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Tameka Raymond Responds To Usher's Oprah Interview, Tells "ET" She Sympathizes With Her Bridesmaid Usher CHEATED WITH!

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Tameka Raymond is speaking out for the first time since the death of her son, Kile Glover, and since her ex-husband Usher's revealing interview on "Oprah's Next Chapter."  Get a sneak peek of the drama unfolding inside...

In a sneak peek of her 3-part interview with Nancy O'Dell from "Entertainment Tonight," Tameka Raymond addresses the allegations that Usher cheated on her with one of her bridesmaids before their wedding.

Tameka says she knows Usher made it known that he cheated with her bridesmaid, who was also a family friend who even took Tameka to the hospital for the birth of her first child.  But Tameka revealed she actually feels more sympathy for the bridesmaid than Usher.  Because he took advantage of her vulnerability and "we all know how charming he can be."  Oh?

Check out a sneak peek below:

Tameka also opens up to Nancy about the courts awarding Usher primary custody, accusations that she is a gold-digger and the heartbreaking recent loss of her son in a jet skiing accident. The first of this three part interview will air on Tuesday, September 25th.

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I completely agree that

I completely agree that Tameka has the right to share her side. However, should she? Just because you have the right to do something does not mean you have to do it. She should take the high, classy road and stop talking about this publicly. There is absolutely nothing positive for her to gain from her continued speaking out about Usher, their marriage and their custody battle. If she is truly a class act, she should act like it.
educated's picture

I'm so sick of this heffa

I'm so sick of this heffa right here...ugh! Somebody please give this chick a chair, a hug and a two dollar bill...and in that order! When is this thirsty camel ever going to sit her whole asshole down and GRIEVE for her late son? Damn, Tameka! You give gold digging hoes a bad name. You're old and all washed up, just let it alone already, please! Write a book, get it all off your chest in a book and capitalize that way, cause this media junket to throw Usher under the bus just ain't gonna' cut it. Girl, Bye!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

My ex husband kidnapped our

My ex husband kidnapped our son and we lived 900 miles from each other. No one not even the police would get involved so I gathered up my family and we did what we had to. But had I not gotten him back I don't know what the hell I'd be doing and no one else knows what they would do in a situation like this unless you've been through it. I am still confused as to why a judge would take 2 small children from their mom and give their father sole custody. The reasoning behind that still has not been explained and until then I am team Tameka.
qtpa2t's picture

Why? Child Please, you need

Why? Child Please, you need more or better people around you. Everybody already knows Usher is and was a cheater. Hell he cheated with you and you cheated with him. You did the same thing that he did. Usher was friends with Ryan and you slept with Usher while you were married. So move on honey. Go get you some help and move on with your life because you aren't looking or sounding to well right now. Who makes excuses for a close friend who slept with their husband?

That's the only thing i'm not

That's the only thing i'm not understanding as well. It's all this talk about all Usher's cheating, but no1 is bringing up the fact that she was very much married when her and Usher's relationship began. I've always heard the grass always looks greener on the other side. I wonder if she even fought for her 1st marriage like she did for her 2nd (as she said) instead of jumping into another relationship...who knows maybe she did.
candi's picture

The Fact That He Slept With

The Fact That He Slept With Mya Foxx-Davis Tameka's BridesMaid Is A VERY Small Tidbit Of The Whole Scenario.. He Charmed Her Panties Off.. & She BETRAYED Her LongTime Friend ...

Girl PLEASE sit your ass down

Girl PLEASE sit your ass down somewhere. I'm begging you. What is wrong with this chick? She did not have to respond to Usher's interview. Just STFU and take the high road. I'm starting to believe that she really is mentally unstable.
KK1908's picture

If Someone Went On Oprah..

