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Usher Admits Smashing Tameka's Bridesmaid, Having A Breakdown & Why He Deserves Full Custody Of The Kids On "Oprah's Next Chapter"

Oprah & Usher had their much awaited sit down for "Oprah's Next Chapter."  And it aired last night.  Get the full episode and the highlights inside...

While chillin' at Usher's crib (which he bought from L.A. Reid and is the same house in which he was introduced to Reid at age 16), Oprah dug in about the burning custody, divorce & cheating questions we all have.  And a few she needed for her own thoughts apparently.  Like whether he makes love to his own music. 

He talked around most of the questions and eventually admitted some things.  And seems to have his own version of the truth.  Here are the highlights:

On the demise of Usher and Tameka's relationship

Usher says there were a ton of people against their marriage from the start.  But there were also a ton of people FOR their marriage, he claims.  They tried counseling, charging their friends with helping them stay together, he publicly defended her on that now infamous "TRL" episode, etc.  But none of it worked and mostly due to the pressures of being a Hollywood couple--neither were ready for everything that came with it.

On firing his mother, Jonetta, as his manager

Interestingly, Usher tried to sugarcoat the firing saying he understood why the public would see it as him firing his mother due to her not attending the wedding because of the timing, bu he claims that was not the case.  He said he simply wanted her to move into the role as Grandmother instead.  The two have had a rocky relationship since Tameka came into the picture and Jonetta being over-protective, but they are still working things out.

On whether Usher was faithful to ex-wife Tameka Raymond

After a long explanation, he finally said No.  Usher said he confided in other women emotionally about his ups and downs, but while he and Tameka were separated, he indeed had intimate relationships with others.  He said he was "lost" during this time.

On the rumors of him sexing Tameka's bridesmaid

He admitted this was true--in so many words.  He explained he and the bridesmaid were friends for a long time and she had been in his sons life since the beginning.  He claims it occurred "after the marriage" (which his definition of this seems to be the separation).

On the awkward question of whether he has sex to his own music

"Some may say this may be rather narcissistic, but, yeah."  Usher also said he puts a playlist in a specific order that also includes Teddy Pendergrass.  And, of course, he ends with "Climax."  Sigh.

On the judge's ruling to award full custody of sons Naviyd & Usher V to Usher

Usher says he respects what the judge's decision is.  The reason he and Tameka needed to go to a custody trial in the first place is because they could not work out the terms on their own.  So he believes the judge saw his dedication as a father and believed he would be better as the full time parent.

On adjusting his life due to primary custody decision

Usher says he has always made his sons his first priority since the day they were born.  He's just "Daddy" to them and even though he didn't have his own father in his life growing up, he knew he had to be the best father possible.  So now, he adjusts his touring and studio schedule to be home more and take the boys to school.  As for the help he has: A nanny, his mother, his grandmother and his aunt.

Jonetta on raising Usher as a single mom

Usher's father was a drug addict. Once Jonetta got remarried, she left Usher's stepfather because he wanted her to chose between him or Usher--she chose Usher.

Jonetta on the Tameka debacle

Jonetta said she has been sad for 8 years, mainly because of the "marriage thing." She said she's not the type of mother who believes "no one is too good for her son." but Usher chimed in and challenged that in a playful way.  Jonetta says she doesn't regret NOT being at the wedding. But she never told Usher 'I told you so" after the marriage fell apart.  Jonetta said Usher told later "he should have listened " and owned it.

Jonetta on being fired by Usher

Jonetta said that, at first, she didn't understand why he wanted to let her go as a manager, especially because their relationship was "perfect" in her eyes.  But now, she lives 5 minutes away from him in Atlanta, and is a "daily presence" in his house.

Usher on Kile Glover's death and funeral rumors

When Kile's accident happened, Tameka called Usher to tell him. So Usher called Ryan Glover (Kyle's father) out of respect to verify the story, and said he could fly back Tameka back to Atlanta to be by Kile's bedside.  Usher said it completely hurt him to hear people saying he was not at Kile's funeral.  He was both at the funeral and at the burial.  And he did visit him in the hospital.

Usher's breakdown January 2011 on stage in Berlin

Due to the death of his father (after just reconnecting with him about a year before), the breakdown of his marriage with Tameka, him not being able to see his sons before embarking on a 2-month tour---everything just got to him.  So he lied about having a sinus infection as the reason to why he left the stage.  He said he was hurt by the drug rumors, but he still never denied them.

