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SHE'S OUT: Beyonce Drops Out Of Clint Eastwood's "A Star Is Born"

Clint Eastwood's A Star Is Born remake is off to a shaky start....if it starts at all.  For over a year now, Beyonce has been in talks to have one of the lead female roles (originally played by Barbara Streisand) in the flick.  But Mrs. Knowles Carter has just taken her cards out the game.


Deets inside...

Warner Brothers--the studio housing the flick--has yet to give a statement on why Beyonce pulled out of the movie.  But sources say it's due to her heavily packed schedule for this year.  And she would be stretching herself far too think taking on such a major role.

She's working on her new album, tending to her 10-month-old daughter, and has plenty of performances and another tour rumored to be lined up.  No word on if Clint's vocal support for Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney (while Bey is hardcore supporting Obama) had anything to do with the decision.  But plenty of folks believe it could.

Esperanza Spaulding is now in talks to fill the role, but there's also no male lead lined up.  According to Variety:

Studio insiders said that with Knowles now off the project, there has been interest, at least from Eastwood's end, in jazz musician Esperanza Spaulding. Sources emphasized, though, that until the male lead is locked, no discussions or offers will be out to the female lead.

Eastwood has approached a number of top male stars about playing the fading star, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp and, most recently, Bradley Cooper.

This would be the umpteenth remake of this film.  So is it really necessary?  Time will tell....





Beyonce is PREGGO again that

Beyonce is PREGGO again that is why she dropped out.
Lifeatbest's picture

you say AGAIN like she was

you say AGAIN like she was BEFORE don't confuse being preggo and actually carrying a child.

I'm a HUUUGE Beyonce fan, but

I'm a HUUUGE Beyonce fan, but you guys who are saying that her "relationship" with the OBAMAS had something to do with her getting DROPPED from the movie are IDIOTS!! She and Jay were just as vocal about the OBAMAS the FIRST time he ran for president! That was FOUR years ago so I'm sure Clint was aware with her "POLITICAL VIEWS" BEFORE he picked her for the role!! Why she WALKED AWAY is a different story! I still believe the scrpt had too many BIG WORDS for her to understand and remember!
tori's picture

True! Their politic views

True! Their politic views ain't got a damn thing to do with it. This is all about that green, something Beyonce and Jay-Z will never, ever turn down.
MsKizzy's picture


OMGEEE this is the FUNNIEST POST EVA!!! bwaahaaaa...DAM ya'll done woke up RENA! bahahaha... ty 2 all!!!
Like Really's picture

She really thinks highly of

She really thinks highly of herself! You CANNOT ACT and NEVER WILL :-) Good entertainer but that's about it. We all saw "obsessed"...
RU4REAL84's picture

Beyoncé is a wonderful

Beyoncé is a wonderful actress. See Exhibit A: "Obsessed", "Dreamgirls", "Cadillac Records"...come on.
C2C's picture

*Scratches Head* Are you

*Scratches Head* Are you serious??? Obsessed? LMAOOOOOOOOO!! Just the fight scene alone, says it all. Who in their right mine says, "Come a little closer. Come on, you can do it." while fighting? LMAOOOOOO!! Right along with the, "You touched my child." line. She's not an actress. NO!!
Iridescent One's picture

I KNOOOOOOW!!! Don't forget

I KNOOOOOOW!!! Don't forget "You want crazy, i'll show you crazy" LMAO
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LOL! I forgot about that one.

LOL! I forgot about that one. HA!! Add that one to the list too.
Iridescent One's picture

Why is it that when a person

Why is it that when a person states their opinion about this woman featured, they're considered a hater or they're mad? I wish these fanatics would Please take your lips off of her ass. The movies didn't go number one because of her acting skills. If that were the case, then her ass would have an award for it. The only reason her movies topped the charts is because of people that call Beyonce their mother, auntie, sister, cousin, etc.. The ones that kiss her ass and worship her like she's GOD. Has she ever reached out to any of her fans and said let me spend a day with a few fans and give them complimentary gifts, just to show my appreciation? Take them out to a luncheon? Did she say, let me get on ustream or even tweet myself and connect with my fans. Let me take some time off and invite some of my loyal fans out to Hawaii or wherever and spend a few days just to show my appreciation? She has all of you ass kissers in a trance and you need to sit back, think and reflect. Ask yourself why do I constantly defend and worship a person that doesn't even know I exist, let alone give back to you fans? And when I say give back, I don't mean in a song, video or anything that she's going to profit off of. I'm talking FREE for YOU FANS FROM BEYONCE. Not a publisher, smoke signals, or sky written from a plane. There's nothing wrong with liking her music, but you people GO OVERBOARD and start jumping into Bodyguard Mode and Defense Mode, when someone points out the facts and the obvious or when people don't like her or care for her music. It's sad.
Iridescent One's picture



