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"BBW" star Evelyn Lozada tearfully revealed deets about the domestic dispute between she and estranged husband Chad Johnson on Nightline tonight.  Get the deets on what happened and why Evelyn decided to walk away from the marriage inside.......

Evelyn Lozada sat for a revealing interview with Nightline last night where she opened up about the public failure of her marriage to Chad Johnson and why she walked away from their life together after only 41 days.

She said it all began when she found a receipt in Chad's car.

"...And the very first thing that was on there was that he purchased a box of condoms. So I looked at the date and it was, like, July 20 something, it was literally, like, three weeks after my wedding."

Evelyn confronted Chad about the receipt and he denied sleeping around...but she didn't buy it.

"I knew that he was lying. And I told him, I never forget telling him, I said, "I'm not stickin' by you through this. I don't care if my marriage is the laughing stock of the world and people laugh at me. I'm not stickin' by you through this."


"He got upset. He just....he came a whole other person and he was like, "I didn't-- I didn't do anything. You're accusing me." And then the next thing I know, he-- he grabbed me by here and he headbutted me. And all I felt was, you know...I felt, like, you know, blood coming down my face."


Evelyn was treated at the hospital and given 6 stitches for the headbutt while Chad was arrested for the assault. 

When asked how she felt after the  issue hit the media, she said,  "...Humiliated, embarrassed...in shock. I was in shock that my fairytale, my life or, you know, I felt like I was supposed to be starting my life, had just ended."

When questioned about her image on "BBW" and critics who say she might have "deserved it" (because of karma) Ev said,

"I understand it, but I also think that it's like saying, "Well, look at that woman that-- look at what she had on. That's why she got raped," you know? I just feel like-- I feel it's a little unfair, you know? Whatever the perception of me is on Basketball Wives, that doesn't justify what happened that day, you know? That's catty drama amongst women on a reality show."

So where does Evelyn go from here?  Will we still see her jumping on tables and throwing bottles?  She said,

"You won't see me throwin' a bottle. I'll tell you that. You know-- I'm always gonna voice my opinion. But you won't see me actin' a fool, you know? I've grown a lot in the last couple months."

Watch the interview here:




Evelyn was spotted leaving her hotel in New York City recently.

And for those wondering where Evelyn stands with Chad, she closed out her Nightline interview by saying, "Yes, I still love him. It's the hardest thing (CRYING) in the world to walk away from someone that you really love, but you have to walk away because I have to protect myself."



Photos via Picture by: Santi/Splash News

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WOW! I cant believe that she

WOW! I cant believe that she is still out in public! And now she claims to be embarrassed? She should have been that a looong time ago! So f*^n classless and ghetto, and who in the hell believes that she was a victim of domestic abuse? Some people will do anything for attention, hence her past with Antoine Walker, Chad, Kenny Anderson, and the list goes on and on! If she gets a PSA, Im sick

I do not have the rights to

I do not have the rights to judge either Evelyn or Chad. Only GOD has that responsibility. I am neutral on this topic; I would not wish domestic violence on anyone--man or woman.
C2C's picture

See Evelyn, it DOESN'T feel

See Evelyn, it DOESN'T feel good when other people put their hands on you- no matter how good you may feel when you're the one doing it. Change, now. Not for no one else, but you and your daughter.
tai's picture

We know damn well she

We know damn well she attacked Chad first. He just got the best of her. Womp, womp...Ev take a seat. ----------Get a FREE song download from R&B singer/songwriter Patrick Fenison---------- http://www.noisetrade.com/patrickfenison
P_Major's picture

He made her eat her words.

He made her eat her words. She specifically said if you're gonna cheat use condoms and when he buys condoms you say you can't stand behind that. Trying to act like a down ass bitch just to get him to marry you and then reality set in. BOOM!
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Bitch plz u is a shit eater

Bitch plz u is a shit eater

o.k. so he denies it and then

o.k. so he denies it and then out of nowhere head but you so hard you head start bleeding... Bitch please... i don't believe that shit...

