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OH SNAP: Nicki Minaj CURSES OUT Mariah Carey During Auditions--AND IT'S CAUGHT ON TAPE!

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Ish just got real on the "American Idol" set.  Remember those rumors of beef between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey?  The ones MiMi tried to blow off?  Well they're very real--and now there's video proof.


Deets inside on Nicki cursing out MiMi at auditions...

So the "Idol" judges rolled into Charlotte, North Carolina today for auditions.  And ish went left when Nicki and Mariah disagreed on the talent level of one of the contestants.  Who DIDN'T see this coming?

According to TMZ and video that has surfaced, Nicki screamed past Keith Urban over to Mariah, "I'm gonna knock you out."

And then she went on saying, which was caught on camera, "I told them, I'm not f*ckin' putting up with her f*ckin' highness over there."  Along with several other high pitched words.

MouthToEars.com says Nicki walked out on production during this:

Nicki Minaj walked off of set because Mariah Carey kept making jabs at her. Nicki’s manager and team convinced her to come back to the show. Mariah kept at it and called Nicki a bitch and then proceeded to cuss her out. Producers had to stop filming and call it a night.

Y'all already know how i feel about Nicki and her level of talent...so there's no need for me to comment on this ish.  But we did say when this panel was announced that folks with a limited talent level maybe shouldn't be judging the talents of others.  And definitely not put on the same level as iconic talents. That would, of course, cause problems. 

Mariah will likely act like this never happened--she has a thing for not even acknowledging the presence of people she can't stand.  J-Lo anyone?

But she did Tweet the above "Whyyyy" during the audition (which you hear her saying in the video)...and then erased it.

And if you're thinking this was all a publicity stunt, think again.  Reportedly, producers stepped in because this was not how far they wanted this to go.  And they are now scared at how Nicki & MiMi's relationship will affect the completion of the rest of the season.

This will only get more foolish...

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Yall need to leave nicki

Yall need to leave nicki alone!! i personally dont like mariah carey, yeah shes a legend and shit but dosent mean she has to treat people like shit!, beyonce said being a diva is having class and being a fabouluse role model!, as foor nicki i love her she is doinh her thang and if it was me in nicki's position i would have done the same thing, even though im not the one to raise my voice in an argument! love you nicki keep on doing you and killing these hoes :D
thelovelytruth's picture

wow poor mariah having to

wow poor mariah having to work with ratchetness .....ugh cant stand chicks like her ..

Nicki is talentless ignorant

Nicki is talentless ignorant trash. Mariah has earned her stripes and outsong and sold all these flavor of the months like Nicki for years. If anyone has a right to be a diva on that panel it's her. Nicki does not sing, play and instrument nor is she a producer. Mariah should have said to the producers its either me or her.
JJFad's picture

Yes, I agree with Tren.., but

Yes, I agree with Tren.., but the producers are lovinggg this ghetto crap!!! It's going to give them ratings because they are in need of them. Using black talent is what they do best..look at Atlanta Basket ball wives? It is an insult to black women and once again this places Black women in a negative light further proporting the negative stereo types that have been haunting us for years! If Nikki had any class she would go to Mariah and talk to her about how they can best work this situation to their advantage by bring their best to the show. BUT... I am CERTAIN that the producers will treat this like the human experiment that it is and instigate because NIKKI is vunerable. She will listen and as a hard head she will react. Just like the psychological experiment with Pavlov's dog. That is what these vultures will do and she will take the bait. If she was "smart" she would get quiet and listen to the folks who care behind the scenes. Better yet, listen quielty to herself blocking everyone else OUT then sit down with Mariah "LIKE REALY WOMEN DO" AND have done so that they can talk by themselves, hash everything out and make it the BEST season that IDOL has "EVER" had...postively!!!!

Mariah has worked with

Mariah has worked with EVERYONE in the business so it is not like she has a reason to feel intimidated or slighted. She's even worked with NIKKI soooo My presumption is that Nikki has pissed people off and the results just may be kicking her ass now. OHHH and if Nikki could diss KIM, people...what makes you THINK that she could respect Mariah much less ANYONE in the game who is older or more seasoned? Deference is Deference. I do agree that no one should suffer or be at the behest of disrespect. That is not cool at all, but I am a New Yorker...so are they. I mean Nikki isn't foolin' anybody. Like I said... NO one really knows Nikki's personality and I won't proclaim to know her personally (and I will give her that...regarding her comment about people can be cruel on blogs...the industry game has changed), but there is a reason for everything. Nikki is getting hazed for some S**T she's done and this may just be the antidote to assist her so that she can wash the ghetto hood off of herself in order to claim the throne like the Bratt, Kim, Missy Elliot, Mariah, TLC, Rah Digga, Lauren Hill, Foxy Brown. and an entire legacy of female MC's who have come before her. A female MC can't just bum rush like Nikki has done and expect that people should just fall into her because she has received some props from male MC's. She has to grow and sharpen her chops like everyone else HAD TO DO..cuz she is no different. I think she has potential, and actually took a liking to her initially. Now...not so much. NIkki has got to show some humility period. Cocky will never cut the grade. Period dot!

