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DO GOODER: Keke Palmer Pushes For BEAUTY & CONFIDENCE At DOVE's 3rd Annual Self-Esteem Weekend

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Keke Palmer and other influential women were spotted in Times Square earlier today for DOVE's 3rd Annual Self-Esteem Weekend.  See the pics and find out about the event inside.....


Actress Keke Palmer, in a black Pavonine London Pleat Wrap Dress, joined hundreds of girls and their mothers in Times Square today to kick off the 3rd Annual Dove Self-Esteem Weekend. The nationwide rally hopes to spark an open discussion among women about self-esteem, confidence and beauty:


Keke talked about her own struggles recently saying, "Even though I'm in the industry and I act and all this stuff, I still suffer from self-esteem issues ... from the way that I look or the way that I talk ... just nitpicking at myself." She hopes that young girls can "...find healthier ways to have a relationship with beauty and not to have so much anxiety about living up to other people's expectations."


Also, DOVE wants to encourage women to speak to the young girls in their lives to create an open dialogue this weekend and beyond.

During the event Keke posed with Dr. Mona Gohara, Alexis Tirado, Toni Blackman and Jess Weiner.

Fab, grown & using her celebrity for good.  Loves it.


Photos via Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images North America


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hair dont make her ... you

hair dont make her ... you ppl are slow its" all black "ppl thats born with blonde N brown hair ... if she wants to try a different look so be it .... dont mean she hate who she is
Realtalk1011's picture

im sorry keke is doing a good

im sorry keke is doing a good deed an she is doing very good for her self ...what an how can any of you no good for nothing ugly haters do besides trying too talk about her her life is good at ;least she is helping the young girls....

I completely agree with

I completely agree with previous posters that Keke is being badly served by both her management and style team with the ridiculous outfits and hair that she has been told to wear to give her a grown up look which beyond absurd and instead of letting this young lady be her true self she is willingly being refashioned into a Beyonce'/Ciara amalgamation when there is need for it to happen at all.

Blond european weave + Black

Blond european weave + Black girl + Self Esteem = a big contradiction. I hope you mamas out there are being a positive role models of healthy black images for your daughters because OUR little girls are under serious attack in the media, subliminally of course.
Mouse's picture

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tom100's picture

Oh, so it's the blond hair

Oh, so it's the blond hair that's making her face look like that. I didn't know what is wrong with her face lately; it just looks bad. She used to be cute. What the heck happened to her face????? And she does not look good in that dress and those heels. She needs new stylists cuz they got her looking weird and not pretty.
I_love_laughing's picture

Her hair is Natural wavy, you

Her hair is Natural wavy, you can visit FRIGGA HAIR Website: http://www.friggahair.com/best-sellers/l17-frigga-hair-u-parting-lace-wi...
FRIGGA HAIR's picture

Nothing yells "Self esteem"

Nothing yells "Self esteem" better than a Black women with a head full of blonde, white-people hair...
allnatural's picture

Father forgive me but, I was

Father forgive me but, I was thinking the same thing. Black woman...blond straight hair..self esteem?? I realize we all can choose to do whatever we like with our appearance but...her appearance is completely opposite of her message.
Zetagirl's picture


Whitney Nonnette's picture

YES! Keke looks good! She's

YES! Keke looks good! She's giving me Chocolate Cameron Diaz and I'm loving it! from all of the haters, you can tell that she's done something well for herself. . . cause if she looked basic like these basic chicks then she wouldn't be a threat and everyone would love her.
iLaugh's picture

Good cause but sorry Keke the

Good cause but sorry Keke the loud hair does nothing for you. The hair color draws attention to her features making her look harsh and manly. For some reason the hair color makes her features especially her nose look wider and her jaw line broader. What is with the black women and the blonde hair? Let's do a run down. Rih looked like Miss Piggy and her nose looked HUGE! Keisha Coles look like a horrible train wreck, Ciara and Keri Hilson are cute girls and they don't look ugly but it takes away from them as well. I guess Bey is the only one I can half-way tolerate w/ the Blonde Do and even she needs a change. BIG TIME! Please ladies stop w/ the Loud hair colors because it just makes you look ugly!
Shay's picture

How can KeKe talk to young

How can KeKe talk to young girls (ESPECIALLY MINORITIES) about SELF ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE, when she got that BLONDE MALIBU BARBIE weave in her hair?? That's like GABOUREY SIDIBE talking about HEALTH & FITNESS!
tori's picture

I'm sorry, but KeKe looks a

I'm sorry, but KeKe looks a fool with that Grandma Hattie ass dress and that prostitution hair. I can't.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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