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Beyonce & Jay-Z Raise $4 Million, Party With President Obama At 40/40 Club

Jay-Z & Beyonce spent Tuesday night partying and raising campaign money with President Obama.  Check out the words they all had for each other while chillin' at the 40/40 club inside....

Over at Jay's 40/40 Club in Manhattan, President Obama kicked it with The Carters--after his taping of "Letterman" and another fundraising dinner at the Waldorf Astoria.

The hip hop power couple helped raise $4 million for POTUS' Presidential campaign at the $40,000/ticket fundraising dinner.  And it was pretty obvious the mutual admiration Mr. President and The Carters have for each other.

Bey introduced POTUS saying, ”I can’t tell you how proud we are to host tonight’s event with President Obama.  We believe in his vision.”

And a snippet of the President's remarks where he joked about being a lot like Jay--they both have daughters and both of their wives are more popular than them:

Thank you. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. Well, it is wonderful to see all of you. I’m so grateful for all your support.

Let me just begin by saying to Jay and Bey, thank you so much for your friendship. We are so grateful. Michelle and Malia and Sasha are mad at me because they are not here. (Laughter.) That doesn’t usually happen. Usually they’re like, we’re glad you’re going — we don’t need to go. But every time they get a chance to see these two they are thrilled, partly because they are just both so generous, particularly to my kids. And Malia and Sasha just love both of them.

Beyoncé couldn’t be a better role model for our daughters because she carries herself with such class and poise — (applause) — and has so much talent. And Jay-Z now knows what my life is like. (Laughter.) We both have daughters, and our wives are more popular than we are. (Laughter and applause.) So we’ve got a little bond there. (Laughter.) It’s hard, but it’s okay. It’s okay. (Laughter.)


BONUS: President Obama's campaign is launching their Runway To Win fundraiser again where fashion designers have made Pro-Obama gear to be sold for fundraising money.  Beyonce & her mom, Tina, designed Obama baby onesies from House of Dereon (of course) that retail for $65 each:




1.  The Chicago teachers' strike is now over.   STORY





aww... 1'zees :)

aww... 1'zees :)
RO's picture

I can't wait for election

I can't wait for election season to be over. I'm exhausted.
blynne23's picture

its funny, cause the more

its funny, cause the more negative comments ppl TYPE/SAY about them, she is steady posting more and more pics of them everyday lol and your just steady typing away, and carrrying on these rants like anyone gives AF, why?? this lady is going to and forever be above you, she's going to get more successful and richer by the minute why you grow more and more envy, lol Go head Bey&Jay!!
_speak's picture

AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!

AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Ms Nay's picture


Naomi's picture

Beyonce is sweet, talented

Beyonce is sweet, talented and pretty yes but Role Model....Ummm I don't know. FLOTUS is definitely a better role mode for Sasha and Malia. Personally I think the girls are way more intellectual than Bey. They are smart, Sasha is fluent in Mandarin and Bey is still trying to master the English language. She never sounds smart or very intelligent at all. When has she every said anything 'profound'? She needs to step her game up and read a book and really articulate her purpose other than having a hit song out and trying to stay relevant in the music game. How are you relevant in life?
PacificGirl's picture

Whose opinion matters more

Whose opinion matters more about Beyonce being a rolemodel - an irrelevant person like yourself on a blog or the PRESIDENT AND FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES? Hmmmm .... #haveaseat
Elle's picture

Opinions are like assholes,

Opinions are like assholes, we all have them BEYatch! #theseatisyours
PacificGirl's picture

dam and I thought I was doing

dam and I thought I was doing something with my lil $20 donation....lol. go head then Bey-Z! and when is Harry Belafonte's event?!?!? oh yeah, thats right. he's not having one. womp!
shuga's picture

Role model....

Role model....