If Someone Went On Oprah.. Sat Down, And Did What Was Produced Into An Hour-Long Interview About Me.. Telling Lies & Playing DodgeBall Around Answering Questions .. Then Told HalfTruths & Whole Lies.. I Would Definitely Speak Out In My Own Defense About It. Tameka Has Done Very Few Interviews From Even The Beginning Of Her Marriage. It Collapsed, The Nigga Wrote Songs About Her.. Bashed Her In The Media. Then Decided To File For Sole Custody Of The Kids.. Not Because He Felt She Was An Unfit Mother.. (Because He Witnessed Her As A Mom For YEARS Before They Had Children Of Their Own.. If You Witnessed Someone Being A Bad Parent Would You Rightfully Choose To ProCreate With Them? No! & He Filed For Custody Because HE Was In Contempt Of Their Current Custodial Arrangement.. Because He Thought He Could Do Whatever He Wanted To Do. All In Court talking about how he feels it's important for the kids to see the world.. They're 3 & 4, and they wouldn't know the eiffel tower from the georgia dome. It's Sickening. He's An Arrogant a**hole, who thinks that because he has money.. he should have his way! & ya'll fall right into it.. "awww .. he wants custody of his boys".. ya'll are DUMB!

ok so do you know her??... do

ok so do you know her??... do u kick it with her on a regular basis?? do you have any more insight into this man's life other than wut u've read on the internet. if so then ignore the rest of this comment. if not I feel like you're really going over board in the defense of a women you know absolutely nothing about. Ok so he cheated but so did she to my understanding. im really trying to figure out why everyone is so against this man. what did he do other than live his life. ok so he cheated in his past relationships and in his marriage, what makes him so special that we criticize him harder than any other man doing the same. he's no differrent. she's no different than any other woman who thght the grass was greener. there must have been some reason as to why that judge thght better than to leave those boys with her.. were you in the courtroom??... did you talk to the lawyers??... were u in while the judge was deliberating??? were you privy to the depositions given by witnesses in the case??? Im just asking becuz you seem to have sumthing personal against this man. those are his kids just as well as hers...I dont' think money was the deciding factor, she could have taken care of them just as well he, she does have a successful career of her own, however the judge who makes these decisions on a daily basis decided it would be best for them to be with their father. I don't know either one of them and looking at what has been put out there by the both of them I think both of them have some issues that need resolving. she needs to finally mourn the loss of her son while she has time to herself and he needs to understand that he can't just go around poking anything that moves....IMJ IMO
Tiffany Monae's picture

I don't understand where he

I don't understand where he bashed her. Never have I seen, read, or heard any1 say that he's spoken negative of her. As far as the Oprah interview he only gave "his side" of the reason they fell apart, and this is just her 1st sit down televised interview, but she never seems to bite her tongue on twitter plus other magazine interviews she's done because she's posted them on twitter. We all see things differently doesn't mean either is wrong just means ppl look at things differently because there is different emotions/feeling involed. Only those 2 know the depth of what they went thru. Sure they may share with friends and the media bits and pieces, but no one isn't gonna reveal every single detail of their union..not even to your best friend...well atleast I don't think.
candi's picture

People Keep Bringing Up This

People Keep Bringing Up This Chili Nonsense.. Men Meet Women All The Time.. And Decide What To Tell Them.. They Tell 2 Different Women 2 Different Things. And He Wasn't Married To Chili.. So Who PHUCKING Cares?! Chili Was His Girlfriend .. And Ya'll Think When He Broke Up With Chili In 2004, Him & Tameka Didn't Get Together Until '07.. You Think He Was Celibate For 3 Years..??

Now see, all of you who

Now see, all of you who portrayed her as a poor, grieving mother... she played you. She's the same attention-hungry, fame chaser she always was.
whatev's picture


KK1908's picture

She's Only Rebutting The

She's Only Rebutting The Stuff That Was Discussed On Oprah. She's Never Been FAME HUNGRY! And She Wouldn't Have Even Done This Interview If It Wasn't For His Assss Sitting Down Lying To Oprah..

