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John Legend Takes Fiancée Christine Shopping, Postpones Tour Until 2013

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John Legend was spotted out and about in West Hollywood today have a great shopping time with his fiancée, model Christine Teigen.  Check out the pics inside, plus why John just had to break the news to his fans that he's cancelling his world tour, for now...

While Chrissy hid her left hand (as if we don't already know the two are engaged), the paps snapped the lovey dovey twosome out shopping today at Fred Segal.

The duo smiled it up for the cameras, but John had to break some bad news to his fans earlier today. The "Best You've Ever Had" singer is cancelling his upcoming tour in order to finish his new album, Love In The Future.  But he will likely re-load it in 2013.  He posted on his website:


Hey beautiful people,

I'm writing with a change of plans to share with you. As you all know, I've been working on my new album, Love in the Future, with Kanye and the rest of my creative team for a while now. I planned to release the album this Fall and go on tour to perform new songs from the album. We announced the dates before we'd finished the album because we were sure we'd finish the album in time. But, unfortunately, while the creative process has been exciting and I'm pretty certain we're going to deliver the best album of my career so far, the timing hasn't adhered to the schedule I originally envisioned. In other words, we're not done with the album. And my team and I have made the agonizing decision to put off the tour until 2013* when we know we will have the new music done and will be ready to fully unveil the creative vision through the album and the live experience.

I've never postponed a tour or done anything like this before. I've only missed a show due to illness a couple times in my eight-year career. I don't like letting my fans down, and I sincerely regret disappointing the thousands of you who have already spent your hard-earned money and gotten excited to see the show. Please know that we will try our best to make the music and the 2013 tour well worth the wait. In the meantime, ticket holders can get a refund on your ticket purchases now.

Thanks for your patience. I sincerely apologize if I've let any of you down. I'm going to get back to work and make sure we make this album the "best you've ever had."




In other music news, check out Miguel's brand new video for his single "Do You" off Kaleidoscope Dream that just dropped.  It features his rumored girlfriend actress/model Nazanin Mandi. Nice.


The Randomness:

1.  Mike Tyson is "doing great" after neck surgery for his degenerative disk. STORY


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I now think I want Miguel's

I now think I want Miguel's cd.
Realist's picture

I know John through many of

I know John through many of my friends who went to school with him back in the day at UPenn (when he was known as John Stephens). He's actually a nice guy and super-talented. One of my girlfriends who dated him back in those days said he was an "attentive lover" but that he fell, um, "short" in other areas. I thought John wouldn't fall into the I'm-a-celebrity-so-I-have-to-date-a-model stereotype, but if he likes it, I love it.
DesignDiva's picture

John Legend fools no one. I

John Legend fools no one. I like Miguel's song and I think it's really cute that he put his girlfriend in the video.
MrsCPA's picture

I read Chrissy's food blog

I read Chrissy's food blog and it's pretty funny!
SweetDivaT's picture

Has anyone actually heard her

Has anyone actually heard her speak? She talks like a constipated frog. And when she opens her mouth a whole bunch of nonsense starts spewing out. Like most models, she's only pretty until she opens her mouth, then the illusion ends.
Livey's picture

crissy must have some friends

crissy must have some friends on here. I have seen them in Gucci and she is very pretty in person. T.V does no justice. However, your man wants some cock.... Sorry crissy before your man was famous he was pillow biting. remember seeing him in jimmy uptown in Harlem and he was around all Gay males. Btw love his song tonight but hate how fame went to his head i will never give him a dollar of my cash.. i will download him for free i am sick of these celebs acting like they are doing us a favor.
Nflgirl's picture

Well she knows how to keep

Well she knows how to keep him spending his money because thats all she's in it for...lol
star's picture

John looks like HE enjoys

John looks like HE enjoys shopping MORE than his girl do! It's cool John, no one is UPSET about you postponing your tour, HELL, who knew you were planning one??
tori's picture

They look related.

They look related.
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So let me get this

So let me get this right...you basic looking black bitches are mad because she has a Sports Illustrated cover under her belt among many endorsements and your pictures can only be found on Facebook, BlackPlanet, or MocoSpace ... hmmm... Krissy-1 You-0

Are we looking at the same

Are we looking at the same comments? Who's mad besides you, with that emotional comment you just made. She is absolutely nobody to hate on.
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Just like a niglette. Unable to read below at the comments left BEFORE me. Get your education right. Oh and about waiting to use that line, I never have to as long as basic black bitches like you stay on the coattails. GET INTO IT!

I read the comments below you

I read the comments below you dummy and my response remains the same. Go have a seat, preferably on toilet, so that you can shit out your stupidity you imbecile.
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Thank & You! She probably

Thank & You! She probably been itching to use that "facebook, myspace..." line for a hot minute...smh she should have waited just a LIL bit longer, it MIGHT have been funny *kanye schrug*!
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If it isn't Toucan Sam

If it isn't Toucan Sam himself. I thought I separated you from your wig in the last round bitch. Sit your aardvark feature having ass down. You waited til the coast was clear and you had a cosigner to even blink in my direction, just like a scared hoe. Get a nosejob and come back when you can't smell your chest anymore bitch.

Riiiiiight, I am shaking in

Riiiiiight, I am shaking in my boots over a CYBER BULLY...umm ok!
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but you changed the picture

but you changed the picture though..... category closed.


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everyone's a model...

everyone's a model...
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he MUST love the thought of

he MUST love the thought of "dating a model" ...b/c she looks way below average (I Loveee Iron Mike Tyson!!).......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

You call yourself LisaRaye's

You call yourself LisaRaye's subconscious but ya look like Randy Jackson's stunt double. How dreadful

WOW! !!!!!!!!!! You are

WOW! !!!!!!!!!! You are FUNNY......womp.....and it's LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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