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Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert Chop It Up About Tamar's Talent & The DRAMA With Lady Gaga

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Everybody's fave dramatic couple is kicking off their spinoff reality series, "Tamar & Vince," tonight on WeTV.


So check out what they told The Breakfast Club this morning about the drama with Akon taking credit for Lady Gaga, whether Vince is too hard on Tamar, and more...

Folks always wonder if Vince really supports his wife, because based on how much time he spends with his other artists....and the constant side eyes he gives Tamar, one does wonder.

But this morning on The Breakfast Club, Vince cleared up the facts.  He said his wife is extremely talented, and when we see him texting and emailing and listening to other records--it's usually for Tamar.

He also spoke on his blood clot issues (which he said isn't related to his weight, but to flying on planes excessively) and the folks in the business who were there for him everyday that he was in the hospital--like Lady Gaga and Benzino.

Oh, and about Akon saying he could now retire because he makes so much mula off of discovering GaGa, Tamar calls BS on that.  And she popped off and revealed all the goods--including how folks love to steal production credits.  

Tamar dished that the only person who discovered "Stephanie" is her husband.  And GaGa is NOT on Aon's label--it's all lies and exaggerations.  WOMP.

Check out the interview below:


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i love them as a couple now

i love them as a couple now they have really grown on me happy life and healthy baby team vince and team tamar forever..

At the end of the day I

At the end of the day I wouldn't care what people think about me! Vincent Herbert has been in the game for years and made a lot of MONEY and helped many careers...He has always been a dope producer and continues to make his mark in the history of music!!!
Money First's picture

God bless tamar and vince

God bless tamar and vince

I'd like to hear Tamar's

I'd like to hear Tamar's album when it comes out...I'm curious.
Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

umm whats wrong with marrying

umm whats wrong with marrying your best friend? when i get married it will be to my best friend. love is love, and they seem happy. why dont some of you go be happy or better yet allow yourselves to be happy.
JeanP's picture

His Mouf (Tongue) Her Face

His Mouf (Tongue) Her Face (Nose) I Just Can't Take It.
Keyths'Girl's picture


I_love_laughing's picture

I like Vince and sometimes

I like Vince and sometimes Tamar (because she's hilarious at times) but I must agree that I don't see any passion in their relationship. They seem like best friends but not truly love birds. I have a theory of why all of a sudden Tamar wanted kids, but out of respect I won't go there. God Bless them because regardless they seem like nice people.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I don't know why some of

I don't know why some of ya'll think she is using Vince?..She might Actually LOVE this man..He is kind to her, he takes care of her, he listens to her, he supports her, he doesn't have umpteen kids out of wedlock, he makes LOTS of money with a legitimate job, HE ACTS LIKE A HUSBAND...just because he is fat ( Which you can loose weight), and not .attractive to some people doesn't mean a thing..some people look at more than just whats on the outside when looking for a partner...a good looking thug, with a thousand kids no job, with a record, bad credit sells dope, or a womanizer ect...ect...ect...you have to look for QUALITY in a man and his morals, his goals, his background and where he comes from i.e. his parents and upbringing to find an a good spouse to MARRY!!! not just a sex partner or boyfriend...But i guess to each is own!
Didshesaythat's picture

well, i'm not sure what a

well, i'm not sure what a stunt dummy is.....but i'll that as a compliment
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I think Tamar is TOO over the

I think Tamar is TOO over the top sometimes, and Vince just hands her his wallet to SHUT THE HELL UP!! All the BRAXTON women are USERS!! TONI used her ex hubby last season to produce some of her records for her lastest album!! TRINA used Gabe to help "FUND" that whack a$$ video!" TOWANDA, strings Andre along because he a FREE BABYSITTER, and MAMA EVELYN is using Doc old a$$ to LEGITIMIZE her damn "Counseling Business" when the only person she has "counseled" is RONNIE from the PLAYER'S CLUB!!
tori's picture

what show were you watching?

