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IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING: Buffie The Body REVEALS Why She Left The Industry And If Her BUTT Is FAKE!

Legendary video vixen Buffie The Body has released a video where she breaks down why video girls / urban models are not making any money nowadays, why she left the video vixen world and if her butt is fake. Watch the clip inside......

 In case you've ever wanted to know about the life of a video vixen, Buffie The Body has posted a lengthy testimonial where she talks about her ups and downs as a video vixen and how the money in the field has dried up.  She also reveals that her butt is 100% real.  Here are the highlights:

Buffie on why she eventually left the industry and how vixens make their money…

First of all, I had done all the magazines. Who’s ever familiar with that industry know there’s not a lot of magazines that we can appear in. It was only 7 major magazines that was main stream that we could be in – like us urban model/video girls and those 7 magazines was Black Men, Black Men SSX which is the Swim Suit Extra edition, it was Smooth, it was Vibe, it was XXL, it was King, and Source. So out of those 7 magazines I know I’ve done those magazines each several times. So far as the magazine game I had done all I could do. And it was only one of them that paid and that was the Black Men SSX edition.

Back in April of 2005, I put up BuffytheBody.com and you talking about a overnight sensation. When I tell you that I was making crazy money, I was getting crazy checks weekly from that website. And the beautiful thing about it I didn’t have to pose nude, no porn, didn’t have show no private area, I didn’t have to show breasts, I didn’t have to show you know your insides. I didn’t have to do anything crazy it was strictly swimsuit. And a model back then who would start a website you could live off just those checks like pay rent, car note, shopping. That doesn’t even exist no more.

The next thing is the music video. Back in the day when I started you get paid crazy loot to do a music video. Now I’m sure some of these models are still getting something but just the things I see know where these models are doing music videos for free. I don’t know its just I think a lot of these models these days make it hard for their selves because they’re selling out so badly. But you know back then we would get nice checks for music videos. Like I said, I’ve only did 3 but 2 of them I got paid really well but 1 of them I did as a favor for a friend it was a guy I was really cool with. The other two times before that I got paid well, you get treated well, you get paid well, you get put in nice hotels, you get flown to these video shoots.

Party hosting is probably where I made the bulk of my money. I’ve done probably easily over 300-400 parties. You get treated well and you made good money…I made a lot of money but you know at the end of the day even that slowed down.

All of that was a very short scope of what you could actually do in that industry. I did absolutely everything in that industry that I could possibly do without lowering myself or selling myself out or whatever. I knew once I had done everything it was time to move on. It was nothing left to do in that industry. It’s a not runway type of modeling industry, we are not high profiled runway models where we’re on all the covers of these big magazines and stuff like that. We wasn’t really models – they called us urban models but we weren’t really modeling any clothing or anything.

Buffie on whether her butt is real or fake…

It [questions about her butt being real or fake] started way before I was Buffy the Body. It started when I started gaining weight and my butt started getting huge. And most people know it don’t take much for you to gain weight and once you start inhaling these calories or consuming these calories it don’t take much for you to start growing…

I answered in my interviews back when I was Buffie the Body about whether my butt was real or fake I told people it was 100% real and I answered that question 50 million times and my butt is real. It’s 100% real mixed with fat, muscle, and tissue, water or whatever else that runs through your body blood or whatever. My butt is real and I have said this 50 million times but there’s some people out there that just want to believe what they want to believe and guess what, I’m not in the convincing game I’m not into trying to convince no more. That’s not my job that’s not why I’m here.


Watch Buffie's confessional here:




She is actually a certified

She is actually a certified fitness trainer. Check out her website Bodynomics.com. Congrats to her for knowing when to leave the messiness behind and make her money another way.


youtube.com/watch?v=-i6kPii-iac ..... @25:23 & @26:07 ..... I hear & agree with everything she was sayin but um....Videos like this =>:: fapdu.com/buffy-body =AND this=> godivagirls.com/00buffieth­ebody02.htm::: make her look like a hypocrite

Oh yeah, one example is Rosa

Oh yeah, one example is Rosa Acosta. Big fuckin industry whore. She fucked/sucked to get on several MAG covers. She has done a LOT of dirty nasty shit. Man if all her business got put out there she'd prolly hang herself. When that twitter fight with her and that rapper broke out I was cracking up, cuz every type of HO he called her was true. Bitch even has a pimp (aka "Manager")

