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Kanye & Kim, Swizz & Egypt, Tyra, Lil Kim & More Wind Down FASHION WEEK Shows

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Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Tyra Banks were spotted sharing the front row during Fashion Week yesterday.  See their pics, Tika Sumpter, Tamar Braxton and more inside.....

Kim & Kanye made their way to the Marchesa show today--with Kim dressed in the designer's Spring 2012 RTW collection duds with the tight white dress including the shaggy embellished addition, plus her new Manolo Blahnik gunmetal BB point-toe pumps:



Tyra Banks (in a slightly altered Resort 2012 Marchesa dress) joined the K's on the front row.



Kim and Kanye also went to the Louise Goldin show at Milk Studios later Wednesday.  Kim changed into a black skirt with a sheer panel by the British designer, plus a black & white Varsity jacket.  Fans can expect a womenswear collab from the designer and Kanye real soon.  She also helped him with his latest line of clothing.

Tyra Banks was also spotted on her way to the Jeremy Scott show.

And while chillin' front row, she practiced her pout with Ryan Lochte on the front row.

Jay Manuel and June Ambrose attended the whimsical Nanette Lepore show during Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week yesterday.  June def knows how to brighten things up with yummy fashion. Hot pink turban bow, heel-ess snakeskin shoes, neon structured bag and a bright and playful hot pink and yellow printed pantsuit with a peplum embellishment.  Loves it all!

June wore a brightly color pink and yellow ensemble and she killed it!  Check out the matching handbag....

Jay and June sat front row.  And we love Jay's boots.

Sami Gayle and Soledad O'Brien both attended Nanette Lepore's show and posed together shortly before it began.

Meanwhile, Tika Sumpter sat front row at the Milly show in a cutesy neon and black lace cocktail dress with hot pink heels.  She kicked it next to Tinsley Mortimer.

Lil' Kim posed with bubbly designer Betsy Johnson during her presentation on Tuesday.  Are Kimmy's blond tresses an homage to Betsy's?  Because...

Angela Simmons also attended Betsy's show....in a cute jumper.

And Adrienne Bailon posed with "Empire Girls" co-star Julissa Bermudez.  These two ae still making their never ending camera rounds.

Talk show maven Wendy Williams attended Betsy's presentation wearing her usual black dress and pop of color on the feet.


Swizz Beatz and his son Egypt were spotted hitting up the shows and sat next to Paris Hilton at the Jeremy Scott show today.

And Tamar Braxton, getting her life in this fitted leather dress and long fishtail braid, closed out the ELLE/Style360's "Front Row Couture" Show Tuesday.

Photos via Jennifer Mitchell/Splash/Robin Marchant/WireImage/Ben Gabbe/WireImage

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The Little Fellow in the Sun

The Little Fellow in the Sun Glasses stole my Heart!...
rebellious soul's picture

Oh...that was Wendy Williams?

Oh...that was Wendy Williams?
C2C's picture

Ryan's mom needs to just

Ryan's mom needs to just accept the fact that her son loves him some Black women!...Kanye looks too cute with his fresh haircut and Wendy with that Restyline Juvierderm injected face....NO!
star's picture

Ryan Lochte is fine as heck

Ryan Lochte is fine as heck lol! Boy, did I used to have SO much respect for Kanye for being an almost visionary type of rapper..now he just seems to have given in to the trappings of fame or something. I wish he would just find a good girl that would tell his crazy a$$ 'no, you're wrong' every now and then so he could have a little more perspective. Wasn't he engaged to an attorney or something at one point? Good Lord, how the heck did he fall from grace so? And i'm not even put off by the fact that she's not black, heck my mom is German and Spanish & my dad is half Black and German but dang...at least someone who can make you a better person no? Not to rant but it's like watching Michael Jordan throw his career away for a one night stand. His music got me through some tough times, and to see what his beautiful mind once was and now is is just sad for me :(

Tamar looks like a damn fool

Tamar looks like a damn fool with that fake ass micheal jackson face. She is too short anyway so why is she even modeling????
doll's picture

Tyra that wig is a Don't.

Tyra that wig is a Don't. The outfit, the body, the face are a Do.
GetUrLife's picture

Go Tamar. That my girl.