SIT DOWN TAMEKA....It's over

SIT DOWN TAMEKA....It's over for now. Go somewhere and heal, the more you talk in these public interviews and forums, the worse you look, You're not gaining any ground by continuing this messy mess...just chill and heal for a minute. Sometimes you have to step back and allow God, Allah, Jah, Buddha, life, energy and/or whomever work on your behalf...you can't keep trying to fight a losing battle...just calm the eff down...you're looking more and more unstable!!!
Reign's picture

Just click here:

Just click here: http://payram.com/ref.php?page=act/ref&invcod=58015
Spenchizle's picture

This chick is whack... she is

This chick is whack... she is complaining about his infidelity when she did the same thing with the same man she is talking about. Did she think he would change for her trifling ass??!! Women kill me with that crap. It's over thank goodness, they never should have got married just cause the sex was good. He is the better parent in my opinion, if nothing else he can provide. She was willing to accept his supposed cheating ways when she was shopping at SAX and able to get face lifts and boob implants (BTW her face looks plastic) and now that she has had to move out the house, lost the SAKS card, etc. its all a problem. I feel sorry for the loss of her child but while she was chasing around Usher (young boy with good dick) she should have used that money to invest in a business to be self sufficient. If she had done that, she probably would have got the kids. As for Usher... I do believe he is a cheating dog but that doesn't mean he isn't a great dad.

Let Me Get YOU Straight Real

Let Me Get YOU Straight Real Quick.. FROM ONE!! She Isn't Complaining About His Infidelity. Her Interview With Nancy O'Dell Is Simply A Rebuttal Interview. (Since You're Unintelligent) And I Gather That From The Way You Spelled SAK'S (SAX).. It Means It An Opportunity For Her To Refute, And Speak On What HE Said In His Interview. Now.. Usher Was Married When He Cheated On Her.. He & Chili Broke Up It Was 2004, They Got Together In 2007, People Tend To Think That Because He Married Her That She Has To Be Who Chili Was Referring To When She Said He Cheated On Her.. Usher Dated Naomi Campbell And Even Had A Stint With Jennifer Hudson, As Well As I'm Sure DOZENS Of Ofther Women Before He & Tameka Got Together. Cheating Was A DEAL BREAKER For Them.. It Was The Spawn Of Most Of Their Marital Issues.. My Mother Didn't Have Millions Of Dollars.. But That Didn't Impede Her Ability To Be An Excellent Mother To Me.. So He's The Better Parent Because He Can Give Them MORE, You're Saying? That's Absolutely STUPID! That Means That Any Man With A Dollar More Than His ExWife Or Baby Mama Has The Right To Take Sole Custody Because He Has More Money..?? If Usher Wanted A Surrogate Mother He Should Have Called Debbie Row! What You Should Pay Attention To Are Facts Like During His Deposition When He Was Asked How Many Times He Complained To Tameka Verbally Or In Writing About Her Parenting Style.. And He Answered UNDER OATH.. NONE! But Then Why Are You Suing Her For Custody Then? Hmmmmm.. It's All Bullshit. And I've Seen It All FirstHand. I Just Wish Everyone Had A Friend In The Public Eye So That They Could See FIRSTHAND .. Not From A BLOG, How Terribly Sh*t Gets Turned Around...& How The Lies Are Created. Tameka Has Never Had A FaceLift Or Any Surgery On Her Face... She Never Even Had The Lipo She Tried To Get In Brazil. She Had An Allergic Reaction To The Anesthesia & Went Into Cardiac Arrest Before A Scalpel Was Ever Even Pulled OUT! See How stupid People Like You Spread FOOLISHNESS.. You're What's Wrong With The World. Nor Has She Moved Out Of The House.. & Tameka Has 3 Businesses.. So Now What!?! Learn The Facts Sweetie. You, My Dear Are THE WACK One.

I wish this hoe will sit

I wish this hoe will sit down. she is determine to try and get her own Reality Show. If you are a good woman and not Thristy stay out of the Limelight and heal. She is vindicitve and I am glad Usher took them kids. She has twenty more she can raise.
lola69's picture

So You Think Based On The

So You Think Based On The MEdia Coverage You Know The Ins & Outs Of This Fiasco.. All Which Was Initiated By Usher..