@Anthony Marl -- So let me

@Anthony Marl -- So let me get this straight, the neighbor on the tape of the 911 call is lying, the hospital that admitted her is lying and the doctor that stitched her up is also lying? In your world everybody's lying but Chad Johnson? Do you realize that your comment makes absolutely no sense?
jgraves58's picture

We know her head was

We know her head was bleeding...we know she went to the neighbor's house bleeding...BUT NOONE WAS THERE TO ACTUALLY SEE HOW IT WENT DOWN...PERIOD!!! Finding condoms in her husband's car could have put a rage in her so deep that she may have jumped on him!! C'mon...this woman got enraged because someone called her a whore(which was absolutely true)...and threw a bottle of wine at someone's head...Which could have killed someone!! ...or scarred the other girl for life...IMAGINE WHAT THIS MONSTER WOULD DO KNOWING HER MAN SLEPT WITH SOMEONE THREE WEEKS AFTER MARRIAGE?? It is possible that things got out of hand with Chad...but we don't know EVERYTHING that transpired that night...Period

Look up the meaning of F R A

Look up the meaning of F R A U D and you'll see this heffas picture smack dab up there representing like a mutha!
Realist's picture

Bitch Please!! It is called

Bitch Please!! It is called karma! Now u want to cry and someone to feel sorry for u, stpse!
doll's picture

when is her 3 minutes going

when is her 3 minutes going to be up? That HUGE Rihanna forehead she got everyone knows she head butt him. Don't nobody believe her or feel sorry for her bully evil self. #next
I_love_laughing's picture

She gets zero sympathy from

She gets zero sympathy from me. She is a violent offender herself that rages when others want to contact the authorities to protect themselves against her and her violent flunkies. Karma is a bitch with a mean headbutt that jumps off tables and throw bottles.
knm931's picture

She wasn't "humiliated",

She wasn't "humiliated", "embarrassed", or "shocked" when she was throwing bottles and jumping over tables. I can't feel sorry for her.
Jernero94's picture

its sad , she is a beautiful

its sad , she is a beautiful ladie but her personality is ugly.hope she will learn from that experience and grow. God always gives you a chance to grow , you just got to grab it. It shows that he hasnt given up on her. Now its time for her to change her ways and become a better woman , just like Jennifer, no drama , no sex stories , just quite and focused.
obama2012's picture

Karma, Karma and Karma -

Karma, Karma and Karma - clear case if I ever saw one!Whether she is right or wrong nobody is giving her compassion because of the image she has created - when the show first aired I remember saying this bitch better watch herself or she is going to go down real deep...Chad was straight up from the gate - she knew what this man was like - you think marriage is going to change that -
lifeisgood's picture

Please........, Evelyn you

Please........, Evelyn you are so fake. Why are you returning on BBW ???? You wasn"t a wife in the first place now you are a football wife . you give all real abused women a bad name. You need to go set your tired, fake ass down and cry to somebody that really cares. The only thing I will remember about you is your uncontrollable bully ass. The interview didn't make you look good.
msC's picture

I do not feel sorry for

I do not feel sorry for Evelyn at all. I saw the interview and all it did was made me yawn and flip the channel. True domestic violence is unacceptable but I believe she is not a victim of domestic violence she is a victim of Karma. What goes around comes around and now she being sued for that sham of a wedding she had trying to be like Kim Kardashian.
2sweet2kind's picture

Amen...Karma is real..U reap

Amen...Karma is real..U reap what u sow. She is a violent slore who put her paws on the wrong one!!

You just got the fluid

You just got the fluid knocked outta your ass and the first thing you think about is being embarassed and humliated? Whatever! Those were tears of fear, because this bitch knows her money supply is in great danger. Her d--k sucking skills are no longer needed because no baller will ever deal with her again after this incident, plus her 10 minutes of fame is down to 2. I'd be crying as well. What are you gonna do now EVVV? I got an Idea. How about you create Evelyn's First Aid Kit, complete with gauze, pain killers, running shoes, a map to operation safehouse, and a headbutting survival pamphlet. I'm sure somebody will buy it. Anywho...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I don't watch BBwives or LAHH

I don't watch BBwives or LAHH of no damn city but based on readin these fvckin HILARIOUS comments about her I conclude yall reeeeaaalllly hate this bitch! LMFAO & CTFU & SMDH
I Am Anonymous's picture

SHE IS A MESS. Now she should

SHE IS A MESS. Now she should know how it feels to have someone come up-side HER head for once. Normally she is the bully in the situations. GTFOH!
Classic87's picture

...and ever since she said

...and ever since she said she eats AZZ...i refuse to watch her move her lips in ANY INTERVIEW, TV-SHOW ETC.
Classic87's picture



