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Kenya Moore, Toya Wright & Cynthia Bailey PARTY IT UP At TAGS' GRAND OPENING With Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss hosted a party at her new TAGS boutique in Atlanta with fab chicks Toya Wright, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey in attendance. See the pics inside....

The "ATL Housewife" made her flirty dress arrival to her new clothing boutique last night for its Grand Opening party:

And her Nicki Minaj loving daughter Riley rocked her tutu and a big bow for the ocassion.

Kandi and her mini me.

A stunning Cynthia Bailey was among the guests at a recent party Kandi Burruss hosted for the grand opening of her second TAGS boutique in Atlanta.  Kandi said about the event, "We had a great turn out tonight for our @TagsBoutique grand opening! Thanks to everyone who came!"

The lovely Kenya Moore also supported Kandi at the event which may end up on the new season of "RHOA."

Mr. Fancy, Dererk J, was in attendance of course.

Ne-Y'o's fiance and baby moms Monyetta was on hand with her purple Balenciaga bag.

Toya Wright was spotted looking colorful with a bag of goodies from the party.


Toya also posed with the hilarious Funky Dineva.  Hair laid like Toya Wright?

Waka Flocka's mom Deb Antney was there.  This wig & dress though....

Jazze Pha was spotted with a bag of goodies too.

And "The Queen" mother Mama Dee showed that she's still got it.  Or something.


Photos via Seven Photography; Jerome Pearson




Dang, some of these folks

Dang, some of these folks need to step back from the dinner table.. I know they eat good in the SOUTH, especially in the ATL with all those nice restaurants, but I'd be scared for my health.. Jesus Christ smh......
LO99's picture

Ooh! Red beans, rice, and

Ooh! Red beans, rice, and Jiffy box cornbread didn't miss Kandi's gene pool (I"m not hating at all, just saying). Toya is always so pretty. Love Derek J for being himself. And if Jazzy Pha get any damn bigger O.O... the world is going to slip off its axis.
Peace Silas's picture

Nicki Minaj is marketed to

Nicki Minaj is marketed to children but has an adult message. She is dressed like a clown to appeal to children...what does that tell you? Wake up people. Then Kandi has her daughter walking around with a Nicki t-shirt. =/

kandi cute but watch the

kandi cute but watch the cakes girl you putting on weight. Dwayne wade look a like Um NO! Kenya Moore I dont know what her talent is does she still date Christian Keyes? Huh!
BBCAT's picture

Masculine is defined as

Masculine is defined as having qualities appropriate to or usually associated with a man. So if you're parading around town in women's clothing, hair and makeup then you have been emasculated. Even if you're buff, rough and tough, you are still not masculine if you sleep with other men because that is not what is usual for men to do. A gay man is not masculine no matter how much bass he has in his voice but he is still a man (male homo sapien) nonetheless.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Something is wrong with Momma

Something is wrong with Momma Dee's breast. Kandi needs a stylist.
cotton candy's picture

Um Derek J...no comment for

Um Derek J...no comment for you.
Gabbie's picture

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tom071's picture

WHEW! I am calling on the

WHEW! I am calling on the predecessors for this one. Thurgood Marshall, W.E.B. DuBois...please come and GET YOUR PEOPLE'S LIVES! It is a tragic day in the Black Community when we deem grown-ass men who wear wigs/hair weaves, stilettos, and carry purses as socially acceptable! WHEW, Honey! "As for ME and MY House........"!!!!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

It's a beautiful thing to be

It's a beautiful thing to be engages, married etc but this Monyetta does nothing else but flash that ring. . She finds the right pose to show it off everytime I see a photo of her. lol. It's starting to seem like her life and sense of worth relies on that ring.
jeze003@ymail.com's picture


Her "LIFE AND SENSE OF WORTH" relies on those two CA$H COWS, I mean, CHILDREN she had with Ne-Yo!
tori's picture


My Moniker Is...'s picture

This gay 'parody' or whatever

This gay 'parody' or whatever you want to call it is out of control at this point! To each their own but if you feel the need to dress and act like a damn female go and get the surgery. That's nasty as hell!!!
Money First's picture

Riley looks and talks like

Riley looks and talks like she is a little slow but she is a very sweet girl.
I_love_laughing's picture

