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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Antonique Smith Talks Funding Her Own Album, ROMANCE With Rick Ross & New Friendship With Faith Evans

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Antonique Smith, most notable for playing Faith Evans in Notorious and now, Rick Ross' main chick in his new "Amsterdam" video, recently chatted it up with TheYBF.com.   She's embarking on a new singing career.  So she dished on balancing her music and acting careers (she now calls Faith her friend), working with Ricky Rozay, and why she's paying for her own album! 


East Orange, New Jersey native Antonique Smith is certainly a YBF chick we're paying attention to.  When the Broadway actress decided to pursue a career in music, she knew exactly who she was and who she wanted her fans to see.  Unfortunately, record companies didn't share the vision. 

A little background on this fresh face we've seen, but don't know much about: Antonique was raised in the church and taught herself to sing by listening to Whitney Houston records.  The 29-year-old tells us that Whitney was her "first vocal coach" since she mimic'd her voice to learn rifts and runs.

As for her music's sound, she calls it "pop soul with a hip hop fusion." 

Antonique hated what we all know about the industry: Record companies control the artist, tell them who to be, who they can work with and what they can sing about.  But for the feisty chick with a deep R&B voice, that didn't sit so well.  So she decided to go the grassroots route and fund the record herself....with fan donations! (She raised over $9,000 after posting a clever clip to Kickstarter.)

On her upcoming album Speechless

I think fans will really like it.  It talks about what I'm going through.  I'm trying to keep it 100% pure so that's why I'm doing KickStarter.  As an actress the fans are already seeing me in different ways because I'm playing someone else.  So it's important for me to be myself when it comes to my music.  It will be very personal.

On the album's title track "Speechless"

It's a long song about a guy who just means so much to you to you that you don't have the words to describe it. All you can say is 'Ummm'.

On how she started an acting career

I started acting in my grandmother's living room when I was 4.  I used to record her own radio show on a small tape recorder where I played a variety of characters.  Those skits eventually led to my first job as a teenage drug addict on [the TV series] "100 Centre Street."  I remember my director said, 'She's a great actress with an amazing career ahead of her'.

On her lead role of "Mimi" in Broadway's RENT

I went through acting boot camp. I learned how to conserve my voice for 8 shows a week, that "the show must go on" and that you just have to "keep it moving."   And once Lady Gaga appeared on the scene, it's allowed artists to get a little more theatrical in their live shows.

On playing the leading lady in Rick Ross's "Amsterdam" video 

Working with Rick Ross was really great and I had a lot of fun on the set.  They know how to treat a lady and Rick is a really nice guy. Maybe we can work together on one of my tracks if I raise enough to pay him!

On her breakout role in Notorious (pictured above with Faih Evans & co-star Anthony Mackie)

I definitely appreciate both Lil' Kim and Faith Evans, but I have an actual friendship with Faith.  I hope I can work with her in the future as well.  We're trying to figure out on what song, but we haven't narrowed it down.


Peep Antonique's Kickstarter video below:


And you can check out her current single "Speechless" below:


TheYBF.com will premiere Antonique's next single, "Take A Chance", tomorrow.


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Mrs. A's picture

I hear a lil Faith Evans in

I hear a lil Faith Evans in her voice...
ConfusedbutnotReally's picture

you decided to "fund" your

you decided to "fund" your own project but you used fan donations to do it with...WOW...lol
ldh34l's picture

New age pimpin lol.

New age pimpin lol.
Classic87's picture

love the song. she sounds a

love the song. she sounds a bit like tonibraxton just a bit. but i can see myself listening to more of @antoniquesmith. u go girl wit ur bad ass self. looking forward to buying ur cd in stores.

Antonnique can sang, she

Antonnique can sang, she sounds amazing..Please support her project to create her album..I Love her voice
MarshayH's picture

both are looking very good

both are looking very good :) http://www.travelsense.asia/
k85amit's picture

she should definitely stick

she should definitely stick to just acting. Cuz her voice is not gonna cut in this industry. Its just basic nothing distinctive. But I applaud her ambition. She was on that Kim Kimble show pissed that was treated like a basic chick lol, and actually had to wait for her appt.
iainttheonetogossip's picture

Sounds great...

Sounds great...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

love the song. love her

love the song. love her voice.
Classic87's picture

Wow - that dress just gave me

Wow - that dress just gave me an erection.. hehe
MyAlterEgoStoleMyIdentity's picture

I really don't know much

I really don't know much about this chick aside from her role in Notorious, and her little cameo on Kim Kimbles LA Hair. She's cute and reps Jersey so I like her, but her vouice is flat and her range is limited..wish her the best though!!
tori's picture

Errrybody and they mami wanna

Errrybody and they mami wanna sing nowadayz!! Like really really....okay then...kudos and good dam day!!! Hehe ha
Like Really's picture

um...didnt know there was a

um...didnt know there was a limit to the amount of singers that could exist. She actually has a good voice. Very clear and sharp.
Classic87's picture

Lolol...light weight hun and

Lolol...light weight hun and trust she'll need the A-Team before a clear dam voice!! Tehe....good luck!!!
Like Really's picture


Classic87's picture

LOVE the song. The gown is

LOVE the song. The gown is everything; now THAT leaves me speechless. That would be a great album cover photo.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Really like this song! Her

Really like this song! Her voice is beautiful!!!
Jessica Berry 01's picture

"I think fans will really

"I think fans will really like it." She has fans?
Happy Lady's picture

Lovin' that gown! Wow!

Lovin' that gown! Wow! Stunning!!!!! She looks fab in it!!! Homerun, Touchdown, Field Goal!!!!
Mocha1's picture

She sounds good, the song is

She sounds good, the song is alight…nothing too different from what other artist are signing these days…….. she kind of look like Luda’s girlfriend in that pic with faith
Cashing out's picture

"funding your own album"

"funding your own album" <------ means..,,you can't even lip-sync !!!!!!!!!!!...
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Nice voice but I'm iffy on

Nice voice but I'm iffy on the song.. it's weak in some areas and hard to listen to in others.. I can hear what she's trying to do with the build up but IDK it loses me a little... I do like her voice so I'll be listening for the other tracks...
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