For those that don't know,

For those that don't know, the URBAN MODELING INDUSTRY DOES NOT PAY! It is also a low-key ESCORTING/PR0STITUTION RING. Most ads you see with these so-called famous urban models (Tahiry, Ether Baxter, Rosa Acosta, etc.) are nothing but "escorts ads", advertisements for S3X to rappers, actors & non-famous wealthy men. Just ask anyone that is in the industry (whose honest) & they will tell you the TRUTH about it. There isn't an urban-model in the business that DOESN’T have to supplement their income. Not one of them can say that they make enough to pay bills, rent, mortgage solely on the income they get for modeling gigs. NOPE! Most of those jobs DO NOT PAY, and the ones that do don’t pay much. KING MAG don’t pay them ho’z sh**T! LMAO! Like most popular mags they don’t pay & their reason/EXCUSE is “It’s like a big advertisement for the model. It’s free marketing”. For what? More mag’s/employers to hire them to work for free, and give this same tired excuse!? LOL! Yeah right! Most of them chicks in the industry ALWAYS end up supplementing their income either with odd jobs, keeping a 9-5, or ESCORTING (prostitution). Most likely it’s prostitution because they ALL get propositioned with offers to get paid for sex. The ones that haven’t smartened-up do it for free, either to be the lead in a music video or just to have f**cked a rapper. Back in the day when Melissa Ford was gettin money, folks like her were getting ::::$5,000 to host parties::::$1,500 for the lead in music videos:::Today these video ho’z are lucky to get $1,000 for hosting a party and $300 for the lead in a video. *lmao* Some get NOTHING to host parties, just a free booth in the VIP and a maybe a bottle of bubbly. Oh and if they start trippin and actin all Diva’ish they will get FIRED & kicked off the set, because there are too many chicks out there willing to do it for free. Just to be in the next Drake video……::::::FYI: Not to just sh**t on the “urban modeling industry”. The modeling industry as a whole (runway included) is 90% prostitution. Unless you’re a runway model (6” tall, and boney) you’re not making a dime! That’s why so many “wannabe”/aspiring models turn to prostitution, on the side. Even the famous runway models whore themselves out to wealthy men, just on a different pay-scale. EXAMPLE: Tyra Banks still escorts today, to get by (how do you think she got her shows?) but back in the day she was HEAVY with it. Tyra was a famous runway model but she used to f*ck for money jewelry, TV roles, movie roles (John Singleton). Her going rate was about $20,000 a lay, opposed to these famous urban-models f**ckin a dude for $1,000. Escort rates usually are a bit higher than what they’d get for an average modeling gig::::::

I like you , you are bad

I like you , you are bad chick do you . Keep taking care of yourself and your life.

I always liked Buffy, her

I always liked Buffy, her body is amazing. You can tell thats a homegrown rump because she's not a skinny girl. Guys get over her resume and look at her workout vids on YT. She will really help you get a nice ass.
KENNEDY78's picture

A shining Gorilla. Precious

A shining Gorilla. Precious but a 150 pounds lighter.disgusting.
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I think she's pretty and I

I think she's pretty and I love her blouse. Good for her for actually having had a lucrative career that she could enjoy. Wonder what she does now or if she considers herself retired.
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She left the industry, or the

She left the industry, or the industry left her? She was used up and DONE....Put out to pasture just like Melyssa Ford. The shelf life of a video hoe (they call them Vixens now?) is 2-5 years. Ask Gloria Velez. (Draya your time is coming, get ready). There's no retirement plan with doing videos and black magazines. Please stop calling these women MODELS. When you get on Vogue, Elle and walk a runway at Milan Fashion Week then call me. WTF?!
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I think she said that

I think she said that herself, Did you even READ THE INTERVIEW OR WATCH IT?????? Or was you to busy drinking that Haterade?

She is right, they are not

She is right, they are not models they are strippers that are the cover of mag to show their bodies. Its selling sex, they have nothing to offer but the lure of their bodies...isn't that what strippers do?

