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Venus & Serena Williams COVER "The NY Times Magazine", Serena REFLECTS On Her BIGGEST Career SCANDALS!

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Olympic gold medalists Venus and Serena Williams cover the latest issue of The New York Times Magazine where Serena dishes on her biggest career scandals.  Get the deets inside........


Venus Williams and her sister Serena Williams graced the cover of the latest NY Time Magazine where the Gold medal champion sisters flaunt their envious athletic bods.  Inside the mag, their mother talks about how she felt about her daughters' track record of success:

“I reflected on the fact that in the United States, you don’t have many players that are doing well. And then you have these two old, black girls, up in age now, and they’re still holding up America. That to me was remarkable.”

Up in age?  Oh.

Also in the article, Serena opened up about why she continues to boycott the Indian Wells Masters Series Tennis Tournament where she and her sister were taunted with racial slurs in 2001. She said,

“But I don’t need to go back there. They don’t like me. I don’t need to be there. If you can boo a teenager, and you can be white and 60 years old, you know what? I’m cool on you. I can understand maybe if they were 20, 15. But like at the French Open, the crowd boos you, but they’re young, they’re kids, they’re a younger crowd. It is what it is. You just know every time you go to Paris, you get booed, but you see so many kids in the crowd.

At Indian Wells, everybody goes there when they’re retired. It’s like Palm Beach. I thought, People like Martin Luther King Jr. boycotted things. And this is nothing on that level. Look at Muhammad Ali, he didn’t even play, he went to jail because he didn’t want to go to war. The least I can do is stand up for my people and not go there. That’s the very least I can do. It’s not even that hard of a decision. I get a vacation on those two weeks. It’s like the easiest decision of my career. They can penalize me to death, I’m never going back.”

She also talked about her outburst at a lineswoman at the 2009 US Open. 

“I was definitely stressed, and I was angry. I don’t foot-fault. Like, I have in the past, but this woman should never make a call in the semifinals of a Grand Slam on a person who doesn’t foot-fault. She was totally wrong. I’m sorry. I’m not sorry. I looked at her like — I tried to warn her. And then she did it again. And I’m thinking, This is ridiculous.”

She added that she was embarassed about how she represented herself at the moment as a Jehovah's Witness. 

"What bothered me most was that I was representing my religion. I just felt like anyone who knew I was a Witness was stumbled. And I really don’t want to stumble anybody.  They had to have a talk with me.  And I knew it was coming. I just felt really bad, though, because it’s like, that’s not who I am.”


Check out the issue on stands now and watch BTS footage here......



Photos via Damon Winter/The New York Times

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These two women are

These two women are phenomenal and when they retire many will breathe a sigh of relief! LOL You go girls, and you can wear your hair however you want, it is not what is making you tennis greats, it is your talent and skill that is!
uwannaknow70's picture

I Love these two women for

I Love these two women for what they have done for the sport, however I think Serena's clothes does not show off her body well. They both look a little to shiny for me.
complicated's picture

Once again....the focus is on

Once again....the focus is on hair!?!?!! Please people!
n2012's picture

I am very proud of these two

I am very proud of these two women, however as much as they have given to the black community, to black women in particular, they have taken away almost as much with these ridiculous weaves that look as if they were literally done in someone's kitchen. In the second picture, Venus' hairline is totally gone, and you can see Serena's is on its way out as well. They need a professional hairstylist, STAT!
PR22's picture

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tom021's picture

I totally feel Serena on the

I totally feel Serena on the stance she and Venus have on Indians Wells. The media thinks that they should return but it's the principle of it all. That crowd was disgusting to them. And they were teenagers. No kid should have to go through that.
Tagirl27's picture

lol. They're 30 and 32,

lol. They're 30 and 32, that's up in age for tennis players. Most are retired by that age. They turned pro in '94 and '95. But, even when they decide to retire from singles, they'll be able to play doubles long after then. But Serena still has a lot left in the tank, and we all know, that when she's at her best, nobody is better. I'm happy to see Venus doing better.
Tagirl27's picture

Kudos to the both of them,

Kudos to the both of them, but I don't envy either of their bodies.
Anonymous10's picture

Their bodies are RIDICULOUS.