Alonzo, why do you keep

Alonzo, why do you keep calling people bitch? Like, literally every comment you make is either prefaced with or ends by calling people bitch. It seems to be a critical part of your lexicon and if you're going to hang out on a blog frequented by women, I suggest you figure that out because it it is unnecessary to throw that word around at people who simply state their opinions. And SECOND, just because it's POPULAR does not mean it is GOOD. You KEEP saying "Beyonce's movies went to #1" as if that's supposed to be indicative of how good her acting skills are. I know we live in a capitalist society where it's easy to equate SALES with TALENT but we know that equation doesn't make sense based on Rihanna's success, who's a pretty girl and makes catchy movie but not necessarily the best artist. It's amazing that Beyonce has fans and is able to get them to come see her in a movie, but that DOES not mean that she's a good actress.
Girl's picture

My dear disrespectful Alonzo.

My dear disrespectful Alonzo. Rihanna has absolutely nothing to do with this post, so you can take the B please line and feed it to the one who raised you. I know what the hell I'm talking about. Did she send you a thank you gift for being such a dedicated and defensive fan?? I'll wait.. You're sad. Very pathetic. Have a lovely evening. Peace and Happiness to you, you young and immature soul. Please go and get that night time bottle. Your similac is ready. Nuked and all.
Iridescent One's picture

Wise decision.

Wise decision.
Realist's picture

I agree...especially since

I agree...especially since Clint Eastwood's "Empty Chair" stunt at the Republican National Convention. That was just ignorant and disrespectful.
C2C's picture

Most remakes suck anyway.

Most remakes suck anyway. Clint has been acting like a idiot lately. Don't think anything he does will do well, because the people who would be interested in this movie are not Mitt's people.

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tom060's picture

if B had acting skills J. Hud

if B had acting skills J. Hud wouldn't have out shined her ass in the first roll she got. You B lovers kill me. No one said Rhi could act and not claiming it either. B should just sing cause to hear her talk is cringing. Jay build a school for wifey please her and sis are is still in need of that GED. lmaooo rich or not they still illiterate. Boom.

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Who cares what her reasons or

Who cares what her reasons or none thereof is, why she was even approached for the role in the first place, was mind-blowing to me. First of all, i don't know why they want to remake that movie again. The movie has been remade about three of four times already (one by Judy Garland and another by Barbra Streisand). And we all know Bey is no Judy or Babs. Secondly, Unless you want ur movie to be mediocre acting and cringing-worthy performances, u include Beyonce. She should stick to what she knows. Acting is just not her forte, she should just understand that and move on. She can be so overbearing and annoying sometimes.
Livey's picture

you mad?

you mad?
Naomi's picture

I'm not mad, but u just don't

I'm not mad, but u just don't take a great movie and just make a raging circus out of it. I'm a die hard classic movie fun. Shit like this just gets me a little upset.
Livey's picture

i;m glad she dropped out.

i;m glad she dropped out. Acting is not her thing. Matter of fact, she sucks at it.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

she dropped out of high

she dropped out of high school too(and so did Solange).....BUT one thing she DIDN'T DROP <<------ was her OWN BABY.....a surrogate had it for her...because Cray Bey kept DROPPING FETUS AFTER FETUS....by miscarriage.....*Listens to Beastie Boys song The New Style..."Mmmmmm....DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!""*
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Listen here don't get it

Listen here don't get it confused with no acting rihanna how you get in a movie with a lot of fighting and still can't act. Katy perry release an concert and she still do bad. All beyonce movie did good at the box office..... Beyonce can act or she wouldn't get a nominations for her acting and it's not like she need the acting cause she great in making movies. something your favorites can do. It's sad when black people talk down on each other. Beyonce is the best and she is not an Illuminati dumb ass give me one thing that's Illuminati about her. Cause last time i check she did her shit the right way stupid hoes

Jennifer Hudson: 1 Movie = 1

Jennifer Hudson: 1 Movie = 1 Oscar Award <<--------Crayonce' WISHES she was Jennifer Hudson. .......,.....,.,,,,
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

The REAL reason this movie

The REAL reason this movie never got off the ground was because no leading man wanted to work with Beyonce and her overbearing machine. This has been heavily reported. Even Idris Elba said he would never do it again after they filmed Obsessed. I can see where their frustrations would come into play because they are real actors having to to take a back seat to a mediocre wannabe-actress. Plus her movies don't do as well as her music, so I don't think it would be worth these actors time.
MsKizzy's picture



Childish lies? Grow up and

Childish lies? Grow up and learn to handle the truth. Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, and Bradley Cooper have all been asked and they all turned it down.
MsKizzy's picture