I didn't watch the video but

I didn't watch the video but I read the transcript (it wasva toss up, how I wanted to waste my time), I don't know if she sounded as ignorant on the video but the grammar and poor use of proper parts of speech was disturbing. Hope she's back in school... Other than that, the industry used these poor lost girls up and when all the black men had there share of nuttin on her magazine spread they dumped her, the checks dried up & they were on to exploit the next fat ass with a lost mind & soul. Sad shame and I bet now she can't even get bus fare from some of the very same men she posed spread eagle for and I'm sure there was a lot of sex for fee going on. And to hear its even worse now is awful... I guess these women never expected the party to end, well I guess it didn't they just stopped getting invites...
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I didnt expect more than 2

I didnt expect more than 2 comments on this story since that equals the amt of ppl that gives a flying fukakta about this trick!!
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I hate the way black women

I hate the way black women from the south sound, but they have a bangin ass body.
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I wouldn't watch the video

I wouldn't watch the video but I'm so glad she admitted to the fact that they ARE NOT REAL MODELS! Urban Models will never be on vogue, vanity fair, elle, do high fashion runway shows in NYC, Paris, Milan, etc. And their money definitely doesn't compare to real international models like Naomi, Tyra, or Chanel Iman. These video chicks "urban models" are a joke. Their biggest accomplishment is showing their ass in a men's magazine. They degrade themselves by taking booty shot pics, clearly have no class, don't make enough money to retire on, and for what? To be known as a ho with a nice butt? Sorry but you couldn't pay me to be a urban model, I'd rather be a plus size model.
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I wish I had a body like

I wish I had a body like that, It is truly that many younger women are looking to date older guys, mainly because older guys are relatively more successful in career and understand better how to treat their women. Many couples with age gap work out fine and get alone splendidly. going to find someone to live with you,,Ageloves`C0M is a focused community for younger women dating older men, or younger men dating older women. If you are ready for a new adventure, give them a try!
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If someone dont give her a

If someone dont give her a drink of water. The smacking is annoying. Dont ask me why I watched it. I guess Im bored. She need to read a book and get some education. I could only watch for 18:53 WHYYYYYY!
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http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com/dark-side-modeling-biz/ buffie carruth story
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two things... 1) my ex used

two things... 1) my ex used to masturbate to buffie. i guess thats an accomplishment she can add to her resume. 2) who tf asked for her two cents??!
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I wasn't wondering...so i

I wasn't wondering...so i won't be watching.......NEXT!!!

Who decorated her

Who decorated her "house...Stevie Wonder?!
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She know she used a room at

She know she used a room at Ikea to film this. That isnt her house.
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you dead wrong lol

you dead wrong lol
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At least she got a house out

At least she got a house out of it lol
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I wish I had a body like

I wish I had a body like that, how do you get this bigger butt..I will be upgrading soon
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Contact the miami booty doc:

Contact the miami booty doc: http://newsone.com/2027398/oneal-morris-arrested/
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Like really really... Wth did

Like really really... Wth did she expect..lolol cuz nobody's paying for that face!!! I suggest this trick book orientation for back to school!!
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Buffie DIDN'T leave the

Buffie DIDN'T leave the industry...the industry RETIRED her a$$!! Now VIDEO H*ES are getting paid what they DESERVE, which is NEXT to NOTHING, it DOESN'T take a BRAIN SURGEON to shake your a$$ in front of a camera smh...NEXT!
tori's picture

Girl you aint never lied. She

Girl you aint never lied. She wasnt getting any work and she had no money. I read somewhere she doing tr*cks to get by. Why these girls lying and frontin. Like Dollica the prostitute. She be frontin and cant barely pay her rent and car note.
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and let the church say

and let the church say AMEN...

WE WEREN'T. (Wondering, that

WE WEREN'T. (Wondering, that is)
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and? NEXT!

and? NEXT!
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Not nan concrete, Styrofoam,

Not nan concrete, Styrofoam, jam injected a$$ chick has ever ADMITTED to their butt being fake. I’m not saying that Buffy’s butt isn’t real, I’m just saying who expects these “models” to tell the truth? But since we’re on the topic of lost video chicks, where’s Lola and her extra injected behind been these days? Guess the well has ran dry for her too, huh!

If you're talking about ANGEL

If you're talking about ANGEL "LOLA" LOVE/MONROE, the one with the GROWTH, I mean tattoo on her neck, she is SIGNED to WIZ KHALIFA record lable TAYLOR GANG...she's a "RAPPER" now lmao!!
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um...in other news......

um...in other news......
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