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FOOLISH ACTIVITIES: Kanye's TWO Sex Tapes? + Wiz Khalifa's Alleged HIT & RUN + Meek Mill Goes IN On His Baby Mama

The Kanye West sex tape debacle is getting even more foolish.  Not only has he indirectly admitted to having a sex tape...but allegedly, there's TWO sex tapes!


Get the deets inside, plus find out about Wiz Khalifa wrecking someone's car...then speeding off, and Meek Mill has some foul words for his baby mama....

Oh 'Ye.  The things that unfold.

Sunday evening, Kanye's legal team sent out a statement saying that any intimate footage featuring sexual acts of Mr. West was stolen from his computer, and is therefore private property.  All in effort to get websites to remove the screenshots.  After admitting on Kanye's behalf that there indeed is sex tape footage, his legal reps also threatened action on anyone shopping and selling the footage.  And, of course, legal action will be taken on anyone who posts the footage.  Safe to say, this sex tape footage likely won't see the light of day.  Unless somebody like Vivid gets their hands on it.

We're sure his girlfriend could give him some pointers on how to make a profit off of it though.

And now, TMZ reports there's not one tape, but TWO.  The first is about 20 minutes long, and the second is double that.  And it's ALL action.  No filler.  Well damn Yeezy...

In other foolish ass news, Wiz Khalifa is being accused of being involved in a hit-and-run.  Apparently, a woman who was "working" on the set of Wiz's video shoot this past Wednesday in L.A., claims she was hit by Wiz while leaving the set around midnight.

She claims Wiz smashed into her car, then fled the scene.  And she wants justice.  Cops are on it. 


And Meek Mill is being foolish on Instagram again.  He posted a few things about his baby moms (who knew he had a kid?) and called her out for asking him for more money than he's already given her.  Now--whether he actually owes her more than this $11K is yet to be determined.  But as for his harsh words, he said:

My Baby Mama Is A True Bum...I gave her 11k in 30 days...and she still had the nerve to call and ask me for some papers

Rappers Need 2 Start doing reality shows on how they bum bitches b tryna fuck up they life...child support...Divorce...Stealing...lying...cheating...sign me up 

Oh?  It always kills me how these men CHOOSE to procreate with certain women...yet they want sympathy when their choice leads to drama.




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i guess hes really trying to

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Meek sounds dumb..like she

Meek sounds dumb..like she forced u to fuck with her. U sound so damn dumb stfu your 15 r about up...
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Oh Meek Mill you forgot to

Oh Meek Mill you forgot to mention how u Triflin ass Niggas Know these hoes BUMS but i guess yall figure the coochie aint n u smash anyway..NEXT
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tom055's picture

that baby probably 6 and he

that baby probably 6 and he hardly paid child support from jump, thats probably why she saying he owe her that. Meek is just ignant and if he keep going like he is, he'll be irrelevent in another 3 months. Just sit back and let him publicly kill himself slowly. Not sure I want to see Kanye in a sex tape...i got a feeling he probably into all kind of stuff that requires safety words...lol

Meek Mills' BM would HAVE to

Meek Mills' BM would HAVE to be a bum for lying down with his illiterate, ignorant, proud-to-be-a-buffoon a$$. But--it takes two to tango so he's a bum too. Even with $ in the bank and a deal with Maybach Music he's still just an uneducated bum--hence the twitter rant. If he did give his BM $11G's he should have given her a cashier's check as proof, not cash. In situations like this, they should've gone through the courts to establish support payments anyway! So they're BOTH bums *if what he's saying is true*, but Meek is the bigger bum and a punk for saying what he said online. That girl did not impregnate herself so Meek is just as trifling as her. Kanye's a jerk--I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than watch ANY sex tape with his fugly, confused azz on it. Wiz needs to chill out & leave the weed alone.

He fuccin runnin around cryin

He fuccin runnin around cryin about someone seeing his sex tape. Lol...... Don't no one wanna see his ugly muh fuggin ass screwing no one. Him AND his plastic bitch need to get hit by a bus.
sianna1's picture

Ye n kim match made in

Ye n kim match made in heaven, these two have so much in common than i thought
lolo's picture

Kanye West mom (RIP) is

Kanye West mom (RIP) is probably TURNING OVER IN HER GRAVE, because of all the FOOLISH sh*t 'Ye has been up to! I hope his sex tape NEVER comes out because he looks like a BORING F*CK and QUICK NUT! Wiz NEEDS a driver at ALL TIMES, since he STAYS FADED! Meek Mill needs his A$$ beat ASAP! He's ALWAYS in other people BUSINESS and how dare he call his BM a BUM! I don't care if she the BIGGEST RATCHET-NISTA in the hood, he CHOSE to sleep with that "BUM" WITHOUT a condom, funny how a LITTLE BIT of money will change a dude's STANDARDS!
tori's picture

Speak The Truth.com!

Speak The Truth.com!
Marek's Wifey's picture

Totally agree on all counts!

Totally agree on all counts!
srenitamoore's picture

What is the obsession with

What is the obsession with sex tapes? I think it's sorta sick that you want to watch yourself being intimate with someone else on tape. Can't you just keep the memories in your head? Wiz is going crazy b/c he's finally starting to realize he just wifed and knocked up a trifling ho and Meek Mill is carrying on like a bitchass, nothing new.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Well.....sex tapes are played

Well.....sex tapes are played out, but I would LOOOOOVVVVEEE to see Kanye's sex tape just to see what he's in to. I think Wiz is a good dude and that traffic accident will be resolved. Meek Mill is a complete moron and always will be in my eyes. He definitely needs a PR person. He and his career will soon crash and burn.
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