my concerns is really not the

my concerns is really not the Nicki and Mariah, my concerns is that the producers are incompetent to see this was going to happen. This season is a fail BAAAAD.
Tren's picture

Black Women so stupid.....we

Black Women so stupid.....we love it when a man calls us his bitch ...and say its a term of endearment'......Nicki Minaj calls herself a bad bitch........So someone freaking explain to me why she sees Mariah calling her a bitch as an Insult....YOU see how foolish my people can be........just like the word NIgga' is a term of endearment...sigh
HAPPY's picture

Trust and BELIEVE that your

Trust and BELIEVE that your girl Nikki is NOT professional! IF she had ANY class she would just place her phat ass on the chair and act like she has some polish. Ooops...the TLC biter (sorry Left eye and T-Boz but it's TRUE) who can barely carve a flow has somehow managed to convince people that she has got game. Industry people KNOW the story because Nikki is not a anomaly. She has probably stepped on a few toes (it happens) because producers have given her the pass to do it. It is unfortunate that we have to be the damn beverly hill billy's all of the time and look crazy on the idot box that millions of people watch. It's always the Ghetto display of no class, but it does not have to be this way. If she was a TRUE baller then she should ACT like it! WHAT Drake FAILED to say in his interview about Kim (though he attempted to give her props) is that she put Nikki ONNNNNNN and was disrespected. Now, Nikki is just reaping what she has sown. You can't do ugly and act like you won't get cow manuer doused in YUH face. To bad...I am feelin' a little for Nikki but she just may have carved this one out a LONNNG time ago. This revelation isn't about HATER AID because these are the cards SHE delt and now she has to DEAL! YFB got it WRONG...MIMI was not dissed if anything it was the other way around! I read the report at 2 o'clock and media can switch reports in the blink of an eye....It happens quite often. So YBF report is right!!! Nikki was barking like a chiwawa and eventually walked off the set! Her folks had to convince her to come back on. I don't feel and should not feel any which way about Nikki M, but being in the industry on and off for years, there are circumstances that happen behind the scenes that prompt this so she is not exonerated from the heat. She was part of the cause. People...marinate on it!

First off, Nicki wasn't

First off, Nicki wasn't always garbage. She is who she is now because of her hustle to get more attention, more endorsements, and more money.... At the end of the day Respect is Respect regardless if one artists has more accolades than other, it doesn't give Mariah the right to talk down to or disrespect Nicki, vice versa and all you saw there was a minute of what happened.
Sweeter_Than's picture

((For Inquiring Minds)) the

((For Inquiring Minds)) the people responsible for hiring " Garbage Pail Minaj" is Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick they are the producer and executive producer for American Idol 2 greedy ass Republicans . Mr Warwick thought it would be a good idea to have garbage on the show because of her hot headedness and political views and controversy she has with her own people (( black people)) she's the perfect puppet!.. another thing the X Factor is killing Idols rating Big time."So now you know" will you be watching is the Question? these to rich bastards needs to fall flat on their asses ! I sure as hell won't be watching they don't need any more money
REd™'s picture

I truly truly believe that

I truly truly believe that Mariah was being a witch... Reason being-- She KNOWS she's more talented than Nicki. She's a legend. She has awards on top of awards on top of more awards. Her voice is one of THE BEST! However, that doesn't give anyone the right to act more highly than they ought too. Although Nicki may not be talented in the opinions of others, she's worked (in her own right) to get where she is. It's a slap in the face for someone to treat you as if they are better than you. And too say she shouldn't be judging talent-- Talent/ beauty/ potential is in the eye of the beholder. All ears and eyes are not going to perceive things the same way... And with Nicki's following, I think she makes a great addition (even if I don't like her music/style/whatever)... I do think that Nicki should not have gone off that way. But if someone makes you feel belittled, you'd go off too! So stop JUDGING! We don't know what was said before this and who started it! Now shut up please!

I agree with you 100%, like i

I agree with you 100%, like i said we need the whole story. We just saw nicki part. People on ybf acting brand new

Well, that's what happens

Well, that's what happens when you put a newbie into the mix... No class and doesn't know how to work with adults! Was she catty barbie just then...

