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GOOD NEWS: Robin Roberts Says She's GREAT, May Return Home NEXT WEEK!

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Praise Report!  "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts tweeted some great news about her health as she recovers from a recent bone marrow transplant.  Find out what Robin said inside.....

With a post called "Thankful  Thursday" Robin Roberts revealed on her GMA blog that her recovery from a bone marrow transplant is going well and her blood counts are looking great.  She added that her sister's cells feel right at home in her body.  Although she is still having a hard time eating (because of all the chemo), she remains prayerful, thankful and grateful.   She also posted the above pic of her and her "GMA" co-hosts Sam Champion & Josh Elliot.

Here's her post:

Today is what I like to call “Thankful Thursday, aka Friday Eve.” I have been in the hospital 25 days now. My bone marrow transplant took place exactly two weeks ago. The only numbers that matter are my blood counts and they are... GREAT! My sister Sally-Ann’s stem cells apparently feel right at home in my body -- an answer to so many prayers.

My doctors and rock star nurses are very pleased with my progress and I could not be more thankful for the excellent care I am receiving. I have had some extremely painful days and it’s still difficult for me to eat because of all the chemo. But something I read in Streams In The Desert stays with me: "I walked a mile with Pleasure, She chatted all the way; But left me none the wiser for all she had to say. I walked a mile with Sorrow, and ne'er a word said she; But, oh, the things I learned from her when sorrow walked with me."

I continue to learn so much on this journey, especially when it comes to true friendship and love. My friends near and far -- like Sam and Josh who came to visit yesterday -- have been lifting my spirits. My childhood pastor (who delivered Momma's eulogy) is coming from down South to see me tomorrow. I am hopeful that I MAY be well enough to continue my recovery at home next week and my sisters plan to come back to NYC for that milestone in my journey. I truly FEEL and thank you for your love, prayers and good wishes. And I return it to you tenfold. Light Love Power Presence. XO

Get well soon Robin!


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I belive this LisaRaye bitch

I belive this LisaRaye bitch is the devil incarnate. She spreads NOTHING but hate. If she can make such a hateful comment about Robin Roberts, she's just plain evil with NO conscience. She is a pathetic, delusional psycho. I truly hope she has a chance to see how brittle HER bones can get. We need to stop giving her attention. Hence, this will be my last post referencing her. I wish Robin nothing but the best. She is truly a brave sister.
LBA1's picture

Robin is truly blessed, she

Robin is truly blessed, she will always be in my prayers. I wish some patrons would make a more concentrated effort to ignore that buffoon that is LisaRaye's Subc.., its desperate ploy for attention comments are just that.
Realist's picture

God is good and His mercy

God is good and His mercy edureth forever! Go, Robin, go! We are still praying favor for you!
VagabondSpirit's picture

God bless you Robin...We all

God bless you Robin...We all are praying for you.
Synsation's picture

Thank God she is pulling

Thank God she is pulling through!
Shay's picture

LisaRaye's SubScum, it might

LisaRaye's SubScum, it might be funny to you to write such evil things but what goes around comes around. When we don't hear from you again hate to think its because you have a serious illness and is too ill to write more evil posts for folly.
JJFad's picture

So wonderful to hear Robin's

So wonderful to hear Robin's blessed report! With such a positive outlook she's bound to make a full recovery. We're pulling for you Robin!
Denise2007's picture

Such great news! Get well

Such great news! Get well soon, Robin!
MrsCPA's picture

So nice to hear this report.

So nice to hear this report. She is a trooper, fight on.
TeaNicole's picture

her bones look brittle as

her bones look brittle as fuck...,,,,,,,,,,,,she ain't going no where but into the GRAVE. .........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I just responded to another

I just responded to another of your posts and from reading this I see your problems may be more severe than I thought. Again, there are people who can help you. Call this number if you ever feel like you cannot cope: 1-800-273-TALK. Whatever your problems, know that you matter! Please call the number today - even if you feel like your problems are unique and no one can understand. Someone is there to listen. I think you're doing yourself a disservice by posting on these blogs because these people here, sweetie, they aren't here to listen to you. But the counselors at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline are there for you. It's not just for suicidal people. They handle all calls from desperate folks just like you who need some support to get back on track. I hope you get well and I hope you feel some love from somebody in your life offline. I'm praying for you.
AmberE's picture

not sure if you believe in

not sure if you believe in God and Heaven and hell..but I sure hope so because you should dress for hot weather when you die

You know, I'm usually pretty

You know, I'm usually pretty good at keeping my cool, but this comment just really proves what an evil miserable b***h you are. Do you just awaken every day with a black azz soul?
MrsCPA's picture

Glad to hear it. I wish you

Glad to hear it. I wish you well.
Happy Lady's picture

Praise God!

Praise God!
Lifeatbest's picture

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