what show were you watching? if anyone was being used it was Tony. he got paid for his work. never mind i wont even continue. ... cuz i can tell you have no life and are miserable. cuz if your weren't you wouldn't spend so much time on message boards, saying things for attention! or maybe its not for attention and your really shallow and ignorant person.....
JeanP's picture

Please. I think that when

Please. I think that when Toni started allowing her then husband to produce her records, it was a bad move.
Tagirl27's picture

Tamar is hilarious I love

Tamar is hilarious I love her!!!! she is funny!!! those faces she be making LMAO!! Vince is a good person they are so made for each other.... Love is unconditional, you know its love when the person your with allows you to be yourself 100% and accepts it!!! Go head!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

I hate how people feel that

I hate how people feel that physical appearance matters to everyone. Tamar and Vince seem to have a wonderful friendship which is what everyone should want to have with their spouse. Your exterior will fade. When both of you are old and riddled with arthritis, all you will have is your friendship. You superficial people better hope that you don't die old and alone waiting to find your supermodel. I'm with Tamar though, I think Vince is cute and his personality is great and it complements hers well. I wish them the best.
g.r.i.t.s's picture

he won't live to be old (you

he won't live to be old (you never see old obese people) then shes gonna take the rest of his money. And shes too shallow of a human being to fall in live for a "wonderful friendship". that Nut Case only cares about herself.................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She is so LAME..omg, y do

She is so LAME..omg, y do these foolish stations keep on interviewing her dumb ass?
Laia's picture

like. lol

like. lol
ConfusedbutnotReally's picture

She is clownish and a

She is clownish and a bafoon. vicent has low self esteem and don't think there is anything better or he could do better. he could with all the money he has.
lola69's picture

Tamar is annoying BUT she

Tamar is annoying BUT she knows what side her bread is buttered on. I like how she defends her man & how he defends her. Even though its obvious that their marriage is one of convenience for both of them: I see NO passion between them, just friendship.

K Michelle was so right there

K Michelle was so right there is a Muppet called Muppet Janet that Tamar is a dead ringer for. Someone needs to tell her to stop making those busted expressions she makes as if they are cute. Muppet Janet is her twin!
Shay's picture

People used to say New York

People used to say New York (Tiffany Pollard) from Flavor of Love looks like Muppet Janet lol. Now Tamar looks like the muppet; who will look like the muppet next?
I_love_laughing's picture

No, No and No, I could not

No, No and No, I could not put my finger on it. That is exactly right. Thank you, sigh.
LaFord's picture

Tamar is a bit much but she's

Tamar is a bit much but she's funny and I like how she stands by her man. I often thought him discovering Gaga was an exaggeration. I'm sure they used him to introduce her to the world like Diana did the Jacksons. People always want credit for ish they didn't do. Vince seems cool and is okay with being behind the scenes and just collecting his dough. I'm sure he could retire if he wanted with all the people he's managed and produced.
PacificGirl's picture

she wouldnt stand anywhere

she wouldnt stand anywhere near that guy if he made 90k a year and he wont ever be able to retire with her spending habits....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

He does not look at it that

He does not look at it that way because he thinks he is married to the flyest thing in the room...lolol - Delusional at its highest level....
lifeisgood's picture

He's such a SUCKA.....is he

He's such a SUCKA.....is he that stupid??? She's using your fat, retarded looking ass..................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

You a STUNT DUMMY for that

You a STUNT DUMMY for that comment, lisaraye's "whatever the f**k". Tamar aint usin Vince. They both are equally unattractive. Have you seen this broad without make up? Have you noticed that somebody stole the edges off of her scalp? She is equally as POPPED as her husband. They are equals!
shylibra's picture

"equally unattractive" . . .

"equally unattractive" . . . "somebody stole the edges off of her scalp?" ~ LMAO!!! Too funny.
GetUrLife's picture

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