That is sooo TRUE (i forgot

That is sooo TRUE (i forgot about that) Thanks for reminding everyone!!!
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

hmmm i didn't know

hmmm i didn't know this...well, then that could very well be the issue as well.
diamond2012's picture

Yes, this is a blog and I get

Yes, this is a blog and I get it! ENJOY EVERYONE!
Natkia3@hotmail.com's picture

I am not perfect and yes I

I am not perfect and yes I have passed judement on others but comments posted on this site about Beyonce are personal in nature and a times CRUEL. There is alot of speculations... that's all I am saying. Referring to her as a BITCH and saying mean things about her daughter ..... It all seems uneccessary.
Natkia3@hotmail.com's picture

i believe it has EVERYTHING

i believe it has EVERYTHING to do with Eastwood's ridiculous display of ignorance toward Pres Obama on national television...regardless of how A-list he is and his contributions to the film industry, she probably wants no part of him or his project right now.
diamond2012's picture

People speak on her as if

People speak on her as if they know this chick. Goodness... what one dislikes or sees in others may also be a quality/characteristic that they see and/or dislike in themselves. THINK ABOUT IT!
Natkia3@hotmail.com's picture

No, people speak on her as if

No, people speak on her as if this is a blog....get it duh!!
Ethel Mertz's picture

I hope that you remember when

I hope that you remember when u are judging , cus I know that you make negative comments about others on here. Good advise though.
Kai's picture

Beyonce can't act, so I'm

Beyonce can't act, so I'm sure Clint Eastwood isn't shedding any tears over this one. And Eastwood is a kook; after his disrespectful on stage treatment of POTUS I wouldn't be gung ho about working with him if I were Beyonce.
The Real Thing's picture

BEYONCE is her own person. I

BEYONCE is her own person. I don't care if she has a GED, whether she carried Blue or is a member of the Illuminati....BLAH BLAH BLAH ETC ETC. I DO NOT understand why she is being judge so harshly. People... Matthew 7:1 - Judege not unless ye be judge. SERIOUSLY! I AM A DIE HARD FAN. Yes, I think her last album sucked, and her acting skills aren't the best but I refuse to tear this sister down. I wish nothing but happiness for her and her family....WE ALL SHOULD! TRUTH BE TOLD ***** MANY, IF NOT ALL OF YOU, WOULD TRADE PLACES WITH HER IN A HEART BEAT. STOP HATING.
Natkia3@hotmail.com's picture

Thanks Minister Fucktard.

Thanks Minister Fucktard.
Ethel Mertz's picture

LOL! You ain't right!

LOL! You ain't right!
allnatural's picture

Beyonce has wanted

Beyonce has wanted credibility in the acting arena for a long time, Dream Girls didn't do it for her and y'all think she BACKED OUT of working with CLINT EASTWOOD who has directed many people into receiving the OSCARS? YEAH RIGHT! If you believe that then I can sell Brooklyn Bridge to you for $2. Clint Eastwood might have gone back to look at her other great acting works such as Fighting Temptations, Austin Powers and decided he didn't have the energy make her less wooden and more believable. The girl is a bonafide ROBOT, there is little genuine about her once there is a camera before her face...maybe in her personal life...but not in public. She's been trained for so long to be "ON" that she doesn't know how to turn it off in front of people who are not family/friends.
Marek&#039;s Wifey's picture

I absolutely love

I absolutely love Beyonce...but truth be told....she is not a good actress....she needs to take more lessons and let down her guard. I hope she has someone in her camp that will tell her the truth.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Beyonce is probably sitting

Beyonce is probably sitting at home in a OSCAR de la renta dress, eating a OSCAR mayer hotdog, because she knows thats the closest she'll ever get to an actual OSCAR, unless she steals it like she does everything else. I can actually picture them about to present an award on stage and not being able to find it, then I peep Bey sitting in her chair very uncomfortably because she got it wedged in her vagina, then she goes home and writes her name on it in crayon, then she looks at it with that stupid grin that she has and then says with excitement, MINE ALL MINE. LOL.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Hahahahahahahaha......and U

Hahahahahahahaha......and U know Crayonce' writes with Crayola Crayons too....cuz Cray Bey is truly Cray Cray.....................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMAO At these comments! Yal

LMAO At these comments! Yal goin in on on GED Bey!
KENNEDY78's picture

Trust Natasha to distort the

Trust Natasha to distort the facts to make it seem like her wet dream Beyonce drop out. Girl stop! All the other media outlets have reported that she was dropped due to her affiliation with the Obamas and staunch GOP supporter Clint Eastwood was not having none of that. She was uninvited Natasha , she did not walk away. Your bias with certain celebs is truly disgusting.
Kai's picture

Her acting abilities are not

Her acting abilities are not up to par for a role of that magnitude...playing a Barbara Streisand role, for real? Get outta' herrrrr
Reign's picture



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