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Nasty Nas Shoots Video For "Cherry Wine" Ft. Amy Winehouse + Alicia Keys Teases "Girl On Fire" Single In VMA Promo

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The Don is not letting up.  He's shooting his fifth video off his #1 album Life Is Good.  And this one is for his girl Amy Winehouse.  Check out shots from the set of "Cherry Wine" inside, plus Alicia Keys' new VMAs promo, featuring her new single "Girl On Fire"....

Nas is keeping the memory of his good friend Amy Winehouse alive as he shoots the video for the track they made and wrote together back in 2008.  And he decided to add to his Life Is Good album.

He's shooting the visuals with leading lady Brittany Daily, who also played The Dream's girl in his new video "Dope Chick."  The vid appears to be set in a nightclub/bar with Nasir playing the bartender:

In case you missed the premiere yesterday, check out Nas' brand new vid for "Bye Baby" HERE.



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Meanwhile, MTV just released Alicia Keys' new promo for the VMAs.  Mrs. Beatz will be rocking her performance by debuting her new single "Girl On Fire," and you can get a sneak peek of it in the promo, all while she sits at her piano.  The Awards are here Sept. 6th.

Nas Pics: Miss Info

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God why cant you just give me

God why cant you just give me Nasir? I wont ask for anything else, promise!
Realist's picture

WTH is up with the symbols Im

WTH is up with the symbols Im tired of this ish.. This isnt the alicia keys I know. She has changed and she seems "DARK"
BBCAT's picture

I hate when celebrities

I hate when celebrities promote themselves. She talking about "you're gonna FEEEEL the power of my voice, watch me reveal what's within, I'll show you". Girl bye. Your performance won't be any different than your previous ones, which is your unenergetic ass sitting down at a piano. P.S You already showed us what's within you which is another womans husband. Have a seat!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Wow...I love Nas....I didn't

Wow...I love Nas....I didn't realize that his album was #1. And I didn't realize this was his fourth video for this album.
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

Two of my favorite artists,

Two of my favorite artists, Nas and Alicia are making excited with their music. I love Nas' album and "Cherry Wine" is one of my favorite songs. I am only watching the VMA's for the talented and beautiful Alicia so I can't wait for the debut of her new song.
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