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CANDIDS: Tamar & Vince Take The Show to London + Eva Marcille Out With Her Girls + NeNe & Greg Leakes Ridin' Round L.A.

Everyone's fave youngest Braxton sister was spotted out and about on the streets of London with her husband Vincent Herbert last night.  Check out pics of the couple, plus NeNe & Greg Leakes acting "divorced," and Eva Marcille and her girls out in L.A. inside....

Tamar & Vince took their "Meet The Herberts" reality show to London last night as they filmed at the Audley Bar.  The blonde and banged Tamar looked cute and casual in her snakeskin leggings, grey & black shirt and leather biker jacket.  All while carrying her fave black Birkin bag.

She even took time to snap pics with some fans.  Sweet.  The couple's show premiere son WeTV on September 20th, by the way.


Back in L.A., "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes was also spotted out with her (former) hubby Greg:

She flashed a huge ring while zooming away in her vehicle last night.   NeNe's been living the Beverly Hills life more and more as she's starring in the new NBC show "The New Normal."


And outside of Mr. Chow last night:

Eva Marcille and her legs went out for dinner with her girls as the crew premiered their new reality show, "Girlfriend Confidential" this week:

The modelesque stance never wears off.

The Randomness:

1.  Olympian Gabby Douglas will have a new book out just in time for the Holidays!  STORY




omg that moose should always

omg that moose should always keep her mouth closed, scared the hell outta me.
Realist's picture

When did NeNe get the rest of

When did NeNe get the rest of her bottom teeth installed? They look nice.
Anonymous10's picture

Yay for Tamar and Vince! I

Yay for Tamar and Vince! I feel sad for the next person that sits in Eva's chair. (Cheeks all out)
C2C's picture

Tamar does not know how to

Tamar does not know how to respect Vincent the Herbert. Nene never divorced her daddy, she was fronting for the cameras. They are STILL married. They just separated for a minute. Eve is not cute to me; she just has pretty eyes and skin.
I_love_laughing's picture

Eva looks like a Damn fool,

Eva looks like a Damn fool, with that Ali baba outfit on. The only thing missing is the monkey.
Synsation's picture

I usually defend Eva, BUT, I

I usually defend Eva, BUT, I don't like this outfit AT ALL! It's a bit tacky and low class.
srenitamoore's picture

Theres no need defending

Theres no need defending Eva's dress sense. She tries way too hard and rarely ever looks good. Honestly, the last time I saw her look good was on on top model. Judging by her show and the photos on these black blogs, I understand why she did not make it as a model. She is not effortless, platinum blonde hair and wears tons of makeup e.g bronzer. It is not even about the height because I have seen models around her height and shorter. Even as an actress, if she doesn't want to fall victim to only starring in Tyler Perry's movies she needs to learn how to tone everything down!
jeze003@ymail.com's picture

Tamar's face stay looking

Tamar's face stay looking STUCK!! She needs to leave the BOTOX and RESTYLANE alone, that's probably why her EGGS are all jacked up!! Poor Eva, she hit her prime when she was with LANCE GROSS, ever since he DROPPED her, she's been going downhill! She still cute though *schrugs*
tori's picture

Eva...Seriously? These sluts

Eva...Seriously? These sluts are doing the most to get in these folk's pockets, man. It's so sad to see a chick so thirsty and tricking for relevancy when all else fails. There's obviously (something) that NeNe needs from Greg and trusts only him with (or maybe he knows some ish on her) and that's why she's keeping him around like a little pup. Tamar...Please, honey! Fans? What damn fans? That's so funny...their "fans"...lol...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

LMAO..your comments LITERALLY

LMAO..your comments LITERALLY brighten up my day (no Alicia). I think NeNe keeps Pastor Penguin around to stop him from giving RADIO interviews about her lol, you remember when he told that radio station "he spent $400k to make NeNe pop off in the A and wanted his money back?" It went viral EVERYWHERE. Plus she says "he puts it down in the bedroom" so..who knows!! I bet that "fan" was mad as hell after he got her autograph and said "WHAT THE F*CK IS A TAMAR, I THOUGHT SHE WAS TONI" you know how foreigners are lol.
tori's picture

Eva has been such a

Eva has been such a disappointment. And who the fk are the other girls on the show and why should we care?
PacificGirl's picture

Eva looks like a caked up

Eva looks like a caked up makeup genie in a bottle. Ewww.
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture

Eva...If you are a model,

Eva...If you are a model, there is no reason for you to be running around looking like a Hoochie-fied Harriet Tubman. Please get it together. Ick.
Vanessa Lee's picture


I_love_laughing's picture

Eva Pigford is such a media

Eva Pigford is such a media $lore with her non existing a$$. Tamar look like plastic. Golddigging biotch. Tamar I see you trying to be funny on your show. Talking about getting a surrogate throwing shade at Beyonce you aint slick.
BBCAT's picture

I love Eva shorts!!! The

I love Eva shorts!!! The shirt Eva wearing is different and could of been worn with a different outfit, nonetheless everyone looks pretty.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Why are Eva's bum cheeks

Why are Eva's bum cheeks always peaking?
blynne23's picture

Always...without fail.

Always...without fail.
GTFOHWTBS's picture

tamar actually looks

tamar actually looks cute....eva looks so stupid with her ass out and that turban on her head
litebrite's picture

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