Poeple on ybf kill me. We do

Poeple on ybf kill me. We do not know the full story, we just gone blame nicki because she has a pink wig on and she a black woman thats "mad". We do not know the full story, what if Mariah Carey was being rude to her. Just because Mariah Carey is not saying nothing does not mean his was not saying rude things to nicki. I'm not a fan of nicki, but i'm a humun being and if beyonce (who i'm a fan of) was rude to me continually, I would have word with her. People just because someone can sing and is a star you should not let them treat you like shit...NO. People think Mariah Carey is an angel just because she didn't say anything, she could have push nicki to the edge. Stop thinking about how much you like the way someone sings nad think about how you would want to be treated. Ps. I'm a Mariah Carey fan, but i don't know her or nicki

Thank you! i agree 110% with

Thank you! i agree 110% with what you said! these people over here hating on nicki and didn't even see what mariah did to her! i also agree with the whole beyonce thing (i love her too) but if she was acting like she was better than me and treating me like shit just because shes a star i would go off to damn!
thelovelytruth's picture

What irritates me the most is

What irritates me the most is that Idol decided to put this incompetent, gawky, amateurish clown Nicki Minaj on the panel. To me it’s an insult to the legends like Mariah Carey who have REAL talent. I mean she has been in this business for over a DECADE. It’s baffling that fox would even allow this mess to interfere with the auditions. I truly feel sorry for the contestants who missed the opportunity to showcase their talent. Hands down Mariah Carey should have been the only female judge on the show. & honestly speaking how DARE AMERICAN IDOL HAVE THIS DIM-WITTED NICKI MINAJ JUDGING TALENT WHEN HER WHOLE ACT WAS ORIGINATED FROM LIL KIM?? Hopefully they boot that silly hoe Nicki!!!!
cocochanel's picture

That fool was ranting for a

That fool was ranting for a good minute and I couldnt understand a word. Maybe its bcz Im just used to hearing her spit garbage. Idol has a damn nerve recruiting this Gimmick to judge anyone on talent, Idol was over when Simon left, they're all in denial.
Realist's picture


NICKI IS GHETTO. Plain and simple.
Yas's picture

To all the black women that

To all the black women that are mad at black men for dating outside of the race I give you Exhibit A. There are better ways to handle conflict than acting like a crazed animal. Regardless of Mariah's bitchy, diva ways she will always come out looking better when you have someone acting a damn fool like Nicki. PERIOD.
PacificGirl's picture

I don't care who Carey is or

I don't care who Carey is or what she has accomplished. Money and fame doesn't excuse you to act like a straight up bitch. Please stop putting her on a pedestal. That's both their problem now.
brownlace's picture

Nikki cursing out a legend

Nikki cursing out a legend like Mariah Carey only clarifies that she doesn't need to share the same space with Mariah or any other legend in the industry...a little advice to the rookie Nikki ...next time you feel Mariah is patronizing you patronize her back and be classy about it otherwise, you come off as a loud mouth black woman who can't control her temper with rainbow weave...now who's side will people take?
Lola's picture

(smallvoice) To be honest, I

(smallvoice) To be honest, I can see Mariah Carey being a b*tch on wheels to the point ol' hothead Nicki Minaj loses it on her. Neither one of them chicks is sane. (/smallvoice) (evensmallervoice) I kinda want to see what Nicki Minaj is like as a judge. (/evensmallervoice) Hey, don't judge me. LOL
Me Talk Pretty's picture

*whisper* Me too

*whisper* Me too
RockEm's picture

OMG, Watching this has me

OMG, Watching this has me PISSED!!!! Why the f*ck is this clown ass bitch even on the show!!!??? Mariah Carey should not be getting cursed out by a damn clown ass cartoon barely "rapper" on a SINGING COMPETITION SHOW!!! MARIAH CAREY?!! Did people forget how amazing this woman's voice is?? And they have her being forced to sit next to some pink hair buffoon with two bull shit albums under her belt and a wacky ass "wardrobe." WTF was American Idol thinking putting this hoe on their panel to judge people's singing voices?? This is ridiculous. Nicki Minaj is TRASH.
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

Nicki is DONE. Auditions had

Nicki is DONE. Auditions had to be shut down, costing Fox $$..DONE>..white folks don't play that! and say what you want about Mariah, she is a LEGEND with true talent and they will keep her over Nicki any day! No matter who they get, this ghetto hood rat will act a fool. Back to Cash Money Losers for her. Not to mention Nicki has embarrassed the race and black women. This is why we don't get jobs..they think we are all animals and act like savages....she is proving them right.
PacificGirl's picture

Kim tried to tell yall.

