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IT'S OFFICIAL! Kenya Moore & Porsha Stewart Join "RHOA", Snap First Cast Photo

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It's official!  Former Miss USA Kenya Moore and Football wife Porsha Stewart are the newest castmembers for the fifth season of "Real Housewives of Atlanta."  See their first promo pics inside...........


We told you earlier that there would be some new faces in the mix for Bravo's fifth season of "RHOA" and now we know that those faces with be Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart.  NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey will be returning for what makes the first all-black Housewives cast.  Kim Zolciak is being phased out, obviously.  And we must say...we will indeed miss Marlo's "blessings from God."


Kenya, a former MISS USA, is an actress and the CEO of Moore Vision Media.  As for her profession listed on Bravo's site--"Housewife."  Apparently you don't need to be married to even claim the profession of Housewife these days.

And Porsha is the granddaughter of Civil Rights leader and philanthropist, Rev. Hosea Williams. She's married to retired Pittsburgh Steeler Kordell Stewart and has a stepson named Syre.  She and her hubby have also started the Kordell & Porsha Stewart Foundation for Cancer Research.

The new season kicks off on Bravo on Nov 5 @ 9/8c.  We might actually watch this time around...

Photos via Bravo

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All the people calling Kroy

All the people calling Kroy racist because of his reaction to the foolishness, y'all are slow as molasses. Why would a man of any color embrace the ratchedness of the Housewives? He fell in love with Kim and not her crazy ass friends. Calling Kroy a racist because he is from Montana is like calling everybody from ATL gay. Oops everybody in ATL gay! Kim no longer wanted to associate herself with those crazy ass people because she had a man. Happens all the time. People stop hanging with crazy folks when they find someone they love. Women stop hanging with that drunk ass slut every weekend when they got a man. Men tell their weed head friend "no I can't hang out" more often when they have a good woman. That is called maturing. Everything isn't about color.
The ZuluKing's picture

Kim WAS my favorite, but she

Kim WAS my favorite, but she got boring after getting preggers. They need to give Nene the boot too, since she was hardly even there last season. Phaedra's aight, but I never liked Kandi. Kendra looks more promising than Porsha, who seems like a complete and utter snoozefest. Oh, and without Peter, no one would even remember Cynthia. Why wouldn't they keep Marlo? I loved her.
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BBCAT's picture

Well it was about time they

Well it was about time they got rid of Kim. I could not stand her husband Kroy anyway. I guess he could not take another min of having to be around black people unless he's on the football field. That ugly Montana hick know he better not bring his racist behavior to the football field w/ more than 45% of African Americans playing pro football. I hope when he plays they knock him down hard or whatever they do in football. Yeah! Sheree I will miss because of her Ratchetness. Her and Chateau Sheree fairytales will be missed. (For Laughs). I just wished the dummy would have taken advantage of being on the show and start a Business or something. Some women want to sit and wait for a check that was not promised to come. I feel sorry for her kids. Unlike Kim kids and Ne Ne oldest son they seemed like good kids. It must SUCK having a mom that has rocks for brains! Poor kids. Kim was only funny when her and Ne Ne were friends. I see already that Kenya Moore is going to have to SCRATCH her eyeballs to prove to these Naysayer's that those are her real "HAZEL EYES. I remember when she won Miss USA people were doubting then and still till this day. Black people like myself have green eyes. They also hazel eyes and yes even people blue eyes! Don't get it twisted! I had to correct 2 gay filipino guys looking at a magazine being all loud and wrong at the book store. Saying those can't be Rih's eyes. Yes fools I have green eyes and those are Rih's eyes too. Don't hate because we don't have black eyes like most filipino's do. I really meant brown but I said black to prove a point. That really should be old news now anyway. Cynthia should have been gone too. She's BORING and her and papa smurf husband don't have anything going on. I liked Lisa Woo so much better than Cynthia. Phaedra is also getting on my nerves talking about that funeral business. It's BORING and she likes talking about it WAY too much. I am so GLAD Marlo is not joining the cast. She messed her chances up when she used the gay slur. I forgot exactly what she said but being that Andy Cohen who is Gay and is one of the Executive Vice President of talent Development at Bravo. He was not having that drag queen on the show. It was A No Ma'am! I can't wait to see how the new cast members gel and see how the dynamics change w/ the new cast members.RHOA and RHOBH are the only (2) I even watch. The rest of the shows like NY,NJ,Miami,and Orange County are sooo BORING!
Shay's picture

