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NEVER FORGET: President Barack Obama Speaks On Coming Together To Remember SEPTEMBER 11th

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The country and many throughout the world will spend today remembering the terrorist attacks on American soil 11 years ago.  Our Commander-In-Chief has spoken to urge Americans to come together to remember.  Check out President Obama's brief address inside...

President Obama speaks on September 11th being a day of remembering our lost loved ones and those who sacrificed their lives to save others during the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon & the attempted attack on the White House. He also urges Americans to reflect on just how far we've come since that day, the growing strength in our defense, taking out direct threat Osama Bin Laden, and our efforts to rebuild.

The President has also signed a proclamation making Friday, September 7 through Sunday, September 9, 2012 National Days of Prayer and Remembrance.

How will you spend today?

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We will never forget.

We will never forget.
Denise2007's picture

Something must be done about

Something must be done about the spam on this site. It's ridiculous. Anyway, of course, that day is etched in our psyche and always will be. I think about the family and friends of those lost on that fateful day. I can't imagine having to relive it every year. Unlike those of us who have lost loved ones and privately go through our mourning, those who lost friends and loved ones on 9/11 have to live through it again because of the broadcasts. My heart aches for them.
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Yes, I remember this day 11

Yes, I remember this day 11 years ago like it was yesterday.
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