Kim tried to tell yall.
Susan's picture

Nicki made herself look

Nicki made herself look really stupid! MC is on a whole other level...lmao, this is the beginning of the end for Nicki.
jaccirae's picture

It's all FUN & GAMES until

It's all FUN & GAMES until Nick Cannon releases a DISS RECORD and EVERYONE in YMCMBLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ go HAM!!
tori's picture

Lil' Kim tried to tell y'all

Lil' Kim tried to tell y'all she was wack, unstable, mentally disturbed and that y'all would soon see for yourselves...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

First of all Nicki GARBAGE

First of all Nicki GARBAGE (Pronounced like Minaj) shouldn't even be there. American Idol effed up by putting that clown there. They're going to lose sooo many more viewers because of that. Me being one of 'em.Nobody wants to see her goofy facial expressions and here her talk every damn week. The person who added her, needs to be SLAPPED!
Iridescent One's picture

WOW!! Leave it to someone

WOW!! Leave it to someone like Niki Minaj to bring the HOOD to American Idol, SMH. She's classless and cheapens the show. Mariah's been in the game for well over 20 years, wrote most of her music, thus explains why she doesn't have to tour. She's a young legend, with a voice in the Guinness Book of world records. Yeah, she can be a diva, but she's earned her stripes.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Now I'm not a ride or die

Now I'm not a ride or die nutty Nicki fan but why can't people admit that Mariah is bat-isht and ridiculous at times? Who plays a video of themselves while giving birth? Really? Nicki does need to calm that way down but Mariah does need a reality check....#justsaying
Concentrate's picture

Nicki is a Ford Probe, aka

Nicki is a Ford Probe, aka hot for a few years because it's different. Mariah is a Mercedes S class. Timeless symbol of success and REAL $$$. I would've let Nicki kick and scream on her own too if I were Mariah. Nicki needs to act an ass with that Bozo wig on to extend her 15 minutes. Mariah has been famous for over 20 years. #stayinyourlaneyoungn
Lisa's picture

Your analogy is hilarious!

Your analogy is hilarious!
MrsCPA's picture

Nicki will never get to be a

Nicki will never get to be a legend by trying the wrong people. Take the hint, Miss Minaj - you ain't it!
SweetDivaT's picture

Again, people making money

Again, people making money acting sideways...common - let it go - but I got a feeling if this keeps up, Nicki is gonna wax that ass...it looks like she wants to jump across the table and smack old home girl....
lifeisgood's picture

Why is Nicki even on this

Why is Nicki even on this show for real? She is not a singer or even a musician. If I were Mariah who is a legend I would refuse to even entertain that little temporarily famous Bozo the clown.
Keys's picture

Ditto!!!! I mean, Nicki is

Ditto!!!! I mean, Nicki is entertainment and it works for her. However, last I checked, that did not equate to talent. She's nowhere near Mariah's league.
MrsCPA's picture

So there really is Coca-Cola

So there really is Coca-Cola in those cups... 0:36
C2C's picture

I'm pretty sure Mariah Carey

I'm pretty sure Mariah Carey gets her diva-uber-bitchy-attitude on sometimes. But unlike Nikki, she has EARNED IT!!!! She was the only chick whose music could even COMPARE to--let alone out-sell Whitney Houston's back in the day. If Mariah never, ever-ever-EVA sings again, she has earned her DIVA stripes. On the other hand, Nikki Minaj wilds-out and is knows to be rude, arrogant and outright nasty to people fairly often. She's made a few dollars, gotten a few awards and thinks she's the main-chick in the game right now. Commercially, maybe. Genuine-talent-wise--NOT. Hiring her was a bad idea ANYWAY--who is she to judge anybody?!?!? Idol created a monster and now they have to deal with the fallout. A$$holes.


Iridescent One's picture

You said it, Diva!

You said it, Diva!
MrsCPA's picture

Totally agree with you. Good

Totally agree with you. Good points made.
srenitamoore's picture

Nicki Minaj is classless

Nicki Minaj is classless TRASH! I love how LETHAL Mariah's shade is and how flawless and unbothered she is by Nicki's 3-year-old antics. LMAO! #teamMARIAH. Nicki will self-destruct.
Elle's picture

You said everything that I

You said everything that I wanted to say.....co-sign.
Ethel Mertz's picture

These Two Bi*ches makin' TOO

These Two Bi*ches makin' TOO MUCH MONEY to be on here goin' at it.... I bet you Tupac and Biggie would've gotten along with the kind of money they paying these people... Nigg@s
Grown Man Ish's picture

Hahaha so true!

Hahaha so true!
C2C's picture

A.I just messed up the

A.I just messed up the formula trying to jock Simon Cowell over there at the X Factor. Which really doesn't make any sense being that A.I is the originator and every singing competition show is trying to be like them.
ahsikal78's picture

Whose dumb idea was it to

Whose dumb idea was it to have Nicki Minaj judge other people's talent when she has none herself?! She's a gimmick. Blah! #teamMariah

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