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Evelyn Lozada & Chad Johnson OFFICIALLY DIVORCED!

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The marriage of reality stars Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson is officially over. Get the deets inside.....

The crash and burn marriage of reality stars Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada has officially ended in divorce.  A judge in Florida signed off on the divorce this morning setting both parties free. 

We told you earlier that Chad was attempting to fight for the marriage so it will be interesting to see if he was generous towards his now ex-wife or if their pre-nup was upheld.   We will keep you posted......


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I think Evelyn got the

I think Evelyn got the message on that the Iyani(whatever) show but change takes time...
Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

WHile this is all

WHile this is all entertaining I guess, there are people dying in Libya and this is an election year, so I dont really care about Evelyn accept to say - THis is exactly what the whole thing between her and Jennifer on the show(BBW) was about. Jennifer knew but couldnt say and now here it is.
Shellychelle's picture

these comments are

these comments are hilarious...........lmao
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Karma has it's ways. not

Karma has it's ways. not saying she deserved a headbutting, but she deserved something. You can't go on life treating others as though they are beneath you and expect no consequences. I fully believe that she should go into hiding and reinvent herself. But that will never happen as she is a thirsty bitch.
jyourichi's picture

Evelyn will have a new

Evelyn will have a new SPONSER, before the holidays! I wouldn't be surprised if she called her DAUGHTER and asked if Sean Kingston had any "friends" that wouldn't mind tricking off a DIVORCED, MIDDLE-AGED, GROUPIE with DADDY ISSUES!! Good luck Ev!
tori's picture

You cold blooded!! LMAO!!!

You cold blooded!! LMAO!!!

Chad and Evelyn...you both

Chad and Evelyn...you both are non motherfucking factors...LOL.
Lola's picture

Greeeaaaaat! Now if they

Greeeaaaaat! Now if they would both just Scat! Vamoose! Skidaddle! Begone! Scram IOW just LEAVE!!
Realist's picture

I saw that the

I saw that the Iyani(whatever) show was on and passed it up..but from the comments I've read, she is who I thought she was..Everyone has sob story. Good for both she and Chad for finalizing the divorce. Hopefully we will hear less about them. Register to vote if you haven't.
rant's picture

Hmmm...sucks when you can no

Hmmm...sucks when you can no live lavishly by spreading your legs to an athlete and have to earn your money like everyone else, don't it?

Come on, ya'll. Some of you

Come on, ya'll. Some of you know you loved Evelyn's drama. The people who seem to dislike her the most, are the ones that comment on the links that discuss her or her ordeal with Chad. The ones that hate her the most are the ones that watched Iyanla's interview with Evelyn, not one night, but both. Admit it. Many of you are secret fans, but you have to keep up the "I hate Evelyn" facade and ride on "Evelyn ain't gonna change" bandwagon. It's OK to dislike her. After seeing the clips of her antics, I get it. What I don't understand is why people click on links discussing her only to say how much they find her distasteful. Just a thought. No shade.
Sunflower Jones's picture

I just saw the Iyanla show

I just saw the Iyanla show last night both parts babygirl has issues and I wasn't convinced they were fixed at the end. She would allow anything to be done to her to keep the fame and attention her self worth is straight zero, I hate to admit it but I started to feel bad for her SMH.
Mouse's picture

well looks like she'll be

well looks like she'll be back of BBW to collect a check, since she's single with no baller hubby and closed boutique
monash's picture

so, who cares.....

so, who cares.....
monash's picture

Looks like Evelyn is going to

Looks like Evelyn is going to be back on the market for another john...I mean husband. I expect to see her perched court-side at every NBA game in her best Herve Leger freakum dress and highest Louboutin heels. I give her two months before she has a new dude. Girl's gotta keep the lights on!
DesignDiva's picture

Ha-haaaa...like Motel 6:

Ha-haaaa...like Motel 6: 'Keep the lights on'.

Now that was

Now that was fast...lol....wonder whats taking Kim K's own so long?!?!.......hmmmm.....lol......

different states require you

different states require you to be separated for a certain amount of time. sometimes a year or two. also, Kris Humphries is contesting the marriage saying that he was conned whereas Chad and Evelyn both signed off and agreed to get divorced.
shuga's picture

Ohhh thanks doll :) ....i'm

Ohhh thanks doll :) ....i'm from Trinidad so i'm too not familiar with how things work in the USA .....

The updated version of Ike

The updated version of Ike and Tina. SMH...

she not going to do anything

she not going to do anything but go back to him...she's going to miss that baller lifestyle when he does get signed to a team because he most definitely will (or is he already? i thought he got dropped)

stupid is as stupid does.

stupid is as stupid does. wonder if she's going to cut this wedding dress up and wear it to the club too.
shuga's picture

"We will keep you

"We will keep you posted......" No need.
Just Keepin It Real's picture

lol!! dam. the more info

lol!! dam. the more info provided by Ev the less it seems ppl care. even Tami laid low when nobody gave a f*ck after her heart attack.
shuga's picture


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