Ok I don't feel sorry for Ev

Ok I don't feel sorry for Ev but I do feel like Chad should have kept his head to himself...Ev knew that Chad would not remain faithful to her because he was never faithful to her, if she wanted her relationship to last she would have thrown the damn receipt away and been happy that he is using condoms! I could have sworn they agreed that as long as she didn't know his dirt that she would be cool? It's not like the chic showed up to the house, or she saw them out on a date...check it, people do what we ALLOW them to do, if you did not agree with him stepping out, you should have made that a point before the marriage and should have never agreed to anything other than him being faithful to you! not because y'all married will he stop straying...I feel she should have played the part she was playing before the wedding, which was blind and accepting, cause when you throw a wild card, the results can be dangerous, and that's exactly what happened. No woman deserves to be mishandled, so no she did not deserve to be physically hurt by a man, but she does need to be held accountable for accepting the cheating before the wedding, then trying to play like she don't know what's up...

Yours is the first

Yours is the first intelligent comment I've read so far. In a round-a-bout way she brought all this on herself. Not saying she deserved it but she isn't completely faultless either. If she didn't know his cheating was a possibility she should have, he gave her all kinds of clues. I think Evelyn's desire to get married outweighed her desire to marry the right guy. So she settled and the results where disastrous. She'll get over it.
jgraves58's picture

Why is she on YBF anyway the

Why is she on YBF anyway the marriage was for show.

I just cant believe her

I just cant believe her
Simple's picture

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Wear that Hair's picture

Heifer please. No sympathy

Heifer please. No sympathy for the evil.
Yas's picture

Am I the only one that does't

Am I the only one that does't see a scar, discoloration, cut, a bump, ANY SIGNS OF 6 STITCHES?!! I'm not sure I'm buying the this was a vicious headbutt story..and I have a ton of sympathy for women that are abused but I'm just not feeling it with her. My gut is saying WHATEVER!! And for her to try and differentiate her actions from Chad's is retarded. Violence is violence, abuse is abuse...and she showed both on BBW.
PacificGirl's picture

I'm not promoting DV, but Ev

I'm not promoting DV, but Ev always was fighting on BBW, and now she's crying because her man head butted her?! She looks really stupid! Maybe now she will calm her butt down and stop being violent herself.
gossip girl's picture

Who cares about this BITCH?

Who cares about this BITCH? People like her I can't feel sorry for...as much violence against women that she has shown on that BBW show against Royce, Tami, and Jennifer, now she wants to be a VICTIM! PLEASE. CHAD SHOULD HAVE REALLY BEAT DAT ASS!!!
BEEMA's picture

Boo hoo... go away! No one

Boo hoo... go away! No one cares about your interview or feels sorry for you so, be gone.
Chica-Chica's picture

wheres the scar on her

wheres the scar on her forehead and didnt she give him permission to cheat as long as he protected himself?

Why are the even giving this

Why are the even giving this ignorant broad more air time for this shit?!?!?!? I just don't even understand! Why does she come out looking like the saint here? I don't give a damn if he knocked her ass clean out, did any of these people who are giving her these interviews review VH1's tapes/archives? Proof that KARMA is a bitch so oh fuckin well. There are always two sides to every story and I'm sure there's a whole side missing to this one. This chic is so full of shit I can't even stand it! She talking about she has to protect herself (I guess by playing the victim) but what happened in this situation you shit talk'a? You couldn't get your hands on a damn bottle Ev?! or is it you couldn't jump up on a table like the damn ignorant animal you are b'c you were in a car?WWW.BITCHPLEASE.COM! Girl have a fuckin seat!!! Please!!! I'm sick of these hoes getting rich off of all these shananagans they orchestrating and sacraficing people's entire lives and what they've worked hard for all for the sake of getting ahead by any means necessary! (and yes, I'm referring to Kim K. FUCK THAT HOE TOO BY THE WAY...WHAT?!?!?!yeah, I said it) I bet you any amount of money, a book is up next...WATCH! Ole ratched hoes! & P.S. I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR THIS HOE!.....AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spare me the drama, there are way more reputable actresses out there who've earned their way and waaaayyyy more classy so please,,,,, disappear! IMMEDIATELY! Thanks and good night! I'm done!
LuvOnTop's picture


whatev's picture

Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!
Yas's picture

I'm standing up clapping...

