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BRAWL FOOTAGE: Rick Ross And Young Jeezy FIGHTING At The 2012 BET HIP HOP Awards

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Footage from the backstage brawl between rappers Young Jeezy and Rick Ross has been released. Watch the fight inside.....

Though the clip is short and grainy, video footage from backstage at the 2012 BET HIP HOP Awards has emerged and it shows just how wild the brawl between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy got.  

It's plain to see that Rick Ross was amped up and of course he had his shirt off during the altercation. Curse words were thrown around and a mirror was broken during the fight....but no arrests or injuries were reported.  

Though it's hard to see Young Jeezy, there were clearly two groups at war here.....all in front of security!

And with a bit of irony, one the first dudes to walk away from the drama was DJ Drama himself.  

Watch the clip here:

Rick Ross & Young Jeezy -- The BET Awards Brawl Footage - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe
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Jabba the Hut....

Jabba the Hut....
Grown Man Ish's picture

Is it me or can you barely

Is it me or can you barely distinguish who is who. I can't figure out who is Jeezy and barely see Rick Ross because it's like 18 bald heads on the scene. lol...Grief! I've never seen so many bald heads in one place before. Seriously tho, this has to be some petty bull. Y'all are too grown for that fellas. Get a grip!
Hater Recognizer's picture

Ok, so the new running joke,

Ok, so the new running joke, in Source Awards fashion, will be..."I went to a fight, and the BET HIP HOP AWARDS broke out?" GTFOH!!!!!!
Honey BOOM's picture

Calm down, people. I

Calm down, people. I know...I know...this just in...News reports are coming in that the whole damn brawl stemmed from Jeezy demanding that Rick wear a bra and full body Spanx underneath his clothes and not open his shirt. Plus, there would be no fried chicken or desserts served after the show if he declined Jeezy's demands. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Carmen CaBoom's picture


allnatural's picture

Rick Ross look like Junebug

Rick Ross look like Junebug from "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka", with all them big ass gold chains on. A damn shame it is...
hazelbeauty's picture

BET should be ashamed. We

BET should be ashamed. We have enough blacks killing each other and especially youth. BET needs to step up and stop having these events. Is it worth it for a dollar sending the wrong message to kids. they already selling drugs, shooting and dropping out of school due to these rappers
lola69's picture

Not sure why Rick Ross feels

Not sure why Rick Ross feels the need to take any clothing off, ANY, NADDA, ZIP. He really, TRULY needs to keep all that under wraps, because I'm doubtful anyone with vision want to look at 'it.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Idiots!! complete

Idiots!! complete assholes....Rick Ross needs a beat down just for taking off his shirt alone..
lifeisgood's picture

rick ross was saying "these

rick ross was saying "these haters cant hold me back"
monash's picture

why the hell rick ross take

why the hell rick ross take his shirt off???? what, that makes him a better fighter??? smh all this foolishness going on. that's why they can thave shit b/c black folks dont know how to act
monash's picture

Is this smart, didn't Rick

Is this smart, didn't Rick Ross almost die a few months back because of his shoddy health. These negros are so freaking dumb. Kill each other and get it over with.
TeaNicole's picture


***ON A POSITIVE NOTE: I am looking forward to both of their DISS RECORDS! The 50/Rick Ross feud was WEAK and I don't even want to bring up Jeezy's whack a$$ fued with Shawty Lo (who?? EXACTLY)! Both should be very ENTERTAINING, to say the LEAST!
tori's picture

2 miles past sad.

2 miles past sad.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Damnnnn....TMZ is ALWAYS up

Damnnnn....TMZ is ALWAYS up on they sh*t...hell if they would have been around in the 90's we probably would have the footage of Biggie's & Pac's death!! Honestly I'm just happy the USUAL suspects weren't involved (them JAILBIRDS; T.I. & WEEZY)!! I bet that B!TCH MEEK MILL was all in RICKY's ear saying "YO, I HEARD JEEZY CALL YOU FAT, AND HE SAID YOU NEEDED THREE TRAINING BRAS FOR EACH OF YOUR TITS!" Then Jeezy being the HOOD N*GGA he is probably was like "AYYY, I see you looking, haha, with your loooking a$$..." and sh*t got REAL!
tori's picture

That is sad that they had to

That is sad that they had to have that much APD ( Atlanta Police Dept) there in the first place. I guess BET knew that those heathens were not going to act like grown men with money and common sense so they were prepared.
Keys's picture

And this website has yet to

And this website has yet to inform people of the dashcam video that exist of a 22 year old man by the name of Derek Williams suffocating and dying in the back of a patrol car while the police officer watched and did nothing to assist him.
missbliss's picture

He died from undiagnosed

He died from undiagnosed sickle cell anemia NOT the police. This is a celeb blog not CNN or MSNBC
jaded414's picture

That may have been WHAT he

That may have been WHAT he died of but them faggot ass pigs still watched him die & did nothing to assist him!
Tiff's picture

No offense, but this is a

No offense, but this is a CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE, NOT CNN. I actually read about the story you are talking about, but I knew it wouldn't be featured on here, and that's fine because I don't come to this site for current events (outside of celebs)!
tori's picture

Oh no ma'am she doesn't do

Oh no ma'am she doesn't do that. But if you're some athlete, video hoe or reality show clown you will be on her black & "fabulous" page real quick. You didn't know?!
Keys's picture

No it's not, these clowns

No it's not, these clowns need to wake up. TMZ.com is all over this ish because they love to see us act out stereotype. And really Rick we ALL know you were not this tough before all those tattoos and mixtapes so stop playing yourself. Art IMITATING life not the other way around.
Mouse's picture


TMZ is GOES IN on EVERYONE! They crucify Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, and ALL the other trainwrecks in Hollywood! But you're right about Ricky, he wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight, then again we ALL know he DON'T f*ck with ANY TYPES of fruits with his BIG A$$!
tori's picture

Can you log my time of death

Can you log my time of death please that don't fuck with any fruits just slayed me hilarious. How you decide to be a gangsta in your 30's???? He a fucking clown
Mouse's picture

LMAO, I have no idea, I bet

LMAO, I have no idea, I bet Ricky got pics in a saftey deposit box over at Florida State Employee FEDERAL Credit Union of him SMOKING Cuban cigars and DRINKING Jim Bean with Jeb Bush! I bet he used to steal the SUICIDE NOTES of the people in prison and put them in his rhymes...AMEN!
tori's picture

I hate niggas. That's all I

I hate niggas. That's all I have to say.
Mouse's picture

Just so Jay and Ye wasn't

Just so Jay and Ye wasn't there! Who cares about them others! Jay at BARCLAY Ye in PARIS! Shrug!
Rica123's picture

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