@Mouse But yall get mad when

@Mouse But yall get mad when i say BLACK WOMEN ARE DESTROYING THE BLACK COMMUNITY!! Got these kids IDOLIZING NICKI MINAJ!!!! I mean Atlanta have some of the most SUCCESSFUL BLACK PEOPLE ON THE DAMN PLANETTTT but these negros are materialistic, fashion lover, Gay attention seekers, silly ass raping negros and foolish ass reality show. COME ON BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!Goddamn, i mean im a young brotha, and later in live i don't want to have to look to my child and tell him or her the reason why black people are at the BOTTOM is because we don't give a damn about putting our money to something useful WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY.It's like damn man WHAT ARE WE TEACHING THE NEW GENERATION, SHIT IS GETTING WORSE!! Is this what you mean by "Integrating into a burning house" Dr King???? Is this what you really saw but didn't say shit??
LetsGetIt's picture

either you dnt work are got

either you dnt work are got hurt by a black woman, you stay on ybf talking bad on black women .. what about all the little white girls that love nicki minaj is it ok cuz their white... want you get out and help the black community instead of all ways talking down on the black community.. and you talk about rap music have you listen to rock music and what they talk about ... have you watch all the white reality shows there no diffrent from our shows , dont be so quick to put us down get out there and do something for the community .. MR LETS GET IT
lexx's picture

I will give u that. Can't

I will give u that. Can't agree when u hav a bias twd black women, but I can totally agree that black ppl as a whole men & women are destroying our community. I was out in Atl for 2 weeks in July, I was disgusted by what I saw, Sodom & Gomorrah down there. The culture is sleazy and evil. The Nicki Minaj wanabees, the strippers, prostitutes, bearded men in heels, sexed up drugged up life was so disturbing & depressing. I felt dirty just being around those people I couldn't believe how low in morals, values and self respect we had sunk. Nothing but whores and whore mongers. I didn't see wholesome families, respectable young black men & women. It wasn't the Atl I visited as a kid with my parents. Black people are hopeless out there it is truly the land of the lost and unfortunately what I saw in Atl was a concentrated representation of what is happening in black communities all over. I came back home, NYC,seeing everything & everyone differently. Black ppl are being dumbed down & lead into worshipping evil that is leading us into our own destruction, its terrifying. We are behind in education and lack any kind of motivation. Sex, drugs and money that's it and we are destroying one another. It always bothered me that a "friend" will share drugs with someone but not share knowledge. It's depressing all over but as for Atl.if I ever had children they wouldn't even be allowed to breath air out there & I would never consider any man who has ever lived in Atl for a husband, they are a poisonous breed...
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

Because the black woman is

Because the black woman is the NUCLEUS of the black community!!Thats why i have a bias towards them!!!They are the first teacher and if the man die WE LIVE ON THROUGH THE BLACK WOMAN AND CHILD!!! Alrite, everybody on the planet hold their women to high esteem, because they know if someone was to get to their women , THOSE PEOPLE WOULD HAVE THEIR WHOLE CIVILIZATION ON LOCK!!!!!Now about Atlanta, Sista you know how much money and how POWERFUL Atlanta COULD'VE BEEN??? It could've been a modern day BlackWall Street!!!!!But it's not, all because of the MEDIA, and not having REAL MEN LEAD THE COMMUNITY!! The media is what got all these atlanta negros out buyin high prices ass shitty clothing , andnail and hair shops, it got the women and children acting like rappers and whores in the music videos. Black women on here act as if the MEDIA DON'T MATTER and that it's just tv, BUT YOU TAKE YOUR ASS TO ATLANTA and look at what our successful black people are doing, NOT JUST ATLANTA any damn whereeee!!! I mean in New York Harlem use to be called " Black Mecca!!" wtf is going on nowwwwwwww!!!!!! They fucking up the property value and crakkkas are moving they asses outt to get a spot. Im serious when i say this , but it's gonna take a GODDDD TO change the mindstate of black people.
LetsGetIt's picture