I can agree that beyonce can

I can agree that beyonce can be considered a role model. She making her money legally, has a great career business woman, she got married and then had her child. Whereas over 50% of black women don't get married have most of their kids out of wedlock, on welfare and don't work. So yes she could be a role model on how you should do it. As far as the president hanging out with entertainers that's a different story not really sure that's a good idea. Rappers are not the kind of people I would necessarily want my president hanging out with. I think it's great what Jay-Z is doing. I think he has become a bit different in his older age but for some reason its just not a good look. All my opinion
ibetite26's picture

Jay-Z & Beyonce is so lucky

Jay-Z & Beyonce is so lucky !It is truly that many younger women are looking to date older guys, mainly because older guys are relatively more successful in career and understand better how to treat their women. Many couples with age gap work out fine and get alone splendidly. going to find someone to live with you,,Ageloves`C0M is a focused community for younger women dating older men, or younger men dating older women. If you are ready for a new adventure, give them a try!
jouli1989's picture

Even though I think this is

Even though I think this is wonderful that they raised all that money .... Obama should be careful with whom he affiliates. Getting too closely tied to Beyonce and Jay-Z is not a smart move campaign-wise right now in my opinion. Despite what many people on this blog think, there are many Americans, who will be critical to his getting into office, for whom Jay-Z and/or Beyonce don't leave a good taste in their mouths. I recently read a NYTimes article on Jay-Z and commenters were GOING IN about the fact that he has perpetuated negative stereotypes of black men and women for years, as well as the fact that he was capitalizing off the Occupy Movement but then distancing himself immediately afterwards and saying he didn't get it. Have people listened to his lyrics?! And now he's hanging out with the President? Never in history prior to this moment would you have a man who has referred to women as bitches for the bulk of his career, sitting next to the POTUS and I think it's tarnishing Obama's image in some people's eyes. People are tired of seeing the Obamas on daytime and latenight television shows -- they don't want to see them hanging out with entertainers, and I think that is a big part of the disconnect that many Americans feel -- like Obama is a wonderful celebrity, but not a good president.
Girl's picture

I couldnt agree with you more

I couldnt agree with you more Girl
MsMe's picture

I agree with you, but I

I agree with you, but I understand why he does it. Whether we like Jay/Beyonce or not, they are a young black power couple that have a lot of influence on a segment of his base voters and they have access to big-money people. It's all about popularity and big bucks, and right now, Jay and Beyonce are it.
MsKizzy's picture

I agree with you

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Every time there's a reference about Jay and Bey with the President, I cringe. I don't think it's a good look for the President of the US to be so friendly with a Rapper who continually uses the N word in his music and sold DRUGS and raps about it. I truly don't think it's appropriate in any way shape or form. And Beyonce with her gyrating and coochie dancing and sexual innuendos in her videos is NOT a role model. They are a nice couple and obviously business savvy, but they're not in the same league as POTUS. Jay's money started off as dirty money. I do believe the President is an awesome President and is very 21st century and forward thinking, but constantly being connected to negative stereotypical rappers is not a good look. This is a new day, so maybe it's acceptable, but I don't like it!!!!
Reign's picture


Ms Nay's picture

You are so right, it is not a

You are so right, it is not a good look at all! Just because someone is famous and gives to charity so that they can get a tax write-off does not mean that they should be mingiling with the President. And for all of you so quick to call someone a hater, it has nothing to do with hate, it's called having my own opinion!
kbswife01's picture

Oh, the haters. Beyonce and

Oh, the haters. Beyonce and Jay-Z constantly give back. They just don't go around bragging about it. If they advertised their charity, you'd accuse them of being disingenuous. Bottom line is, no matter what good these 2 do, they won't satisfy some of you. Good for them for using their clout and celebrity to support our President. Some of you claim to support the president and haven't given $3 to his campaign, so sit down somewhere or put your money where your mouth is, even if it's not $40,000! Every little bit helps.
BK's picture

Ain't that the truth. 'We'

Ain't that the truth. 'We' are our own worst enemy and we are more than critical of each other--WITHOUT MERIT. Jay-Z knows where he came from and he's been more than honest about it. But what he's doing NOW--in terms of being charitable and generating positive energy and opportunities for today's youth--is what counts. Many-a-white-businessman got off to an illegal/shady start, went legit and NEVER looked back. Many of them still have illegal ties, their colleagues know it, and they NEVER bad-mouth each other. Why? Because we all have to answer for ourselves. Everyone on on here complaining should--like you said, ask themselves what they ARE doing personally to help their fellow man--like Jay-Z & Beyonce.

we really are our own worst

we really are our own worst enemy...ridiculous and sad. does it really hurt to compliment someone doing well...who did it on their own...wow...but cosign hoes on a come-up...
Laia's picture