Watch the video in full below:



Photo via Oprah's Facebook




What a hot mess. He's a

What a hot mess. He's a cheater, a liar, the son of a drug addict, from a single mom, a broken home and from section 8 housing, but just wait, his fall from grace will be amazing. Here is my vision, I see a hooker, drugs and a hotel room, drugs and ambulance and a death, you do the math.
stingr's picture

I thought this interview was

I thought this interview was great..i feel as though it is not our business to judge someone on their acts..he did right by not telling eveything because its him that has to live with it..I believe everyone is not perfect and we need to stop upholding celebs as such. He has struggles and so does Temeka..They will one day figure it out but right now she needs time away to figure out her life and he needs time with his children.Let them live their lives because the only person that can judge is God!!!



never his biggest fan but had

never his biggest fan but had no clue he was such a low down, triflin S.O.B.... now it just seems he's trying his best to hurt that woman...

Never been a Fan cause I knew

Never been a Fan cause I knew he was like that. Please ALL libra Men will fuck you, your mama and your sister. And are in the Closet and Low Dow Trifilin Mean SOB's. I Hate Usher
star's picture

I watched the interview last

I watched the interview last night and all I kept saying to myself was, "I sure am glad I tivo'd "Breaking Amish!" Usher DIDN'T reveal anything, we DIDN'T already know! I NEVER thought I would say this, but I would rather hear TAMEKA's side of the story! Usher's interview sounded SCRIPTED, and when Patti LaBelle, I mean Janetta, came in I was like was she REALLY needed for this?? It really was a YAWN FEST, but Usher was looking SEXY lol.
tori's picture

Where should I start?????!

Where should I start?????! Number ONE Usher and Tameka never had a chance, his MOTHER/wife was never going to let them be happy, that's f'-ed up, his mothers ass LEFT her husband to be all up in Usher's business and scrutinize his choices of women, thats nothing but that typical crazy in law shit. Number TWO how could he smash her bridesmaid????? That's a dirty bicth (in that order) because WE KNOW it was not after the marriage was over, and he stated that they were "close" and she was always around their kids????? I would KILL a nasty bitch!!! You know if he f'-ed the bridesmaid he smashed EVERYthing else too, don't believe the hype. Usher lost major respect for doing thatm NO WONDER his wife was so mad. Number THREE why didn't he bring out Michelle "Grace" Harry McLean Miguel he was CHEATING with his current girlfriend too, lets not forget to mention the "family" picture from last week. Number FOUR Usher never proved or showed that Tameka wasn't a good mother or unfit anywhere and he just used money, power and fame to win in court over her. I still need to see the CHANGE of circumstance to make her lose joint custody. The judge was bought or a fan JUST like Oprah. Usher's "The Gods Must Be Crazy" looking ass if wrong on 90 levels and as a consumer I can't or won't support his dirty peen, stick it anywhere ass. I'm heated for Mrs Raymond and I can imagine how mad she has to be. It's past disgusting how this woman has been treated. His mother ought to be ashamed of her MISERABLE self, she sounded so immature and senseless. Like WHY DIDN'T YOU LIKE HER???? I mean what exactly did she do to YOU??? Jealous much? The bridesmaid "Maya Fox-Davis" (is she married too) is just filthy and there is no excuse for her sleeping with her friends man!!!!!!!! That's why men dog women, because of low life bitches like Mya. I would slap Maya graciously for Tameka, because she is low down and trifling. Usher has issues and Number FIVE He claimed to have a respiratory infection in Germany.... NOW is saying he was sad about his marriage, losing his father years prior and not seeing his sons. I say bullshit!! He was high and forgot the lyrics and where he was, end of story. Number SIX Why didnt the Judge order the drug test after that episode. Usher's "new life' has him crazy and weird and doing unacceptable stunts. Dumb advisors and his mother is way ignorant and possessive, she needs a LIFE, lives 5 minutes away from him???? She's a nut case, I know that kind of monster in law. She was totally controlling that marriage, thats why theyre divorced. the end. Get help Usher.
Birdfood's picture

