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Chris Brown DUNKS On Celeb BASKETBALL Game + Tiffany Evans REVEALS New Daughter

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Over the weekend in Atlanta, singer Chris Brown hosted an all-star charity basketball game featuring folks like Shawty Lo (where'd they find him?), Nelly, Terrence J and Waka Flocka Flame. See footage from the game inside and get a first look at Tiffany Evans' baby girl.....

Chris Brown and a few of his celebrity friends spent yesterday at Morehouse College playing basketball as fans looked on.  Chris' team wore t-shirts from his Black Pyramid line as they played against ATL's Hot 107.9 radio station.


And backstage, Terrence J interviewed team captain Nelly (who posed with singer Crystal Renee who belted out the National Anthem) for “E! News.” Earlier, Crystal sang the national anthem.

Watch backstage footage along with Chris and others dunking at (3:42) here:

After the game, Chris tweeted, “Thank you so much to all the supporters who came and showed love at my charity basketball event.” Nice.




We told you previously about Tiffany Evans announcing that she was married and expecting....and now she's revealed a pic of her new baby girl.  She tweeted,  "My Joy.......<3 Adalia Sarai Henderson"  How cute!



Photos via Dennis Byron/ATL Nightspots.com/Twitter

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Who the hell is Tiffany

Who the hell is Tiffany Evans?? I thought they would show a pic so I wouldn't have to waste my time googling...
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Allbeautythings0's picture

I love me some Waka, and

I love me some Waka, and since when did KERI HILSON start going by the name CRYSTAL RENEE??
tori's picture

Haha...They all look MUSTY as

Haha...They all look MUSTY as hell!!
Like Really's picture

They sure as hell do!

They sure as hell do!
Marek&#039;s Wifey's picture

Nelly looks fine as always

Nelly looks fine as always and the other ummm no comment
sexybrownpyt's picture

waka is just fugly period,

waka is just fugly period, Ewwww!!! Chris does look hoodratish and thuggish with those unsightly tats, Why ? he went overboard with the ink is beyond me. Everyone there looks ghetto especially the females with their gaudy clothes and shoes. Tiffanys' baby is cute but no one is checking for her and hardly no one knows who Tiffany evans is.
sweetpea1989's picture

well, he got plenty of

well, he got plenty of practice dunking RiRi's face off the car dashboard
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I wasn't even going to open

I wasn't even going to open this post to read it because the picture and caption alone looks so stupid and boring to me, but I just couldn't resist saying that Chris and Wacka look so gross to me. Those tats look so damn ridiculous and they just look so spaced out of their minds, a clear indication that there are so many of our black males whom are lost in space. Just look at them...umph. I don't fool with any young dudes, as far as dating, and I especially don't fool with any who have tats like this and sag their pants. Men, real men are few and far in-between, but I'd just opt out altogether before I'd resort to fooling around with such MESS as this. I pity the young girls who have no other options other than to deal with these kind of young cats. I really do.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Chris looking kinda....ghetto

Chris looking kinda....ghetto stank in the first pic...and shawty lo...who's even checking for him?? other than his 16 kids and 10 baby mamas....

I guess you are determined to

I guess you are determined to make us know who the hell a Tiffany Evans is.....lol. newborn pix all look exactly the same.
shuga's picture

lol.....Shuga ....Tiffany

lol.....Shuga ....Tiffany Evans is the lil girl From the Tyler Perry Movies that use to play his daughter ....when the mother was on drugs and she was singing in the church at the end of the movie

OOOOH Nelly, my Nelly!

OOOOH Nelly, my Nelly! ***fanning myself***
shylibra's picture

Hey Waka!!!! *waving*

Hey Waka!!!! *waving* Tiffany Evans baby is precious....
Ethel Mertz's picture

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