Some women STAN so hard that

Some women STAN so hard that they forget that they are women themselves. Only Tameka and Usher knows the truth, it is very disappointing that she was never given a fair chance from the start....
Saphistocation's picture

Usher spoke out 1st and he

Usher spoke out 1st and he talked to Oprah, so its only right for Tamika to have her turn. Im shocked that Oprah didn't want Tamika's side (probably more truth) and went after the mans side. Star or not he has a terrible track record and treats women like dirt, including his mother. She still on his side, talking against another woman, dealing with a dog. Wasn't she dogged by Usher's father too. Women are stupid, thats why men are dogs, their parents dont teach them shit. I'm glad that she spoke against his foul ass. Usher is a turd. The stans are just love sick fans that are will defend him even if he murders or comes out of the closet. Usher has sick stans, I totally agree she had no chance.
Birdfood's picture


zhanbao9's picture

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jouli1989's picture

No one knows the 110% truth

No one knows the 110% truth of this drama: but I do know that Tameka is behaving like the very scorned, manipulative, superficial woman that Usher's mother always said she was. Most men cheat--that's just a sad fact of life period: rich or poor, famous or not--most men cheat. So there is no reason for her to keep beating the same drum about that -ish. Tameka also needs to call out her 'friend'/bridesmaid for being shady: no matter how 'charming' a dude is, a woman has the choice to open her legs or not. The fact that her friend CHOSE to have sex with her husband makes her a skank. Blaming Ursh's 'charm' just tells me that Tameka is obsessed with slandering him every chance she gets. Here's a woman who just lost a child--and she is still CONSUMED with her ex-husband. Another factor here is that she had children from a previous marriage: whereas her sons with Usher are his only children. I truly feel that he LOVES his kids and makes them a priority. Tameka's just mad that she's no longer a priority in his life & has lost the benefits of being his wife. Get it together Tameka! You are too old to be acting like a fool. Try to handle -ish with class: at the very least Ursh & his mother could respect you for THAT.

Tasheika has simian-like

Tasheika has simian-like features *witnesses teenage brother get his penis stuck in the Shop-Vac™ hose*....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

This is my whole feeling on

This is my whole feeling on this. Cheating is bad! Very bad! It's really hard on the heart and i'm not excusing that at all! BUT I don't understand what does his cheating have to do with him as a father? Why is his cheating such BIG factor in the custody battle. I'm starting to see maybe why the judge awarded him primary custody because her whole case against him was about basically him cheating and how he did her wrong as his wife it seems. That speaks to who he was as a husband, but not a father. Just because your unfaithful in a marriage doesn't mean your a bad parent. In that case over half of america are bad parents including her because she was still very married when she began her relationship with him. I just don't get it.
candi's picture

I think the cheating came up

I think the cheating came up in court because he was caught in bed with her bridemaid when the babies were in another hotel room. Thats bad parenting. I read about this on Hip Hop Enquirer. Usher is wrong for trying to take those kids away from their bio mother, when he's all about concerts and partying. I guess his gf will be their mother when he is busy. Those little boys should home with their mother and brothers. Cheating, drug use, being on tour are all important facts to show his life type and awful judgment too.
Birdfood's picture

I agree if all that is

I agree if all that is true...but neither is her fighting him and his girlfriend because he drops off their son at her house with his girlfriend in the car while the kids are in the house. And tameka parties too. Obviously she hasnt recently but she still parties just as much if not more. I follow her on twitter and she was always on the scene somewhere. Both are busy people. She knew his lifestyle when she married him so why now is it such a problem? She was right by his side everywhere he went and he was just as busy then as he is now. They both just need help. This can't go on until those babies are grown...crazy!
candi's picture

THANK YOU! This woman is the

THANK YOU! This woman is the poster child for HYPOCRISY! Usher was a lame boyfriend and husband no dooubt about it, but how does that have to do with him being a good dad. His kids always seem happy around him and he's pratically always with them. I fail to understand whats wrong with this woman. Besides, isn't she supposed to be healing her lost child. She's gonna end up having a mental breakdown. Wait and see...
RU4REAL84's picture

I don't know how people can

I don't know how people can judge this woman and have not walked in her shoes or tried to understand. How can you sit back and judge her, who are you to judge someone you don't know. Most of what you've heard is hear say(rumors). I feel for her because she lost a child and her primary custodian rights of 2 of her kids. There's a lot of emotions and I'm sure RAGE inside of her. Neither one of them are INNOCENT. Usher(in my opinion) just didn't want to pay the LUMP sum of child support he would of paid so he fought his ass off and won! As for her, we all know she wanted to clean his ass out!! KARMA is a BITCH, WHAT GOES AROUND WILL COME AROUND!! I'm sure this isn't the end for either one.
Hannah2012's picture