Money talks

Money talks baby....http://www.ghusu.com/jay-z-knows-my-life-barrack-obama/

WAIT yall are too busy

WAIT yall are too busy complaining. Did you see they raised 4 MILLION in one night!!! WOW HOLY CRAP THATS A LOT OF MONEY PEOPLE. ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JAY AND BEYONCE! FINALLY SOMONE HAD TO BALLS TO SAY it to the public! Beyonce is indeed more successful and popular then her fugly husband.
Lifeatbest's picture

George Clooney raised $15

George Clooney raised $15 MILLION in one night. Three times that amount.
PacificGirl's picture

$4 million in one night at

$4 million in one night at 40K a pop, all it takes is about 100 people

Jay's not afraid to part with

Jay's not afraid to part with his money & donate cuz he still feels guilty for being a CRACK DEALER and being responsible for his own people's deaths & destroying countless families. However, Jay practically forces Bey to write a check because shes so obsessed with being a billionaire.......smh......and God told me that he's giving Beyonce' cancer for lying about the surrogate baby Blu Carter (she had to do it after all the miscarriages...but doesnt need to lie about it.)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

There's nothing like RICH

tori's picture

Beyonce's a good role model

Beyonce's a good role model my ass. She's a thief and a liar who goes around shaking her padded ass in a teddy. Whatever... And did this chick just say "We believe in his vision"? I bet if you asked her what Obama's vision was, there would be a moment of complete silence (with that dumb look and stupid smile that she has) followed by "uuuuuhh his vision is uuuhh (looking at Jay with sweat dripping down her face hoping he coud help her out with the answer) uuuhhh his vision is uhhhh (in a loud exciting voice) IT'S UUUH 20/20 AND HE NEEDS NO GLASSES!!! (mumbling to herself with that stupid ass grin on her face saying yeah that's it and then reaches to give Jay a hi five but Jay doesn't even lift his hand, he just gives her the YOU DUMB BITCH look). LMAO... I doubt if she even knows what's going on SMH.... AsskissersandOpportunist.com.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LMAO!! When I read the "we

LMAO!! When I read the "we believe in his vision" part, I was thinking the same thing---does she even know what his vision is? I would love to see the day that the media takes her task and forces her to get off of her scripted, rehearsed lines. She's too old to be so uninformed and slow.
MsKizzy's picture

OK, that's funny. I could

OK, that's funny. I could visualize it and I'm cracking up. I'm really not a hater of these two, but they are quite funny trying to be high society. Beyonce truly doesn't speak well. She doesn't respond to questions very intellectually. But sh*t, who am I, they're making big bucks doing what they do and I'm struggling in corporate america. Maybe I need to start selling dope and gyrating my non-butt...lol
Reign's picture

LOL this was ridiculous ....

LOL this was ridiculous .... Completely unnecessary but HILARIOUS
Girl's picture

LMFAOROTF!!!! You made my DAY

LMFAOROTF!!!! You made my DAY with this! Oh my God I'm dying!!!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

What you mean finally they do

What you mean finally they do something? Jay-z has a scholarship foundation He gave a million dollars to Katrina victims He set up a fund for Sean Bells family He donated all his concert proceed to the Columbine victims Gave back in the Hope for Haiti charity concert etc Beyonce has donated to the Miami Childrens Hospital She works with the Make a Wish Foundation Donated her entire salary from Cadillac Records to Phoenix House Has her own charity in Houston where she helps out single moms But if you want to list what you do in your community feel free, if you don't you need to shut up and stop being a hypocrite.
flawda's picture

I'm happy to hear it! But

I'm happy to hear it! But let's talk about these $65 baby onesies...ummm que!?!

Why you mad. Its their money

Why you mad. Its their money , I dont think they are begging you for donations. Yall stress about shit that really dont concern you, worry about you and yours.
Kai's picture

Loveeee this! The haters will

Loveeee this! The haters will seethe. Its so lovely how the Carter's and Obama's have developed a friendship. Much to the chagrin of the lessors who hate on the queen. She just gave you another reason. #winning I hope we get pics from the fundraiser!
Elle's picture

Finally!!! They did something

Finally!!! They did something that isn't self-serving!
Michelle K's picture

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