosted event.  Trey kicked it with his rapper homie Fab while everybody sipped on GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir cocktails--named for his album tracks, including the Simply Amazing, Dive In and 2 Reasons.

How sweet!  Trey's mom April Tucker was front and center as he gave her a toast for helping to make him successful.  She looks fab by the way.

The fellas Kevin Liles (Trey's manager), Michael Kyser (Atlantic Records exec, Trey's label) & Irv Gotti (rumored to be back in the saddle with Atlantic Records) all kicked it and grabbed some drinks.

Irv had his wife, Deb Lorenzo, on his side looking fab.  The twosome snapped a pic with Em, in a black & white extra fitted Alexander McQueen tiger dress with her red Chanel clutch and matching Louboutin peep toe pumps, & Fab.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In their images snapped by them, GETTY Images mislabeled the above woman with Irv Gotti as his estranged wife, Deb Lorenzo.  It is, in fact, not Deb.  The woman pictured is his new girlfriend.  Our apologies for the mixup.

Em's girls were there at a different table, but she sat with her man right next to Trey.  I know she's glad he's being "seen" with her now..

Mashonda looked amazing as usual an snapped pics with her girl Julissa.

Trey snapped pics with producer Rico Love & Fab.

Kevin's right-hand Roe Williams, as well as Kenny Burns, were in the mix in a cute black & green maxi dress.

And Kevin's wife Erika Liles, who recently had a baby, dipped in the pics too.

You already know DJ Clue was there.

And Hot 97's Angie Martinez posted a pic of herself and her besties Adrienne Bailon, Ravaughn, Julissa & Mashonda.

Fab times.

Pics: Getty

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Dj Clue and ginuwine can be

Dj Clue and ginuwine can be brothers
@aggie_princess's picture

Trey Songz looks very PRETTY.

Trey Songz looks very PRETTY. I thought Rico Love was Wayne Brady and that dude with the pink shirt and nerdy glasses looks like an overweight Common. That last pic should be captioned "THIRSTY!!" I'm sure Emily is loving the fact that she and Fab are no longer in a secret relationship, but I bet Fab got at least 5 groupies number before they left smh.
tori's picture

I can't do this with the guy

I can't do this with the guy in the red pants.
Roger THAT's picture

EM's definitely eating

EM's definitely eating well... dang... Mashonda... that purse is a bit too big for you or it's the angle of the pic b/c the purse looks as big as your head.. not a good look... Everyone however looks nice.. and dapper... that guy with the red/pink pants and overlapping belly was a bit much though
Janelle McIver's picture

Trey and his Mom were

Trey and his Mom were definitely best dressed, as it should be
ZingaG's picture

ATL celebs take notes,

ATL celebs take notes, please!
ZingaG's picture

Uuummm, that woman with Irv

Uuummm, that woman with Irv is not his wife Deb!

ew emily looks a mess as

ew emily looks a mess as usual...she's too fat now to be squeezing in those tight dresses and her face has never been cute...everyone else looks really lovely except for trey and that suit and julissa's dress....are you guys sure that's not irv's wife? it looks like her just a lot better like she lost weight ..i thought they were divorcing tho??
litebrite's picture

That's not Deb

That's not Deb
bk2012's picture

Mashonda looks great so does

Mashonda looks great so does Trey's mom. Pretty face but not that dress Julissa - looks desperate not sexy.
Denise2007's picture

That is not Irv Gotti's wife

That is not Irv Gotti's wife Deb.

Why does Emily have the same

Why does Emily have the same face exspression on her face every picture?? I was actually very surprised at how Trey conducted himself on the hot 105.1 interview. He was very smooth and aware. He was funny and very mysterious. I admire him not getting pulled into the drama.
CamieJ's picture

Emily B. always manages to

Emily B. always manages to look like a hooker whenever she steps out with Fab. Oh well, I guess if you can't beat em', join em'.
CoCo's picture

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jouli1989's picture

Mashonda's purse? wtf is

Mashonda's purse? wtf is that? and why do I get the feeling she was partially there in hopes that Swizz would be there too? maybe that big ass "purse" was holding a weapon for Alicia....lol. anywho, I love Em's orange lipstick. I got a similar shade at Joe Frresh recently. ♥ it!
shuga's picture

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