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Beyonce Opens Up About Diaper Changes, Nursery Rhymes & Showing Daughter Blue Her 'Working Mom' Side On "Anderson Live"

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Beyonce Knowles appeared on the second season premiere of "Anderson Live" today.  Check out what she had to say about who loves diaper changes more (her or hubby Jay-Z), the nursery rhymes she sings to baby Blue, and why it's so important for her daughter to see her on stage. 


Highlights and video inside...

Taped at the same time as her World Humanitarian Day interview with Anderson Cooper, Beyonce's newest interview segment aired today during "Anderson Live."

The new mom gave us a peek into her new mommyhood days.  She also reveals the new self esteem she's gained thanks to her 8-month-old daughter Blue Ivy.

On her newfound self-esteem

Well, [having a child] just gives you purpose and all of the things that my self esteem was associated with, it's all completely different. I realized why I was born and more than anything all of the things I want to pass onto my child and the best way of doing that is not by preaching or telling her but showing her by example which is one of the reasons I'm here. I don't want to preach, I want her to learn by what I do.... My daughter is seven months and I brought her to the [Revel concerts] rehearsal because it's important that she sees her mother doing things like this.

On who loves to change diapers more--Beyonce or Jay-Z

Jay's very good. I love changing diapers. I love every moment. It's so beautiful. I love it all.

On Jay speaking out in favor of marriage equality

I absolutely agree.

On singing nursery rhymes to Blue

I sing nursery rhymes and I'm mommy and when she sees me, today was the first time she saw me perform in rehearsal, she was very confused. I sing all of them. I make up actually a lot of crazy, corny songs.....Please, I'm not going to sing them now. Unless you sing "Single Ladies."

Bey ended the interview by randomly telling Anderson he has the best laugh in the world--and he said it's because he laughs like a 12-year-old girl. Ha!  Check out a few clips below:



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Only someone who has never

Only someone who has never changed a diaper would say they love changing diapers. Seriously, who likes doodoo?

don't know her personally,

don't know her personally, nor do i care. i like some of her music #thatsall
monash's picture

I wish she would give

I wish she would give interviews that are more genuine and authentic instead of these PR rehearsed interviews. Her interviews are always boring because before watching, you already know what she's going to say. Everything is always wonderful, amazing, and perfect, even changing shitty diapers.
MsKizzy's picture

I totally agree. I love

I totally agree. I love Beyonce. Her classiness, how she stays true to herself, her woman empowerment, her drive and inspirations. However, her interviews always sound so rehearsed and like she has to give the best possible answer rather than a real, genuine, at the moment answer. Real people connect to real people flaws, hardships, happiness, frustrations, and good times. Everything in your life is not roses and flowers. Just be real. I guess she'll never be on Oprah's Next Chapter cause there will be nothing to talk about.
Hater Recognizer's picture


BEYONCE PLEASE STICK TO SINGING AND HIRE A SPEECH COACH (you know, like you hired a surrogate to carry the golden child) AND I CAN DEFINATELY BELIEVE YOU AND KIM HAVE A SECRET FRIENDSHIP YOU TWO SHOULD HIRE THE SAME COACH. what an embarassment everytime you open your mouth girl not sometimes but all the time, DAMN.

Ooh I forgot speaking of

Ooh I forgot speaking of mommy dearest... How is Isa-Jael being he was Jay's first... Does he know or even like his new sister?! Smhlol.... Like really really!
Like Really's picture

she's gorgeous, an awesome

she's gorgeous, an awesome performer, but not very articulate at all. I cringe when I hear her speak in interviews
Reign's picture

Like really really...She Must

Like really really...She Must be carrying major balls... To keep this mommy of a lie shenani up... How many times must she insult people's intellect.... So Sad just Plz stop makin mediocre Bs!!! Okay then.. Good Dam night!!
Like Really's picture

Love me some Beyonce!!!

Love me some Beyonce!!!

Ham Mercy Here We

Ham Mercy Here We Go....*Pushes Bey In Chair*_____/ Girl Saddown And Please Shut Up! Damn!!!!!Ughhh This Chile Interviews Erk Me.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Beyoncé is my girl but

Beyoncé is my girl but sometimes when I watch her interviews, I have to STOP, and scratch my head like..."Did she REALLY just say that??" I LOVE the girl but ain't SH*T "beautiful" about changing diapers! I'm happy she is EMBRACING motherhood nonetheless, and Anderson Cooper does have a SWEET laugh!!
tori's picture

best of luck to mom, dad and

best of luck to mom, dad and the little one.
lewis3k's picture

It's Beyoncé...and do NOT

It's Beyoncé...and do NOT forget the é! haha This seems like a very cute interview.
C2C's picture





this is not a game

this is not a game

i could have a stroke behind

i could have a stroke behind this and http://youtu.be/EVBsypHzF3U

she seems so own to earth...

she seems so own to earth... i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

my arm hurts bee

my arm hurts bee

justice for the unjustice

justice for the unjustice

really no really

really no really

i love you beyonce, you are

i love you beyonce, you are beautiful, God made you with his own image and likeness......blessed love...

