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Kimbella & Yandy Smith Party With Their Men & POST BABY BODIES

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They birthed their babies just last month (only a couple weeks apart), so now besties and "Love & Hip Hop" co-stars Yandy Smith & Kimbella are back on the scene.


Check out the friends partying with their men this past weekend inside...

Looks like Kimbella's baby' daddy Juelz Santana is still in the picture afterall.  The two weren't on the best of terms last year during the finale of the show, but it looks like now that their baby girl is here, everything's all good.

Yandy and her baby's daddy Mandeecees welcomed their baby boy at the beginning of last month too.  But both ladies took some time away from nursing and changing diapers to hit up a party at NYC's La Marina last Sunday night:

Everybody kicked it with "Mob Wives" Karen Gravano and co-star Ramona Rizzo.

And Kimbella has been tweeting about her new diet/workout DVD she's working on.  And she's on Operation Snapback to get her pre-baby bod back.  She's looking good though.

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They look really pretty!!

They look really pretty!!
_speak's picture

Baby mama's is that all you

Baby mama's is that all you colored women will ever be. Why have all these kids by Julez and he don't want to marry you. Elevate your standards Ghetto Black women. I know you not educated but damn, stop being cattle to breed.
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You're a ghetto slut! Look

You're a ghetto slut! Look at your avatar - lola69 - what's the 69 for? slut! Go away! I bet you're poor, fat, ugly and just miserable - ugh!
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Also, Lola the slut, you have

Also, Lola the slut, you have the nerve to say someone needs an education when you have "you" out of context. It should be "you're" DUMMY!!! Again, go away!!!
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These sperm receptacles are

These sperm receptacles are just not news worthy. Why is there a post about them?....... They're so irrelevant. Geezus.
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You are so right. They are

You are so right. They are receivers of trash and due to not being good parents, they will produce Trash.
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afffeng110's picture

That little ass tube top

That little ass tube top looks trashy.
lj's picture

Yandy and Kimbella look

Yandy and Kimbella look fabulous! This is one month post pregnancy? WOW you ladies are phenomenal.
Denise2007's picture

Kimbella's hair is really

Kimbella's hair is really really cute...........if you are interested in re-creating the look check out my page on Facebook "Wear that Hair" http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wear-that-Hair/489781341049146
Wear that Hair's picture

I like Kimbella. She maybe a

I like Kimbella. She maybe a little hoochie, but she seems to be generally a nice and sweet person.

Let's be honest here: No one

Let's be honest here: No one is going to buy workout videos from these women. Not enough people know who they hell they are.
PacificGirl's picture

Yes, Kimbella looks good.

Yes, Kimbella looks good. How did that stomach and waist vanish?
I_love_laughing's picture

Love Kim Bella and Yandy,

Love Kim Bella and Yandy, their guys are cuties too. That second pic, Karen and what's-her-name...*rolling my eyes*
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Looking good ladies ~ Luv ~

Looking good ladies ~ Luv ~ Kimbella's hair ~
GetUrLife's picture

wow! I dont know how they

wow! I dont know how they did it but I surely was not like that only a few weeks after having my babies. My body still looked like it had melted. Woo chile!!
shuga's picture

Yandy looks great, Kimbella

Yandy looks great, Kimbella looks like a shiny new penny and both their baby daddies look cute! I guess everyone is coming out with a workout DVD now, Phaedra, Laura Govan, Kimbella...sh*t ridiculous!!
tori's picture

Awww... 2nd pic line

Awww... 2nd pic line up...Pumbaa,Timon,and Nala!!! Too cute...bahawaaa!!
Like Really's picture

i don't watch that show but

i don't watch that show but Kimbella looks really pretty
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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