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Octavia Spencer GETS FAB For ELLE'S November 2012 "Women In Hollywood" Issue, SPEAKS About PRODUCER Who BULLIED Her

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Academy Award winning actress Octavia Spencer shows off her glamorous side in ELLE's 2012 "Women In Hollywood" issue.  And we're loving every bit of her cover pic.   Inside the issue, she talks about taking a stand for herself in Hollywood.  Get the deets inside.....

Octavia Spencer, who won an Oscar for her role in The Help, stars in ELLE magazine’s November 2012 Women In Hollywood issue (on stands Oct 16th). She's joined by Emma Watson and Elle Fanning who are also featured on separate covers.

Inside, Octavia recalls a moment where she had to take a stand in Hollywood against a producer who bullied her.

“Early on I had to stand up to a producer – I won’t say who, but he is famous, famous. He dressed me down in a crowded office. I told him right there in front of a hundred people, ‘You don’t know me well enough to use that tone’…And then I ran to the bathroom and cried like a baby. But he never addressed me that way again. And he is known as a yeller.”

In the photo above, Octavia wears a Tadashi Shoji cocktail dress (her fave designer) with sheer details and a ring from Harry Winston.


Photos via ELLE

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Pretty pics Miss

Pretty pics Miss Spencer!! Let's show our support and buy this mag cover ladies.
SweetDivaT's picture

I am so sick of white

I am so sick of white industry trying their damn best to transform us into what they think would appeal to the fashion industry and hollywood...Octavia is a beautiful actress and her essence should be celebrated - I would have fired the hair stylist who would even consider putting that wig on her head....
lifeisgood's picture

beautiful & wonderful

beautiful & wonderful actress, but that hair is all wrong!!!!
monash's picture

I'm so happy for her! When

I'm so happy for her! When you have a dream in your heart, just keep believing and taking the necessary steps and let God do the rest. I wish they would have punched up the make up a little bit.
Marek's Wifey's picture

Wow Octavia looks great. Her

Wow Octavia looks great. Her eyes are killer!!! Wish they had played them up more with make-up. But I'm so happy Elle is featuring her on its cover. Ladies, it is a rare occurence when a normal regular gorgeous brown sistah like us gets the cover of a magazine in this league, so cherish it. Please go out and buy it, and buy an extra one too to give to a loved one. We want to Octavia issue to sell well!!!!
The Real Thing's picture

Don't like all that hair at

Don't like all that hair at all. Cute face though.
TeaNicole's picture

I like Octavia...lovin her

I like Octavia...lovin her 60's hairdo as well. She looks good to me.
qtpa2t's picture

This is the BEST she has ever

This is the BEST she has ever looked to me..not feeling the hair..but I like the photos!
MsMidwest's picture

The white fashion magazines

The white fashion magazines always do this with big girls -- a close up shot rather than a full body shot. There are four other covers and every actress except Octavia has a body shot They also did this with Gabby Sadobuie. It's unfortunate but expected.
Elle's picture

I like her, she has a

I like her, she has a beautiful spirit about her.
Didshesaythat's picture

ELLE know they WRONG!! I will

ELLE know they WRONG!! I will leave it at that!
tori's picture

kinda looks like Gabrielle

kinda looks like Gabrielle Douglas' Mom
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Beautiful woman. She has a

Beautiful woman. She has a baby face. Lol..
Iridescent One's picture

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