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SPLITSVILLE: Nicole Murphy & Michael Strahan BREAK UP...For Now!

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"Live!" co-host Michael Strahan has allegedly split from his fiancee of three years, "VH1 Exes" star Nicole Murphy.  Deets inside on the cheating allegations and break up inside...

It's over for former NFLer Michael Strahan and Eddie Murphy's ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, according to our source.  We're told that the two broke up over the weekend when Michael traveled back home L.A., where Nicole still lives, as Michael lives in New York during the week in order to tape "Live! With Kelly & Michael."

Our source tells us Michael discovered inappropriate text messages in Nicole's phone between her and someone named "London Taylor," and Michael was anything but pleased.

A screaming match allegedly went down with accusations of cheating being thrown around.  Another source close to the couple tells us that Nicole believes Michael could have jumped to these conclusions simply because he possibly could be doing the same thing in New York when Nicole is not there.

If you recall, Nicole was the lead video girl (screenshot above) in a very steamy video recently with a new artist of the same name.  And many were wondering why she would do such a sexualized video, and with a new artist.  Nicole reportedly claimed that it was a way for her to publicize her jewelry line, FLP.

We're told Michael left L.A. on Sunday to return to NYC for work on Monday.  He then, according to our source, informed Nicole that he needed a break, and the two have not spoken since. 

But when asked if the break up would stick, the source tells us, "Their families are so blended that it would be difficult to truly separate."

One source tells us that Nicole is heartbroken, but they're also hoping that when word gets out about their break up--it will force the two to communicate again.


Time will tell... 


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She attracts a type because

She attracts a type because she looks a little manish in the face with a banging body. Any down low man would like that.
judywitdaboody12's picture

Remember a few years ago

Remember a few years ago there was some souse about how he secretly put a gps on her car? It seems trust issues have been a problem with these two for a while. Meanwhile the long distance relationship is not helping. But what choice does Nicole have (um, besides texting suspect dudes)? I mean, she can't uproot her 5 kids from LA to be closer to a fiance with a new gig. Did anybody catch Michael's show? Brotha looked hella nervous & figgety; he was even making Kelly uncomfortable! He looked handsome though; I just wanted him to relax.
Barolo's picture

LOL i didn't see & i'm sure

LOL i didn't see & i'm sure he was nervous
diamond2012's picture

NYC scoop, he's gay

NYC scoop, he's gay anyway.....just another Eddie....This woman attracts a type...WOMP
star's picture

Nicole's pics really don't do

Nicole's pics really don't do her justice, she really is a beautiful woman. Michael caught Nicole cheating a couple years back with one of his friends, so it wouldn't the first time, but he's always cared way more for her, then she cared about him anyway.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

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tom060's picture

Let's face it Michael's wife

Let's face it Michael's wife before Nicole was white and he had to pay her a lot of money after they divorced. Michael was only using Nicole and I bet he helped spend her alimony/child support as well. These type of men have no problem helping theirselves to your funds but the minute he get is own money flow coming in. Now all of a sudden there is a problem. I already saw this coming when I saw her back stage waiting for him on his first day on his new show . I said to myself HE WILL DUMP HER SOON! I was right. I knew this show would go straight to his head. Not to mention all that money she got stolen from her. I guarantee now that he has this new show he feels he can do better and better to him is not half white like Nicole but all the way white. I always thought Nicole could do better. Her Body is to Die for! I HATE GAPS W/ A PASSION. Bobbi Kristina and Michael Strahan type of people are already not attractive people and the Gaps makes them look even worse.
Shay's picture

Yes, Strahan's divorce left

Yes, Strahan's divorce left him cash poor. He helped himself to Nicole's money and now that he as some of his own - BYE BIDDY! And Nicole needs to come up with something better than a music video to showcase some jewelry...just sayin'
SweetDivaT's picture

Totally agree about his type

Totally agree about his type and the "funds"section...And I'd like to add...He's always been rumored to b on the LOW
star's picture

OOOOONOOOO!!!! Not Them Two.

OOOOONOOOO!!!! Not Them Two. I Love Nicole.
Keyths'Girl's picture

I liked them as a couple.

I liked them as a couple. Hope it works out.
Keys's picture

May be some truth to this

May be some truth to this story...Michael seemed like he was forcing to laugh and smile today on the show...hope not tho'...like them as a couple.
Lola's picture

I have to admit, I just don't

I have to admit, I just don't care:-(

Girl he got this new deal and

Girl he got this new deal and all this money coming end. she would be stupid to leave him now with his new fame and fortune. plus, she made such a big deal on the show about his clown and buying a new house. Nicole is broke and she gone it. He will gonly give it to a White woman
lola69's picture

You just Never know !!

You just Never know !!

Michael done got that "Live

Michael done got that "Live with Kelly & Michael" deal, and he ain't taking NO SH*T! I hope they get back together...they kind of mesh well.
tori's picture

Good! He's ugly anyways. I

Good! He's ugly anyways. I never thought they were cute together, but then again looks aren't everything.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Nicole looks a little manish/

Nicole looks a little manish/ Hard in the face to me
the one's picture

I'm shocked they lasted this

I'm shocked they lasted this long with Nicole being ten years older with five kids. Now he is situated on the east coast while she resides in California so that makes it doubly hard.
Zanya's picture

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Allbeautythings0's picture

I love them together. I hope

I love them together. I hope this isn't true... But Nicole chill with the 'No Panties' type videos um kay...you look good but you're too old for that shit!
qtpa2t's picture

I really hope they work it

I really hope they work it out. I like them together.
Elle's picture

IDK. I honestly don't think

IDK. I honestly don't think she's that stupid.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

And furthermore.....how did

And furthermore.....how did the public come to know this? Did he come out with a statement or what?
Ethel Mertz's picture

Hmm, let's see: Michael

Hmm, let's see: Michael Strahan/London Taylor *crickets*...Who the fk is a London Taylor? I'm gonna go on record and say that my girl Nicole is not that stupid.
PacificGirl's picture

personally I wouldnt want to

personally I wouldnt want to be in a relationship with a person whose job is to be known as their ex-husband's ex-wife. if youre gonna be known for a relationship shouldnt it be a current one?? im sure the disrespect/disregard started out small and just got worse with time.
shuga's picture

Yeah, I usually don't care

Yeah, I usually don't care about stuff like this but I like them as a couple. I like Mike and what I've seen of Nicole on "Hollywood Exes." She comes off as cool and calm.
Tagirl27's picture

Nicole better go and get her

Nicole better go and get her man ASAP!!! Kelly Ripa is lurking in the cut waiting for it to all fall apart.
MsKizzy's picture

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust
jyourichi's picture

Whaaaat?! Get out!!! I'm

Whaaaat?! Get out!!! I'm thinking that "London Taylor" is a chick's name. Either way, I can't see how he'd be surprised, being that sleeping around with one Baller to the next with deeper pockets and security blanket is the trend these days with these industry chicks. And it ain't like Michael is the cat's meow, with that BIG ASS FACE and shit. C'mon, Son! He should just fall back, chill and thank God that a beautiful chick like Nicole would even give him the time of day. Cheating comes with the territory...sadly...but it's the truth. Don't be acting all brand new and shit.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

He's gained a lot of weight

He's gained a lot of weight since retiring from football and she's not used to fat, sweaty, greasy guys. She's a model for Christ Sakes! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

publicity stunt.....

publicity stunt.....
Classic87's picture

Hope it's not true; they make

Hope it's not true; they make a beautiful couple.
PR22's picture

I agree.

I agree.
Ethel Mertz's picture

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