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OH SNAP: Nicki Minaj CURSES OUT Mariah Carey During Auditions--AND IT'S CAUGHT ON TAPE!

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Ish just got real on the "American Idol" set.  Remember those rumors of beef between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey?  The ones MiMi tried to blow off?  Well they're very real--and now there's video proof.


Deets inside on Nicki cursing out MiMi at auditions...

So the "Idol" judges rolled into Charlotte, North Carolina today for auditions.  And ish went left when Nicki and Mariah disagreed on the talent level of one of the contestants.  Who DIDN'T see this coming?

According to TMZ and video that has surfaced, Nicki screamed past Keith Urban over to Mariah, "I'm gonna knock you out."

And then she went on saying, which was caught on camera, "I told them, I'm not f*ckin' putting up with her f*ckin' highness over there."  Along with several other high pitched words.

MouthToEars.com says Nicki walked out on production during this:

Nicki Minaj walked off of set because Mariah Carey kept making jabs at her. Nicki’s manager and team convinced her to come back to the show. Mariah kept at it and called Nicki a bitch and then proceeded to cuss her out. Producers had to stop filming and call it a night.

Y'all already know how i feel about Nicki and her level of talent...so there's no need for me to comment on this ish.  But we did say when this panel was announced that folks with a limited talent level maybe shouldn't be judging the talents of others.  And definitely not put on the same level as iconic talents. That would, of course, cause problems. 

Mariah will likely act like this never happened--she has a thing for not even acknowledging the presence of people she can't stand.  J-Lo anyone?

But she did Tweet the above "Whyyyy" during the audition (which you hear her saying in the video)...and then erased it.

And if you're thinking this was all a publicity stunt, think again.  Reportedly, producers stepped in because this was not how far they wanted this to go.  And they are now scared at how Nicki & MiMi's relationship will affect the completion of the rest of the season.

This will only get more foolish...

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oh hell no!!!

oh hell no!!!
shuga's picture

they deminished the capacity

they deminished the capacity of this show by adding a newbie like Nicki, shit, she still learning how the fuck they gonna put her to judge along legends. THIS SHOW IS GOING DOWN. i haven't watch since they put J.Lo as a Judge now Nicki, oh FOX.

How can anyone take her

How can anyone take her threats seriously while she's sitting there in that dress with those sleeves and a hot pink bozo wig looking a damn fool. She said "say one more disrespectful thing to her and see what happens". Uummm girl bye, ain't nobody scared of you. All Mariah needs is a stick pin and this bitch is gone. Her voice is so f--k--g annoying, I would've punched that bitch in her throat for that reason alone. This still isn't gonna make me tune in, gimmick or not.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

i have no real comment,

i have no real comment, haven't watched the show since the early seasons with fantasia, ruben, kelly
monash's picture

I don't know what

I don't know what precipitated Nicki's rant but both ladies need to keep it professional. The damning thing about this clip is that we only see Nicki's bufoonery; we don't see what set her off and whether Mariah had anything to do with it. Hopefully, Nicki will keep it classy because we really don't need the "brown" girl up on national t.v. acting a damn fool. We already have enough bad examples of black women cutting the fool on that minstrel show "Basketball Wives." So please Nicki, don't let Mariah's whack a$$ get you caught up and make you lose your American Idol gig and tarnish your public persona and reputation. Despite many of the posts on this page, this isn't about how Mariah is a "divA" and can "Sang"; that doesn't give her the right to any special treatment or to be given the benefit of the doubt everytime there's a dust up. Mariah has brought out the absolute worst in many folks (ie. Eminem, Tommy Mottola) - she has a habit of pushing people's buttons. Nicki M. - don't let her push yours.
The Real Thing's picture

Well put, thank you! We don't

Well put, thank you! We don't see what Diva Mariah did/said to push Nicki's button. Everyone deserves respect, just because you Earned more money with your talent doesn't give you the right to disrespect others' talents. Nicki isn't on her level, but she has a fan base, she's doing "her" thang. I wouldn't allow anyone to demean me either, I don't care who they are. I bet Mariah was throwing out some jabs under her breath or rolling her eyes or some such juvenile mess. Ya'll know Mariah is a mess.
Reign's picture

Nicki need to sit her no

Nicki need to sit her no talent having a** down somewhere and recognize who she talking too. Mariah may be a diva but she earned that ish! Mariah will perform circles around her in her sleep...why would any talent show allow Nicki on their panel anyway?? I stopped watching this show years ago anyway


Awwwww Shucks's picture

it's what Idol wanted, which

it's what Idol wanted, which is why I can not tune in for a gimmicky raggedy ann doll judge the singing of others...no ma'am...can't...
Laia's picture

Someone needs to be honest

Someone needs to be honest with MiMi. That bitch lives in a dream world
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Like Nikki any better...what