I'm from Harlem, bred &

I'm from Harlem, bred & fed... There was a lot more govt involvement on causing the property value of historic brownstones and limestones to lose value. When the homes were owned by predominantly black families there was a thriving middle class coming out of Harlem. The gentrification plan was set in place decades ago. As homeowners died & passed the property on to children or other family members those inheriting the property had difficulty maintaining it bc most of the old homes needed rehab/ repairs but banks refused those who inherited properties improvement loans so the homes jus sat there couldn't be leased out for revenue bc of the conditions and the owners were stuck with a money pit property. The banks would appraise the property value at a rate below the purchase price or mortgage on the home thereby refusing any home equity loans. Eventually the properties couldn't b maintained and the govt raised the taxes 3 times from 1987 making them unaffordable. Owners started losing their property for unpaid taxes, foreclosure or simply abandoning these empty homes and there were no lenders offering these working class owners any help. Around 1997 once the stock of homes in Harlem had been placed in In REM status (city takes over any residential stock that has been lost or abandoned). The city started creating tax credit and subsidy programs to renovate and resell the properties.. And who did they make the properties affordable to, your fav people, white folks. All of sudden banks were appraising these homes which were just shells at over $1mil. and this is before remodel. So when the city started selling these homes who do you think the banks qualified? Now almost 7 years after appraising these same properties at under $200k when they were owned by black families banks began appraising these same properties in same conditions at over $1mil. This was by design, black people were duped out of these properties. Now claim u like to be educated, so hope u can appreciate that info...
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

Thank you sista damn!!!! Just

Thank you sista damn!!!! Just educate your brotha im from the south yall new yorkers call us slow SO JUST EDUCATE YOUR BROTHA!!!!And you didn't have to say whites are my favorite people YOU KNOW THAT'S NOT TRUE SISTA, I LOVE MY BLACK PEOPLE!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Omg, Funky Dineva looks

Omg, Funky Dineva looks exactly like Dwayne Wade!!!
Dria's picture

Yikes! Cynthia looks nice,

Yikes! Cynthia looks nice, but when all that make-up is off... Kandi's dress would have been cute without the horrible LACE.
Chica-Chica's picture

You are right about All of

You are right about All of that makeup on Cynthia's face
star's picture

Cynthia Bailey fine af!!!!!!

Cynthia Bailey fine af!!!!!! Her make up is flawless and very clean. I'm in awe... Mama Dee need straps wit that bra cuz she sagging and she has decent features but all put together her face is so hard. Toya stay cute... These bearded men in heels its disgusting. Got no prob wit gays but gay or straight if u look a mess u look a mess. That Derek j or whoever is built boxy he'd be so much more fly as a gay man in a nice sharp brooks brothers, armani or Hugo boss suit wit some loafers no sox. Being a gay man's does not mean u have to look like a hideous imitation of a woman.
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

What is Nikki Minaj rapping

What is Nikki Minaj rapping about that is appropriate or productive for a child Riley's age to listen to? At some point we all have to say the music and videos are destroying these kids minds. I'm not knocking Nikki if you aren't an impressionable kid I say if you like it buy it rock to it whatever. But this child should not be listening to that sh*t. Period. When the music changes, so does the dance.
Mouse's picture

It's a wrap for the future of

It's a wrap for the future of black America. God is going to have to wipe us out and start this shit over, and hopefully we become powerful with new up and coming blacks that God place on this earth, because integration and these liberal programs has completely fucked us up to a point of no recovery. We're damaged beyond repair and don't even realize it.
LetsGetIt's picture


lexx's picture

aaahh at that guy with the

aaahh at that guy with the weave..... i mean jus google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Funky Dineva is so fukkin

Funky Dineva is so fukkin funny, Ms. Derek J bishh if you ridin with the girls I need you to lose some weight you just look like black buddha in heels everywhere you go NO ma'am get your life. . .CYNTHIA BAILEY IS BEAUTIFUL. . . I just can't get over how flawless her face is I lives for some Ms. Cynthia that girl is FLAWLESS. . . . Toya is so blahhh to me. . . Kandi looks cute, Ms. Deb got a new wig on, Kenya Moore I need More. . Yes GOD. . . I don't know Monyetta or whatever. . and Momma Dee. . . . GIRL sheer is not for everyone but you get an A for effort cuz you're funny.
iLaugh's picture

Kenya Moore is one of the

Kenya Moore is one of the PRETTIEST "celebs" living in the A right now!!! Funky Dineva looks like the "Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Ediion" version of Dereck J. I will throw NO shade at Deb Antey cause she keeps it TRILL. Mama Dee-bo looks like she just "got out" of serving a 20 year bid at Georgia Dept of Corrections, and got the PRISON TATTS to prove it! AND HOW LONG BEFORE KANDI STORE CATCHES FIRE??? I give it LESS than a MONTH!!
tori's picture

Deb Antney looks like &

Deb Antney looks like & sounds like Tracy Morgan in Draq!! & am so tired of them showing these fuck up fags. There are better looking Gays out there!! Every time there a gay person on t.v there a real gay one, that define gay people as fags..it time for more masculine Gay people to be shown on t.v for more straight people can realize we are just as human as everyone else!!

