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"Basketball Wives: LA" Stars Draya Michelle & Malaysia Pargo DISH On "HO-DELETION" & Threesomes With Chris Brown & Draya

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"BBW LA" stars Draya Michelle and Malaysia Pargo are in NYC for Fashion Week.  And they stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club where they dished on Draya's reputation and "ho deletion." Watch the interview inside....


The ladies spent some tie chatting it up about season 2 of their show and their private lives. 

As Angela Yee remarked that Draya's character on the show has become more likeable, the subject of her past reputation came up.  When asked if she was a "ho," Draya said, 

"I think a hoe is somebody that sleeps with everyone and anybody. I don't think I'm considered a hoe no more. I don't really got nobody [sic] in the last two or three years....No, you're ho-ness can get deleted after a certain amount of time. ... I'm in a total drought right now."

So she admits she used to be a ho?  Interesting. 

But when she is with someone, Draya revealed that she is the jealous type.  She joked that she is a crazy, jealous girlfriend who stalks her boyfriends. "I act like everybody's baby momma."

And when asked if she does threesomes with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran, she shut down the rumors saying,

"To clear everything, Chris and Karrueche are in a relationship; there are no three-somes. Her and I are friends."

She added, "If you know Karrueche and you know how they run their relationship, she is not an insecure person. She got her man." 

While talking about relationships, Malaysia said that she is very secure in her marriage to NBA hubby Jannero...but don't expect to see it on the show.   She's keeping that private saying, "My career standpoint is mine, and his and his. You’re not gonna see me on the basketball court."

She also announced that since her Three Beats jewelry collection for kids is doing so well, she plans to create a new women's line.  


Watch the video here:

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There is nothing pretty about

There is nothing pretty about Draya. She looks below average. And her nasty attitude and trashy was are nothing cool, admitting it or not. If she was being honest she wouldnt have used past tense when describing being a hoe.

oh ... please ..... thats not

oh ... please ..... thats not what happened the other time... i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

This bitch is so dumb draya

This bitch is so dumb draya go take care of yo damn son SMH
Mzlelo's picture


I RESPECT Draya's HONESTY, but NOT her LIFESTYLE!! I'm sorry to burst her bubble but, ONCE A HOE, ALWAYS A HOE!! I wonder if she and CHRIS BROWN, used the SAME bottle of HAIR BLEACH to dye their HAIR! Malaysia is one of my favs on BBW: LA, she's a gorgeous "roun' the way" girl and her HAIR and MAKE-UP stay "did!!" I look forward to the new season of BBWives, that damn Brooke Bailey is MESSY and has a deep voice!!
tori's picture

Brooke does look messy but

Brooke does look messy but she thinks she's so cute. Then again most messy people think they're the ish!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

OMG...can u say idiot? Wow,

OMG...can u say idiot? Wow, Draya...be seen and not heard....
Chica-Chica's picture

What happened to self

What happened to self respect? Does anyone even know what that means anymore? At least she admits to being a ho, but she doesn't seem to care what that means or say she learned from her mistakes. I'm so glad that I don't feel the need to be a ho and use that to my advantage just because I'm pretty. Oh and cockroach isn't insecure because she knows her role, she's a decoy (to fool the media) for chris and rihanna. I mean seriously what chick with sense would want to be friends with their ex's last ho gf? Because they're not really together duh! Malaysia is so pretty and her husband is fine! I don't blame her from wanting to keep their relationship a secret.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Hoes don't have any self

Hoes don't have any self respect or they wouldn't be so quick to share their bodies. But you're right... even if I was a hoe, I would have enough dignity to not get on radio or TV broadcasting it. But since that's how BBW introduced her, she must now defend herself publicly. I think she may have learned from her mistakes since she is on a drought. She is a very pretty girl who wouldn't have a problem getting sex if that's the road she wanted to stay on. Then again, I did see a preview of the upcoming season and she was kissing a girl so she still has hoe-tendencies. IDK
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Kissing a girl? I'm not

Kissing a girl? I'm not surprised. Once a loose goose always a loose goose. And I just don't get hoes, how could you live your life that way? It's so sick and degrading. They must have been hurt emotionally as a child or don't know any better, or both.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

At least she admitted to

At least she admitted to being a loose booty cause most hoes are in denial. Just like cancer, there are different stages to being a hoe and most women don't want to accept it. STAGE ONE- Having more than one or two sexual partners in a year. STAGE TWO- Having several sexual partners in a short amount of time even if you thought you were working on a relationship. STAGE THREE- Sleeping with married men or men in committed relationships with no regard to your morals or values. STAGE FOUR- As Draya said, Sleeping with anybody and everybody. That means for Money, Fame, Fun, Loose off the goose, or for no reason at all... still a hoe. Everyone has slept with someone they wish they hadn't of, but if you consistently make that mistake (and produce multiple children from those encounters) then you're definitely a hoe so admit it and do better.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Draya is ignorant. No joke.

Draya is ignorant. No joke. Did she graduate high school? Her grammar is atrocious. We need to do better...
tinytexan's picture

Draya looks beautiful with

Draya looks beautiful with dark hair...this cheap looking yellowish boxed clairol color is looking bad!!

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tom070's picture

Draya looks like Tweety Bird

Draya looks like Tweety Bird
Jersey here's picture

Don't she!!!!! She's still

Don't she!!!!! She's still cute though.
Classic87's picture

Draya look like she just woke

Draya look like she just woke up or never went to sleep yet

Angela Yee is MIXED as in

Angela Yee is MIXED as in black and asian. Do your homework.

But she looks like a fat

But she looks like a fat asian woman. No black at all. She a ho.
BBCAT's picture

Draya....u a creepy hoe

Draya....u a creepy hoe huh?....bahawaaa like really really...and speaking of lil miss Katastrophe...all I saw was RIRi doing her job!!! Heheheheha....keep flickin up the middle...that wreaks of insecurity!!
Like Really's picture

Nice to see a Chinese Lady

Nice to see a Chinese Lady (Angela Yee) be accepted in the Black Community as one of our own.........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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