Omg some of you, really

Omg some of you, really comment as if you know this woman personally, how do you know she doesn't enjoy changing diapers? i swear let this lady BE!! and so what if she is only 7mos, if THE MOTHER thinks its important for her to watch her WORK, wtf is the problem? and i bet if somebody paid you to wear half the shit you critize her for wearing, none of you would have anything negative to say
_speak's picture

I like Bey, but who in dee

I like Bey, but who in dee hell told her she didn't need earrings?? YEEEESH....
shylibra's picture

When your LOVED sooo much

When your LOVED sooo much you're HATED just as much. Charge it to the game. #bitchesgonehate
SkeeWee's picture

It's "When YOU'RE loved" not

It's "When YOU'RE loved" not "When YOUR loved".
HotLikeSunshine's picture

Look at me then LOOK AT YOU!

Look at me then LOOK AT YOU!
SkeeWee's picture

First of all, she NEVER said

First of all, she NEVER said "having a child" Natasha...you implied that. Bey didn't say it b/c a SURROGATE had it. Bey lost her self-esteem b/c she wasn't able to give birth and be a REAL MOTHER. She took Blu to a concert "to see mommy perform like this" ....you MEAN...like a CROTCH exposing Vegas Show Girl!!!!!! She's lying about "loving changing diapers".... b/c 6 nannies do it and Solange (Bey can't even carry her own umbrella or the baby's toys). And Cray Bey is still using the word "CRAZY" a lot i see....hmmmmm...i wonder why ??????????????????? and I have a little Nursery Rhyme for YOU Crayonce'...."Rock a bye Cray Bey from the tree top............." and wipe that phony shit-eating-grin off your face .................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

This chick says the craziest

This chick says the craziest crap. "I brought her to the rehearsals because it's important that she sees her mommy doing things like this". Things like shaking your ass in a leotard? This baby is only 7 months old and not only does she not know what you're doing, she doesn't give a f--k. SMH...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

She just looks like MONEY

She just looks like MONEY $$$$$$$$ *sings I'm Every Woman*
Yas's picture

I am going to need you to

I am going to need you to expand your vocabulary and take some speech lessons. Bitch you are not the only hoe who has had a baby. We don't need a play by play detail of you and this danm baby. Then again, i guess it is rare for you to parent at all without a Nanny
lola69's picture

Why do people put so much

Why do people put so much epahsis on her vocabulary ot speech,(A) WE dont pay to here Beyonce speak. (B) She is not a English teacher (C) She is not running for public office. She PERFORMS and WHEN SHE DOES SHE LEAVE IT ALL ON THE STAGE and that is why we love her, so take that nonsensical bullshit somewhere down the dial BROKE BITCH!
SkeeWee's picture

@Skeewee, Bitch we get that

@Skeewee, Bitch we get that Bey is not an English teacher but clearly neither are you. The word is "emphasis ". Dumb ass bitch wanna throw shade and can't spell for fucking beans.
Kai's picture

It was a typO dirty girl

It was a typO dirty girl Spelman '07. NYU '10 *Sits and looks pretty*
SkeeWee's picture

Right!! damn i can see if she

Right!! damn i can see if she was the first lady or some shit, but even still the woman is HUMAN, they(HATERS) dont seem to get that THEY are the one's making her seem as if she is just a GOD bcuz they critize her as if she is not entitled to make mistakes, NO she did not come out of a virgin vagina nor concieved in a virgin womb, so y in the hell would she not be at faults sometimes, pestimistic MOFOS on here, i totally agree with you!!
_speak's picture

You can't talk! You sound

You can't talk! You sound ghetto your damn self. LOL! "who has had a baby" <- NO MA'AM. Only thing missing from your comment was HONEY BOO BOO CHIIIIILE! SMH.
Yas's picture

lmao!! crying at my desk

lmao!! crying at my desk
_speak's picture

So . . . you're either paid

So . . . you're either paid to say the things you say or you're generally just a really hateful person. I hope it's the first because if it's not, life really sucks for you.
ebbie's picture

clearly, you're crazy....and

clearly, you're crazy....and speech lessons??? lol and a play by play detail??? ohh the buffoonery!!!
Nena23's picture

Omg people like you just love

Omg people like you just love to hate on beyonce. Your life must be really pathetic to be so angry all the time.
Tjblack's picture

Thank you!! Beyonce is

Thank you!! Beyonce is amazing!! I love her!!
MarshayH's picture

What video did YOU just

What video did YOU just watch???
Anonymous10's picture

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