Like Nikki any better...what the fck is up with the weird out of this world crap she be doing?? I agree with the others...nikki has no singing talent so why is she on as a judge at all.
Lioness0129's picture

Nikki is there for the Train

Nikki is there for the Train Wreck Effect........just glad someone has the balls to talk to MiMi
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

first of all American Idol is

first of all American Idol is too damn thirsty for me, why is garbage Minaj on the show anyway? secondly who the f*** do she think she is , mariah Carey is a legend! "Birdman" you better put a muzzle on your BITCH ! because pretty soon she'll be f****** up your money! you know how you can't stand when your artist f****** up your money (Hint) "BG" ,I can see garbage Minaj heading down that path pretty soon f****** coke head!
REd™'s picture

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tom026's picture

Money can't buy you class!!

Money can't buy you class!!
Angels love fashion's picture

Lol!!! why is Mariah in the

Lol!!! why is Mariah in the background going, "awwwwwwhhhhh!" well... let's hope it all works out for the good.
RO's picture

this is what we the people

this is what we the people get for accepting this clown Nikki Minaj. I am no real fan of Mariah Carey however, she should respected in the game by fake wig wearing hood rats
Nflgirl's picture

The nerve of that

The nerve of that unprofessional hoodrat! Sweety, you aren't freestyling in pissy hallways in the projects with a greasy ass bang anymore! You would think she would know how to carry herself and remain professional with a 8 million dollar salary. Mariah Carey gives American Idol credibility, because she is a world renowned Legend. You are a bitch that no one will remember 10 years from now. That catty shit might have worked with Lil' Kim, but when it comes to Legendary Carey... You will ALWAYS Lose! Your name doesn't have any business being brought up in the same sentence as Mariah Carey. You are a big ass JOKE Nicki Garbaj

Mariah Carey is a LEGEND who

Mariah Carey is a LEGEND who has sold over 100 million albums/records. Nicki Minaj is a joke whose last album isn't even Platinum yet! Roman Reloaded was a FLOP. It was released 6 months ago, and still hasn't sold a million copies yet. There is no comparison. Nicki Minaj is NOT what's hot. How can she be HOT when her last album flopped? When you think of Mariah Carey, LEGEND comes to mind. She is talented and has sold more albums then Nicki Minaj ever will!

Did she say "Off with your

Did she say "Off with your head" LMAO!!!! I wonder what was said to initiate the fight?
RockEm's picture

I just really dont like

I just really dont like Nicki!!! like she irks my entire soul. She appears very arrogant, cocky, and self-centered! Every time i see her my skin just crawls!! hate the fact that I actually like some of her songs!! LMBO!! Y is she a judge again???

A blind man could of seen

A blind man could of seen that coming....smh....lol.....

Nikki...it's an insult to the

Nikki...it's an insult to the industry, Mariah and all mankind that this CLOWN is even being spoken of in the same SENTENCE of the likes of Mariah Carey, let alone alloqed to grace her presence on the same panel. She's a CLOWN, not a real artist. How can she judge other's talent when she, herself, has none? GTFOH! No worries, if she dares to TOUCH Mariah with even so much as the tip of her paw, Nock and his team will undoubtedly make her wish she hadn't. Get that THING off of the panel already and makevit GO AWAY! Ugh.
Carmen CaBoom's picture



American Idol is so

American Idol is so desperate!!! Fortunately MiMi has children so she knows how to deal with temper tantrums. The 3 professionals should have just stared at Willy Wonka's sister and let her deal with herself.
BlueCali's picture

Who does this BITCH Nicki

Who does this BITCH Nicki think she is? Mariah is a legend! I wouldn't even look at Mariah the wrong way let alone curse her out. Nicki sweetheart you just F'd up your Barbie money, because if it comes down to you and Mariah your ass is out! I hope this hurts Nicki tremendously.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Oh Nicki, you are the

Oh Nicki, you are the EXPENDABLE one out of ALL of the judges, and the one with the LEAST CREDIBILITY, please fall back! You have NO RIGHT talking RECKLESS to anyone worth a half a BILLI!
tori's picture

mariah's an icon, so

mariah's an icon, so therefore little nicki gots ta go! however, this does make me want to check out AI this season.......
divine_brown's picture

Omg, why did they let this

Omg, why did they let this hood-rat sit on the panel. She sounds like a yapping yorkshire terrier!!! Look at her people!! She is a absolute no-class having JOKE!! If this is not a publicity stunt, she needs to be relieved of her duties ASAP!!
jdotty's picture

i still don't believe it.....

i still don't believe it.....
Classic87's picture

This is truly unfortunate. I

This is truly unfortunate. I despise when some Black women treat each other like enemies. And, once again, for the whole world to see.
Zetagirl's picture

Mimi, please snatch that wig

Mimi, please snatch that wig and let us be done with Nicholas once and for all!
whatev's picture

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