Go Tamar. That my girl.
Synsation's picture

tyra looks a busted ass

tyra looks a busted ass mess!!! what the heck is that on her head smh...kim k looks botoxed up, i actually like june ambrose's look, angela looks cute, adrienne's makeup is really pretty, wendy looks a damn fool with the baby hair lace front, and tamar looks fiiiiieeeerrrrce
litebrite's picture

Is it me or is lil Kim

Is it me or is lil Kim Starting to look like Nicki Minaj??
Femzz's picture

that Ryan guy it too cute !!

that Ryan guy it too cute !!
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Tamar KILLED it!!! Love her

Tamar KILLED it!!! Love her look and love her confidence

what is going on with tyra

what is going on with tyra banks hair????
monash's picture

Tamar looked Fab!!! rocking

Tamar looked Fab!!! rocking that Leather long dress, with her Fishtail Pony!!!!!
Cynthia Cole's picture

Love June's Head Wrap and

Love June's Head Wrap and Tiki's Dress.
star's picture

kanye and kim make the cutest

kanye and kim make the cutest couple DRAYAUNCUTT_COM
2kyra j52's picture

Kanye slays with no remorse.

Kanye slays with no remorse. Love the denim on denim. Front Row couture is Rick Ross girlfriend and stylist. I'm really interested in seeing more of line. Adrienne Bailon I'm really liking her style. Wendy Williams is the epitome of self hate, wendy girl gone with that ridiculous lace wig.
KENNEDY78's picture

Kim K's white outfit looked

Kim K's white outfit looked nice: otherwise Kanye looks like a damn prison inmate with all that buttoned-up denim on. Cornball...June Ambrose ROCKED that look like only she could. Angela Simmons & Tika Sumpter looked fab too. Tyra's big beehive hair looks tranny-ish. Is that Eve with Tamar? Tamar looked really nice on that runway-good look for her. Take note Tamar--less makeup and less hair brings you OUT & makes you look fab!!

I'm confused.....If Kanye is

I'm confused.....If Kanye is so into fashion, why does he dress so fucKed up, I mean really, an all denim fit and white sneakers, "Thats the shiT I don't like".....Oh and Tamar and Jay Manuel, WERK!
Naomi's picture

Wendy Williams face looks

Wendy Williams face looks different. Adrian Bailon needs to fire her stylist. I'm sure she wasn't going for the Mexican grandma look. Lil Kim is bigger than Betsy Johnson....she's a little ole thing. I haven't seen Paris Hilton in a month of Sundays. Angela Simmons looks cute.
Ethel thinks YBF Needs Jumpercables's picture


star's picture

Fab, Minus Wendy Williams

Fab, Minus Wendy Williams baby hair!! Shop www.belchic.com
belchic's picture

I can never get with June

I can never get with June Ambrose's fashion choices. More often than not, she is a "miss" to me, rarely ever a "hit". I really don't understand the Hype about her.
Anonymous10's picture

You're not the only one.

You're not the only one. Like you said it's always hit or miss with her and she's still trying to make that turban thing happen I see. No ma'am.
Miss T's picture

I hope that baby didn't catch

I hope that baby didn't catch herpes sitting so close to Paris Hilton. Kim K. always has that stiff look/posture which is a classic sign of a schizophrenia or severe personality disorder......anywho, Tyra is a timeless beauty and looks so healthy.............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

happy to see Lil'Kim rockin'

happy to see Lil'Kim rockin' the PLAT Blonde..Classic Lil'Kim..she looks good!

Go Tamar! Woohoo...maybe

Go Tamar! Woohoo...maybe Angela Simmons could have tailored her jumpsuit.
C2C's picture

Kim K looks good. Egypt is a

Kim K looks good. Egypt is a cute kid i like his sneakers.
saHTC12's picture

I bet it took KIM about 4

I bet it took KIM about 4 pairs of SPANKS, 2 GIRDLES, and SARAN WRAP to SQUEEZE into that WHITE SWAN outfit! 'Yé's STYLE has gone from EFFORTLESS to CARELESS and it's such a shame because he is getting OLDER!! EGYPT looked like he was SPITTIN' GAME at PARIS HILTON (part of me misses her). LIL' KIM's face is still SCARING me, TIKA looks nice, RYAN L. looks GAY, and TAMAR looks RATHER NORMAL, that BLONDE hair and COLORFUL make-up makes her look like a damn CLOWN!!
tori's picture

This is the best I've ever

This is the best I've ever seen of Tamara, black hair is her friend. Paris has been low key since Kim K. stole her thunder, what's up with that? Loves me some Lil' Kim, she can do no wrong in my sight. That young hunk is doing Tyra's body some good. She's SHITTIN' on the 20 year-old crowd! I like Kanye, but I'mma need him to step his fashion game up, he's taking away from Kim's clean look. I love what she has on. Everyone else...*sigh*...I give a pass to.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

That fishtail is the biz

That fishtail is the biz tamar, tyra what happened to that head? kanye she 1/2 fried chckn breast away from Jennie C. betta watcha! julissa? adrienne? June? soledad 1989?
stytlin4u06's picture

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