I haven't yet watched the

I haven't yet watched the interview --- I forgot to DVR it, however I can totally sympathize with Usher's mother's feelings regarding her former daughter-in-law. I cannot imagine I would be happy if my young son were to marry a much older woman, previously married with several children. You can say whatever you want, but no mother who has her son's best interest at heart could claim that this is the life that they would want for their son. I do believe that once it was obvious that Usher intended to marry Tameka for the sake of their child, the mother should have tried to get along with the mother of her grandchild, and her son's wife.
PR22's picture

There are some mothers who

There are some mothers who are not as obsessed with her son's love life as Usher's momma is with his. I was waiting patiently to hear WHY she had such disdain for Tameka all those years, but that has yet to be revealed! Then, to top it off, she is standing by her son and supporting him, even as he reveals his infidelity to the woman he married, never once checking him on it?? This family is messed up on sooo many levels!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Co-Sign..I love this post

Co-Sign..I love this post LOL!!! Its TRUE!..I know that type of mother-in- law also!!!!
Didshesaythat's picture

Its absolutely amazing how

Its absolutely amazing how people can listen to someone say something and each one comes away with a totally different version of what was said. I didn't hear him say anything about Tameka that people didn't already know. He said he wasn't ready to get married. Tameka had past issues. They both should not have responded to the media which in turn caused more problems. Nothing that we didn't already know. As far as the bridesmaid, he said they were friends (which means she was the one that he was talking to while married and they had sex after he separated.) Did anyone really thing that Usher would stay faithful until they got a divorce? I mean really, how many men or some women either for that matter staty faithful once they have decided that the marriage is over. Some people consider separation as being single again whether divorced or not. I just don't see where all the hate is coming from. He didn't say anything about Tameka that was horrible or anything that everybody didn't already know. She has issues whether from or past or insecurties, or whatever. Everybody just chose to forget about them now because of her sons death. But until she gets help she will be the same person. At least he admitted that he had problems. They both should get some help for the sake of the kids. Stop the fighting and get some help.

Usher is nobody's

Usher is nobody's psychologist...and I say this as a fan. Clearly Tameka is not the only person who has issues, as his mother has YET to cut the umbilical cord, and he has yet to seek help for his absentee father's abandonment of their family. Err'body in this family has issues! And furthermore, I don't care how "separated" they both were.... he could have found some other broad to sleep with! He slept with Tameka's bridesmaid out of SPITE....let's just keep it 100! Anyone buying into this bogus reasoning and warped sense of reality, let's see how you feel when your significant other sleeps with your best friend/co-worker/neighbor/cousin/sister, when you both are "separated"!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Motherfucker you

Motherfucker you lost?!!...whether you was lost or not you found some ass tho'...
Lola's picture

Exactly, he was so lost that

Exactly, he was so lost that he was smashing her Bridesmaids and the muppet character mistress Grace Harry Miguel, WHILE he was still married. Usher caused his wife to be angry and bitter. I don't blame her. His mother was the culprit behind a lot of his "lost" ness. This is crazy crazy crazy.
Birdfood's picture

What i find interesting is

What i find interesting is that he said they couldn't on their own figure out a way to handle custody so they had to fight over full custody?!?! Where is the option of Joint custody and why would he want to completely take them away from their mother? why weren't the children asked what they wanted?
MooreLikeMe's picture

usher is missing something in

usher is missing something in his life. Why is he always dating older women? Chilli, Tamika and now this women his with now. There is nothing wrong with it but it makes me think that his mom was to busy making sure that money came in right not being his mom. usher mom even divorced her husband after he said she spend to much time on her son. I don't know maybe thinking to much.
stepup2's picture

He has a thing for older

He has a thing for older women because clearly he was never weaned from his mother's breast! That man is STILL holding on to the nipple for dear life!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

that's Scallywag behavior

that's Scallywag behavior
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

guess those child support

guess those child support checks stopped rollin' in
monash's picture

Glad he was honest. And if

Glad he was honest. And if you watched the entire interview you'd see he didn't say anything bad or derogatory about her. I believe that he's a good person and just needs to be honest about not really wanting a committment right now. I still believe he & Chilli need to work it out!
VIRTUOUS1's picture

I am glad he was able to turn

I am glad he was able to turn to other women for help and relief. Gold digging Tomeka was not the one for him and was using him for fame. She drove him to all his actions
lola69's picture

His momma needs to mind her

His momma needs to mind her OWN FUCKING Business!!! Him and Tameka may have had a chance if she had of....Parents don't realize the impact with butting in their grown childs relationships..Trying to choose his partners for him! she simply does not want him to be a MAN..Thats why he's so fucked up NOW, all that silly shit he did to that girl! NO WONDER SHE WENT CRAZY AND ALL ON TWITTER TALKING CRAZY!!.HE DROVE HER CRAZY!. he took her through HELL! Sleeping with her bridesmaid and then saying" OH we were friends for a long time"... HE IS JUST DISGUSTING!!!..Him and his ugly ass mama!
Didshesaythat's picture

His business is her business.