Their bodies are RIDICULOUS. Venus' body is tight, but Serena is a BEAST! That's called being in shape - wow!
Happy Lady's picture

I had no idea those girls

I had no idea those girls were Jehovah's Witness's. Seriously NONE...Whatever superficiality people want to comment on regarding these women. Means nothing because they are the bomb dot com on the tennis court.
Mz. Opinionated's picture

These two may not be the most

These two may not be the most gracious looking girls but damn it their talent makes up for it! Serena looks like she could whoop some a$$, her body is cray!! And I bet NY Senator Malcolm Smith is feeling dumb as f*ck right about now for holding a PRESS CONFERENCE yesterday demanding Weezy apologize for saying he didn't like New York and today there is a shooting in front of the Empire State Building killing 11 people smh!!
tori's picture

No disrespect... I just don't

No disrespect... I just don't get why you think Senator Smith would feel stupid.. Weezy didn't say he didn't like NY b/c of the violence.. especially when he himself is a self-proclaimed street dude and comes from the NO... as a matter of fact he didn't give a specific reason at all.. so I don't get how the apology regarding NY's support of Weezy's music and his lack of respect for the state and city has anything to do with the violence and tragedy of today's events.
Janelle McIver's picture

My comment didn't ANYTHING

My comment didn't ANYTHING have to do with the reason why Wayne didn't like New York, it was the fact that the Senator actually held a PRESS CONFERENCE addressing Weezy's statement, with EVERYTHING that is going on in New York. Point being, him being a Senator and mayor hopeful, he shouldn't have wasted time addressing Weezy, and if he did, he could have tweeted his opinion! That press conference was as useless as Rick Ross' press conference announcing Omarion was signed to Maybach Music...IMO!
tori's picture

These sisters are awesome. My

These sisters are awesome. My only disappointment is and not only them but many Black women, I wish they wouldn't wear all that weave. I bet if they had their natural hair all done up in a beautiful natural style (and there are MANY) along with those banging bodies and their awesome skills, they would be perfection!
Reign's picture

The Williams Sisters have

The Williams Sisters have defo upped the STYLE GAME and their HAIR GAME........looking good ladies!!!!!!!!!!! Up your hair game too and check out page on facebook....inbox me for orders. We ship everywhere......................................................... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wear-that-Hair/489781341049146
Wear that Hair's picture

Why does she keep taking

Why does she keep taking about being Jehovah's Witness? If you are Jehovah's Witness you can't participate in professional sports, you can't date outside of your religion, you can't have sex b/f marriage, you can't pose nude in magazines, and you can't stand in front of a flag w/ your hand over your heart while the national anthem is playing. She is crazy if she thinks she not stumbling people.

Really? Is this all you have

Really? Is this all you have to say about these two fantastic sisters? You must be kidding me. You must be white. Can't be black. Please tell you are not, please.

Not flattering. They always

Not flattering. They always look so masculine. Serena looks a hot mess with that Slave bush mush hair. She was better when on Letterman and why don't these girls get a Stylist. They should stop wearing their own clothing line
lola69's picture

You're a slave with your B.C.

You're a slave with your B.C. mentality! You always have to say something with respect to degrading black folks. Go away!
Happy Lady's picture

Venus isn't married, lol.

Venus isn't married, lol. Their mom Oracene says "up in age" because in the tennis word, when you're 25+, you are considered a veteran and both serena and Venus are 30 and 32. Even though many don't give them the credit they deserve, they are the only ones male or female holding up American tennis for the past 8 years. Love the cover!!! Love the Williams Sisters. Although Serena's comments on the US Open incidents are quite delusional.
GMD001's picture

they are so beautiful inside

they are so beautiful inside and out. I absolutely adore their energy, passion and skills. A jehovah's witness though??? I guess its just how they were raised.
shuga's picture

Is that a wedding band on

Is that a wedding band on Venus's hand? Is she married?
Janelle McIver's picture

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