You sound very ignorant

You sound very ignorant calling people hicks. Kim got a spin off show. Do your research Kroy best friend is BLACK. You make us black people look bad with your ignorant rant. Dont make any sense. We have to do better.
BBCAT's picture



So glad kim and Sheree are

So glad kim and Sheree are gone! Hopefully this season everyone will put their differences aside and get along.
Tjblack's picture

Da FUCC is Kenya doing on

Da FUCC is Kenya doing on anything with her washed up ass? She's not married nor is she a housewife to ANYONE. FUCC outta here with this nonsense. I ain't watching this bullshit and giving this show ratings. I think I'll watch the news instead. Reality tv is outta fuccin control. You don't even have to be TALENTED to be on tv anymore. It's ridiculous.
sianna1's picture

Kenya is so stunning.

Kenya is so stunning. Porsche looks really young. Kordell Stewart's son is with Tania who was on the show a few seasons ago as a friend of Sheree.
PacificGirl's picture

LOL!!! I wouldn't call the

LOL!!! I wouldn't call the left side butt ugly except for Nene, but you do see a gradient from attractive to not so much. Nene is an evil bitch! She's done nothing but burn bridges, even starting mess with the most respectable women on the show, like Kandi, just because she's jealous of her money. Nene will never be as rich as Kandi or Phaedra. Her ass started waaaay too late in life to try and break into show biz now. Bravo is milking this ghetto monkey for all they can get, because ratchet sells! She will never be a real actress. Once the hype wears down this beast is toast!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Kim and Sheree was pointless

Kim and Sheree was pointless on this show a long time ago. Both were boring as heck. I don't know about Kenya being on this show because she doesn't really live in Atlanta nor is she married or a mom. She must have passed the "ignorant with a dab of money" test at the audition.
JJFad's picture

Not only is Kim' out, her new

Not only is Kim' out, her new husband doesn't really care for black people that much. You could tell that a lot from watching the show he was not crazy about the other black cast members.

I peeped that too. He's from

I peeped that too. He's from Montana. Sure he's not used to seeing too many blacks unless he's shooting at them in the woods. LOSER. I guarantee Kim will have only white female friends from now on. Sad.
PacificGirl's picture

I noticed that several times

I noticed that several times that some of his expressions and comments were a bit racist. Especially telling Kim "good girl" for getting rid of her longtime so-called friend/ slave Sweetie. Kim's dad and one of her girlfriends even stated that she did not need Sweetie in her house. If this is your longtime friend why would they be so nasty as if she was stealing from Kim or something. Kim was probably racist too and thought having a black friend was fun and made her seem less racist. That is why she made it a point to NOT really go on trips with the other women. What is funny is her man is married to an unapologetic, no talent having, golddigging whore and has the never to be racist and think they are above. Boy stop.
JJFad's picture

I've always thought that too.

I've always thought that too.

Nene, the star of the show,

Nene, the star of the show, refuses to make up or film with her, she burned her bridges with Kandi; she has no relationship with Phaedra or Cynthia. Her life is kinda boring…Kim really has no reason to be on the show anymore..lol

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jouli1989's picture

They have the 3 beautiful

They have the 3 beautiful model chicks on one side and the 3 ugly ducklings on the other lol.. Kandi is alright but not model material... The Photographer is just WRONG..
wordstolivefor's picture

Oh No! No more Kim? This show

Oh No! No more Kim? This show is slowly tanking. Once Ne Ne leaves these other hoes won't be able to support the show alone. I am sure going to miss Kim and her antics with Kandi.. I love watching them two go at it. I am really upset about bravos new cast.
wordstolivefor's picture

Well this CLEARLY isn't a

Well this CLEARLY isn't a SURPRISE, we've (well I) known for MONTHS that Porscha and Kenya were joining the RHOA cast. I'm just CONFUSED...Kenya is not a WIFE, or even a MOTHER smh!! Porsha reminds me of Malaysia from BBW:LA, very PRETTY, but has a little bit of RATCHET deep down in her! I'm sure Kenya is going to come off with a MARLO-ESQU personality, like her sh*t don't STANK, and them EYES are REAL (still wondering??)! I will tune in for the ratchet "coloquialisms" and GROWN woman (with new money) bragging about Louboutin's and Hermés bags, and that damn NeNe calling herself a GLAM-MA smh!!
tori's picture

what happened to KIM?

what happened to KIM?
jyourichi's picture

She will still appear on the

She will still appear on the show, but they are phasing her out of the franchise, this season. Between her having ANOTHER kid, and her shady living sitation, BRAVO is tryiing to give her, her walking papers!
tori's picture

oh lord.

oh lord.
sunra's picture

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