His business is her business. That is her son bitch. You would have slept with him hoe if you knew him or had the opportunity.
lola69's picture

HERE we go again!...You must

HERE we go again!...You must be ONE OF "THOSE HOES"!! meaning one of those sideline hoes you hoes always justify that Bullshit..you will never be number 1 with that mentality..a man will continue to treat you just like what you act like A HOE!!!!!.Say bitch I stated my opinion this is a BLOG!! you don't have to agree with me!! I swear these hoes silly!..and a grown MAN should make his OWN DECISIONS about his PERSONAL LIFE DUMB ASS!!!not his MOMMA!.......
Didshesaythat's picture



Yeah, Ursh was foul for

Yeah, Ursh was foul for cheating on Tameka but at least he admitted it. As a woman I'm more upset with Tameka's bridesmaid. How DARE you be IN their wedding & then sex her husband?? SMH--yeah these men are foul but these so-called 'women' and 'friends' are worse. Men couldn't cheat if there was no one to cheat with. Shame on Ursh's former step-dad for asking his wife to choose him over her son. As a mom she chose wisely.

WHAT?! She is a grown woman

WHAT?! She is a grown woman with what seems to be an unhealthy relationship/obsession with her grown son. She can't marry Usher, and now she's lonely.
blynne23's picture

Exactly!!! I totally

Exactly!!! I totally agree!.. Some of the women these days just have ZERO Morals..Just fucking Foul!!!! and they wonder why they single or can't keep somebody! BITCH you FOUL!!! LOL!!
Didshesaythat's picture

I can't stand Usher or his

I can't stand Usher or his mama! Never could.
CoCo's picture

I don't like the fact that he

I don't like the fact that he smashed the homie. That makes him look like a heartless jerk. I agree that the bridesmaid was wrong...but the vow was between man and wife...so basically he owed his wife to keep their vows sacred. Bridesmaid didn't owe anything to anybody.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Ok so when is Tameka's

Ok so when is Tameka's interview? I don't think it's fair that he gets to tell his side of the story simply because he's a celebrity. I'm sure Tameka has plenty of tea to spill.
MsKizzy's picture

Agreed. Tameka has been

Agreed. Tameka has been disrespected non-stop ever since she married that pig faced jerk. SHe deserves to have her side of the story heard.
CoCo's picture

He is such a dirty dog and I

He is such a dirty dog and I still think he had an ulterior motive when he married her, but whatever. P.S He said his mama, grandma, auntie, and nanny helps him if I heard correctly, so clearly your ugly ass didn't need full custody if you're just gonna dump them on somebody else.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

He can't raise those boys on

He can't raise those boys on his own... he's too busy being triflin and sleeping with his ex wife's so called friends.

I am sorry, but did you even

I am sorry, but did you even THINK about what you wrote before you wrote it? Tameka presented a bill for nanny services in court, and the judge ordered that Usher had to pay it. It is okay for Tameka to hire a nanny, but not Usher? And regarding your comment about his distaff relatives: the children are little boys, and they need a woman's love and attention, just as much as they need a masculine influence in their lives. I can't fathom why he wouldn't have help to raise them, especially as successful and busy as he is.
PR22's picture

Usher named his "village"

Usher named his "village" Mama, grandma, aunt AND a nanny! So Tameka is not supposed to have a nanny at least??? If he is sooooo busy that he needs 4 helpers, plus himself and we know that girlfriend Grace is playing mommy too, he needs to give up!! and let those kids stay with their REAL mother and sto acting like a little woman.
Birdfood's picture

Usher u need to be single for

Usher u need to be single for the rest of your life...You are a CHEATER !!! And you look like a lil MOnkey !!

LOL! Look like a monkey!

LOL! Look like a monkey! LOL!! That had me cracking up!
Didshesaythat's picture

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