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This Is How Adrienne Bosh & Alexis Welch TAKE THEIR KIDS To The Park...

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Chris Bosh's fashion loving often overdressed wife Adrienne, and her family were spotted on a play date with Amar'e Stoudemire's fiance Alexis Welch and their kids. See pics from their neighborhood stroll inside.....


Team overdressed Captan Adrienne Bosh, with step-daughter Trinity and son Jackson, went for a stroll and trip to the park with the more casually dressed Alexis Welch and her daughters Ar’e and Assata.  Adrienne rocked Louboutin pumps and a full skirted dress for the ocassion:

The captain of #TeamOverdressed" took the kids out while wearing high heels and a party dress!

And she carried her Birkin on the stroller. 

Jackson and Trinity look so adorable together!



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This is Adrienne. She

This is Adrienne. She overdresses 24/7. That's her style. Whether any of you find it "appropriate" or not, she alway looks great.
Anonymous10's picture

Poor Adrienne. She needs to

Poor Adrienne. She needs to learn the difference between being over-dressed and being nouveau riche and starved for attention. Her whole outfit says "look at me, I'm rich." Girl, take some notes from the Kennedy women, Oprah, and the average NYC Socialite. These are women who in most cases have even more money than you do and yet don't feel the need to go to the park wearing the most expensive items in their closets.
DesignDiva's picture

I like the jeans on the full

I like the jeans on the full time fiancee'. other than that.............
shuga's picture

WHO the h3ll r these two???

WHO the h3ll r these two??? And WHO CARES??? also, ur THIRST...sorry...ur SUPER THIRST is at an all time High when u think it's cute/ok/cool/necessary to go to the DAMN PARK with some dumb azz overly played out "red bottoms" on and a full KentuckyDerrrrrrbbbby skirt on. Thirsty Please! Go have a time-out in a RED chair somewhere! Annoying. On all levels.

It’s simple, if you want

It’s simple, if you want basic information on the Two, please read the Information that has been provided, but, if you want extreme details on these people, you may try “Google”
rebellious soul's picture

Alexis looked cute,

Alexis looked cute, comfortable and confident. Adrienne looked like she wanted her picture taken REALLY bad! Who goes to the park like this???
Denise2007's picture

I bet Queen Elizabeth of

I bet Queen Elizabeth of England goes to the Park “Looking like this”
rebellious soul's picture

Have you EVER seen Queen

Have you EVER seen Queen Elizabeth?? That b*tch been rocking TWEED SUITS and KITTEN HEELS for the past 3 DECADES!!
tori's picture

Your assessment of my comment

Your assessment of my comment is completely wrong, again! -- Also, Mr. Stewart Pavin, a Stylist for the Queen, has been designing the Queen’s Clothes for the Past 12 years, and according to Mr. Pavin “The Queen is apparently keen to adopt Outrageous designs, and bright colours such as pink, yellow, and etc..” Also, the Stylist said that “The Queen tends to wear block colours, prefers dresses to skirts, and love an outrageous print!”
rebellious soul's picture

of course adrienne's spic ass

of course adrienne's spic ass would wear high heels and a party dress for a damn play date with kids smmmmhhhh silly
litebrite's picture

Adrienne always Dress up like

Adrienne always Dress up like a lady, and appears to have integrity! Baby Jackson is always smiling for the Cameras; is it possible that he’s happy with his famous parents? Alexis has two Small Cheerleaders by her side, and so, naturally she needs to be ready for their Games! … I'll bet that Alexis is always on her “A” Game!
rebellious soul's picture

Correction: Baby Jackson has

Correction: Baby Jackson has ONE famous parent, his father. Please enlighten us as to Mrs. Bosch's claim to fame. I agree with the others: her attire is totally inappropriate for children's play date in a park...just ridiculous.
PR22's picture

Both women look great but

Both women look great but Adrienne took it too far for a walk in the park. Her friend should have said something like, you wearing that to the park! Something smh.
oneandonly's picture

Adrienne is definitely the

Adrienne is definitely the team captain. Like really? But hey, used to having nothing and finally have something and uses every opportunity she gets to show it. Whatever ... Alexis and her kiddies are park ready!
Chica-Chica's picture

Adrienne is like someone who

Adrienne is like someone who never had money and now she's trying to compensate for all the cheap things she was wearing before meeting Chris. it's only fashion and she's not hurting anyone in the process so whatever makes her happy!
Bella007's picture

People will never be

People will never be satisfied. Let the woman live. If she wants to wear what she's wearing to the park, so be it. At least she's taking them to the park and not having them sit in front of the damn television or video games. They're outside enjoying life. Maybe she feels more comfortable in heels. Maybe she enjoys dressing up. As far as talking about the kids hair, what makes you think that their hair wasn't combed. They're outside playing. Kids hair tend to get messed up. Get a damn life. It looks like they all enjoyed their time out. That's what counts the most.
IridescentMe..'s picture

They were "spotted", right? A

They were "spotted", right? A few minutes after their PR people called the paps and arranged a photo shoot. I understand they don't do much except be the wife of whoever, but the attention whoring is hilarious.
allnatural's picture


lovelyj's picture

Adrienne is often a little

Adrienne is often a little impractical when it comes to choosing looks that fit a specific occasion, however, I will atleast give her credit for having great STYLE (and not merely having a "fashion sense" and wearing the latest trends). Even when she seems overdressed, she is very well put together. In all of the posts that have featured her on TheYBF, I have yet to see her in unflattering attire, or in a see-through, hooker-esque dress with her butt cheeks hanging out or her breasts flopping all over the place. The woman can dress her tail off...I will give her that!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

I agree with you: this is a

I agree with you: this is a person who dresses tastefully, not in a trashy or skimpy manner. But at the same time, having a sense of style means knowing what is/isn't appropriate for certain situations.

adrienne is so fake she only

adrienne is so fake she only started posting more pics of her with trinity when chris got played for dumb in his child support case, this fake butt trick aint fooling anybody with her tricks
krislo's picture


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success123's picture

I felt sorry for Adrienne

I felt sorry for Adrienne until I clicked on this story and saw how truly ri-damn-dic-u-lous she looks. You can tell she's someone "that ain't used to nothin'" like Grandma used to say. Designer heels, pleated dress & a Birkin--to go to the PARK? Get a clue. We know your (husband's) rich. Get some CLASS.

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tom100's picture

Adrienne, you look stupid.

Adrienne, you look stupid.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

It's so TYPICAL for "women"

It's so TYPICAL for "women" like these broads to spend 2 hours getting dressed to go to the PARK, but won't take 5 minutes to COMB & BRUSH their children's HAIR!!
tori's picture

Lol, right...priorities

Lol, right...priorities anyone????
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