I'm standing up clapping... clap, clap, clap...very well stated. My sentiments EXACTLY!!!!! I couldn't have written it better myself. Thank you
Reign's picture

Agreed! Co-sign! 110%--I

Agreed! Co-sign! 110%--I don't feel sorry for her either. Not to mention: we have people missing, kids getting bullied, political lies being spewed against Obama--REAL ISSUES that are not featured on Nightline. But this $10 slore gets a segment to tell her sob story. Pot meet kettle: this is what happens when a hoe reaps what she sows. All that sleeping with other womens' men, cussing, insulting and fighting women on TV has come home to roost! My ass...and Chad deserves what he gets too. All the black baby-mommas he has and he marries a Puerto Rican slore-who's obviously trained her daughter to seek out self-loathing black men with $10 (enter Sean Kingston). WHO. CARES? Oh and on a final note: for Evelyn to be about 'that life'-her outfit & bag don't match worth a damn. I can out-dress that hoe in my sleep. Done.

Didn't Evelyn say she was

Didn't Evelyn say she was cool with Chad screwing other broads as long as he protected himself and let her know?? Football season was about to start when he bought the condoms so who is to say he wouldn't have told her about the cheating after he did it? She would have stuck by him if all he did was cheat, but that headbutt had her thinking about all the press and publicity Rihanna got from that "Chris Brown incident" and figured she was worth more without him then with him. Ev is not going to change, she will continue to be a hot headed mess (stitches and all), just the way we like her!!
tori's picture

Evelyn look hella sexy when

Evelyn look hella sexy when she sad, them beautiful ethnic features start showing lol, but come on baby girl !!!Don't let this situation keep you down sista, it aint good for you. WHAT the sista evelyn need to do, is JUST FOCUS ON SELF, focus on areas you need to deal with , within yourself. Get away from these nagging ass gossipin black women and do a self CLEANSING on your mind and spirit!! GET IT TOGETHER MY RICAN BLACK SISTA!! I don't know what to say to the brotha chad, i mean he in his mid 30's , your time is almost up brotha , IF IT NOT UP ALREADY you done fuck yourself OFF WITH THIS SITUATION. That's the nigga THAT SHOULD BE CRYING lol.Goddamn!! Evelyn Lozada is pretty much all good, because this liberal media and these feminist organizations are gonna cater to her and want her to tell the horrifying story OF "THE BIG BLACK EVIL SAVAGE ATTACKING HER" cause that's how they look at black men..the media love making black men look like wild beast, but she good at the end of the day. Interview with Nightline Nbc??? Damn chad done fucked up...
LetsGetIt's picture

For you to have sympathy for

For you to have sympathy for this savage, vile, whorish woman just goes to show how screwed up and how much self-hatred you have. You want to coddle a wilder beast Puerto Rican with no home training, but yet, you are constantly spewing negativity and hatred toward black women. Please take a seat on the couch of your nearest counselor to help you with your issues.
MsKizzy's picture

Sista why you have to talk

Sista why you have to talk down on me like that??? Why sista lol??I see evelyn as a black woman!! ALRITE!!!! And the only reason yall hate this woman is because she's a RICAN!!!Damn i don't see how anything i said was self hating sista!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Just one question.....Do you

Just one question.....Do you hate BLACK WOMEN as a whole or just certain ones like hood, ghetto fabulous ones? I've seen you bashed them a lot on here #IJW
Missez Lollipop's picture

What makes you think i hate

What makes you think i hate black women??? And i don't bash black women i tell the truth about MOST BLACK WOMEN THAT I'VE ENCOUNTERED!!The way i feel about black women is sort of like how a father feels about having the whoop his child ass for the first time, YOU HATE TO DO IT, BUT YOU DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM. That's how it is with me and black women, i love black women too much not to say anything about the fuckery that goes on in the black community. I hold my people NOT JUST BLACK WOMEN THE MEN TOO i hold them accountable!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

so....why did you just bash

so....why did you just bash Chad instead of blaming Evelyn as well?????? You know damn well she is a violent person....you live on here enough to know that. And you also know there is two sides to every story. COME ON BLACK MAN.
Classic87's picture

O ok. Its just your comments

O ok. Its just your comments that I've read seems that way. But I now understand where you coming from.
Missez Lollipop's picture

evelyn pleaassseeeee!!!!

evelyn pleaassseeeee!!!! chick i dont care if you have a big ol' comfy reclining seat. you must take your seat immediately.
booked's picture

BISH PLEASE!! That's all I

BISH PLEASE!! That's all I got.
MsKizzy's picture

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