There is no such thing as a

There is no such thing as a "masculine gay". If you're gay you have been EMASCULATED.
LetsGetIt's picture

@LETSEGETIT.....We kool and

@LETSEGETIT.....We kool and all but watch your mouth son cus some might say a black man on a trashy gossip site is not very masculine.... people interpretation of what is masculine is very subjective....Just sayin
Kai's picture

I can agree, sometimes it's

I can agree, sometimes it's not. But this is the internet sista, IM NOT RESTRICTED TO GO ANY GODDAMN PLACE!!!! Now im just telling truth sista kai, when you're gay ... SOMEONE IS BEING EMASCULATED now am i right or am i wrong???
LetsGetIt's picture

U shouldn't do that. Don't

U shouldn't do that. Don't come on here trying to challenge a person's identity. Who tf are u to say whether he is masculine or not. Where does the definition of masculinity say a gay man is excluded. There are gay men who are some of the most brawny strong and able bodied.. Football players, fighters and who carry themselves like gentlemen. I've seen straight men who don't have masculine traits. Ur so sickening.
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

How am i challenging

How am i challenging someone's identity?? Explain sista?? I just said if your gay YOU'RE BEING EMASCULATED!!! If it's not that THEN SOMEONES WITHIN THAT GAY RELATIONSHIP is being EMASCULATED!!Alrite damn im not challening anybody indentity, that's just the damn truth sistaaaaa and im not talking about MASCULINE TRAITSSSS, im talking about as FAR AS MANHOOD, if your manhood IS BEING TAKEN , then how the hell are you masculine sistaaaaaaaaaaaaa. EXPLAIN THAT TO ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. And i have nothing against gay peopleeee at all alritee, i love and see them as human just like i am, but we gotta be honest here, if you're in a relation as a gay man SOMEBODY IS GOING TO BE EMMASCULATEDDDDDDDDD!!! If not please educated meeee, don't call me sickening sistaaaaaaaa, educated meeeeeeee, I DON'T KNOW EVERY DAMN THINGGGG, EXPLAIN TO YOUR BROTHAAAA SO I CAN GAIN A UNDERSTANDINGGGGGGGGG... DON'T CALL ME DUMB, STUPID, SICKENING, BREAKKK IT DOWNNNNNNN TO MEEEEEEE
LetsGetIt's picture

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For fabulous hair extensions check out Wear that Hair on facebook! Share and Like our page to keep updated on sales and offers! Inbox for orders and enquires! xoxo http://www.facebook.com/wearthathair
Wear that Hair's picture

Momma Dee needs a breast lift

Momma Dee needs a breast lift or not wear those type of clothes. The pole might be helping her body but it isn't doing much for that face.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Like reallY reallY... Well

Like reallY reallY... Well dam wth Kenya and kandi look like sista sista!!! ....lol okay then good dam day I need some rest!!!!!
Like Really's picture

i wanna see Kenya Moore &

i wanna see Kenya Moore & Serena Williams in an MMA Fight together.......pummeling Crayonce's snobby face into the ground at least 5000 times
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Lol... I thought u wud

Lol... I thought u wud preferr a bat...while one is calmly sitting on the edge of the boat!...lolol
Like Really's picture

The nighmare in the wig looks

The nighmare in the wig looks as if he would talk wreckless about you just out of g.p.
truthbetold42's picture

I'm very happy for Kandi.

I'm very happy for Kandi. That is good she has the support. I should go and check out her store. I really like her clothes.
truthbetold42's picture

1. Kenya Moore needs Cynthia

1. Kenya Moore needs Cynthia Bailey's makeup artist. 2. Cynthia should just look pretty and keep quiet. 3. This trend with the huge painted-on eyebrows needs to end. Quickly. 4. Toya is a pretty woman. 5. The dude with the wig and Mama Dee... Coonery and buffoonery at its finest.
tinytexan's picture

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