Karma has been a bitch for

Karma has been a bitch for both of them trust me! She lost a son and he has been labeled serial cheater. A relationship based on cheating could not possibly end on good terms. Both are to blame. She married him for his money and knowing he was gonna cheat on her since he cheated on the only woman he actually ever loved ( chilli) WITH TAMEKA ( she is not inocent either). I also don't understand why he should be paying her when he worked his ass off since he was a teenager. She needs to get a job, lose the Raymond's name and make a career of her own instead of milking her past and failed relatioship with a famous artist!
RU4REAL84's picture

People that believe in God do

People that believe in God do not believe in "karma". Chilli was not the only woman he loved because he didn't marry her nor is he with her now. That was when Usher was 23 years old, I don't think he loved anyone except his career and money. He is a selfish bastard to sleep with her friends.
Birdfood's picture

Why should she stop using her

Why should she stop using her former husband's name? If the judge did not return her maiden name in the final divorce decree, legally her last name is Raymond. Usually when a woman has children from her marriage, she keeps the last name to make less complicated for her children. People assume when you have a different last name than your children they were born out-of-wedlock, so I for one believe in keeping the husband's last name. I thought he met her as a result of her job? A stylist.
remmi's picture

Anyone Opposed To Tameka

Anyone Opposed To Tameka Having A Platform To Speak Her Mind On The Situation That Involves Her Is An IDIOT. She Has Just As Much Right If Not More Than Anyone Else.. Because This All Was Brought Upon Her. She Didn't Initiate Any Of It.

No she's an idiot, not the

No she's an idiot, not the people who don't believe she doesnt deserve a platform to speak her mind. Because she doesn't! Who is she? Why don't we open the platform to every single artist's ex-spouse who get dogged. About the only relievant thing this woman should talk about is her feelings and thoughts about her missing her son. But she's not, she's going on about who usher banged before they were married. AND still married him. Talked about how she feels sorry for her bridesmaid "because he's a sweet talker" Get out of here. That chick saw USHER and slept with him. If it's true YOUR FRIEND BANGED YOU MAN.
kimaras31's picture

You sound utterly stupid. I'm

You sound utterly stupid. I'm sure they contacted her and ask for the interview. You can't get an interview on these shows without "relevance" which she clearly has. Im sure she was saying that the jump-off got bamboozled by him, he's a sneak and a snake charmer. Yes that friend was a nasty snake, she is super mature to forgive either of them. He is a dirty dog to lay with her bridesmaid/friend and talk about it as if its "Ok" claiming that it was after the wedding. Usher needs therapy and intervention. I feel for Tamika and think she deserves a voice.
Birdfood's picture

The more I learn about Usher

The more I learn about Usher and his indiscretions the more I believe Chilli definitely dodged a bullet.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

YES SHE DID!!...Usher ain't

YES SHE DID!!...Usher ain't shit...A typical Libra who is also on the low!
star's picture

It's funny you said that

It's funny you said that about him being on the low, because I think that too and I've heard rumors. I think a few other male celebs that these chicks go so crazy for are on the same team as well.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

For some reason there is

For some reason there is nothing I respect about her. She made her bed and she needs to lay it. Take time and mourn her son that just passed. I really hate seeing her, I mean from the time that he was just dating her I looked at her sided eyed. Something about her screamed manipulative, conniving and deceitful. I go with my gut about people from a far and people I meet everyday and I'm glad my gut does not lie.
kimaras31's picture

Nancy O'Dell (blank stare)

Nancy O'Dell (blank stare) AIN'T no Oprah, but then again...Tameka AIN'T no damn Usher. I want to hear her side of the story, but not in a 3 DAY/PART SEGMENT! Was Iyanla busy?? Wendy?? I just can't....
tori's picture

What does Chilli have to do

What does Chilli have to do with any of this?...Chili has moved on...everyone else should too.
Lola's picture

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